Kleintje Muurkrant

Dear Sirs,

navigating recently your web-site, I came across an article published there on November 21, 1997 under the title "Psychiatrie: Isolatie en verzet" by Eric Krebbers, in which you refer incidentally though not unintentionally to the historical significance of the SOCIALIST PATIENTS’ COLLECTIVE for the liberation of illness from its institutional chains in European countries such as Germany, Italy and The Netherlands. However, the relative passage presents inaccurate, imprecise and even false facts, statements and judgments, which, in the least, are capable of inducing your readers to false conclusions and, as far as the patients under your readers are concerned, you are depriving them of the orientation they need for successfully facing and fighting the iatro-legal practices you are condemning (reclusion in isolation, electroshock, poisoning with pharmacy, medical killing, etc.). It seems that the author of your article, in the passage relating to the SOCIALIST PATIENTS’ COLLECTIVE, relies on sensationalized media-reports and rumors which were started by people who were (and are) up to claim the conquests of the SOCIALIST PATIENTS’ COLLECTIVE for their own private purposes, which are, in any case, hostile to patients and hostile to illness.

I’d like to inform you that the SOCIALIST PATIENTS’ COLLECTIVE, even more in its continuity as PF/SPK(H) – SOCIALIST PATIENTS’ COLLECTIVE / PATIENTS’ FRONT (H), has already answered to those rumors, in The Netherlands too, by releasing the following declaration: Roddelicide van PF/SPK(H) tegen de pers, TV, etc., which I hereby enclose as attachment to my e-mail.

Also, I’d like to call your attention on the fact that the SOCIALIST PATIENTS’ COLLECTIVE / PATIENTS’ FRONT (H) has created its own Homepage on the Internet where you can find authentic information on its revolutionary theory and practice. Besides many texts in German, English, French, Spain, Italian, Greek, you can find there also texts in Dutch. The address is: http://www.spkpfh.de.

With the indications given you above, I’d like to invite you to publish in the next number of your electronic magazine the Roddelicide van PF/SPK(H) tegen de pers, TV, etc. in order to contain at least the damage already caused to the patients among your readers (and who would deny that sooner or later each of them might find himself to face that condition, especially if one is taking in account the recent developments in The Netherlands, as for instance the lawfully killing of everyone = Euthanazia, and the genetically programmed genocide). And to equip everyone with the materials they really need, you can also create a link to the Homepage of the SOCIALIST PATIENTS’ COLLECTIVE / PATIENTS’ FRONT (H): http://www.spkpfh.de.

Looking forward to hearing from you

With best regards

G. D.

PS Attachment: Roddelicide van PF/SPK(H) tegen de pers, TV, etc.