News from Greece (2004/2005)

For our folks, for meme mutation and for Wehbi

„It’s really the greatest I’ve ever read
[from: “Tocqueville / elavator” (Internet address, USA),
2004 / 2005]

"At the unstable point of conversion of production into destruction, therefore, the strategist of pacification of all politics, the bearer of salvation to all domination, enters as the "divine physician" (Kerenyi) into the pathopractic field of vision. Be it as medical-man, shaman, sacerdotal physician or any other medical death-specialist, they always were and are on the spot wherever and whenever the concern is to falsify, to fake and to usurp the revolutionary resistance that, in its turn, is liberation from and unleashing of illness against the socially multiplied forces of nature (gesellschaftlich potenzierte Naturgewalt). – The "other", who amputates the revolutionary fulfillment of illness in order to escape his own supernumerariety, is Iatrocrate. For "health’s" sake. It is him who forms the matrix of every policy of desire and of every economy of profits. And they know what they are doing.“ (In: Numbers and Supernumeraries, PF/SPK(H) 1978)

“It’s really the greatest I’ve ever read. Really great!”
[from: “Tocqueville / elavator” (Internet address, USA), 2004/2005]

PF / SPK(H), 31.5.2005