Ferroconcrete as a Torture-Instrument

(On request of another prisoner)

GANGLION CELLS are nerve cells in the ganglions of the CENTRAL, PERIPHERAL and VEGETATIVE nervous system.

GANGLIA are knot-like swellings consisting of aggregations mainly of the cell bodies of these nerve cells. Mainly, because from each cell body are originating processes: the so-called DENDRITES that CONNECT [Verschalten] the cell bodies to each other, and the NEURITS that CONNECT [VERBINDEN] the ganglia to each other.

A relatively simple model of illustration is the so-called ROPE-LADDER nervous system of some kinds of INSECTS and WORMS, in which the differentiation in CENTRAL (brain) and PERIPHERAL (motor and sensory, vegetative = sympathetic / parasympathetic nerves) is still absent.


Neurits (pathways)

The single GANGLIONIC CELL looks like this:


(The whole structure including its processes is called NEURON)

Dendrit = dendrite
Zellkern = cell nucleus
Zellmembran = cell membrane
Zellplasma = cell plasma
The MEMBRANE of the ganglionic cell is thus the "wall" of the cell body and of its processes (the bulge at the end of the processes - terminal swelling -, called "DRUMSTICK", is blind ending close to another cell membrane and it has a function in the electro-chemical transmission of impulses).

The whole CEREBRAL CORTEX of the grey substance of the BRAIN can be considered as a (giant) ganglion. The MEDULLAE, the white matter, are the neurites belonging to it. Ganglia are also the grey cell aggregates in the SPINAL CORD (consisting of the so-called motoric anterior horn cells) and the knots outside the spinal cord, the so-called SPINAL GANGLIA, thus both kinds being attributed to the peripheral nervous system. Finally: ganglia are, for instance, also the knots in the "SOLAR PLEXUS" of the pit of the stomach that belong to the vegetative nervous system.

When the cell body is being destroyed, the processes, too, are degenerating. When it still remains able to work, new processes able to function can grow again along the degenerated processes, as far as the latter can still be used as a conducting splint. – THE FUNCTION DOMINATES OVER THE STRUCTURE !!

The GANGLIA CELL MEMBRANE is not just a "wall", but it is rather a matter of an extremely vulnerable and subtle steady state (dynamic equilibrium), an energy-consuming boundary layer phenomenon, or a semi-permeable membrane of the "Pfeffer cell" type. It consists of complex molecules and macro-molecules (mucopolysaccharides ?), whose arrangement, their osmosis-regulative and electric status, does not only react selectively to changes such as electronic displacement, pH-fluctuation, tissue hormones, thermal displacement, but which also has some kind of LIFE ON ITS OWN by which it intervenes in all these processes taking place in the environment of and inside the cell body.

Thus it maintains, for instance, a potential difference of ca. 90 mV between the "external" and the "internal" – the interstitial and the intracellular space -, and it reacts to the gradually summarizing of subliminal stimuli by continually increasing the stimuli threshold, viz. it does not react at all, while, on the other hand and when confronted with a threshold value, it sets free explosively 130 mV by inversion of the potential difference, and it frequently emits a passed-on stimulation ("action potential") via the processes to the periphery that reaches several meters. The resultant of all these partial components of the "GENERATOR" comprising several billions of ganglion cells is a field that INTERFERES with the field of the earth and that can be imaged as ELECTRO-ENCEPHALO-GRAM, if reinforced correspondingly, wherein that image is certainly by far more rougher than is the structure of, for instance, the conjugated double-bounds of the CAROTENE in comparison to the red color of that carrot.

(Cf. the structure of the chemical structure of CAROTENE: , etc.. The fine lines correspond to electrons. They are induced to oscillating by light, so that additional double-bounds are generated, and they disappear (identically), while the energy-rich part of the spectrum is being absorbed and red light is being reflected).

The LIVING ORGANISM relates to the capacitance field of the earth as one CAPACITOR plate to the other, viz. the capacitor plate earth determines which direction is determinative for the molecular-components of the GANGLION CELL MEMBRANE that function as DIPOLES as to their arrangement, structure and function. The ganglion cells being the electrically most energetic cells and the nerve cells that are by far more numerous – in comparison to the stimuli forming system and the conducting system of the heart – are decisive for everything that makes up or constitutes the "capacitor plate LIVING ORGANISM" in relation to the "capacitor plate" EARTH.

The dipole earth is impossible to align with the organism, thus the total of dipoles of all living organisms are likely to keep a constant behavior in relation to their alignment when they move within the magnetic field of the earth, viz. at the most they are inverting poles by displacement of the electronic charges in direction of the longitudinal axis, but without falling apart as building elements of the molecules and without getting confused as electrochemically spontaneously active generators and receptors and thus becoming dysfunctional.

When the living organism, as one of the two capacitor plates, is shielded against the capacitance field earth, as it is the case in the applications of the FARADAY CAGE, then the organism is compensating that loss becoming itself a capacitor on its own by separating itself into two capacitor plates, and that according to the number of ganglionic cells by billions of times, thus increasing confusion in such a way that it generally does not realize that change in the beginning because of the interferences, extinctions and exponential increase – and because all that happens quite successively and because the other body constants such as temperature, acid / base – ratio (pH-value, buffer-systems), orientation in the gravity field, blood-pressure, etc. continue to keep the whole cybernetic on the go [auf Trapp halten]. Because the regulation of the body constants is not a matter of the central nerve system but it is primarily a matter of the vegetative (sympathicus / parasympathicus), and the latter, in the condition of the Faraday cage, needs maximally a few hours to sound the alarm and to reply to the electro-chemical hurricane provoked in the central nervous system: NAUSEA, SENSATIONS OF HEAVINESS, FEELING DEPRESSED / OPPRESSED AND UNDER STRAIN on the one hand, and MENTAL ALERTNESS STRAIN, in which there is not any or rather only little space for vegetative alarm-signals, on the other hand.

When the stay in the Faraday cage has become a permanent one, as it is the case in the ferroconcrete block of STAMMHEIM, where even the prisoner’s round in the ‘exercise yard’ is being effectuated in the steel-bar reinforced ferroconcrete cage (roof-cage), then it has become obvious after 10 months at the latest that the vegetative system has gone on strike chronically and that even plants do no longer succeed in vegetating.

- Thus, the acute reaction to the Faraday Cage, if there is an interruption of half an hour per day (type RASTATT), is: vegetative alarm. The chronic reaction to it (type STAMMHEIM) is: vegetative involution. In this, defects of the skin and its appendixes (hair loss, gums and teeth destroyed, splitting finger-nails and toe-nails are the result. And to the skin and its appendixes (from the evolutionary point of view in the sense of embryology ECTODERM) belongs also the central nervous system, whose cells derive embryologically from the same (ectoderm) roots as the cells of the skin, only that the cells of the central nervous system have shifted to the internal and is now surrounded by bones (skull capsule, spinal cord).

In addition to that, … it has to be recorded that the application of the capacitor-model to the situation in the Faraday Cage as a torture-instrument is by no way a metaphor but a theory that can be verified.

It is also definite that "health-damages" are to be expected with any kind of Faraday cage, when the stay in it lasts more than a few hours notwithstanding whether the "casing" is immobile (e.g. a parked car) or whether it is in motion as an airplane, for instance; and as to their cause, these damages have nothing to do with sea-sickness and similar [that is to say a sort of hangover; and, no matter whether it is caused by alcohol, by (X-)rays or by anything else, that means always: disturbance of both the iso-ionic state (the ionic equilibrium) and the isotonic state (the osmotic conditions)]. Each apprentice electrician learns that already since years during his vocational training … even newspapers know to warn about it. It is also known by certain what happens to the air between the capacitor plates (after they have been charged): electrons are escaping (electronic flux), the air is being ionized, whereas the capacitor, when it is not used thereafter, does not loose any of its electro-magnetic properties even after years, which it has stored on the basis of one single charge (it is at any time possible that you can get an electric shock [eine gewischt bekommen] when pottering around with disposed radios or television sets).

I do not know, however, what kind of effect it has on the "interior life" of a capacitor plate, when it is being shielded in a Faradayic manner against another one, a corresponding one. It can only be presumed that in this case, resulting from the electronic flux "air-electricity", a kind of electronic build-up and irregular molecular movement are being induced in the plate, and that by this structural dissolving processes are being generated, and that even in something that is that stable as a metal-plate.

[They say in the textbooks that in such a case an electric field is being generated between the shielded capacitor plate and the screening device (= Faraday cage), that means that the charges within the Faraday cage are being separated by INFLUENCE so that on the inner surface of the Faraday cage are to be found the charges opposed to those of the capacitor plate, while on the external surface of the Faraday cage are to be found the same charges, so that the system capacitor plate / Faraday cage (excepting the (geometric) form differences) is on the outside electrically identical to the bare capacitor plate].

In the Faraday cage, each living organism is thus "low tensed" as to its electric tonus, which is the resultant of billions and trillions micro potentials in the order of 10 to 200 mV, and, on the basis of the single potentials unknown in number that are regenerating in fractions of a second, it is of "high frequency" – (and) being without the possibility of corresponding with the capacitance field earth, this organism is its own "TELESURGEON" and "DIATHERMY-THERAPIST": that what tele-surgery and diathermy do from the outside – they inundate any tissue layer by the means of energy focussed via frequency modulators on the basis of the common electric flux taken from a wall socket and of low voltage amounts with frequencies of Mega- and Giga-Hertz and whirl the molecules round and round up to the point of making them "white-heated" (diathermy) – of all that the organism isolated in a Faradayic manner, being diffuse under the energy-economy aspect, is only the beginning. It therefore reacts as unity of quantity and quality (for instance in such a way that one gets the same frost blisters at a decrease of the temperature by 1 degree, if the freezing-point is the parameter, and the same burn blisters at an increase of the "same" degree by 1, if the boiling-point is the parameter).

The methodical difference between Faraday-torture and tele-surgery (if by this is understood "only" the not directed electric energizing of a Faraday cage) on the one hand, and diathermy on the other, consists in that the diathermy procedure, in the application of the precision devices that are now for many years being produced off-the-shelf, has obtained an unerringness that is by far more outstanding than that of the STEREOTAXIS surgery (where a vacuum probe, guided via an X-ray scanner, has to be pushed in that part of the brain that has been chosen to be destroyed), when the matter at stake is to boil down to a pulp any aggregates of cells in any tissue layers with punctual precision and without damaging skin and bones.

Compared to that, diathermy of that kind has the disadvantage that it would indeed be possible to work more concealed than in stereotaxis surgery, however without being able of targeting, because the modulated and bundled frequencies of the "diathermy-beam", in contrast to the stereotaxis probe, cannot be traced on the X-ray screen, because it does not cast any shadow. Therefore, it must be assumed that in its camouflaged, concealed deployment (for the purpose of the torture of annihilation) it is aiming to cause diffuse damaging, analogously to the generation of fields of high-frequency and low-voltage.

That’s all to that issue (1 – 3), because the orgonomics, as the concept that connects 1 and 2, is implicitly surely contained there (since the basic experiments have been conducted already under the conditions of the Faraday cage). Without having at my disposal any literature regarding that matter [the major work ("The Orgon", W.Reich, "Cancer", …) has been confiscated to one of the prisoners here for being too-pornographic-for-the-order-and-security of the prison, etc.], it would become for me an enterprise a little bit too troublesome to work that out.

As to the character-armour, I’ve always associated with that the following: rubbish heap of the orgone energy, which is the rubbish heap of all that would be otherwise "sparkling protoplasm". And from that point of view, therapy cages are but the cold crematoriums of the orgone energy.

(Accuracy of numbers and terms are without warranty – who ever has got to have them at hand, might look them up on one's own. And who ever is capable of, is called upon to refute it in the principles and tendencies!).

UW Huber, 1973, Stammheim