Book-tables and Millions rallying for Peace

 I. Millions rallying for Peace

On the Rally for Peace which took place in London on February 15, 2003, 10 female high-school students coming from Austria, Spain and England, being entirely on their own, were spontaneously distributing 15,000 leaflets about the SPK in Australia.

Donít let them steal your protest from you! Continue towards an offensive against the roots of the whole matter: the medical doctorsí class within the iatrobiontic warfare. There is no peace, neither with nor without the war on Iraq. The iatrobiontic war of the iackers continues, the war of the medical doctors against the patients, and all in the whole world are patients, we, too, but we in an active way, the multitude of the others still in a passive way. There is war within peace, and there is peace within war. Do note: during the past 60 years there were only three weeks of "peace", and the free market economy has killed more people than both World War I and II together.

What is it the peace-millions want? Itís peace. Are they demonstrating aiming at the absolutely necessary, revolutionary change from the bottom to the top? No, they are not. Which is the choice they are making? They choose their anxiety and their angst and the preservation of the existing. What does result from that? Better genocide; for every political party has made Ďhealthí a part of its program, arguing that "people ought to feel that politics has to do with their life" (from Attac up to Black-Green). Election fraud! Therefore: donít let them steal your protest from you. Because it is illness, striving for its accomplishment as species, it likes best. The warfare against the medicals is the strategic mainpoint Ö

II. Patients' Front book-tables on a flea-market in Germany

Persian woman, in her mid-thirties
First, she went past behind the book-table. After she was given a leaflet against the iatrobiontic warfare by the front patients (FPs), she asked gently what this was about.
FPs: Itís about the war that doctors are conducting against patients with neurotoxins, in hospitals, with antibiotics, against life, with shells containing uranium in Yugoslavia and Afghanistan. Despite those short sentences she seemed to understand. Her political language contradicted (seemingly) her "rich", "bourgeois" appearance.
She: I survived an attack with poison gas, I come from a town in the Persian-Iraq border area, Iím Persian. Many Curds live there, itís been thousand of years that theyíve been traveling around. We are all humans. All of a sudden those imperialist pigs arrived and bombed us with poison gas. From its 30,000 inhabitants of the town hardly one has survived. As you said: without the doctors, a massacre like that would be impossible. It was a poison that they were experimenting on in their imperialistic chemical laboratories. The people were lying there as if they were sleeping.
FPs: Probably people there hadnít seen any doctor for years, because the doctors are the first to escape when trouble is in sight. They reappear afterwards, in order to make their reports on the experiments they were carrying out. She: Youíre right, itís always been ourselves we had to help each other.
FPs: Whatís the name of the town?
She didnít want to tell us the name: "It does no longer exist". The woman didnít understand exactly what could be done against that by the patients.
FPs: Patients, thatís all of us. Here, too, a war is actually going on, a war against patients. Turn illness into a weapon!, collective-wise. Attack the doctors who keep going this iatro-imperialistic system! Boycott them, sabotage them! The medical doctors are the crash-point. When and where they are made to disappear, the capitalists, the profit-making, will be soon at the end of it. The productive forces of illness, the solidarity of the worth-less, can change the world today already, anywhere.
She: Iíve to read that carefully. I wish you to be strong on your struggle. The struggle Iím fighting is the same, itís just on an other place.

A student of economic informatics, from Senegal.
A long agitation, ca. 45 minutes, all the front patients (FPs) got involved alternately.
He agrees with us on many issues, heís surprised and glad to talk with people who, instead of being stuck to singularities, have got a general approach to conditions and focus on the need of offensive, questions heís always meeting with rejection in his circle of acquaintances, where he often feels like a fool.
According to his understanding, ours were but European-Western philosophy that would not take into account the relations existing there (in Senegal) and the diseases resulting from those relations. They, instead, see illness as a whole and grasp it in its entirety (holistic approach), including ancestors and spirits. The copper thing (see our antibiotics leaflet), heíd already know, they would often use bracelets made of copper against pain in the joints or articular rheumatism.
The doctors are testing on us antibiotics, medicaments, that are still far from being circulated here, in Europe.
Recently, the Senegalese Minister of Health was forced to resign. In a speech delivered in Paris to an international audience, she stated that epidemics and other diseases had been and are still being imported from the rich countries to Africa, and thatís high time it stopped.
FPs: First, the medical doctors, the WHO, were vaccinating the whole of Africa against smallpox. And strangely enough, todayís exactly in the same places where people had been vaccinated, and not in places next to them, that theyíve got AIDS (cf. London Times, from 11.5.1987).
He: What cancer is for you, is malaria for us.
In Senegal people first are looking for their own ways and means (ancestors, spirits, herbs, cults). If that doesnít succeed, they turn to the Western doctors.
We too are defending ourselves. We have to do that, itís evident, because otherwise we would be dying on the spot. We are a so-called developing country, a country of the Third World, thatís like stones against missiles.
Recently he had got a tonsillitis, he was given antibiotics; as a result heíd got a highly dangerous stomach-injury, he lost about 10 kg within one week, things looked totally bad. On the weekend, he was accompanied by his girl friend to the hospital, the medical assistants there wanted to send him home because of the shortage of beds, but he insisted, and in the end they had put a bed on the corridor.
In replying to the questions of the front patients, he told them that, in order to get his entry visa, he had to undergo forced medical examinations, the discriminatory inquisition from the doctorsí part, based on insinuations like: Have you contracted AIDS? Polygamy? Etc..
In between, he says again and again that the front patients are doing an important work, and that they are doing well.
He asks whether we were students (the FPs answer that they are not) and where we live?

The Front patients:
Illness is everywhere that which all have in common, the general, the universal. To comprehend illness, so that you can attack, you need a concept, a concept of illness that has nothing to do with the medical view on illness and nothing with the exploitation and valorization of illness. The comprehension of illness is very real, very practical. We approach the symptom by asking questions as: Where do we have to attack? Where does it come from? From which kind of wage-labour, agricultural work, from which particular relations? Our "therapy" Ė if you prefer that term Ė consists in attacking, revolutionizing those relations. Immediately attacking together with others what is oppressing, and opposing it by standing up against it. Everywhere in the world, the symptoms are but manifestations of the relationship of the single person to external damages. Itís against that world, which is a product itself, that illness is protesting and by that longing for a different world. The actual, capitalistic world, which is surrounding us, does not meet with the needs of the human species, the latter still being absent. According to its concept, the single illness has got as its predisposition to become itself one and unified with the species. But the medical doctors transform the single illness into money, the substitute of the human species. However, illness is revolution. To find out what has to be done Ė how to produce the human species which still does not exist yet Ė to find out, what is stabilizing the existing relations and what is causing them to collapse, a theory is needed, a generalization that shows us the way how to achieve the human species that is still to be constructed. Once again: The general, universal, which all have in common, which is unifying us all, thatís illness. If you talk about our "philosophy", at least you should say: "illness-philosophy originating from the confrontation in the practical", just as it is happening here and now. How to defend oneself being armed with the strength of illness against any kind of oppression, against the oppression of illness and of its strength, in any place, wherever one happens to be, thatís what matters.

In Senegal too, the iatrocapitalist relations are a matter of fact: Iatro-imperialism. The people believe in the new and in the old fetishes. Firstly, a shortage is being produced, then the medical doctors present themselves as those being capable of managing that shortage. They, the doctors and those belonging to them, have of course being vaccinated, and they have spread the vaccine damages, one of their weapons of mass destruction, among the people. Senegal has got, for instance, many peanuts plantations, monocultures, which were made to grow by the use of pesticides. The people were being driven out of their homelands and now they are no longer capable of feeding themselves; they have become dependent on the cereals food aids deliveries of the food manufacturers and the genetic seeds of the laboratories. Moreover, the pesticides are poisoning the people; iatrobiontic warfare. The people have got to have the corresponding symptomes, they now visit the doctors, that is those who have generated these conditions. But the doctor does not tell them anything about these facts of the matter, the cause of their suffering; instead of that, now also the body of the sick is being medically colonized. Without the doctors that sort of business would be impossible. The clinics, the medicines are being imported; an immense business that is probably putting all the exportation efforts of Senegal in the shade. At all times colonization always starts with the medical doctors who are preparing the terrain. The medical doctor is the real leader and governor of the Capital.
The Senegalese student agreed with us and he was surprised that we knew of the peanuts plantations, of the conditions prevailing in Senegal. We referred him to SPK Ė Turn Illness into a Weapon, p. 139: Liberation movement of Senegal (1983): "The SPK is the inalienable foundation of any revolution in the Third World, independently whether it has already succeeded or whether it is still to be made". He was glad to hear that.
FPs: You are referring to the ancestors and the spirits. Ancestors are a collective in time, and we are referring to a collective in space. With us, the collective, whose determination is to have its objective in the bringing about of the human species, is stronger than the doctor and the medical; with you, the medical doctor is stronger than the ancestors and the spirits. Because in the case, it does not work out with the ancestors and spirits, you go to the doctors. By consequence, with you, in Senegal, itís the same thing as itís here in the Western countries: the medical doctor is the supreme power. With us, in the Patientsí Front, things are different: the illness that we all have in common and whose determination is to have its objective in bringing about the human species, is stronger than all medical doctors.
The health-system (or, if you prefer, the health-spectre) is a very material thing, is a fact of the matter, and as such it is tangible in the exploitation of the people. Following your reasoning (good spirits Ė evil spirits), the health-system, then, is but an evil spirit that has to be driven out from the earth, that we have to drive out in order to bring about the human species. To drive it out, however, a crucifix is of no help; the only thing that helps here is the bringing about of illness, its realization, in collectives, in reality, a reality that must be off limits for the medical doctors. The health-system needs us, but we don't need any health-system. Recently a patient had been taken away from a road accident and transported to a clinic, and when he gained conscience he went wild. He happened to have got a PATIENTENSTIMME (the PATIENTSí VOICE), the periodical of the Patientsí Front, with him. When they noticed that, the doctors were getting rid of him, voluntarily and speedily. That what has already been achieved by us can be used by all people, they do not need to start from zero.
The malaria is part of the Iatro-imperialism. The iatro-capitalist malaria is being generated just as other symptoms are, by the medical doctors: itís being generated in the laboratories, intoxications by pesticides and medicines, the profit interest of the interventions in landscapes, etc.. The people in the concerned countries were often affected by sickle cell anemia. The doctors themselves realized that these people did not become affected by malaria, that they were protected by illness against the consuming and debilitating fever. By the way, not everyone is getting fever. Yes, the fever is the revolution of the existing conditions, in favor of us illness is converting the doctorsí poison against them. Use the fever beforehand as a force to blast off the oppressing conditions.
With regards to stones against missiles, we cited our kidney-stone motto (we showed him the cover of our book SPK Ė Turn Illness into a Weapon): To cast a stone into a commanding center of capitalism is one thing. But to transform a kidney-stone into activity is the same. We ought to protect ourselves against kidney-stones! Illness as a weapon. The action has to be developed from the suffering. Itís the medical doctor that has to be attacked, heís more tangible than a missile. Illness, however, can also liquefy the stone, can corrode it. Collective warmth and fever are asserting themselves against the force of nature raised to power, whatever shape that might assume. The target: the medical doctor, heís the commanding center. The warfare against the medical doctors is the strategic main point, if that is being missed no end of oppression and no beginning of liberation in not any of the liberation movements will ever be feasible, no utopathy, that is: no human species, ever.

Another passer-by, a German, about 50.
"I could not stand it to organize my book-tables till the end of my life, so I decided to become a Minister of Foreign Affairs".
We: Bombing and bombardments are means we have never had any need of. Illness cannot be fought with bombs. The SPK has proved that. What we need is bringing about the human species from the single illness.
Reply: None, he takes to his heels.

Several people have turned back. A few have even returned several times. No-one however ever decided to become a politician or a banker, they decided rather to become patients and Ďoffendersí [Kraenker] thanks to SPK Ė pathopractice.