More about the question:
Why and because in the past there were gossips about SPK

Re: SPK, your e-mail of November 14, 2002

Dear Sir:

Here our short summary for the purpose:
The reasons for which you asked:

  1. SPK-principle of TRT (=Total Refusal of Testimony; TAV = Totale AussageVerweigerung): Total refusal of speaking to and acting with every kind of authorities and especially with the medical class, which indeed is the only ruling class.
  2. Boycott of the media, especially the German media (print media, TV and all the others) from 1965 until now. It was clear from the very beginning that our concept of illness never fits into the framework of the media. From the false frame can only result false things and effects, if they deal with illness, be it with concern to the concept of illness, be it with concern to ourselves.

  3. No information at all from our side to the class enemy and his media.
  4. Hatred against illness and therefore hostility against all patients, not only against SPK-patients.
  5. A few former SPK patients, more than a decade later and having left the SPK and having joined certain groups hostile to illness - these few former SPK patients, terrorized in the prisons of the iatrocracy, being made (in Italian:) pentiti, repeated the gossip read in the media, instead of being or becoming or remaining aware of the SPK-concept of illness.
  6. Publications by others about SPK therefore are gossip, fantasy and gossip, copied and copied and copied. This is not your guilt, this is not our guilt, but it is the guilt of the ruling medical class.
With concern to your special question about the false relation to RAF:
Since the capitulation of the RAF, publicly declared by themselves in 1992, PF/SPK(H) counteracts any relating the SPK to the RAF, which is completely false, and PF/SPK(H) also uses judicial means. Latest since 1992 none of the others in prison can get any judicial damage by that. Owing to the gossipcide activities of PF/SPK(H) the number of false publications about SPK is getting less and less.

Example from 2001: We wrote to Pirella:

Università degli Studi di Torino
- attn: Sig. Prof. Agostino Pirella -
Via Verdi, 8
I-10124 Torino


Ref: SPK

Dear professor,

The SOCIALIST PATIENTS' COLLECTIVE, SPK, with Huber, founder of the SPK, since 1965 for its own part has done away totally the ruling class (zero therapy), also the ruling culture (KRRIM Publisher pro illness, in function strengthened by illness) and the ruling judicial system (KRANKHEIT IM RECHT, ILLNESS IN THE RIGHT, in function strengthened by illness). A standing army had not to be abolished, because instead of it stands and stood the anticipation of the human species with illness turning into a weapon.

But you, too, are part of those, who at the same time, have eaten his bread and are scrawling shallow drivel (...). Shame on you! Pfui!

So far our letter to Pirella.