Stronger through Collective Illness Strength

Hell of the Medical Doctors, where is your Victory?!

The Pope (1) refused being euthaNAZIed:

That’s bad for the medical doctors’ class

That’s also bad for Wikipedia

Good for the patients’ class

PF/SPK(H), April 3, 2005

(1) News flash (Kurzmeldung) – 30.03.2004

Fifteen thousand leaflets distributed by the pupils’ PF/PF in front of the Cathedral of St. Stephan (Vienna, 27.03.2004). To this, Cardinal Ratzinger on television: "This is the will also of the defunct Cardinal König".

To the euthaNAZIsts of the ruling medical doctors’ class in the political parties this is causing horror. However, only the utopathic world revolution on the strength of illness needs all its children.