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This book is the translation of SPK - AUS DER KRANKHEIT EINE WAFFE MACHEN (German edition) which is released in English under the same title as SPK - TURN ILLNESS INTO A WEAPON (1993, KRRIM - PF-publisher for illness, ISBN 978-926491-17-6, pp 240).

The 1972 preface of Jean-Paul Sartre is also included as well as it is in the German editions.

The English translation is done and authorized by Huber, SPK/PF(H) WD,, the founder of the Socialist Patients' Collective and Patients Front. And especially for the English edition there is a preface made by Huber.

SPK - TURN ILLNESS INTO A WEAPON also is released in French, Spanish, and in Greek, and some parts of it in Italian, too. In German we have the sixth edition published 1995.

In the following you find a part of the preface by Huber, SPK/PF(H):

... To be up to date nowadays means quite other things. The biggest industry is no longer that which produces weapons, computers, cars or interspace crafts. The biggest industry from nowadays is that which fakes to produce health, that's to say a thing which never has existed and which never will really exist, exceptly as a product of illusion nourishing nazism in all its past and coming variations (HEILwesen). Capitalism takes its biggest gains from this top industry and the day is not far, on which half of the population in the Western world everyday will be either employed in the hospitals or will be exploited there as doctor-patients, the other half. Rotating system. For fun? Only for its respective planetary governors (for HEAVEN's sake!) or star governors.

The reader of the following pages therefore is in no way asked to take the expression class-antagonism for nothing but for a marxist fossil. Forsooth, Hegel, the famous predecessor of Marx looked forward to a disappearing of the class antagonism because of the colonization, done by the rising bourgeosie in the 19th century. But for a long time since then, the class antagonism has returned from there, not to the factories, governed by the trade unions and by the bosses, but to the hospitals governed by the medical doctors, submitting and exploiting the patients, producing the illusionary commodity health altogether in those factories, regardless of all trade-unional, regardless of all guerrilla activities.

More commonly: specified illness to create the human species or medical specialists to destroy it for all times (die MenschenGATTUNG gegen deren Zerstörungs- und EndlösungsKLASSE), that's the class antagonism of nowadays and the only real problem to be solved.

Once more: specified patients instead of case-working specialists (Patienten mit Gattungsbezug gegen Fachidioten jeder Sorte).

Those who pretend that the class antagonism has disappeared long ago and that now, all of a sudden, the human species has to be saved (what has to be saved? Against whom and against what has what to be saved?!), those like Gorbatschow and Dutschke as well as Francis Fukuyama, while mentioning the word 'Gattung' (species) occasionally, dealt neither with the problem nor with the solution, but old Hegel perhaps. Remember that for Hegel it is exclusively illness which represents species on the level of mankind and also, namely dialectically, the failure of the species. It is also quite clear from Hegel that the rising of a human species is joined to the how of communities while the failure of human species, suffered by the very person (der jeweiligen Einzelperson), is joined to the medical system which, horribile dictu, itself is for all times damned to fail, up from its origins, for, in the words of Hegel, spelt in my own manner: "Krankheit ... das INDIVIDUUM, sich gleichsam mit sich selbst beGATTEND", to add: ... unTEILbar unHEILbar.

Imperialism continues also to exist. And how! And where!

Meanwhile you can forget the geographical map, associated to this expression in the books of Marx and Lenin, and all about (Fukuyamatic end-of-history) freedom and totalitarism, dictatorship and democracy.

Take the medical map and see your brain colonized and governed by names (and by the correlated medical methods!) like Parkinson, Alzheimer, Bleuler and so on, your stomach by Billroth, your neck with the thyroid gland by Basedow, your muscles and your (perhaps so-called hysteroid) behaviour by Charcot and Freud and associate what marxians have taken down about imperialism - yet far away from a so-called free market, an imperialism done all around the transplant banks now. An imperialism dealing with the organs of e.g. children here and now just as far away with countries and peoples, as noted in the marxian books.
During the times more remote there existed astrological maps in which the governors of your brain took names like moon (luna) or cancer, the governors of your muscles Mars and so on. Those oldy names which nevertheless represent still existing pathways and exchange banks for other demons and devils, possessing and obsessing, interested in imperialism, but enemies of every kind of revolution concerning both, namely cosmic and social matters, for sure (kosmisch-soziale Revolution).

In future there will exist more and more groups formed by special forces of illness, developing real in-dividuation (MFE). A special force of illness is mania which, if developed collectively, works like a musical species (Musikgattungswesen, nicht harmlos) killing all discipline, by transcendence. The same about a collective which develops its self-chosen addictions (Körpersüchte) exercised body by body, for addiction then is a deadly weapon against drugs, while turning all bodies to a well tempered species (Wärmekörper, wild), thus by immanence. Did you ever divide a melody, a lot of warmth, an illness or some other species? Of course not, for such individualities are either individuals or divisible, thus no individuals.

Perhaps Plato and Bergson forgot to mention it in the completeness, now necessary to enable the doing it, and Pluto, grouping the imponderable into weight, the weight into imponderability, therefore now is mad at them and resorting to earthquakes. Make use of your own experiences about illnesses and put fantasy into action.

Those things are meant if there is the question about how to be up to date. SPK - TURN ILLNESS INTO A WEAPON is the first glance to a future to be done free of (Endlösungs-) names, governors, health factories and so on. We call it Utopathie. ...

                                                                                                            Huber, 1992


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