PF/SPK(H) On The Feminist Movement And The Channels Of Protest
By The Strength Of Illness

Taken from Long Letter in: (German/English)


... Just for purpose there to mention, because in English speaking literature there arose until now hints in favour of the SPK, that the women's movement, spread around the Western world, be it only in some of its parts and be it only from time to time, had assimilated a lot of SPK methods, and even done it better. Far away from ambitions and envy, we quite on the contrary become happy, if we experience about proceedings done meanwhile, or beside or before SPK. But from our view or review there always remains the most important question: against she- or he-doctors, against he- and she-iatrocapitalism; in favour of or against she-illness or not?

Well, as we could experience until now, such parts of the women's movement sometimes and in their writings are against male-dominated medicine, but not against medicine at all, are against high-tech and reproduction medicine, but not against therapy at all, be it "soft", "natural", "human" or whatever else. They also sometimes are against Reichian machismo and sexism, and also they care about pregnancies and about the question, how sexuality could work best. But there is never the question, how sexuality in doing and working best could be tied to the she- and he-most-ancient-Godhead illness, who strives to create for the first time human species, using therefore all available channels of illness as a protest force, being until now constrained to fall back upon the she- and he-bodies, striking them by splitting pains and illnesses, but nevertheless in an entire manner, causing by that a reactionary entity of illness, as we say, thus in a way which everybody is very inclined to reject. For the rest the third moment of the Krankheitsbegriff (Selbstbegattung) deals with that, and on that depends quite a lot of so-called physiology, chemistry, physics and last not least philosophy, which altogether depend in no way on experts and medical doctors, but must be done collectively, then creating effects of revolutionary identity, some of them mentioned here in this letter. These collective doings also caused improvements in illness, as to admit, and as there had been pointed out from outside, calling them "Wunderheilungen" (curings which were really miraculous), but nevertheless had and have nothing to do with therapy, but they were and are quite secret, for not to say occult channels, thus: literally spoken: underground managements, opening doors and channels for more protest, nourished by the force of illness and prospectively outlasting, because of sexuality, which is always tied to recreation and creation till to the end of mankind, if not even from its beginnings, the latter even faster tied to illness, the others to become the more and the better tied to illness, thanks to consciousness, awareness, and Krankheitsbegriff, now.

But meanwhile the doctors are at work to extinguish sexuality and also the existing mankind, substituting it, by and by, with their own glorious creatures out of their laboratories, the women's movement thus already being overwhelmed, except some rearguard actions against some reificated and thus stupid reproduction technology. They blame penetration, but don't care about their being penetrated, and pleasantly rocked or shocked by doctors' ideology from the morning to the morning after the next night.

Or do we have to apologize, because most of the women already don't get pregnant and for the rest fight as lions in favour of their cubs, no matter how crippled or whatelse, against the jackers' front?

For the rest, there is silence and agreement. Nature worship, how long still? Diapathics is the contrary, but there is dealt with on another page, not in this letter.

(This indented insertion is taken down by a PF woman on 17 November 1993, day of prayer and repentance.)

And concerning the many other channels of protest by the strength of illness ...

Not everybody, and there among very sophisticated people, knows that also for patients there exist channels to express their protest, just like there exist channels for the now old and overcome class from the last century, means: the working class.

Quite in common the general strike has disappeared in the trade union houses, and in the SPK we could realize the named fact each day, if we looked out of the window of the SPK at the windows and at the doors of the trade union house there opposite which - quite on the contrary to the coming and going, discussing and doing in the SPK up from the second day of March - was more likely to be compared with a mausoleum, or say: a dolmen in the still existing stone age, than with a channel for protest, regardless for or against whom or whatever it could have been.

Quite on the contrary to the police headquarter there opposite the people behind the windows there in the trade union house seemed not to mean us any harm. One year later, when we pinned our placards onto the window panes of our general assembly room, one year later in March 1971, some women there opposite opened their windows beckoning us with their hands. When we were in prison, also some German trade union leaders joined the protest in favour of the "political prisoners", trade union leaders, who for the rest had spent some time in the concentration camps of Hitler, or better to say: in the concentration camps of Nazi-doctors like Mengele, Heyde, Brandt and so on. From the SPK patients there in prison (see our texts under the headline The way out of torture is paved with broken doctors) those protests in favour of the "political prisoners" became almost not even noticed, because they (the "political prisoners") obviously had nothing to do with protest of illness, but quite on the contrary with caring about the not existing health, thus favouring our enemies.

Of course also English speaking people can keep their illness far away from the doctors, just as we did in SPK, just as we do in the Patientenfront until nowadays. That is a very useful channel to forward the protest of illness, there not to forget, that need creates inventions (necessity is the mother of invention).

If all the workers, the she and the he had decided to do a life-long general strike against the doctors, neither the police and the military, nor the every government could suffocate it or even keep it hidden.

Of course you can withdraw your illness, just the same, as you can withdraw your working force from the industry. In the latter case you have to demand for higher wages. In the other case you have to demand for nothing, because the patients have to do it by themselves, helping each other, liking illness in its ugliest forms of expression, learning to control all ideologic, economic and social conditions there around, changing by that and besides that a lot of things in an indeed revolutionary way.

More and more channels will arise from that, and some of them good enough to put and to keep the protest of illness in force. There is no need to look back to old and well-established channels of the past.

Well, again I am, as I hope, sufficiently aware that if I here make use of the sign Generalstreik (general strike*), I have to take in count reproaches like that, to suffer from ambitious tendencies or even from megalomania. Some years ago such reproaches emerged against the SPK in English speaking literature and just we have taken back some of them to our homes from the book-fair in London.

*Also here in the English-speaking countries still exists the classical Signifikant "general strike" and be it only in the literature. More there about, see Sartre and Lacan. A long time ago the working class has drawn from it all his forces and hopes. And the ruling class has trembled in the face of this Signifikant. Today the ruling class of nowadays can laugh about this matter, but not about the Signifikant illness, a really terrifying horror, a ghost being declined by everyone except the patients’ class in so far as the patients’ class has grasped, that there never can arise reconciliation between illness and iatrocapitalism.

Therefore we here have to take down some more details and memories concerning the SPK-March in 1970.

In March 1970 there are common calls and claims in the press to refer SPK patients back to the doctors, if there is need or if the collective can't get along in some serious cases. Well the collective can get along and nobody wants to get or gets referred. Thus a "general strike" in permanence against the doctors. Just on the contrary the doctors refer former doctor-patients, who now insist that they become referred to the patients' collective, thus to the SPK.

They have no writings of a doctor or of anybody else with them, when they come, don't get paid their expenses for a car, if they need, regardless that we ourselves of course do it with our own cars, if we are asked for.

The doctors, belonging to the chief-council of the Faculty of Medicine, e.g. the chief of the Clinic for Skin and Sexual Diseases, sent also spies to us, just in March 1970, there among a beauty of a medical-student-girl, to whom the chief of the named clinic has offered more financial advantages, if she succeeds. There have not yet passed the first fifteen minutes and a short talk * about political, ideologic and revolutionary identity, as the lady-spy discloses the reason of her coming, joining the patients. She takes part in SPK for two months, going also with her boy-friends to their homes, but then decides to continue her studies at another university in Germany or abroad, because her chief-doctor, there in Heidelberg, had withdrawn from her and even seemed to suffer from distrust of her. Of course there had not been involved a later on by the doctors so-called "secret working photo circle" in this spy-case.

* with Huber

Only some few examples for channels of illness in protest, March 1970:

The collective decided to send a patient there. After about 3 hours, the patient returned, saying, that he had got the sore stitched up, helped by the mother.

The big anarchist leader went on speaking and arrived at drawing the conclusion, that the patients' collective already in its beginnings suffered from political absenteeism, just as it had been proven just here within the last three hours by a very significant circumstantial evidence (the man was a jurisprudence-student) and that he therefore saw himself motivated to risk the prediction based on experience here and now, that the patients' collective would end, just like the revolutionary student movement had ended three, or say: two years ago, be it, concerning the patients' collective, even more rapidly, say: within some weeks, because of political absenteeism.

When the big leader - dressed in black colour from the feet to the in no way cut hair, and with dark glasses before his eyes - had ended and had left the SPK rooms, some of us risked to interpret the event in our own terms. Conclusion: once more we had withdrawn illness from the doctors, from the surgeons in the named case, but that we had to keep silence about that, while observing the child, making the mother to care about the temperature, because if there arose complications like for example tetanus, the punishing consequences could strike all of us.

But because we kept our mouths shut about that also later on and until now, nothing happened and some days later the mother came with the child, to get the three or four stitches taken out. We did it by our therefore well washed hands and by a knife, cleaned by fire, the child being very glad about the lot of people, most known to her, playing the just for the purpose invented game tied to illness in revolution, for the rest: one stitch taken out in one hour, because she meanwhile preferred excursions there all around in the rooms of the SPK and outside in the shops.

Yes there exist a lot of channels, channels to withdraw illness from the doctors, just like in former times the workers could withdraw their labour force, not to speak about the possibilities, which come together, if there in modern times illness is collected in addition to the labour force, just as it is the case indeed nowadays in every she and in every he. Look also at the second moment of our Krankheitsbegriff, consisting in the word dependence-of-wages (Lohnabhaengigkeit)*, there already in the days of the beginning of the SPK in March 1970, and sooner.

*means: the modern slave is "free", because there is no immediate owner or chief possessing him; he is only in the possession by money, thus: wage; compare also reification and ask who is the thing, either the money or the person or both or all, thus: every-thing among everything. Of course she or he doesn't grasp it. Why? Look at the first moment of the Krankheitsbegriff: Entfremdung (alienation). In the context of SPK alienation means: Gattungsentfremdung (alienation from human species), Gattung in mankind still being replaced by money.


Every child, no matter how deformed, "subnormal", "feeble-minded" or what else it is, is welcome as a desired child of the human species which remains to be created urgently!

Only the iatrocapitalist reality has a right to death-benefit!


Who wants to live in present time has to create the human species
by turning illness into a weapon.
The human species anticipates itself in every kind of illness,
because it doesn’t want to miss itself.



Patients‘ Front / Socialist Patients‘ Collective
PF/SPK MFE Colombia
For South America: Jorge Rubio (MFE Colombia)