Against SPK-falsificators in the arts business

Rechtsanwältin Ingeborg Muhler

Fondazione Galleria Civica
Via Cavour 19
38122 Trient


RE: Punishable false allegations about the Socialist Patients’ Collective (SPK) and about
the founder of the SPK and the Patients‘ Front (PF), Dr. Wolfgang Huber

in: Dora García, Mad Marginal Cahier # 1. From Basaglia to Brazil
Video: The Deviant Majority

Caution before institution of proceedings

The signatory, herself active participant in the Socialist Patients‘ Collective (SPK) from 1970 to 1971, has been entrusted with all juridical matters concerning SPK [Socialist Patients’ Collective / Patients’ Front, SPK/PF(H)]. She is required by mandate especially by the founder of SPK/PF(H), Dr. Wolfgang Huber, medical doctor and psychiatrist, today SPK/PF(H)-Frontpatient, to take juridical steps against all false reports.

Herewith Fondazione Galleria Civica, Mousse Magazine and Publishing, and Dora García are


in case of repeating false allegations concerning Dr. Wolfgang Huber and the Socialist Patients’ Collective (SPK).

All that Dora García writes about the Socialist Patients’ Collective and about Dr. Wolfgang Huber, originates from illness-haters and enemies of the patients‘ class. Therefore, what she says about the SPK is false.

The illness-haters and enemies of the patients‘ class, that are in this context namely:

It’s these enemies of the SPK and the patients‘ class as a whole who Dora García allows to speak. That exceeds "Freedom of art" by far, how ever spaciously interpreted. This is political instigation and defamation, liable to penalty under both civil law (offense of personality’s right) and criminal law (libel, defamation).

What Dora García takes for her art is nothing but the equivalence of the commodity-mechanics of Iatro-Capitalism. Something unequal is being equated in order to be exchanged to make it fit into the market as an exchange good. By this the things‘ contents and qualities are annihilated.

Also here: the revolutionary contents of the SPK – pro illness, the warfare against the medical doctors is the strategic main point, illness as the species‘ appearance, utopathy, diapathics, pathopractice – those contents don’t fit into the market. Trying to transform them anyway into something sellable Dora García by force equates the SPK and the founder of the SPK, Wolfgang Huber, with persons and matters who don’t have anything to do with SPK at all. Thus: SPK without SPK. She herself is rubbing her hands anticipating the profit of the spectacle to come, the whole thing "an excellent story" to her.

A story so dull however, that Dora García has to enrich it by using kitschy horror film stereotypes. But the "vampire" that is she. Massmurder committed to the patients‘ class (EuthaNAZIa operation T 4, 275.000 people killed by medical doctors), this mass destiny, this class destiny administered by the hands of the doctors, to Dora García is nothing but prey, exploitable for her sterile art-kitsch for the sake of enhancing her value. Also the SPK should serve for it. But times have changed! For it is this part of the patients‘ class, as SPK, that has broken for the first time in all past history of occuring events with the role of victims they have been intended for by the medical doctors‘ gang, and that once and for all.

At the beginning of every art there is the art of HEAL. At the end of every art there is the gallow (Lenin). Remains the question, for whom.

In detail:

Referring to the psychiatrist Dr. Erik Thys at a clinic from the core country of EuthaNAZIa, Belgium, Dora García falsely insinuates an identity of Wolfgang Huber, the founder of the SPK/PF, and a protestant bishop of the same name, a clerical small-time and lifelong public servant, who – although nearly the same age – is still attached to his titularities and with his problem of resurrection still ahead, last but not least on TV, instead of leaving them behind as Huber did, and that with fully activated contempt for all since long decrepit conditions. When TV-suitable, the media bishop occasionally reminds of the murder of patients in Germany during the times of the Nazis. The victims are commemorated, but the medical perpetrators remain in the dark once again, so that continuation of the killing is provided. His glance into the German past is a distraction from the primary medical Modern- EuthaNAZIsm nowadays and from the Iatrocracy on a worldwide scale; the Church and he himself as her chairman fully involved, also with medical genocide-genetics, he himself lecturer with financial support of the pharma business, yes, this too.

Trying to take this bishop, a follower of the medical doctors‘ class and an enemy of the patients‘ class, as identical with the founder of the SPK and the Patients‘ Front is medico-political instigation and defamation.

In addition attacks against the SPK as a whole: here also Dora García allows the enemies of the patients‘ class to speak and she is perpetrating bullshit propaganda against patients. Her assertion about the SPK-patients – "patients-as-terrorists" – is punishable. The German state has founded its terrorist groups on the 18.08.1976 by passing into law the § 129a StGB ("terrorist organisation"). The SPK Dora García refers to existed from 1970-1971. Her false allegation is not only an anachronism but constitutes calumny and political instigation.

Also the traitor to the SPK, Carmen Roll, is given a lot of space for her attempt to commit

A traitor, really: this nurse was on the side of the patients-hostile RAF, the Riege Arischer Feldwebel (Aryan sergeants majors‘ squad), that is: against the SPK. Fact is that no one of the SPK as SPK ever was allowed to join the RAF, no one of the SPK was allowed to do not even any of the donkey work, arrant- or other minor services without previously having opposed drastically to all, to really all and every specific and unspecific significant SPK-contents (RAF- and by far not only RAF-slogan: "Away with the patients-shit!"). Every "membership" according to RAF decision executed since 1973 by force up to the threat of death was tied to the break with the complete SPK-positions. Carmen Roll: a traitor, an enemy to the SPK.

About the SPK she knows nothing, this nurse. But not nurse in the Socialist Patients’ Collective, because the SPK was the first patients‘ selforganisation in the world, free of all medical doctors and of all that is medical. Every doctor-patient relation abolished, every therapy abolished, instead: single agitation, group agitation, working circles.

About the SPK she knows nothing. Hare-brained alone, that she says, all 500 of the SPK as far as they had not been imprisoned, would have gone all together to Triest to Basaglia‘s clinic in 1971! What would a Socialist Patients’ Collective, what would an illness‘ war-group collective ever have to do with the cost-saving reform of the Italian health-care system? Basaglia’s PR-slogan: Freedom heals. In contrary to that SPK/PF(H): Death to all HEAL!

For the benefit of her employers the SPK-traitor makes up a congruence between SPK and Basaglia antipsychiatry, a congruence that does not exist. At the SPK 1970/71 the so-called antipsychiatry never ever even was an issue, not even a single book about it could have been lying around, let alone for common use, and moreover, untranslated.

SPK had and has nothing to do with antipsychiatry. Antipsychiatry, that is: police against patients (Laing, UK), that is filling up patients with neuro- and metabolism toxics to throw them unto the streets to save money (Basaglia, Italy) and having them starved to death (USA), in effect: massmurder and EuthaNAZIa.

SPK: the doctors‘ class must be abolished, the classless society is the aim, psychiatry is camouflage, antipsychiatry is part of it and an accompanying worsening. That much and that little illness has to do with psychiatry / antipsychiatry. That much and that little the Socialist Patients’ Collective ever had to do with psychiatry or antipsychiatry, that is: nothing at all.

All antipsychiatrists are medical doctors, all antipsychiatry is therapy. As every antipsychiatrist, also Basaglia remained medical doctor and psychiatrist and wanted to remain it. Different to the Hubers. A difference! Note: Basaglia and Cooper / do not replace a Huber.

For the sake of clarity and for contrast, here the theory of revolution of SPK/PF(H) in abbreviation:

Pro-illness being the principle, the warfare against the medical doctors is the strategic main point, if that is being missed no end of oppression and no beginning of liberation in not any of the liberation movements will ever be feasible, no utopathy, that is: no human species, ever. Well then, everything forming a unified whole cast, namely: principle, method, and aim. That’s what we call Diapathics, because it is a materialistic dialectics, indeed, for the first time a materialistic dialectics: materialistic, because it is pre-set in the substance of the dynamics of illness (illness substance, matter), and the human species that is to be brought about is the energetic field of tension belonging to it, the strength of illness being the driving force (catalyzing agens) that is going to happen with it, recognizable from its influences and effects that are bringing about a new reality, blasting off the existing reality. That’s our theory of the revolution. And the practice, the pathopractice?: We all are already, as different as we are amongst ourselves, most closely bound to each other, at least as close as illness is bound to any single one of us. That’s the strongest binding force. Who attempts to bring about separation, will be experiencing it.

Who relates the SPK to "antipsychiatry", antipsychiatry itself a part of the overall cadavres’ heap medical doctors‘ class, is either as thick as a brick or an enemy to the SPK.

Dora García should keep her hands off the SPK. If she wants to gather herself a story together, then something like this: Carmen Roll is a protestant bishop, who, detained at the Italian psychiatry since 1971, takes himself for Basaglia, and as a certain Dora García paints pictures, collected by a Dr. Mengele under his maiden name Erik Thys in the 1920ies, before he has been gassed at Auschwitz (Belgium) 275.000-times.

Dora García knows our electronic newspaper, it is mentioned in her book. Therefore she knows: The only address for authentic information on the SPK is: SPK/PF(H), KRANKHEIT IM RECHT, Pathopraktik mit Juristen, street: U 5, 18; 68161 Mannheim, Germany. She did not address us. About the SPK she didn’t want to know anything.

To Dora García it is forbidden to exploit the Socialist Patients’ Collective, SPK/PF(H), for art purposes. Revolutionary illness is not for artists’ spectacles and the enhancing of value in the arts’ business. Hands off the SPK!

The corresponding juridical implications have been pointed out.

In the present situation of the primary medical Modern-EuthaNAZIsm, anyone who denigrates us, SPK/PF(H), and also if he only makes an attempt and be it by means of art, allowing illness-haters and enemies of the SPK to speak, commits mass-slaughter against the patients‘ class everywhere.


Enclosure: Gossipcide in the case of print media, TV & Co.