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Patients' Front / Socialist Patients' Collective (H)


Three fundamental matters:

Iatrocracy on a World-wide Scale

Work papers 

Power, Iatrarchy / Illness, Violence


History of the Patients' Front

Identity of Illness and Capital

Our theory of revolution (outline)

Materialistic development of the contradictions in the concept of illness

Theses and principles
11 x illness

11 Theses on Illness
Our summary of the conclusions that have been drawn with regard to SPK/PF(H) since 1984, in part repeatedly, in the periodicals ASSEMBLEA and INVARIANTI, Italy.

The secret of illness is human species
How to apply the concept of illness

The Communist Manifesto for the Third Millennium

Annotations to the Ground-Plan of the History of Medicine
If patients become partisans of illness ...

The world depends on you, on the SPK/PF(H)
(Statement  from Vandalusia - ¡Enfermedades uníos!)

Numbers and Supernumeraries

Patients’ Front for Pathopractics, against Spiritualistic Pathocentrism

Surprise Attack and Clear-out  
The following leads to the conclusion that only patients have a genuinely well-founded interest in overthrowing all existing conditions, and that the revolutionary process needs the medical help of the revolutionary sick people; that the universally developed concept of illness is the navel through which the new man is connected with his indivisible species.

Illness is substance and subject, also of all revolutions

The Complete Concept of Illness

The specific, species-creating characteristic of the human species ... has now become entirely the medical profession’s secret cause



Against all science

What we wanted to revolutionise so far?
Answer: the revolution, from our earliest beginnings up to the present day

The Demand
The revolutionary action, therapy against madness, produces revolutionary patients, neutralises deadly iatrocracy and thereby it deprives madness of the objective and macropolitics of the subjective basis

On the black sacrificial lamb
Criticism of medicine is still a long way from TURNING ILLNESS INTO A WEAPON

Prior warning
"An investigation of political acts" is deciphered between the poles of transcendental experience and urban guerrilla...

Crash-down of the all dominating medical doctors’ class’ programme

Transparency-Retranslation (Transparenz-Rueckuebertragung) of our translation of Jean-Paul Sartre’s Preface to: SPK – Aus der Krankheit eine Waffe machen (SPK - Turn Illness into a Weapon) into English

Why Medical Doctors’ Class? Why Iatro-Capitalism?
Why Socialist Patients’ Collective?

But there also exists an explosive mixture of bungled life and consciousness ... (radio transmission)


Here and today the existing systems, structures, conditions, relations and dependencies on societal and cosmic influences have to be overcome. The main interest can no longer be, as in the Middle Ages, to have, as a single person, an ending as happy as possible. Instead the exterior conditions have to be changed by those who are working against these conditions by their pro-illness-decision in their own special way and who, contrary to all others, have united for that purpose. They abolish everything that others take merely for their destiny, politically induced, for inherent, genetically rooted and astrologically determined, melt the whole of these influences, called destiny, carefree and regardless of their own illnesses and courses of disease, offend together by the strength of illness who and whatever there is to be offended, that is preferably the nowadays only ruling and all dominating class of medical doctors, while its weakening, starting with the loss of trust, is the yardstick for conditions and opportunities for human species to gain ground on earth for the first time, however sporadically and limited. The yardsticks of what is to be materialised and achieved can be looked for and found exclusively in the future as human species, and the presence with the sum of particular illness mankind is the evidence of the realisation of speciesness and its inevitable implementation, one way or another.


Socialist Patients' Collective (SPK) / Patients' Front (PF)

Timeline SPK/PF(H)

Song of the Patients' Front

January 2020:
Foreword of SPK/PF MFE Columbia to the Spanisch edition of
SPK – Turn Illness into a Weapon
in Columbia

Proposal for a text for international use concerning SPK. Overview.

Concept of Illness (from: SPK-Documentation Part 2)

Huber’s Letter to Contat concerning Sartre’s Preface to SPK - Turn Illness into a Weapon

Information about a book: SPK - Turn Illness into a Weapon

Voices and Comments
on the Socialist Patients’ Collective (SPK) and on the Patients’ Front (PF)

The medical system as a wear and tear-regulator and as crisis prevention

The hospitals are production plants exactly in the same manner as the factories

The Fraud in Medicine

Leaflet of the SPK dated 13 July 1971: Strategical retreat

SPK - Turn Illness into a Weapon

For agitation by the Socialist Patients' Collective

With a preface by Jean-Paul Sartre and a preface by Huber, PF/SPK

New 2021/2022: Completely revised and enlarged edition
available online


For the first time the founder of the Sozialistisches Patientenkollektiv
(Socialist Patients‘ Collective), SPK, Huber, answers questions of an American author concerning SPK and Patients' Front.

SPK / PF/ Huber
SPK indeed
What the SPK really did and said

2007. ISBN 978-3-926491-43-5, 376 pp., EUR 18.-

You can read the book also here: Long Letter


How everybody can do Patients' Front themselves: MFE = Multi-focal expansionism

More and more people are in favor of illness and make use of it in their own ways and interests, according to the principle of MFE (multi-focal expansionism). MFE focus arose and came into being, also in other countries, on other continents. They all prefer serving illness free from authority instead of continuing under the delusion that as ladies and gentlemen they may go on day and night with the business of their personal immortality using authority and power, property and profit and much "culture", naturally always to the disadvantage of people like themselves.

Materialistic development of the contradictions in the concept of illness
(from: SPK - Turn Illness into a Weapon, completely revised and enlarged edition 2020)

About the method of the SPK  
(from: SPK - Turn Illness into a Weapon, new edition 2020)

Dialectics (from: SPK - Turn Illness into a Weapon, new edition 2020)

Crash-down of the all dominating medical doctors’ class’ programme
Transparency-Retranslation (Transparenz-Rueckuebertragung) of our translation of Jean-Paul Sartre’s Preface to: SPK – Aus der Krankheit eine Waffe machen (SPK - Turn Illness into a Weapon) into English

The state of the world is illness. What is to be done?

What we wanted to revolutionise so far?
Answer: the revolution, from our earliest beginnings up to the present day

Long Letter (SPK Indeed - What the SPK really did and said)

The secret of illness is human species
How to apply the concept of illness

Prior Warning. "An investigation of political acts" is deciphered between the poles of transcendental experience and urban guerrilla.

Patients’ Front for Pathopractics, against Spiritualistic Pathocentrism

Notes on the question: How do we, the SPK/PF(H), handle symptoms?

Get started and stick to it (MFE Hamburg)

Manual Oracle

Some pathopractice about the feminist question in the new-revolution on the strength of illness

"It's really the greatest I've ever read"


Stop the medical doctors' iatrobiontic warfare all over the world!
Stop the medical health dictatorship

New victories for the Patients' Class! Thanks to the Patients’ Class, one of the two draft bills for compulsory vaccination in the Colombian parliament was overthrown and moreover, the decree on the vaccination pass was declared null and void a few days ago!
Popular petition for a referendum: NO to the law on compulsory vaccination against "COVID-19"!

Front patients distributed this leaflet: About yet other doctors and man-eaters in 1979 against a medical congress in Maastricht (Holland). It is about dictating and prescribing, safety distance, health machines and the devouring of the sick. Just the same as with "Corona", now everything being much clearer.

Put an end to the machinations of the doctors under the pretext of a so-called "coronavirus" ("Covid-19")!

Up to date: April 13, 2020: Iatrocapitalist SALVATION Front (HEILsfront) or PATIENTS´ FRONT.
Medical extermination selection (Triage) or Turn Illness into a revolutionary weapon

The following applies also to the climate catastrophe:
The reality, even if it becomes deadly, is
illness in the catastrophe, nothing else.

New defeat of the medical doctors’ class
New ruling of the Constitutional Court of Colombia regarding the HPV-law

AIDS, SARS, Bird Flu, Swine Flu, now: Ebola

Many are joining in the attack against the Iackers / With and pro illness, all for each and each for all / Here you find how to do it
Turn illness into a weapon / Hack your rage and anger in the keys

The medical doctors are to blame for the deadly dust epidemic:
dust or clouds of smoke and poison, fine dust, pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, contaminated water, radioactive pollution, smog ...
The medical doctors are to blame because they hold the guarantee-position!

The medical doctors’ class is drowning

Criminal charges against the German Medical Association and the German Organ Transplantation Foundation (DSO) for murder and formation of a criminal association

Mandate for Bloodbath
The planned organ procurement law gives the medical doctors the go-ahead for murder. Government and Parliament cover with their hand of law the murdering doctors, lest any should kill them.

The medical doctors prey on body organs. Government and Parliament bow down to the doctatorship and provide the desired organ procurement law

All the doctors’ rubbish to the dump, cause no-one no more wants their junk

Patients' Front Chases Away Vaccination Iackers and the Children are Happy. The Medical Doctors Attempted a Compulsory Vaccination, but the Doctatorship Failed

In addition to the worldwide system decay another core melt-down
(nuclear power plant Fukushima, Japan, March 11, 2011)
The medical doctors’ declaration of non-objection with respect to any nuclear power plant in advance and long since

Continuation of the criminal complaint against the WHO henchmen (additional incriminating evidence). Latest News, Conclusions, Outlook

The WHO-swines: their German henchmen (the Robert-Koch-Institute, the Permanent Commission on Vaccination, the Paul-Ehrlich-Institute, the local public health offices) under Criminal Charges!

Pathopractic of confrontation against compulsory vaccination DOCTATORSHIP

The WHO-swines make the flu that does not exist (The doctors themselves don't want to be vaccinated. Guess why?!) Away with the medical doctors’ health dictatorship!

Humanitarian catastrophe?
Stop the medical doctors’ iatrobiontic warfare against all people!
Make front against it!



Book-tables and Millions rallying for Peace


What to do against medical doctors and clinics
What to do against examinations

Radio-Interview with KRANKHEIT IM RECHT (Illness in the Right / Illness in Justice)

Locked up people are attacking the therapy

Diapathics of a Resurrection. Collective action against euthaNAZIa doctors on an Intensive Care Unit

Authorization for representation (Representative in illness‘ matters)

HEALTH is against everybody, except the ruling class, the class of the jackers itself

Why the refusal to any medical examination?

Concerning the decisive phase: the following texts
- Doctors’ class has chucked examinations
- Keep in mind very well and finally get that into your head:
  Patient's will has the highest legal priority !!
- Herewith every examination is forbidden to you

Heuristic example from our arsenal of weapons for the patients’ class

In the name of the people of the world: Application to the Ministry of Justice of Austria


Defend yourselves against the primary (proto-)medical Modern-EuthaNAZIsm (so-called assisted dying, euthanasia). Attack!

Now, also the UK makes front against EuthaNAZIa

The Patients' Front in Canada attacks the primary (proto-)medical Modern-EuthaNAZIsm

Message of solidarity to NOT DEAD YET UK

Respect the Canadian people’s will! No EuthaNAZIa! (Letter to the Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada)
Latest news: Only some hours ago we have got to know that the Minister of Justice and Attorney of Canada will appeal – following the will of the Canadian people, that is to say, the will of the patients' class – the euthaNAZIa decision of the British Columbia Supreme Court of June 15th, 2012.

Europe is forming a united front against EuthaNAZIa

Not until us the winds have turned, they’re blowing right into the jackers’ face

Something New in the West

Re: EuthaNAZIstic murder remains stopped
Here’s the latest news

Victoria (Australia), too, knows us

In Europe euthaNAZIstic murder remains stopped

Newest announcement:
The Patients' Front has achieved that the primary (proto-)medical Modern-EuthaNAZIsm (here: Pro-Euthanasia-Bill in Luxembourg) has failed also
for a second time thanks to the attacks of the transnational patients' class

The primary (proto-)medical class of Modern-EuthaNAZIsm, after its shameful defeat in Luxembourg, tries to evade to Belgium, regardless of all similarities to and echos of the eldest Herod complexes of murdering children

Interim Results in the Electronic Class War
Italy is taking up the illness, we knew it already, the HEAL is croaking

Luxembourg: The facts: At that time drafting recruits by force. Today raising an army of killer doctors from all over Europe

The newest medical internment camp-for-the-final-solution is called Luxembourg.
Those in the Netherlands and in Belgium are still working,
under the command of the all dominating medical doctors‘ class
to which everybody obeys, also democratically made in USA,
primogenitorally founded and established not in Germany but in the USA.

Special announcement from Colombia published in three different newspapers.
The attempt to introduce a Pro-Euthanasia-Bill was flung into the waste paper bin

Special announcement from Colombia

Patients’ Front causes downfall of attempt to introduce
Pro-EuthaNAZIa-Bill in Colombia

Denial of rights in relation to the proto (primary) medical Modern-EuthaNAZIsm

Again! The primary (proto-) medical Modern-Murder will be destroyed again by the SPK - II

Really no human rights in Europe, in the opinion of the European Ombudsman

Again! The primary (proto-) medical Modern-Murder will be destroyed again by the SPK.

Europe against EuthaNAZIa?

A Register Ton Heavy Weight Gossip About Torpidity Made Sink by Torpedoing

Euthanasia = Murder as therapy
In total: Genocide
To heal what or whom? The iatrocapitalism of course!


Euthanazia, nowadays?
Cutting short life is annihilation of the possibility to continue making experiences and to grasp the sense of earlier experiences.
Profitability through cost-effectiveness is not an argument, but is poison for the human species by suppressing its creation, the poison prescribed by the doctors - probatum est.


Genetics = Genocide


The Communist Manifesto for the Third Millennium


On the electronic class struggle

Anamnesis (re-membrance), Amnesty (remission of punishment), Amnesia (loss of memory)

Siegfried Hausner and the snooping polyps

Concerning Idiotism And EuthaNAZIsm

Gossipcide against English snooping polyps Wikipedia

Nobody is allowed or was allowed to attack the SPK of nowadays

Minor Question

Für unsere Leute: SPK im Schild (jetzt vollständig: Briefwechsel Kolumbien ./. U.S.A.)

Message from the electronic front - in the struggle of the Patients' class against the medical class – to the proletarians, their mothers, and to all patients, on their First of May

In the electronic class struggle the patients’ class has won also the second round

Counter initiative from Colombia

We smashed the poisonous fang, hostile to human species, of the systems of language and numbers


Attacks against mass media shitheads and SPK-falsificators

In the present situation of the primary (proto-)medical Modern-EuthaNAZIsm, anyone who denigrates us, PF/SPK(H), and also if he only makes an attempt, exemplarily any mass media shit-head, commits mass-slaughter against the patients’ class everywhere

Against SPK-plagiators and SPK-falsificators in the USA. Either "health" - or SPK. Both do not go together.

Watch out! Poisoners of the human species at work!
Gerd Kroske does not make a film about the Socialist Patients’ Collective (SPK).
He shoots a film without SPK, a film against the SPK.

Basaglia and Cooper / do not replace a Huber
The whole antipsychiatry was over already 40(!) years ago, without being even able to die. As a ghost of the past she is still haunting occasionally some press. On that the following letter, which reached us from abroad.

The dog that in the iackers’ stable dwells,
After our heels is striding,
And all the while his noisy yells
But show that we are riding.

Against SPK-falsificators in the music business

Against SPK-falsificators in the arts business

At present we, SPK/PF(H), are the only ones who can represent appropriately the interests
of the patients‘ class against the doctors‘ class

Proposal for a text for international use concerning SPK. Overview.

No concern to illness, bullshit

Das Allernötigste zu einer wohlwollenden US-Buchbesprechung
über Krankheit im Recht (in English)

1998 until 2006 - Richard Huffman joins the SPK

Note against false representations, meanwhile withdrawn

Raised on Snobbery

Open Letter

Ref.: SPK
Gossipcide in the case of print media, TV & Co.

SPK - Krankheit im Recht

Complete bare-cutting

More about the question:
Why and because in the past there were gossips about SPK

Gossipcide against Australia, Sweden, RE/SEARCH, and to whom else it may concern

Gossipcide Letter to the Kleintje Muurkrant

Gossipcide Letter to the Groene Amsterdamer


The way out of torture is paved with broken doctors

The Concept of Solitary Confinement

Why the refusal to any medical examination?

On the question: 
Why not any signature?

Ferroconcrete as a Torture-Instrument

The Gas Chamber


The University of Heidelberg and the primary (proto-)medical Modern EuthaNAZIsm

Who and What: SPK against the University of Heidelberg and the primary medical Modern-EuthaNAZIsm. Where: Athens.

Late Revenge of the SPK

The University of Heidelberg
and the primary medical Modern-EuthaNAZISM

What a showpiece, forsooth!
Chief Quartermaster:
The US-sleep-epileptic and chief eugenicist Harry Laughlin has remained its honorary doctor

The University City of Seville to the Front Patients’ City of Heidelberg
Miracles ./. Dances macabre out of honorary doctorates


Other pathopractical actions and statements in specified application of illness, on current occasions

What has the strength out of illness got to do with professional revolutionaries with and without “quotation marks”?

Hello Scandinavians, hello Italians! Don't click around in our internet so much


Christian-Islamic Season's Greetings 2001 from the Old to the "New World"

We were asked for a statement on the current situation
(New York, September 2001, etc.)

Difference between Fascism and Nazism

SPK: In Australia, too, the seeds are bearing fruit

All the Greeks and Cretans are right. The reports lie.The strength of illness has brought down the Home Secretary. Sensational, self-evident and efficient by collective illness force.

Stronger through Collective Illness Strength
Hell of the Medical Doctors, where is your Victory?!


Bibliography of  Writings of Illness (publications in English)