All the Greeks and Cretans are right. The reports lie.
The strength of illness has brought down the Home Secretary

Sensational, self-evident and efficient by collective illness force

The whole world is congratulating us. "That what the whole opposition and the governing parties all together did not succeed in for years, you have brought it about." The Austrian Home Secretary had to resign from his office. He had refused to ban the successor organization of the KZ-physician Dr.Josef Mengele in Vienna. Yet, due to the subscription lists, published on the Internet by the PF/SPK(H) against the hobby-snooping polyps, and collected by SPK/PF(Oe, Austria), Karl Schranz, "to the Austrian Federal President Fischer was left no other choice than to summon Strasser (48) (Home Secretary and Minister of the Police of Austria) and the Austrian Federal Chancellor to his office to report to him", so yesterday afternoon’s announcement of the Presidential Chancellery, "and because of his omission to have banned the KZ-Mengele-Society for so long and his omission to have executed the ban against the Euthanazia-Society Mengele & Co. on the spot, the Police Minister – hurrying on ahead of all the rest – has forstalled all that by his resignation from the office. (He could have done that long since!)".

On October 26, ca. 1,600 soldiers in the wake of the General Staffs subscribed in favor of the Socialist Patients’ Collective Austria and against the medical doctors’ class. They did so to address the Federal President.

The whole world (namely also Lithuania, Poland, Colombia and many others) congratulates the Austrian and German patients of the Patients’ Front and the patients’ class altogether.

PF/SPK(H), 10.12.2004

We smashed the poisonous fang, hostile to human species,
of the systems of language and numbers.

Since Johannes Gutenberg, inventor of the art of printing,
scripture and writing serve oppression and conformity.

With the electronic class struggle
Scripture and writing serve the patients’ revolution.

"Accidentally" the zodiac constellation of today
is very similar to that of 1500.
(Astropathics teaches us to win / to overcome those
who are poison against the human specifies yet to come)

People do no longer believe in words, writings and images
of the ruling medical doctors’ class.

They read our electronic newspaper
and they know what matters and what it's all about.

PF/SPK(H) 15.12.2004