In addition to the worldwide system decay another core melt-down (nuclear power plant Fukushima, Japan, 11/03/2011).

The medical doctors’ declaration of non-objection with respect to any nuclear power plant in advance and long since.

Medically prescribed epidemic of radiation, all over the globe, against all, along with therapy and death inside the radiation shelter clinic.


("…that noone slayeth him…", Mose I,4,9)

 And again Capital is radiating

 One man’s cancer the other man’s agony

 The medical doctors’ state with battalions

 Surrounds those in the radiation zones

 This was a lesson SPK

 The treacherous doctors’ bang is there

26/04/1986, 0.21h


The state of the world is illness. What is to be done?

Against all science

Stop the medical doctors' iatrobiontic warfare against all people! Make front against it!


Illnesses of the world, unite!

Turn illness into a revolutionary weapon!

Patients’ class against the medical doctors’ class!


Compared to this, the present rows over nuclear power plants and the destruction of the environment, when examined from the patients’ viewpoint, appear to be violently healthy and clean from pathopractice [heilsgewaltig rein von Pathopraktik]. The opponents have got to have in their heads their individual health, which is in reality nothing but the exploited and violently oppressed life that is no life at all: death valuta on the fields of battle [Walstaetten]* of today’s violent power of the doctors' class [Heilsgewalt].

* Even experts interested in etymology could have been surprised 
  already long before we were: the matter here is dead bodies, 
  which however is not our topic in the present text. According 
  to the Indo-European root of the word ‘Gewalt’ (‘violence’), 
  everything and everybody - that means each and every ‘- wal -’, 
  each and every ‘value’, that is each and every ‘- wert -’ (worth, 
  value) and each and every ‘Ver-wal-tung’ (administration), each 
  and every ‘in-val-id’ - are all but mortuary requisites. Therefore, 
  from the point of view of the all-dominating, autocratic Iatrarchy, 
  all along with the whole real history life is being reduced from 
  the cradle to the grave, for instance, to ‘blind obedience’ 
  (Kadavergehorsam: that is, a sort of obedience that only corpses 
  are capable of performing). “Friends, life is worth to be liven” 
  – Is it? Really? And your pride - but also your omission to have 
  cast off the yoke of this tyranny, so that you are really entitled 
  to speak for the first time of liberty - what has become of it? 
  Yes, your pride?! On which ‘walstatt’ (field of battle), in which 
  factory-of-adaptation, in which ‘Wa-h-l - Urne’ (‘election 
  ballot-box’), in which ‘democratic-liberal’ urn of “your” “secret” 
  “vote” has it ended up? The secret is: there is no secret!

In the head of the doers: the universal health, which is the same nazi-biologistic figment of the mind. Both sides are objectively based on the same twofold medical ethics, a conflict that no medical doctor who is faced with pathopractice can bear: they are based on the fundamental incompatibility of individual well-being and public health. Both sides have got to have their physicians [Aerzte], and they are both subjected to their magic. Both sides are taking care of going easy on "health", and they glorify the violent power of the doctors' class [Heilsgewalt]. For the time being, the physician is still turning away their worries concerning their "health"; he is their super-waste-disposal-plant of their worries [Superentsorgungsanlage]. In the same time, however, he is also stealthily working already on the applications of bio-engineering; he is the breeder, who is cultivating human material as hard as Krupp-steel and as fit as a fiddle [kern-gesund] out of pieces of coli-chromosomes and of crystals; he is the tamer who is slitting, boiling down and poisoning, tearing down limits and forces [entgrenzt und entkraeftet] of brains, brain-currents, the hypnotic and the hypophysical.

The one who attacks in the ethicist of the absurd or in the applier of science and responsible of bio-engineering the physician [Arzt], is not only withdrawing the confidence he has placed in him. He is separating him, first of all, from illness, in which all medical practice has its pretext; in brief: he is cutting the ground under the feet of the medical doctors’ class and by doing this he is inflicting them a deadly offence [kraenkt sie toedlich]. And the physician for his part, being forced to withdraw himself and to talk his way out of it by resorting to bio-engineering and medical ethics, is making involuntarily a decisive contribution to the surrendering of the system and of his class. In similar troubles had got itself the class of the nobles at the time of the French Revolution of 1789. Called to account for their doings by the pauperized people, it could bring in only the bio-engineering, in those times the animal breeding, as a form of evidence for its blue-blooded descent. Just like the clergy did with its ethics in the cause of deriving from God the divine right of kings and clerics, by the make of their own. This was the beginning of the end.

Be it the one who is applying health-culture [Heilskultur] or be it the one who is supposed to turn away damage to health: it’s only by targeting the medical doctors’ class that nuclear power plants can become the opposite area open to attack, that bio-engineering can be destroyed, and that the downfall of violence and power can be brought about. The attack against the medical doctors’ class gets at the heart of the matter, at its nucleus, because and if the battle is being fought with and for illness.

From: Power, Iatrarchy / Illness, Violence; PF/SPK(H), Huber, 1977