Diapathics of a Resurrection

Collective action against euthaNAZIa doctors on an Intensive Care Unit

In the Canadian winter of 2009, a young woman is found with an intoxication by tablets. Sirens, flashing blue light, Intensive Care Unit.

There is no one with her, no relatives, no friends, no neighbor.

Her mother, in the same city, but no contact for years, is informed.

On her arrival in the clinic, Death is approaching her: "no neurological reactions", "several heart attacks", "body temperature dropped to 22 oC". Leave every hope, ye who enter this gate! The physicians are already getting their knives out to cut the thread of life. All thatís missing is her motherís approval.

That same day, the Patientsí Front, on the other side of the Atlantic, is called upon to help by a frontpatient via KRANKHEIT IM RECHT (Illness in the Right). Contact is established via e-mail, in Spanish. He, for his part, is keeping contact to Canada.

The message reaches us in the middle of our worldwide all-front-war against the medical doctatorship (WHO, vaccination) and against the primary medical modern euthaNAZIsm. We come to an understanding: who is on the road or working on something else and what needs to be done here.

Our PF-action plan: Put the medical doctors instantly under control! Take notes of everything they say! Demand information on each single measure! Nothing without prior approval! Prevent them from switching the young woman off! That there is "no neurological reaction" doesnít mean anything at all, it may soon change. Since SPK we know: "sui"cide = homicide. Even an attempted "sui"cide is nothing but protest out of illness. Everybody here wants to live, otherwise he wouldnít have come to earth. But some donít want to continue to live on that way. What they seek is not death but a radical change. Who has comprehended that will never become an accomplice of the euthaNAZIa doctors. This is lifesaving effective knowledge of the Patientsí Front.

However, the only one who is on the ground, there, is the mother. The conditioned timidness to openly start a fight with the medical doctors Ė perhaps itís to oneís own disadvantage, you really never can know, after all they are the ones who have studied medicine Ė is something that must be assumed, also in this case. We could overcome time and space as quick as a flash and had the solutions to hand at once. But what will come through?

We send our electronic mail. The answer comes one hour later. The mother puts up an uncompromising front against the switch-off physicians. No "presumed will" of her daughter will support the doctors. Family conflicts, arising from wage labour and alienation, have become irrelevant. A bad surprise for the doctors.

Thus, co-operation with the mother is possible. Her cause is also our cause, her distress and necessity are also our distress and our necessity, but first of all: common necessity for change.

But how to reach her daughter now, "unable to respond", anaesthetised, mechanically breathed from the outside, and tubed and wired up to devices, shipwrecked far out in the polar seasí night of the White Death --?

Screens flickering, machines wheezing, and white-coated ones giving commands: "Open your eyes! Clasp my hand!"

Combat robots marching, bombs exploding, demonsí grimaces attacking, this is how it is experienced. As in a nightmare: you are lying on the rails, paralysed, while the train is approaching.

The daughter is in urgent need of allies, capable of establishing a contact with her.

We know: Illness-species is the strongest bonding force, for it is not only a matter of the single one but it is the unity of the species, being vigorously effective, offending by illness even at the far-distant place of its accomplishment (tele-pathically). Warmth, too, propagates and procreates itself, even pack ice is no obstacle. Also, music and its paranormal (we say: thermomimetic) effects are carried by warmth, thermomimetics being their modus in practical use.

We write (per electronic mail): establish contact to the daughter by humming and chanting, at the patientsí bed side, closest to her, lullabies, childrenís songs, pentatonics, particularly effective are tunes she used to know.

Over there, beyond the Atlantic, the doctors begin to realize: now the tune is being changed. Their mocking gazes and snide remarks are bouncing off. And just in case oneís knees are weakening and oneís hands are trembling, you keep it to yourself and say to yourself, strengthened by illness: Now more than ever!

At this point, the news: Weíve made it! We have reached her. There is contact. First signs of life! First spontaneous breaths. Great joy! We all feel so relieved.

Saving lives by singing childrenís songs? We have set illness-species and thermomimetics-warmth against the White Death. No Shaman drum, no Tibetan mantramism, but striking percussion tools against the heap of cadavers which the medical doctorsí class altogether is. Humming and chanting are iatro-cides, against the medical doctor.

Great joy? Not for all. The medical doctors see themselves deprived of their healing success. Healing success? Yes, indeed: "Le trťpas vient tout guťrir ..."; death heals everything, according to a French poem, also known in Canada. The killing is a sheer matter of course and a part of the treatment plan, as it soon turned out.

Obvious and undeniable, however, are now the progresses towards life. The medical doctors ignore this. Against all evident advancements their verdict says: everything is "unalterably bad" and "hopeless". Calculated pessimism to the evil euthaNAZIa-purpose, quite in praxi:

2nd of December: Over there it is daytime, with us here it is night time. At 11.30 p.m., the Patientsí Front receives an urgent phone call: The doctors ("brain dead, futile, hopeless") are on the point of turning off the devices. What shall we do? How can we stop them?

Patientsí Front: In this situation, too, the means of attack and confrontation are the first choice! Everywhere there is a public prosecutor on standby duty, all around the clock. Every police station knows his telephone number. Call the public prosecutor, tell him what the doctors are planning, give him the address of the clinic, the telephone number, make him record the names of the responsible physicians. Murder remains murder, even if the perpetrator is a physician. In case the public prosecutor cannot come instantly to the clinic in person, ask for the deputy prosecutor. The ward physicians and the director of the hospital are informed, without delay, that the whole matter has been submitted to the Public Prosecutorís attention. Criminal charge "for all juridical reasons", these words are sufficient. Thereís no need for more "juridical" in a criminal charge. Why spare the Public Prosecutor from doing some work on his own?

This is effective knowledge, tested and apt to put the physicians in their places. But will it arrive on time?

"Brain dead" is a preset computer programme, installed by the medical doctorsí class on each Intensive Care Unit, worldwide. Murder-market-logistics. Brain dead, organs alive and kept fresh. Extermination, at the same time exploitation, medicine the biggest business, worldwide (Iatro-Imperialism).

Machines spit out values, tough, undoubted, because "scientific" facts. By means of numbers and spikes they predict worthless life. A digital oracle purchased with high investment and that has to pay off, class-specifically standardized and calibrated: against the patientsí class. Binary-digital, countable on two fingers of one hand, extermination by means of the computer-dictatorship.

Silently they are humming the song of death. No, not the snake-headed choir of the Greek tragedy. Because this destiny is class destiny, man-made, the medical doctor having his fingers in the pie, digi-tally, fatally, as already in Rome at the time of the imperial Caesars: thumbs down, and the death-doomed are bleeding to death down there in the sand of the arena.

The vultures are already circling and approaching the cllinic to get the deep-frozen dead life.

Not with us! And enough of that!

The doctors under surveillance, the Public Prosecutor functionalized for Patientsí control! The prompt result: the doctors are backing off. They also donít dare an "apparatus error", a "tragic coincidence of fatal circumstances". In any case, nothing of the like. They are kept in check. Patientsí Front is always and everywhere a bodily confrontation, body against body, no matter how close, no matter spatial and time distances.

How many, others, are helpless in similar situations and left alone! And the self-reproaches thereafter, the nightmares and the dialogues at the grave.

Everybody wants to defend themselves, they just donít know how. How good it is that there exists KRANKHEIT IM RECHT (Illness in the Right) and the Patientsí Front, so many have already said, so many who donít stand for this any longer and who are attacking.

Report from overseas: the doctors, being continually under attack and confronted with their doings, now come out, for the first time, with the confession that it was not the far more toxic "Paracetamol" (thatís what they had said in the beginning), but "Phenobarbital". The difference: you are more likely to survive an overdose of Phenobarbital, also the liver gets away with it much better. To the great joy of the Iackers (medical doctors). Ė ? Ė Surely, that way they can take well preserved organs to the market.

Patientsí Front: "Paracetamol" is not the name of a chemical substance, but a medical ideology-poison, a catch-word: it is meant to paralyse thinking, feeling and volition, aiming at capitulation and resignative subjugation. Purpose: clearing resistance and the resisting ones out of the medical doctorsí euthaNAZIa way.

Indeed, itís right to control the medical doctors at every step and to enquire everything in detail. But you must not make yourselves dependent on what they say. Because they know nothing, and with their blethering they want to conceal exactly this, namely their ignorance and their helplessness.

Itís only your own observations that count, itís only them that you can rely on. The signs reported by you show progresses. The most important thing continues to be: front against the iackers ( = medical doctors) and that they will not succeed with their euthaNAZIa intentions. That gives illness the time to regain its strength and to cope with the intoxication. Whereas in the hospital Ė time is money! Ė the diktat of the maximisation of profits = minimisation of life is valid.

Latest report, still from the same day: The young woman continues to breathe spontaneously (the mechanical ventilation runs in parallel). Further progresses: her eye pupils respond to light stimuli Ė thatís a good sign for the brain functions. The excretion of the toxic substances is proceeding, now that the organs are working again. She can move her right leg again. The body temperature has risen.

3rd of December. We are informed that her mother has called: "A miracle! After she had been spoken to silently, the daughter had opened her eyes, she has cried and moved her head, and she has made gestures. This miracle has happened today, around noon, and it is going on."

This Eurydike has come back. Thanks to the trust in the collective forces of illness.

If the doctors had had their way, the first flowers on her grave would now have been frozen.

Under the assault of the collective force of illness and the progresses effectuated by us, the doctors have surrendered: Yes, itís true, the patient is getting better and better. Now, the doctors, too, are pleased: now, so the say, the patient can be moved out from the Ė cost-intensive Ė intensive care unit very soon.

4th of December, report: The young woman continues to make progresses: she has tried to sit up and to move her arms, she is feeling pain, and she has smiled when she saw her friends.

Urgent request to the Patientsí Front: the doctors have injected her with 50 mg of Fentanyl, "against the pains". We have checked it out: morphine-like effects. We have no trust in the iackersí ignorant principle to kill by all means the pain and the illness.

Patientsí Front: Yes, you are right, trust is bad, whatís required is the patientsí control of the doctors, and attacking them is the best of the best: confront the doctors with the following contradiction: the patient is in a condition of being poisoned Ė and now the doctors are giving her another, strong poison. Transform what you have read in attacks against the iackers: what exactly are the signs indicating that she is really suffering from such great pains that would make it necessary to give Fentanyl, which is a very strong and life-threatening painkiller?

Fentanyl causes exactly the same damages the patient is actually going to overcome. That means: the iackers themselves artificially cause a life-threatening situation. Fentanyl poisons the kidneys and obstructs the secretion of the poison, it causes addiction, it requires intensive surveillance and it augments the risk of a lethal incident. It has a negative impact on respiration. There are less poisonous substitutes, if ever.

Fentanyl is also in use as a chemical warfare agent, deployed as a gas by the military in their raid on the Moscow theatre in 2002, 127 people killed.

Translated, pharmakon means and actually is: poison. No discussion about pharmaceutics, but once again patientsí control in action. Aim and purpose: to sabotage the doctorsí automatic and unconscious clinical routine. They must be cautious, and thatís good. The iackers are all in a state of permanent unconsciousness, namely due to their class snobbishness. Because they believe that nothing could ever happen to them. And so they did until now. But the criminal court is also for them. Thatís what they have experienced now, very closely.

Important: Continue with singing and humming, just as mothers use to do with their little children, in order to help the daughter to fall asleep and to make the pains bearable. By doing so, the iackers have less opportunity of administering painkiller-poisons.

5th of December, result: the Fentanyl-dose is reduced by half. The daughter is responsive and fully conscious. The iackers say that tomorrow they could remove the breathing and nutrition tubes.

The frontpatient himself (thousands of kilometres of scheduled flight, no cheap flight offers, because it was urgent) has meanwhile arrived in Canada. From now on on-site support is possible and help for the mother, relief after her continued efforts made day and night round the clock, time pressure and wage labour pressure. For, Ďoffsí are granted only in case of death.

For some time now, the conditions have made all brothers and sisters in illness. But still not each one is so lucky as to have a frontpatient as son and brother.

And the reinforcement is necessary. Because it is still about life or death, and the distance to the mortuary sometimes counts only minutes:

5th of December, Patientsí Front: hint for anticipating pathopractice in the next days: when the iackers remove the breathing apparatus, there is danger of suffocation, especially due to the "respiratory depressive" effects of the morphium analogue Fentanyl, that means that the responsiveness to respiratory stimuli is reduced. Therefore, there is danger to life, as soon as the physicians remove the breathing tubes. The sister is not prepared for this.

She ought to have been prepared for this long since by the iackers. The so-called weaning from the respirator, as is well known, is a complicated and dangerous procedure, which may take several weeks of highly intensive care, and some people stay "respiratory cripples" for their whole life.

However, even these self-evidencies are being neglected by the iackers Ė to the detriment of the patient. This way they save time, money and personnel, and the balance becomes healthy.

Anticipating, here the following pathopractical advice: provide physical and verbal stimulation, caress the daughter, hold her hands, apply gentle massages, if she tolerates them, speak to the daughter, she can respond by blinking her eyelids, when she is barred from speaking because of the tubes, tell her jokes.

Against the pains caused by the nutrition tube: why havenít the iackers already used a soft feeding tube, e.g. of Latex, inserted through the nose, this is better tolerable.

Report from Canada, from the same day: the iackers have tried to leave her without the breathing tubes. On the sisterís request. She could breathe for 5 minutes, then the larynx closed, she couldnít get enough air to breathe, she said clearly: "I cannot breathe". The iackers applied the tubes again. The iackers told that the vocal chords might have been injured when they first had inserted the tubes. There is also talk of a medication allergy.

Today, the iackers have administered another sedative (Propofol). That doesnít calm us at all (Michael Jackson is said to have died of Propofol. The overdose limits with this narcotic are reached very soon, it requires the intensive surveillance of respiration and of the circulatory system as well).

After we have attacked the iackers also at this regard and questioned their doings, once again the dose has been reduced. Who knows what else could have happened to the sister if we had not intervened each time and driven back the iackers!

During the day and also last night the sister was fully conscious, though slightly benumbed by the sedatives. The iackers want to call in an ear, nose and throat specialist, and they plan to administer Cortisone because of the inflammation of the vocal chords. All the pathopractic actions continue to be applied. What must we be aware of, what needs to be done?

6th of December, Patientsí Front: The "respiratory depression" is exclusively the iackersí fault, because of the overdose of sedatives, apart from the botched job when they were placing the tubes.

Once, we all here on earth have learned to breathe from one second to the other, after nine months in the amniotic fluid, then the leap to the land animal grasping for air. It all began with our first outcry of protest. Since then, breathing has become natural to us, an involuntary process we hardly notice.

Poetically and naturally, "in every breath we breathe two graces share", yet under the dictatorship of the iackers (force of nature raised to high power!) it is one sheer torment. Once the respiratory function has been destroyed by the medical mechanics, it must be restored Ė wilfully Ė by redirecting it to its involuntary course.

The respiratory and the circulatory system are considered by the physicians since ancient times as "the entrance halls of death" (atria mortis). We block death the path. The following has to be done: direct the forces of illness on the breathing, so that its function is self-acting in the moment the tubes are being removed for the second time: while breathing in, count to "one", while breathing out, count to "two", the sister herself, it doesnít have to be aloud, it can also be silently. When breathing in, imagine breathing the scent of a lovely flower; when breathing out, imagine getting rid of a huge burden. Talk with her about this and explain it to her again and again before the tubes are being taken away another time, in order to prepare her to that.

7th of December, report: Thereís no longer need for sedatives. The sister is calm and she is participating actively. She is now fully awake and she writes her questions, comments or demands down, while we are keeping her informed on everything she is asking, and we provide her with what she needs, e.g. blankets. She wanted to know what the iackers are up to, as to the tubes etc. We have explained it to her. Now, she is reassured and we are working together doing the breathing-pathopratice.

The mother tells everybody there around that the miracle has to do with the fact that the iackers have been brought under control and put in their place, and that their euthaNAZIsm has been rejected. Also, she tells everybody spontaneously that itís a miracle thanks to the strength out of illness.

9th of December, report: Second attempt, tubes removed once again. The sister could breathe regularly for 4 hours, then, so the iackers, her throat began to close again, and the sister was struggling for air, so that they had the tubes inserted again. The iackers also have admitted that it is just a hypothesis and that there is no evidence whatsoever that the breathing problems are due to an injury of the vocal chords. They know nothing. The announced throat specialist also did not come. The silk scarf around the neck (this we have put through as well) has good effects.

Now they are talking of a temporary tracheotomy, that is to say a cut in the windpipe.

10th of December, Patientsí Front: In this throat area there are located together in a minimum of space the nerve plexus, the carotid artery, the oesophagus, the thyroid gland, and the parathyroid glands, all extremely vulnerable. The cut in the windpipe is known as an extremely risky surgical intervention. There remains also a scar, clearly visible after all. And not to forget the antibiotics, the effects of which aggravate once again the excretion.

Impression: Ut aliquid fieri videatur, which means that the doctors are doing some thing or other in order to give the impression that they were doing something. Because they really know nothing, today they make speculations which they abandon already tomorrow. Life-threatening stupidity and botch-up! They are even capable of operating a butterfly with a chain saw.

10th of December, report: The sister has signed a declaration by which she refuses the surgical intervention on the trachea. We have passed on her declaration to the iackers.

Being thus totally pushed onto the defensive, the iackers resort to the therapy of isolation. They take advantage of the fact that, at times, they have the territory to themselves, and they are trying to divide us:

11th of December, report: After the iackers had got it in black and white that the sister refuses the incision in the windpipe, they have arranged it that they could speak alone with the sister. With their terror they have succeeded in convincing the sister that she agrees Ė against her own written statement of will! Ė with the surgical intervention on the trachea!

After having had the possibility to speak with us again, the sister has requested that a meeting should be organized at which we, too, are participating. Meantime, she is administered antibiotics because of "pneumonia".

We ask ourselves, whether we should tell the sister that only a few hours after her admission to the hospital the iackers wanted to switch her off and that it was us who defended her life. Would that overstrain the sister in the present situation? Should we attack the iackers head-on also in this matter or only if the sister herself fully agrees with it?

11th of December, Patientsí Front: The iackers put the patientís will, if it lets them have their way, against the confrontation-patients. It wouldnít be a surprise if they were succeeding in talking the sister around, they even manage getting people to agree "voluntarily" with their own death.

Yes, the sister should know that the iackers were on the point to kill her, and also the iackers should know that you havenít forgotten this. Why didnít the sister refuse to speak alone with the doctors? If the iackers have talked the sister around once, then next time they will persist, and for the sister things are getting more difficult.

In addition, the following: according to the pathoscope, the whole thing (cut in the windpipe) is still immature. The iackers are deluding themselves. And you yourselves perhaps havenít got to know everything the iackers have told the sister and what you should know to judge the situation.

The pneumonia is made by the doctors, a so-called hospital-infection: 100,000 dead people every year, more than from "AIDS" and "influenza". A sufficiently well-known complication, arising already a few days after artificial respiration. Cause of death: the medical doctor, not "poor hygiene". The iackers exert pressure with the tracheotomy only for reasons of profit-oriented economy: only as long as they are doing something that can be invoiced as "therapy", the hospital bed can be kept occupied. As soon as there is no more treatment, the patient will be moved out. The forces of illness, which need time, are opposed to the medical calculation of profits. But what counts alone, indeed and juridically, is the will of the patient, that, so we hope, will be accomplished in favour of illness and against the medical doctors. That is what we wish from the bottom of our collective heart.

11th of December: For the moment, everything seems to be fine. The confrontation-patients put the screws on the medical experts, who by that turn into what they really are: idiots of their own subject, minus the subject.

Here the report: Meeting of iackers, nurses, and the mother and the frontpatient at the sisterís sickbed. We have stood firm and the iackers had to answer all our questions. Now, the sister is aware of the dangerousness of the surgical intervention on her windpipe, the iackers were forced to admit that. Of course, they were delivering great speeches that they would handle all the risks, etc. etc.

At the meeting, in presence of all the iackers and nurses, the mother said that the iackers wanted to switch off and kill the sister with their fatal prognoses such as "brain dead, hopeless", and that it is only thanks to the mother that they were prevented from carrying out their intentions. This is documented in the medical files of the clinic.

Then, the iackers were stock-still. Yes, they have now even admitted that they had been taken completely by surprise and that they are in lack of any medical explanation of the fact that the sister has woken up again and that by now she has recovered so incredibly well!

The sister wants that we are informed on everything. The iackers promised to do that. She was surprised to hear that yesterday the iackers didnít allow us to visit her. The sister has agreed that the surgical intervention should take place tonight. She wants us to put the iackers under the patientsí control. We know that it is only the economic pressure that dictates that everything has to be carried out so quickly. Itís only because of the respiratory apparatus that she is at the intensive care unit occupying this bed, thatís the only reason why the iackerís are pushing her so hard.

12th of December: Yesterdayís attempt to carry out the surgical intervention on the windpipe had to be stopped. At first, the doctors blamed the sisterís "far too narrow throat", but on our questions Ė in children, too, there are performed cuts into the windpipe notwithstanding the fact that their necks are even narrower?! Ė they had to admit that they had miscalculated the dimensions of the instruments! They failed and they were bustling around for more than one hour! Without success.

We were bombarding them with questions: Why didnít you notice that before, prior to the anaesthesia and the skin incision?! This blind bumbling way to go at it right ahead can be fatal. In presence of the sister, we have proved the iackers to be botchers and bunglers. The surgeon became most furious about all our questions.

We are here in a difficult situation: for two years the sister had refused to see her mother, now she wants to keep in touch with her mother and her brother. We, too, want to maintain that under all circumstances. The sister was impressed how the mother was importuning the iackers with her questions and by her firm stand in opposing their arrogance, an arrogance that the sister today has spontaneously observed by herself.

The sister wants the iackers to make another attempt the day after tomorrow.

13th of December: Electronic mail of the Patientsí Front, for overview and orientation in the current situation:

In a case of a family emergency caused by iatrocapitalist conditions the Patientsí Front was called upon to help by a frontpatient. By collective efforts we were able to wrestle the prey away from the iackers and to bring back to life a dead. Meantime, the rescued woman is fully conscious and capable of making herself heard. She knows that the iackers had attempted to kill her and she has also experienced the iackersí newest botch job (failed tracheotomy attempt). The patient has decided to collaborate with the iackers and she insists on that. The collaboration with iackers on the one hand and Patientsí Front on the other hand is mutually exclusive. This is no longer a field of activity for the Patientsí Front. The tracks of the Patientsí Frontís effective actions remain, to the detriment of the iackers. Also, the protection already accomplished by our collectively imposed patientsí control still continues to be effective and remains in effect.

16th of December, report from overseas: The sister has put her trust in us. She said that, for the moment, she wanted to rest a while; therefore, there was no further cut into the windpipe. The following day, she demanded that all tubes are to be removed, and she could breathe autonomously, and it went well. And today, the day after, she is doing even better! The respiration-pathopractice has taken full effect, thanks to the strength out of illness!

Now, in retrospect, the sister says that she herself didnít want a cut in the windpipe, but that the doctors had told her that there was no choice, and she herself had tremendous fear that she would be suffocating if the tubes were removed and the breathing would not start. The sister, terrorized by the iackersí botch-job, would have done anything just to get out of the hands of the iackers and out of the hospital.

Strength in virtue of illness (Aus Krankheit Stark), and many, many AKS for all the support, for the sister, for rescuing her life from the medical doctors! Words are not enough. We are staying on the side of the patientsí class, together with you.

17th of December, Patientsí Front: Yes, illnesses of all countries unite! Everybody is delighted by the newest victory over the iackersí class! Once more, illness-in-confrontation has succeeded in liberating itself from the medical chains. A celebration for the patientsí class, and another defeat of the iackersí class!

For the rest, we know that the instruments of the intensive care medicine are part of the tools used by torturers worldwide. In the torture dungeons, too, itís the medical doctors who cut off the air supply to the tortured one, by administering him injections provoking his respiratory paralysis and then therapying him with their resuscitation apparatuses, to try to break his resistance.

23rd of December. Meantime, in virtue of the strength of illness the sister is able and capable of doing many a thing, strengthened by illness, instead of being crippled, poisoned, and dazed by therapy. No more dialysis, and today they have even removed the intravenous catheters. She eats well, the usual meals, she speaks strongly and loudly, and she is of good cheer. With our help, she strengthens her muscles by exercising them, she moves her legs, and so is capable of walking again, also on her left foot, which was numbed because of the absence of blood supply for a considerable length of time, until she had been found. Today, she went to the toilet by herself, using a walker, someone was with her. Since she is no longer at the intensive care unit, the iackers hardly set her under pressure.

We continue to exert a strict patientsí control, together with the sister. Also, we just already have sent away a psychiatrist.

Very important: our patientsí control is taking effects also on the surroundings: towards the other patients in the sickroom, the iackers are extremely cautious. The relatives of these other patients say: "Yes, you are right, youíve got to keep a close eye on the doctors and strictly control them."

The sister is well conscious, and she is very grateful that the patientsí class has protected her from the assassination attempts carried out by the iackers. These are a few examples that under patientsí control things are going well, while the iackersí class is badly off.

25th of December. In this distant country, too, Christmas has arrived. A happy time of arrival for Christians, but for many time to say goodbye under the thumb of the medical doctors. Angel of Death instead of Christmas Angel. Silent night, black night, mortal night. The euthaNAZIstic mass murder is still continuing hour per hour, also in this clinic.

Here, the report of our people:

Talking with visitors, here in the hospital room, we have been informed that they had been persuaded by the iackers to let their grandfather "die in peace" and "to release him from suffering" because that "is the best for all". There, we want to get involved. What do you think?

25th of December. Patientsí Front: Thatís not a question posed to us, thatís a question on your own strength at the moment, also in consideration of what has to be done for the sister and what will have to be done for her in future.

27th of December (it is now one month that the young woman was taken to the hospital). Proposal of the Frontpatient: we could discretely distribute a flyer in the hospital. Content: Switching off is murder and as such subject to criminal prosecution. Murder remains murder, even if the perpetrator is a physician.

27th of December. Patientsí Front: As to your proposal, here a few considerations and, in addition, the following indication: the pathoscope speaks against it, firstly with regard to yourselves, and secondly because even for the grandfather himself the planned action is of no help, contrary to what it is meant for. For the rest, there are also other possibilities of intervention. (Ö)

Turn of the year, report from there, one month later (26th of January, 2010): Last Thursday the sister was dismissed from the hospital and has returned home. We are engaged in organizing everyday life (residence, wage labour) in the days to come. We are talking about our attacks against the iackers, how it came to the attempted "sui"cide, and about many other things. There are still a few consequential damages as a result of the stay in the hospital, e.g. a slight injury at the heel due to pressure, which requires attention, but everything is clear and under patientsí control.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


The stars were indicating Hades, when the young woman was brought to the clinic on a stretcher. Two months later she has left the clinic on her own two feet.

Already in the Socialist Patients Collective (SPK) there were "charismatic miraculous healings" (the Geneva Archive on Political Processes).

Wrong! For, it was and it is always miraculous offenses by illness, attacks against the medical doctorsí class. Just as here again.

Pro-illness being the principle, the warfare against the medical doctors is the strategic main point, if that is being missed no end of oppression and no beginning of liberation in not any of the liberation movements will ever be feasible, no utopathy, that is: no human species, ever. Well then, everything forming a unified whole cast, namely: principle, method, and aim. Thatís what we call Diapathics, because it is a materialistic dialectics, indeed, for the first time a materialistic dialectics: materialistic, because it is pre-set in the substance of the dynamics of illness (illness substance, matter), and the human species that is to be brought about is the energetic field of tension belonging to it, the strength of illness being the driving force (catalyzing agens) that is going to happen with it, recognizable from its influences and effects that are bringing about a new reality, blasting off the existing reality. Thatís our theory of the revolution. And the practice, the pathopractice?: We all are already, as different as we are amongst ourselves, most closely bound to each other, at least as close as illness is bound to any single one of us. Thatís the strongest binding force. Who attempts to bring about separation, will be experiencing it.

Indication for practical use: Everybody can become active as a representative in illnessí matters, it is not required that this must be a relative. Important: Provide yourself in time with an authorization for representation.

PDF of the authorization for printing, here


KRANKHEIT IM RECHT (Illness in the Right), MFE Canada, MFE Colombia, MFE Espa, PF/SPK(H)