Gossipcide against Australia, Sweden, RE/SEARCH,
and to whom else it may concern
March 8, 2002

All you took from RE/SEARCH concerning Socialist Patients' Collective, SPK, is completely wrong.

  1. There did not exist a Poliklinik exclusively for schizophrenic patients (see page 49, first paragraph in the book mentioned by yourself: SPK - Krankheit im Recht).
  2. Your statement about policemen persecuted by ourselves was dropped on sentencegiving day 1972.
  3. Nobody among ourselves (SPK) has blown himself up.
  4. Nobody in the SPK sang your mentioned song, or "slogan" as you say.
  5. None of the embassy occupiers had been sentenced because of SPK.
Not because of yourself, but in the interest of the growing frontpatientsclass.

Huber, PF/SPK(H), Dr.med.