First part of the three fundamental matters:
Iatrocracy, Iatrarchy, Iatroclasm



by Front Patient Wolfgang Huber at and against the International Congress of the Collettivo Freudiano, "Semiotica e Psicanalisi", Milano, 1st-4th December 1976

(The old and new Nazism)

(Strategico-tactical perspective)

(Gérard Hof in MD Hutter’s jug in Wittlich
to the lawyer of his confidence, Oct. 1976)

Scheme concerning the history of reception
(Schema zur Wirkungsgeschichte)

Fourth Milanese mammouth congress, about 170 lectures and seminars, about 3000 international participants, about 30 organizers (Collettivo Freudiano "Semiotica e Psicanalisi").


Method of the organizers:

Their tendency:

Their means:

Madness (Wahnsinn)

Language viewed as strategically decisive area ("step-by-step de-bourgeoisification with and of Lacanism")

Progressist, anti-Basaglian (put an end to the illusion of "medical cure")

Centralistically tightened organisation, finances, media

Implicit contradiction:

Explicit lack:

a iatrocracy replacing another one / a replacing of iatrocracy
(Ersatz-Iatrokratie / Iatrokratie-Ersatz)

Phantom battle between progressist therapy abstinence and reactionary line "medical cure"

(Patho)practice: Frontpatients of the Patients' Front (SPK) breaking medico-psychiatric iatrocracy on the spot.

Prof. Wulff, left-orthod-ox of the FRG-Psychiatry, after partial publication of the FP-text, had let know the organisers that he’s off sick. Interpreted by the organiser’s collective (Armando Verdiglione) as 

"Maladie diplomatique".

By the way: Wolfgang Huber, iatro-legally convicted psychiatrist of the FRG, in absentia enthusiastically hailed by huge crowds of people, print media and TV as the "probably most important congress participant" ("Against the iatrocracy on a world-wide scale") (cf. "TEMPO", N. 48/1976).

Patients’ Front proving to be resistant against and in spite of all integrative efforts (cf. "LE MONDE", 10 Dec. 1976)

Provisional results: Frontpatients' practice [Pathopraktik] is transcending the best-organized, optimally camouflaged iatrocracy.

The boycot strategy of the healthy-sick FRG-Leftists and their prominent persons, directed against the Patients' Front, in an international context has been deadlocked anew, just as in 1975, when it was deadlocked for the first time on occasion of the hunger-strike of Huber/Huber (Hohenasperg / Stammheim) activated under the condition of isolation torture and food deprivation. With that hunger-strike at the risk of their lives the Frontpatients confronted the doctors with the question of power (Machtfrage gestellt), and directed against the medical power over the prisons. And the two Frontpatients of Stammheim and Hohenasperg resolved the question of power by setting an example how to liberate the patients' class in a special situation of the most severe persecution and menace by terrorism and by death. (Cf. The SPK’s and Front Patients’ Report, published in "Semiotica e Psicanalisi", 1st Volume, Milano 1975 – in the meantime available in French, too. Compare also the scheme of strategy: La iatrocrazia su scala mondiale (Iatrocracy on a world-wide Scale), since then published in several languages. By the way, the Patients' Front has passed also its second baptism of fire by police raid on December 6, 1976).


The impetus to the topic

An attack against the Reseau International of Psychiatry in February ’76 has been the occasion to qualify class-domination as the rulership of the doctors' class the world over. The attack was made by the Patients’ Front and it consisted in the act of binding by their signatures all the members of the medical apparatus who had gathered for the Reseau that they demand the proscription of the German medical profession by the World Medical Association.

Indeed! It fits perfectly that the highest-ranking medical doctor at the moment, the archiatrist of the German Federal Republic, has come from Hitler’s Waffen SS. Also, that his predecessor in office happens to be the present President of the World Medical Association, and next to this archiatrist of all archiatrists, the before said FRG doctors’ boss from Hitler’s Waffen SS is governing as his deputy. The latter, by the way, has been awarded twice the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic. But this transitional syndrome being certainly pregnant and abounding with meanings associated to it should not distract us from the matter at stake. It is not ours to present nine days' wonders and rare birds. And least of all with the pretension to sublimate denigration of one’s own people as coming to terms with one’s past.

For the iatrocracy is founded on the fact that "all suffering" (illness) wants "revolutionary fulfillment", a fact which, although having been pre-formulated by the philosophus teutonicus (Jakob Boehme), remains in its plainness timelessly agelessly valid: wherever therefore the absolutely new is making its breakthrough out of the future into the present, condensed into illness, but as illness being mendaciously and medi-cynically falsified and as revolutionary fulfillment being taken away, evicted from earth and cleaned out, there it is the iatrocracy who has swayed the scalpel.

What appeared in public under the Reseau-scalpel was, in fact, a first gleam of an iatrocracy which has long since congealed into a conditioned reflex. Doctors took away the microphone, their patients assaulted those of the Patients’ Front. And, meeting with the international public’s general approval, self-appointed international spokesmen of the doctors asserted that the World Medical Association was nothing but a figment of the mind of the Patients’ Front, and that the talk about the German medical profession being the avant-garde of the forces of reaction on a world-wide scale and the masters of extermination torture and differential euthanasia was pure nonsense and directed, in any case, against the interests of those concerned. As to the "logic" of our plan, however - so one of the bosses of the meeting, trying to pull out his neck from the hangman’s noose, confided to us - this logic was downright incomprehensible to them all, that is to say to the organizers of the international meeting. But there were nevertheless at least nine carriers of medical functions who, with their signature, followed this logic, not to say joined the Front Patients.

And these themselves had re-invented their leading theme from the earliest days of the SPK (Socialist Patients’ Collective): revolutionary pathopractices[Pathopraktik] ad hoc conceived and conceptualized as a form of a dialectically totalizing approach that, at no time and at no place, could ever be represented by medical practice, let alone trodden down by it.

Propelling the topic

Medical practice has revealed itself to us again and again as the root of class domination and, being sovereign and superior over and beyond state power and economy, as sovereign murder weapon against revolutionary fulfillment. The antagonism between medical practice and liberating pathopractices[Pathopraktik]is the substantial moment of this truth, the agony is the principle of its mediation. A Front Patients’ truth, though also confirmed thousands of times in the political torture under all flags and colors, but it is the fruit of illness as the double negation of the negation of scarcity and need. And hence its fault that, viewed superficially, it can neither be made congruent with what the party-marxist theory of society has handed down about the genesis of class domination from surplus product, nor with certain varieties of a cultural pessimism, varieties whose secret tip – from Freud to Illich and from Nietzsche to Orwell – consist in curing the doctors in order to help the sick, instead of curing the world which is one-sidedly seeking its renewal in illness. In fact, curing it of the doctors. A truth which became true when it got free by struggle out of the hollow womb of the most favored exponents of the death budget (Sterbeetat) reversing and re-transforming in its turn the medical men into the redundant surplus product [ueberzaehliges Mehrprodukt] which they have been ab origine, and in its turn determining culture anew as the ability to live which even is struggle, when, being paralyzed and terrorized, fettered and gagged, it is forced to give proof of the existence of the movement, and that against all medical reason by means of practical dialectics.

In revolutionizing the naturally grown relations, the Front Patients, also as doctors, have put the doctors, for their being redundant [ueberzaehlig] and noxious, on the death budget [Sterbeetat], precisely by dissociating themselves, each and every one first of all from medical practice in any form whatsoever drawing a clear line of demarcation between them and the doctors. Through this negation, which has been pathopracticed as deliberately as actively, iatrocracy remained deprived of its breeding-ground. So the Front Patients lived collectively, putting the doctors apart and off limits. And iatrocracy itself, because of its externalization [Entaeusserung] by the collective, has been dying [ist abgestorben] exemplarily. Being thus externalized, iatrocracy was forced to let itself be depicted and caught [sich dingfest machen zu lassen] in the medium of the public, cult(ure) [Kultus] and state, prison and prison hospital, though trying lucklessly to narrow the ring of siege up to hunger torture and beyond it.

For more than six years the liberating pathopractices have positioned medical practice as that what it really is: as the practice of selection of a class of redundant [ueberzaehlige] parasites that has to be negated and abolished.

The topic from the outside

A strange race, perhaps the strangest race at all – excepting Martians – are the front patients. Not even their imitators and plagiarists can escape the fact that they appear that way to others [entgehen nicht der Anmutungsqualitaet].

Where we recognized ourselves in the broad spectrum of ideologies in whose fields of vision we happened to get, it occasionally dawned upon us that, in our efforts for critical distance, and let’s say for scientific socialism, we unfortunately had reflected in the medical doctor only one of the numerous character masks instead of the protagonist, the master of race of the master race [den Rasseherrn der Herrenrasse], and the sovereign of the whole system who is signifying everything.

As a result of a commodity product test carried out on the basis of these abundant offers of bargains (we shall come back to this subject in the following section) through which we separated the chaff from the grain, and which our activities in years of meticulous and detailed work had brought to light incidentally as well as unintentionally, it turned out that the substance of this peculiar strangeness of ours had to be ascertained as iatrocracy; and precisely as that part of medical violence which, having become internalized since archaic, i.e. archiatric times, is being projected by the others, in a vain effort to safe their own skins, on the medically disqualified, the so-called unworthy and unfit-to-survive-existences. Consequently, the core of all our propositions and practices [Thesen und Taten] is being shied with a downright holy feeling of awe. This core consists in that the one who, firstly, longs for a new world, secondly negates the existing one unconditionally, having, thirdly, experienced in illness the systematic place (pivot) where the archiatric-archaic and the concrete-utopian are to be short-circuited with skill in the art of healing, and that means with skill in the use of arms; [Krankheit der systematische Ort, ..., in dem Archiatrisch-Archaisches und Konkret-Utopisches heil-, d.h. waffenkundig kurzuschliessen sind] that this one consequently has to be what he is struggling for and of what he has a presentiment, that he must act and feel namely as a patient on the one-way road to the Patients’ Front, no better and no worse than anybody who is confined by force all his life to hospitals. And it is precisely in this very grey-asinine shy around the IA – compare iatros, archiatros (medical doctor) – that we have recognized the ore*, the raw material out of which each and every racism has been forged. Where else but in the most splendid white of iatrocracy and in the IYea of its serfs, skin pigments and slit eyes, genes, ‘peculiarities’ and ‘otherness’ can transmute indiscriminately into cloven hooves, into dangers for world and humanity, into illness dangerous to the public, into the blackest infernal spook and into a red-hot planetary menace?

*ore, german: Erz. In German Erz is also the noun-prefix indicating the principle, 
 the origine, or the highest rank, compare: arch-...

Many of our propositions – and with that we are coming back to the offer of goodness – have been accepted, not to say that they have become marketable. So, it has been bought (abgenommen) from us – or from whomever else – that illness, under the conditions of fully developed capitalism, is the only appropriate word for alienation and capitalism, and that the identity of suicide and murder is its most visible manifestation. It has been bought from us that illness is the buffer of capitalist crises that, together with the so-called system of social welfare and public health, the latter being organized on its pretext, is hopelessly damping the so-called industrial proletariat, keeping it down and in step.

Our concept of illness has been bought from us in exchange for high praise, acknowledging that in the metropoles a cultural revolution which is based on illness has temporal and systematic priority.

State and government, by numerous decisions of their courts and verdict argumentations, have honored our finding, that revolution is therapy and that therapy is revolution and must not be anything else, with a total of more than 20 years of imprisonment. And the world medical corps, by the twofold withdrawal for life [fuer zwei Mal lebenslaenglich] of the license to practice medicine, partly has rendered us excellent burial honors and, partly has so much as managed to turn some of us into doormats of everyday iatrocracy. Our formula against "institution and hierarchy" (MFE = Multifocal Expansionism) has been warmly recommended even by gourmets from the higher circles of subculture as a permanent delicacy.

Substantially, however, as Front Patients, we are not at all in step. Not being communicable via exchange- or serial mechanisms we are, if considerations of political cosmetics are left aside, very decidedly nobody with whom anybody whatsoever can enter into an alliance without becoming part of such a strange and dangerous race as soon as he renounces the principle of iatrocracy throwing off his medical conditioning.

The courage of numerous fighters to turn illness into pathopractice, substance into subject, and that means: to give to their liberation from capitalism and imperialism the most concrete and tangible contents of today’s world, that contents which, however strange and disfigured, renders an absolutely new future transparent in the actually possible shape, a shape called the all-embracing novum by some who, however, did not lay themselves open to attack by equating it with illness,
this courage not infrequently has abandoned even fighters prepared to take risks and who have stood to torture when it was about to recognize that they could not escape the myriads of snares of the racistically alienating, idiotizing medical power which, for thousands of years and in spite and because of all laws, has been murdering with impunity, they could not escape neither by simply ignoring it nor by their unconditional submission to it; or perhaps when they suspected too late that targets such as the State's monopoly on the use of force and the capitalist property relations can only be struck via that which has absolute, one-sided and sovereign supremacy over man and society as well as supremacy over all kinds of the most insidious violence; a supremacy whose constitution from before birth until after death, from archaic times up to the abstractly utopian anarchy, is a thoroughly medical one.

The meaning of the latter belongs to the following section, but here only this to avoid misunderstandings: an abstract anarchy, a community which is free of relations of property and of domination, and therefore deserves that name, be it in a prehistorical-archaic or in a revolutionary-utopian mould, such a community either has already within itself realized and practised its full potential to overcome any medical (pre)determination and conditioning in and through the liberating and unifying practices of all, pathopractices which have to be re-invented always anew according to circumstances, in order to forestall the regeneration of medical determinations and conditioning by the all-embracing and far-reaching, all-unifying deed, or it ends in becoming and remaining definitively a prey of iatrocracy which tends always and everywhere to become totalitarian, decomposing the individual and society; it is precisely the same iatrocracy which elected itself a Hitler (see below), a iatrocracy which Angola (1976) is importing by importing clinics, a iatrocracy which is psychiatrising Russia, a iatrocracy which also by Cuba could not be made dispensable. In other words: an anarchy which does not provide a practical solution against iatrocracy, just as a socialism which capriciously and superficially sets its head on abolishing nothing but private property and classes, such an anarchy is becoming the victim of the iatrocratically constituted archê, the most extreme, irreversible alienation.

There is no more that we can say or know from direct experience about the outside of iatrocracy, in so far as the latter is going beyond the borders of birth and death. The findings reported above are first hand to be sure. They are due to pathopractices in which the gravitational field of iatrocracy has been exceeded and – where this has not been possible – at least dialectically illuminated thanks to illness, which, by the way, is coming to the same thing since this same thing continues to remain struggle even and just without practice.

Even without practice, because illness is also the externalising abolition [Aufhebung, in its double sense of overcoming and preserving what it is overcoming] (negation of the negation) of scarcity and need, whereas "salvation" (healing, therapy), quite to the contrary, equals to the restitution of the world of scarcity according to the most pre-eminent interest of iatrocracy, being its affirmation. For it is from this world of scarcity alone that doctors can, uncontested up to now and in the last instance, derive their claims to determine and establish what needs are, what (one) is lacking, what is too much, who or what is not in step; in short turn: can transform their culture, i.e. the cultivation of suitable corpses, creatures of scarcity and modifications of wretchedness for the death budget [Sterbeetat], into omnipotence and ethos by the most insidious homicide; until it will not be opportune yet to reproduce the master race in their own image, that is to say in the image of the medical doctor and therefore in the image of God, by the means of chromosome technology and gene surgery in the test tube.

The basic pattern of this struggle, from a strategical point of view, is neither diagnosis nor treatment (therapy), nor production and consumption, nor antagonistic or non-antagonistic contradiction, but it is rather the institutionalised agony (death struggle) in being the germinal stage [Keimstaette] for the liberation in favor of illness, which is at stake at all times and places, against power as medical power and that in all areas and in any situation.

Anticipating the section after next, it must be mentioned here already that this approach has nothing in common with the plans for the liberation of illness known from the French Revolution of 1789 but their direction of goal, for the rest, however, it has as little in common with it as ‘epigenesis versus preformation’ has in common with the technique of dialectical leaping in onto- and phylogenesis.

He to whom medical power (violence) is disclosing itself only as an experience of powerlessness and external determination in singularisation and interchangeability, that is objectively as "object-likeness", has indeed grasped a basic trait of this whole system; he has, however, done far too little against the iatrocracy within himself to be able to understand his illness and our findings as being linked together, let alone to comprise these findings, clarifying and explaining them, in order to get a concept of it [auf den Begriff bringen], a concept detached from immediate practice. He will, in the suction of the iatrocratic field of gravity, mechanistically subsume these findings, but even more so the Front Patients, under paranoia, psychopathy, monomania, etc. – playing the front-line physician and the medical specialist for dying. In viewing the topic from the outside, we are greeting in him the temporarily last iatrocratically programmed spontaneous concoction emanating from imbecility-induced doctors’ games.

On the objective dialectics of iatrocracy and world

Class – gang – race

Highest decorations for them as front-line fighters were awarded to physicians and nurses on "Secret Government Mission" ["Geheime Reichssache"] if they had been deployed during the last World War in the cause of the Final Solution against illness [Endloesung gegen Krankheit].

This fact, which is illustrating a downright revolutionary conception of how the fascists conceived of the front, perhaps up to now has received too little attention, but it might gain in importance if it is becoming more and more plain and conspicious by experiencing for oneself, on one’s own skin, that - at this front - distinctions like sick / healthy, crazy / normal, ideological / scientific, crippled / wellborn [verkrueppelt / hochwohlgeboren], coloured people / white man, Aryan / Jew, field-grey battle dress / khaki battle dress, front-line soldier / base wallah, and last but not least role differences and class distinctions can disappear, as suddenly as untenable, in the extreme, one-sided agony of the doctor / patient – relationship.

As a matter of fact, these decorations were awarded to members of the physicians’ front, that is to those acting as the same teams of physicians ("…There are physicians, administrative personnel, male and female nurses from Hadamar and Sonnenstein belonging to it, a whole commando of 20 to 30 people! …") who, in the basement-cells of the concentration-camp clinics, were killing their own kind if qualified as patients, stop-watch in hand, in freezing experiments and who, on special missions, were "helping" the wounded soldiers from their own ranks, exposed to ice and snow, in the spirit of comradship by dastardly releasing them from their painful existence [Dasein].

If, in the following, we are trying to conceptualize the relation of iatrocracy to class-gang-race dialectically, that is in analogy to the categories of Being (Position), Nothing (Negation) and Becoming (Negation of the Negation), we do this – on one side - because what is involved in the form of the iatrocratic gravitational field is an origination [archê] without an originator [Ur-hebung ohne Urheber], that is something that has been completely established from its very beginning, something that is practised ever since as a brainless-heteronomous, idle routine working without purpose or motive [Leerlaufroutine] and that, for the scope of its clarification - explanation, can be only roughly outlined methodically, and even that only on the bone-dry highland of dialectical thinking [klapperduerr-dialektisches Hochland], but, on the level of dialectical reason, cannot be done or participated with and hence it is impossible to comprehend it. But we do this also because - on the other side - it can be expected that, by working out what precisely the Negation of the Negation will turn out to be in this gravitational field, pathopractices of subversive attack can be recovered, caught up with [einholen] and developed further.

A) Class

Amongst the productive forces that are keeping the system going and that are therefore ill from the very outset, Man is the most important one. And this productive force is completely in the hands of the Heilsgewalt (medical men’s violent power of Heil*) (iatrocracy), which is keeping it under its firm control the world over and in the last resort. By their imperative, by their authority of command over the hitherto most important means of production, that is the thoroughly clinically conceptualized factory-made commodity Man, the medical profession are establishing and stabilizing the quintessence of class domination in economy and plundering, state and prison, politics and oppression, life expectation and death budget.

* Heil compare: healing, salvation, Heil Hitler

B) Gang

But their monopoly to murder constitutes them as an autochthonous (autochthonous: old-established owner of land, aborigine) anarchic gang on worldscale next to, ahead of and negatively against class and state, a gang whose sovereignty to designate the redundant [die Ueberzaehligen] and to ‘release’ them medically from their existence [Dasein] is in principle not subjugated to any politics, any economy, and any jurisdiction [cf. T 4 [= Tiergartenstrasse 4, Berlin – Headquarters of the Section: "Gnadentod" (Mercy Killing, euthanasia)] then, and World Medical Association today, including non-members and fellow-conspirators the world over].

C) Race

However, it is racism alone, being the third, abstractly affirmative and concretely negative moment of iatrocracy, which marks the boundaries of its genesis out of the threat to themselves of being murdered [selbst mordbedroht] for being a redundant [ueberzaehliges] product of surplus and of scarcity themselves, racism as a moment of iatrocracy, which iatrocracy itself is embellishing by cultism and by performing and upholding culture, and of its decay as practice which turns against themselves [gegenwendige Praxis, counter-finality]. The latter will be the case when medical practice as a whole is ready to turn its monopoly to murder into the monopoly to the production [Produktionsmonopol] of the species Man in the image of iatrocracy which then, after the liquidation of all, and iatrocracy will still be continuing to designate up to then all the others as carriers of illness, then iatrocracy, being left alone as the only race, would cease being a race and which, moreover, would have deprived itself of the object of all medical attendance; the former (its genesis) in connection with the invention of divine illness of hybrid demigods and monopoly-gods, they themselves being ill, they themselves being physicians, treating illness with illness as did Asclepius, Chiron, and – though in a wholly different manner, that is with straightforward honesty [bierehrlich] and in plain confession – Yahweh: "… if you pay attention to my commands and keep all my decrees, then I will not bring on you any of the diseases I brought on the Egyptians, for I am the LORD, thy Healer." Moses 2, 15, 26.

And even Freud discovered a "Discomfort in Civilisation", a civilisation which he – just in our sense – identified as the expression of a negated Negation, though it should be noted with regret that, in Freud, it is not the medical death industry which stands for Negation, that it is not the sublimated monopoly to murder which stands for the negated Negation, but rather the anarchical death instinct which, being as oblivious of the (medical) corps as it is oblivious of itself, is perhaps just for this reason, if one follows Freud, an invincible anarchic death instinct.

The objective dialectics of iatrocracy, which is the subject matter of this section, is clarifying and explaining itself as the dialectics of and between objects in an extra-worldly field of gravity. From the world we know, of which there exists only this one which is to be and to become common to us in a non-communist manner, this objective dialectics of iatrocracy is fundamentally distinguished, precisely by being an extra-worldly off-limits zone, you might call it also an Hyperuraniontopos, an archê of the noble and the elected ones in which archiatrists, physicians, Aryans, aristocrats, and iatrocrats are saving themselves from the deluge which they themselves are periodically generating, in order to reconstitute themselves, relating one to each other as objects against objects in the medium of otherness, as the new race.

The physician as God has created the chosen people and as Aryan anti- and super(hu)man he has gassed it. The physician, no matter how he posits himself, be it positively as an objective object, that is as God, as Moses saw him, or be it negatively as the object of the universal object Death Instinct as in Freud, he’s always persisting. Precisely as anti-(hu)man against sub-humans, against objects; as Aryan, that is to say as a human of an other species, as physician [Mensch einer anderen Art, Arzt]. There is the ruling class which accepts him as being its power, and which accepts itself in him, that is to say ennobles itself, meaning: Aryanizes itself in him. And being the strategist of ennoblement as well as of pauperization for society as a whole and, above all, being accepted in both his presumptions and that under all circumstances and by one and by all, and be it as an illegal, that is "iatro-legal" gang, this is the life-line of iatrocracy. To this end iatrocracy will even enter into compromises with illness, e.g. by coining the State cult and the money by the sick healing god Asclepius as they did throughout the period of Hellenism, or by stopping euthanasia and sterilization against those that they have labeled as schizophrenic when the indices of genealogy keep persistently pointing to accomplices from their own ranks. Whether these compromises go as far back as to their remote Hellenistic-Mosaic ancestors, we do not know. What is, however, absolutely unfeasible are compromises with patients.

The mute, subjective dialectics of those whom iatrocracy has planned to sacrifice is being suffocated by them from the very outset in the same cultic-medical practice by which iatrocracy is trying to escape its own redundancy [Ueberzaehligkeit] which, as lack of productivity (illness), is written all over their body. It is this dialectics of illness to have overcome individually scarcity [cf. modifications of wretchedness and of hunger (e.g. dystrophy, atrophy, dwarfism)] and to be the promise pertaining to all, the promise of the absolutely, revolutionary new, that iatrocracy is evading by creating culture: it is the iatrocracy deciding what the noble race is, what is sound and healthy, and who has to bite the dust; it is the iatrocracy deciding what the species is, what is Aryan, and what has been, what is, and what will be as archê, be it in the cloak of the monk (therapeutes), in the SA-uniform, or in the outfit of a hippie and, if there’s no other way and when the time has come, as an archiatrically programmed, species-creating, biotechnological computer-operating system. It is iatrocracy which saw, already soon after World War I, a "leftist, eminently dangerous faction of psychopaths" at work, and it is again iatrocracy which, namely as Dr. S. Freud, had good reason, even before World War II, to acknowledge the medical doctors as "machine guns behind the front line."

Never it is "socialism" as such nor "communism" as such to protect nowadays dialectics as a transcendental one, as it is, since Stalin has banned dialectics out of the Subject by delivering potential carriers of revolutionary innovation to lethal injections. There, just as elsewhere, it is the medical doctors whose missionary consciousness, necessarily always devoid of comprehension, is turning against illness which, being to a large extent no less devoid of comprehension, is in search for liberating practices in the imperialist midnight country where such practices, round about 1789 somewhere deep down (Lanthenas), have dawned fleetingly, and where such practices are less and less likely to happen ever since. Here, it must be the task of iatrocracy, if they are to attain their goal which is premised by them as archê, to deaden the subjective dialectics by practice-routine which, today already, can scarcely be outdone. At first by deadening it in its carriers, then by deadening it in each and every thinking mind which has not yet been fully integrated into the imperialistic system (brain imperialism), and finally by deadening it in every single gene.

The objective dialectics of a W.Reich who, amongst other things, investigated the genetic linkage between "Stalinist degeneration" and nazi-fascism on one side, and the originating of nazi-fascism in the capitalist crises and the paternalistically deformed mass psyche on the other, and that by investigating as objectively and as integerly as ever possible from a medical-quantifying point of view, - the objective dialectics of this physician, who has been well-versed in raciology from his very childhood by virtue of animal breeding and for being a Jew, consists herein that he who, in his later years, considered himself lucky to have escaped fascism and bolshevism by immigrating into the "most liberal country of the world", the U.S.A., had perished as an infarct-patient in the hands of precisely that same iatrocracy which had managed to lock him up in prison as a physician.

Certainly! He, whom the doctors had declared clinically insane already in the thirties, would have rejected resolutely the imputation that nazi-fascism with its 60 million dead had been plotted by physicians as a maniacal projection of mad people suffering from persecution mania, as a paranoid concept of fascism devoid of any materialist foundation.

And that notwithstanding the fact that the phenomenon of the Emotional Plague, i.e. of the lacking correspondence between murderous practice and rationalised flattering [moerderisches Tun und rationalisiertes Schoentun], had attracted his attention especially in the circles of his fellow doctors from the very beginning until the very end.

Well, for many decades now, there has been a steady increase of facts and signs that Hitler did not come to power through crisis and psyche. It rather appears as if an international elite of medical doctors had found in him and his fellows their man whom they could use to enjoy undilutedly the medicynical monopoly to murder and the iatrocratic inebrity with power for a short millenium.

The beforesaid salvaging and healing despots [Heilsgewaltige] have been operating since 1940 under the cover of the WFMH [firmierten seit 1940 unter WFMH] (World Federation for Mental Health). Today, this organisation is mounted with representatives from all medical associations. Even an exponent, who is held in high regard by psychiatrists, though coming from what his Western collegues still keep calling contemptuously the so-called Eastern bloc, has joined them.

The pedigree of those from the WFMH can be traced back person by person, without the slightest difficulty, right into the T 4 - murder-headquarters, but also, just to give the most harmless example for comparison, to the department for psychological warfare of the Danish military secret service. The main root of this pedigree of the noblest among the Ex-Aryans, however, and if one is digging deeply enough, is altogether most intimately twining itself round the gold veins of the Victorian financial capital, the deadly virulence of which the Fathers of Marxism, dazzled by surplus value as they were, had not dared to blame on any medical specialist for dying yet. More incidentally, there is also rootage creeping in the scarcity-pregnant writages of the primordial population- & explosion-fantasts of the stamp of Malthus, Darwin, Galton, de Gobineau, Dr. Ploetz and his financial sponsor Alfred Krupp (canon king around 1900), and Alexis Carrel (world dynamite-Nobel prize-winner for medicine, 1937, "Man, the Unknown").

Under pretexts such as eugenics, meaning just as much as: birth in dignity ("Your Honor"), and euthanasia (death in dignity), under pretexts such as mental- and racial hygiene & mental health (Do feel free to prick your ears!), this concerted iatrocracy succeeded in using Hitler and his fellows as a vehicle and as tools for their ends. And that was possible, because the latter were most successfully duped into believing the iatrocratic theories and writages on race, theories and writages in which, still today, is once again creeping a mass of entwined dendrits of a world-wide propaganda-machine, which is infiltrating consciously and systematically all branches of suitable experts and oncoming cadres, a propaganda-machine whose task it is to disguise the monopoly to murder as negation behind flowery phrases about health, mental health and dignity, and this all the better, as iatrocracy, being positioned as (ruling) class, is exposing its world format more openly.

Thus Hitler and his fellows could take the killing of patients, Alpha and Omega, beginning and end of all iatrocracy, which needs homicide to constitute itself as class domination, for sheer concern about illness, nation and race. That the breaches of contract and confidence, the malices, traps, cowardices and treacheries [Heimtuecken], described in the Old Testament and wildly vilified in "Mein Kampf", are no matter of the Jews but revealed matter of the medical doctors ( "…, the LORD, thy healer"), who, to escape the "patients’ lot", have to hide themselves just behind one God who, as a substitute for surplus product, can only turn therapeutically the redundancy [Ueberzaehligkeit] of a sacrified people into razor-sharp Manichaeism, envy, distrust, lust for revenge and deceptiveness, all this and a few more things no doctor would have revealed to them then nor would he today, and no patient would have believed it, then.

Having prepared it already in 1930 at the "First International Congress for Mental Hygiene", on the 14th of July 1933, just four months after Hitler’s late start, the international iatrocracy, by carrying through the "Sterilization Act" in spite of juridical opposition, had accomplished the first step on the way to its equally secret as totalitarian seizure of power. Now and then however, so we are told, iatrocracy seems to have met with opposition even later on, and that from the SS, who were anything but squeamish in other regards. This in spite of camouflage and security measures which had left nothing to be desired as to their perfectionism, and which are still being praised widely even today.

And last but not least, it must be mentioned in the above context that Hitler’s so-called and back-dated "Euthanasia Law" of September 1939, neither was a law nor a decree let alone an executive order of the Fuehrer himself. Rather it was some sort of authorization which the international iatrocracy had got from him by devious means and which was formulated in such a way that any physician who would have wanted to wriggle out of it by appealing to the Hippocratic oath (which, by the way, most probably was drafted up originally as the oath of those who had conspired against iatrocracy, at those time represented by Hippocrates!) could have interpreted this authorization in such a way that no patient would have had to die.

Therefore, no Counsellor of the Fuehrer, no SS and no dictator could match the iatrocracy in its seizure of power [Der heimlichen Machtergreifung der Iatrokratie waren also keine Fuehrerberater, keine SS und kein Diktator gewachsen.]. And this is just one more example for the predominance of a world-iatrocracy of a very special sort. Besides, in the history of medicine which, certainly only according to its own validation, is politically free of suspicion, there are more than one hint to be found indicating that the ‘personal’ physician [Leibarzt] (archiatrist) is exercising more authority over power and people than does any despot over his subjects.

And if someone like W.Reich was struck with visual agnosia (intrinsic blindness, Seelenblindheit) for the very essence of race, emmigration, imprisonment, and being-a-patient, witnesses from concentration camps appear all the more credible, according to which patients under the spell of iatrocracy have learned in no time at all to hate themselves right into the very marrow of their brittle bones and to welcome death by injection and by hunger as the cure from existential guilt and as their contribution to the future happiness of Aryans and physicians.

Perhaps the word Blutbann [literally: blood ban; power of life and death] is the appropriate designation, a blood ban which can be broken only by blood from the ranks of iatrocracy.

When the archiatrist is felled outside of Troy, the well-ordered battle ranks are collapsing like a house of cards. Those who, from the physician’s point of view which, as long as he existed, were nothing but dead-ones-on-leave [Karteileichen auf Urlaub] who, just a minute ago, have still been fighting a lonely, and even statistically forlorn battle, all of a sudden find themselves being removed from iatrocracy, having escaped from statistical death, and therefore most intimately united. No space and no time is separating them any longer, no alien imperative, no order, no obedience, no private feeling, no antisocial thought. They find themselves being most intimately united in contrapuntal, yet anything but prestabilised harmony: that is in the activity of their common flight.

Whether the fighting peasants of the Vietcong who were to be bombed back into the stone age had been trained on Homer, aside from having been trained on Marx and Lenin – we haven’t been there and don’t know. We do however know from the more recent American history of medicine that the war could not have been carried on not even one single year without the knowledge and skills which, during two world wars, had been accumulated especially in the field of military psychiatry and incorporated into large numbers of proficient front-line physicians and health officers. Only the guarantee that each and every spot of the potential, because continually changing front-line had been planned as a medical command post which could be reached within a few helicopter-minutes, and that each shivering, "battle fatigued", "shell shocked" warrior, after his registration in the diagnostic files under the rubric of psychosis or neurosis, was sent back immediately to the front-line having been attended without medical treatment, only this guarantee is said to have saved the war and to have protected many a soldier from pining away for life in some US State Hospital.

But the Vietcong, certainly under downright Homeric laughter – as one might infer from the above context – are said to have tactically scented out and diabolically attacked the cheesy Achilles’ heel precisely in this medico-strategical spot of insuperable strength. It is said to have happened thus, with more than coincidental frequency, that on patrols and commando missions one of the soldiers marching at the greatest possible distance from the physician or medical officer who, as usual, wore the same uniform, got slightly wounded from an ambush. However, as soon as he had set out in the direction of the doctor or the medical orderly, or the moment that one of them had tried to rush to his aid, this medical functionary, in most of the cases just before the actual encounter with the wounded soldier, got felled as suddenly as pointedly by a very frequently deadly shot from an entirely different corner.

We do not know whether thereupon between the Vietnamese archdevils and their American class brothers who, up to then, had been thoroughly contaminated archiatrically, onsets towards the formation of a group-in-fusion [fusionierende Gruppe] have materialised now and then, and be it only for a trice, but we consider it dialectically fully intelligible. What our American informant knows moreover to report, from a psychiatric viewpoint, does not go beyond the assertion that in most cases this has been the end of the respective battle engagement, one also says enterprise, if not even operation.


The medical complex as a whole (world of scarcity, medicine, military) is the main focus for the strategy of revolutionary offensive.

Illness as the anticipated end of the world of scarcity and surplus value, and the anticipated beginning of world communism,
wherever the medical blood ban is broken.

Mediations: agonal dialectics, front patient, pathopractices in fusion [fusionierende Pathopraktik].

Fusing pathopractices: all are sharing in the aim, nobody is impeding the other.

Every step which unleashes illness and liberates from the physician is a step in which illness is leaving behind the permanent trace of its disappearance.



Kurd Ch. Schager, Dipl.-Angl., M.A.soc.ling. , PF/SPK MFE

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