Das Allernötigste zu einer wohlwollenden US-Buchbesprechung
über Krankheit im Recht


February 9, 2007

As publisher of the book in English language "SPK – Krankheit im Recht" we would like to add some comments:

The book is available. You can order it at KRRIM – PF-Verlag für Krankheit, Mannheim, Germany (see Internet).

Mr. Hucek’s translation of Krankheit im Recht is wrong. Krankheit im Recht, correctly translated, means: Sickness in the Right /Sickness in Justice.

The SPK had and has

but it had and has to do with illness against Iatro-capitalism.

All this is outlined in the book SPK – Krankheit im Recht.

For the first time SPK introduced illness into medicine, later on into juridical matters: KRANKHEIT IM RECHT (Sickness in the Right /Sickness in Justice). SPK/PF(H) is fighting pro and in favor of illness and against all doctors and against Capitalism. SPK/PF(H) applies illness(!) as a weapon of collective liberation and of revolutionary change in all areas of life, of social, economic, political and so-called natural life.

To know what the SPK really did and said, it would be useful to take note also of the contents of a recent KRRIM publication: SPK indeed. What the SPK really did and said (also available at KRRIM publisher).

KRRIM – PF-Verlag für Krankheit (PF-Publisher pro Illness)