Special announcement from Colombia (8.11.2007)


The primary (proto-)medical Modern-EuthaNAZIsm (here: Pro-Euthanasia-Bill in Colombia) has failed also for the second time thanks to the attacks of the transnational patients' class.





Patients’ Front causes downfall of attempt to introduce
 Pro-EuthaNAZIa-Bill in Colombia

  1. The attempt to introduce a Pro-Euthanasia-Bill in Columbia has failed thanks to the attacks carried out by the Patients’ Front and the active opposition of the international protest action, also from overseas, mobilized by the Patients’ Front.
  2. Over the last months, the UN, the OAS and the Constitutional Court of Colombia have incessantly received thousands of protest signatures, also from overseas, protest signatures that joined the public declaration of the Patients’ Front against euthaNAZIa.
  3. On a telephonic request made by the MFE Col, the Secretary of the Senate of Colombia replied: "Oh yeah (right), the genocide project: it has been abandoned already."

Smash the intrigues of the medical doctors’ class by collective action!

Oppose the medical doctors’ class at any time and at any place
 with the patients’ class!


Euthanasia = Murder as therapy

In total: Genocide
To heal what or whom? The iatrocapitalism of course!




The signatories, considering the following, declare that:

The Sentence 239, pronounced in May of 1997 by the Constitutional Court of Colombia in favor of euthanasia, by which the medical doctor - and exclusively the medical doctor - who practices active euthanasia against patients has been relieved from punishment, this Sentence threatens the life of everybody, and by consequence the life of each one who signs here, and is therefore directed against the community in general. Such is the case in spite of the fact that the issue is restricted to patients who have been diagnosed - by the doctors - as "terminal-stage" patients and notwithstanding the fact that the doctor is asked to grant "mercy" and to proceed only after having obtained "the patient's prior consent". This means that, for the signatories, the Sentence of the Constitutional Court represents, in any case, a genocidial threat against all the people.

The signatories have experienced and are fully aware of the fact that the Sentence of the Constitutional Court has produced even more noxious and lethal euthaNAZIst-propaganda to the detriment of the patients’ class, as proved by the following example: in the newspaper of mass circulation ElTiempo.com on June 13 of 2005 there was published an article in which one could read that the medical doctor Gustavo Quintana publicly recognizes that he has already killed 15 patients by "granting mercy" to them, while in contrast to that - until today - there is nowhere mentioned that any criminal proceeding would be conducted against this doctor for having committed multiple murder. Likewise, the foundation Pro Derecho a Morir Dignamente (for the right of dying in ‘dignity’), managed by the medical doctor Juan Mendoza Vega, continues to spread its propaganda in favor of euthanasia and in support of that Sentence 239/97 of the Constitutional Court, thus instigating the people to support the murder of patients by granting them "mercy" solely according to medical criteria. The signatories are also fully aware of the fact that similar propaganda and legal measures in favor of euthanasia, were followed by the mass murder of patients in the NAZI-Europe of the XX Century: 275.000 patients were killed by medical doctors before and during the so-called World War II and even more millions were murdered - including torture and medical experimentation - in medical institutions and concentration-camps such as the KZ-Auschwitz commanded by the medical doctor Mengele. About the intentions and actions of the medical doctors, one can also learn from recent experiences, as they became evident when the German authorities, lead by the Medical Faculty of the University of Heidelberg, attempted (invain) to mash up the patients’class by the means of torture and atomisation, patients who as SPK - also fighting the proto-medical Modern-euthaNAZIsm - have broken up once and for ever with their situation of remaining victims of that gang.

It is clear for the signatories that the State has already been defeated by the medical doctors, a fact that is confirmed also by the high Constitutional Court, as the latter, by its Sentence 239/97, declared itself against the Constitution (Art.11 "The right to life is inviolable"), thus against the basic principle of the Constitution of the State. That means: it has transferred the State dominion and control over life, the so-called "protection of the right to life", to the medical doctors; in other words: it unambiguously has declared that life is a good which to dispose of is the medical doctor and exclusively him alone, a fact of the matter that could not be otherwise at no time because according to the same Court, for the State, life is a "valuable and precious good" (= it has a price), and therefore "its protection is restricted", - by the capitalistic profit system, which is medically administrated, as the recent "history" obviously has exemplified (see above: medical NAZI-extermination, etc.). The State has surrendered to the iatrocracy (who rules, then?). Thus, with this, it is also clear that it is neither the task nor the purpose of us, the patients, to heal or to reconstitute any State, but only to defend our life, the life of the people in general. We have made these references about the debacle of the State, which are manifest in that public document, only because they are indispensable for the class conscience of the patients’ class, thus for no other reason.

Therefore, let us consider the conscience of the magistrates-judges of the Constitutional Court. Notwithstanding the fact that for the Constitutional Court, according to its Sentence, the murder, including the murder committed by "mercy", remains murder, while the same murder is justified when it is committed by a medical doctor and not considered being a crime, thus no longer murder but therapy instead and, in addition to that, a mercy therapy (naivety or acumen?, anyway: Trust into the doctor and commitment to him), to the signatories it is perfectly clear that the Constitutional Court has been completely incapable to understand the identity of therapy and terrorism. The Constitutional Court was neither ready nor in the position to oppose the foreseeable noxious consequences - such as the extermination of patients mentioned above -, but rather the Constitutional Court confirms that therapy - as such - is terrorism, but it acts against its own better judgement, when it unconstitutionally, illegally and publicly submits itself to those alien imperatives by pronouncing in consequence of that the Sentence 239/97 in favor of euthanasia, a sentence that is serving only the interests of the medical doctors’ class (for example impunity), while it is directed against the people.

When a doctor kills a patient, of course only then it is allowed to talk about the "dignity", the "freedom", the "autonomy" and the impunity of the surviving doctor, but never about those of the murdered patient. For the Constitutional Court, the medically prescribed fate is unavoidable, for that reason it refers to a "death in dignity" = that equals to sustaining that being dead one would live better than being alive. This euthaNAZIst argument is a completely absurd argument, medical metaphysics for the hereafter, thus, it is clear that the Constitutional Court confuses life with the extermination of life, and therefore the signatories have come to the conclusion that the Sentence 239/97 is a sentence in which many circumstantial evidence indicates that it was passed by magistrates-judges who are subject to a medically generated condition of alienation, oppression and subjugation.

In contrast to that, for the signatories it is clear that one lives better being alive than being dead, because only the one who is alive can experience the true sense of certain parts of life, therefore: one matter is the abolition of the iatrocapitalistic reality that is causing the suffering, but another matter, absolutely different and thus incomparable to that, is the extermination of patients in the interest of the survival of a totally murderous system with its only ruling class of supernumeraries, that is the medical doctors. To the signatories it is clear that therapy consists in the fact that the medical doctor tries to uphold and restore the capability and ability of the patient to adapt to the murderous conditions of capitalism, of which the therapy is a basic part then; and when the patient is neither ready nor in the condition to submit himself (let’s say "heroically") to these unbearable murderous conditions of iatrocapitalism, then the therapy consists in locking him up or in murdering him in the end. If therapy is torture, if therapy is murder, if therapy is terrorism, then another absolutely different and thus incomparable matter is the true revolution, for not to say: revolution by virtue of illness and through illness-strength, a revolution that far from being impossible is an effective one, probatum est!, thus a revolution considered to be good and right by the people.

For all reasons, including the ones here exposed, the signatories consciously agree on the necessity that the present declarations are to be used - also legally - against the medical doctors’ class and against their supporters, who are responsible for this euthaNAZIst propaganda, who are responsible for this euthaNAZIst legislation and responsible for the noxious and lethal consequences related to it. That means that the signatories agree on the necessity that the present declarations are to be used pro illness, in favor of the patients’ class, thus in favor of the people in general.

Bogotá (COLOMBIA), July 2006

One lives better being alive than dead,
because only being alive, one can experience
the true sense of certain parts of life.

Only the iatrocapitalism has the right to be helped to die



Each of the following signatories agrees with the above Public Declaration and adheres to it in its entirety and in all its single parts.

One lives better being alive than dead,
because only being alive, one can experience
the true sense of certain parts of life.

Only the iatrocapitalism has the right to be helped to die

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