September, 22nd, 2001

We were asked for a statement on the current situation
(New York, September 2001, etc.)

Curiously enough, but truly, we have already answered in 1992:

"4. As to the problem of the next millennium, the task only just has been set as the SALVATION front. The biggest world-war-business, also in so-called peace, is the medical, the medical in the hand-to-hand fighting with the Islamic SALVATION ideology with its means and effects of the same tendency, a fight, undecided still for a long, long time. The solution: in addition to illness the human species still lacking. The SPK/PF is its first step.

  1. The next millennium lasts from nineteen-hundred-and-seventy until two-thousand-nine-hundred-and-ninety-nine.
  2. The SALVATION front (Iatrocracy, dominion of the medical class the world over) will be ready and stand close rank, either when the religious-Islamic or when the medico-capitalist (Iatrocapitalism) therapy terror has won.
  3. Either the success of the operation with the death of the respective patients, or illness with the medical-free human species (Utopathie). Illness is and remains the insuperable point of the confrontation.
  4. The Patientsí Front has to break down the significants on both sides (the iatrocapitalist ones and the Islamic ones) and to replace them by the strength and the concept of illness.
5. There exists no battlefield outside illness, there exists no Geschichtssinn (sense of history) outside alienation (Stoffentfremdung), because that place is being occupied by the species. This is why the SPK/PF-history as Gattungsvorschein (first glance of species) is the inalienable substitute of capitalism (unveraeußerlicher Kapitalismusersatz).

Added September 22nd, 2001:

The real World War III will not take place before 2012. Until 2007, PF/SPK will have asserted itself (durchgesetzt) with all, and therefore all will be prepared in their and its own way.