Information by SPK/PF(H):

In a readerís letter in RAVAGE Nr. 250 (1998) (a magazin, Amsterdam, Netherlands) there was mentioned the Australian post-industrial band S.P.K. About this music-band and what it had and has to do with the original SOZIALISTISCHES PATIENTENKOLLEKTIV (in fact: nothing) there is published a book in English language (prepared with T.Blake, USA). The title of the book is:

SPK - Krankheit im Recht
1) Socialist Patientsí Collective / Patientsí Front SPK/PF(H)
2) Post-industrial band S.P.K.

The book (160 pages, EUR 12.-, ISBN 3-926491-26-4) is available since 1995
∑ At the KRRIM - PF-Verlag fŁr Krankheit, Postfach (P.O.B.) 121041, 68061 Mannheim, Germany
∑ In bookshops (if necessary by order)
∑ Great Britain and Ireland: AK Distribution (£ 7.95)

The leader of this former show band S.P.K. (1979-84), who by the way never was a physician or a psychiatrist, let alone a patient, meanwhile vanished into the branch film music, is planning, as he himself indicated, a Hollywood film. Stimulated by our publications, our texts are meant to serve as the script for the film.

All the more it is necessary to counteract any erroneously done equating of the SPK/PF(H) with this ex-show biz band. We have done our part by publishing this book. In this book the ex-leader of the ex-band himself is reporting that it was the patient Neil Hill who has prescribed our name SPK to the band as - letís say - a programme, before he killed himself years later, like various other members of the band, that is, as we call it, he was murdered by the murderous iatrocapitalist conditions. In the music scene, in the literature trade and in the film business many things Ągot stuck" and they cannot be brought back to life. In this point we cannot but agree with the commentator of the corner of the readerís letters. As far as we are concerned, SPK/PF(H), we do not want to be read, to be filmed, to be tootled, but wherever possible to be continued, no!, to be surpassed.