Umpteen millions have died away because of them. They called that AIDS, something that doesn’t exist. The whole of the United States of America is full of antibiotics, Germany, Cheers!, too, that’s what the doctors’ class commands, that’s what they have announced by their Mrs. Minister of Public Health. May be that you are getting over the anthrax, and let’s hope that you’ll get over the antibiotics and their derivates as well. Here an inside-tip: You can’t find any book on epidemics; everything is on loan; nothing is in stock (no chance!). Well, then do a close reading of what has been written on antibiotics*, and so you will hit the nail on the head. It is official that clinics are the breeding-grounds of all kinds of epidemics, laboratory breeding grounds of ABC-weapons in the present, yes, that’s what they are too. They call that from time to time ‘hospitalism’, an etiquette originally reserved only for so-called lunatics (so-called mentally ill persons), but there are innumerable other names and diagnoses. Let’s hope that you will never end up there (e.g.: I’m certainly not a mentally ill person, why should I go to any doctor, be it the family doctor or be it some physician else ?!). "Leave every hope, ye who enter this gate" ["Lasciate ogni speranza / Voi ch’entrate"], just as the poet Dante had sung of Hell in his poem in the 14th century.

What is to be done?

  1. Be aware of doctors!* No begging! Do not hawk!
  2. Tie a silk scarf around your mouth and nose (e.g. soaked with lemon), as soon as there is the threat of danger.
  3. Gloves, change them, when you enter your home, and clean them inside/outside, clean your hands, too.
  4. Put a piece of copper metal (everybody has copper coins) in a bottle of water, fill it up with water and leave it for one day; then, take water from there to clean (to wipe off) everything you or others have touched before you cleaned your hands after having entered your home from outside.
  5. Hold an appropriate object over any other object you are taking or taking in (food, etc.), including letters, parcels etc., and let it swing over it. Focus your mind onto the suspect object by thinking nothing else but "dangerous and harmful?" or "useful?". Shaking one’s head means "No", the same movement of the swinging object means also "No". And the opposite (nodding one’s head) means "Yes", and therefore useful, just as in any other regard. Agree in advance, through pre-exercising with the swinging object – a few call it pendulum, we call it plumb – on which swinging movement means "yes" and which swinging movement means "no".
  6. Burn harmful things. "… what fire doesn’t cure / has to be considered as incurable" (ha, ha).
It is known since primeval times that o m i t t e d revolutions (with the patients of the Patients’ Front there are no omitted revolutions!), as a rule, are followed by epidemics. There you’ve got it. "Fortunately, only in a few countries of the Third World the refusal to do the revolution is punished with death by firing squad" [PF/SPK in KRANKHEIT, DIE GANZHEIT MIT ZUKUNFT (Illness, the entirety with a future), January 1988].

* Again: Beware the doctor! Just the words "my allergy" can protect you against antibiotics and many other things.

October 2001 / May 2009