Humanitarian catastrophe?
The HEALTH & SALVATION-Front is at work!

A reward of 400,000 $ has been offered. The one who takes this leaflet “against the WHO”, no matter whether it is dead or alive, but in huge numbers, and takes it to the Military Attaché of the US-Embassy in Vienna, thus making it disappear during the on-going Bush-war, will be given 400,000 $ in cash, or he or she can bend down furtively to pick them up. The one, however, who is distributing it during the on-going Bush-war, will have to face Guantánamo-pains. So the before-said HEALTH & SALVATION-Front Attaché. An adviser of the Vienna National Security Council had called at once and had blown the bugle, aiming at the same; however, when asked her name, she smashed down the receiver. Threatened with legal proceedings, precisely from within US-America, the Attaché was stopped and silenced, but before that he was still boasting blithely: “All the legal proceedings in Vienna, we will turn them down”. Once again, the HEALTH & SALVATION-Front is at the head of its own humanitarian catastrophe.
The one who still continues to deny or to ignore those facts of the matter, is almost unlimitedly in need of development and he himself is part of the human catastrophe, ought to do penance and to learn again and anew the ABC-Alphabet, instead of becoming unilaterally acquainted with the weapons of mass-destruction and with his medical doctors even in a totally different way.

Turn illness into a weapon!

March 25th, 2003
May 3, 2003

The Pentagon, subsequently:

11 army recruits have refused any vaccination, and in order to substantiate their claim of refusal they are referring to the Internet-entry on Iatrobiontic Warfare. In China, too, they are taking note of the Internet-entry Atishoo!, with ever-increasing interest.

Stop the medical doctors’ iatrobiontic warfare against all people!
Make front against it!

Some months ago a "mysterious virus" - according to the sayings of medical doctors - was rampant. There were deaths. Child-care-centers, schools and universities had been ordered to close. Afterwards, the doctors were trying to play down the whole thing. This time it happened in Greece. In connection with this, the "World Health Organization" (WHO) announced the following: In one of the next winters, but it could be already in the winter to come, an "influenza epidemic" with 100 millions of dead people(!) were to be expected. This amounts to ¾ of the population of France and Germany all together. And once again those who will have to be blamed for their death will be the dead people themselves. Such will be the doctors’ version, for instance with reference to the so-called "diminished defense", the "immune deficiency" of the killed patients, especially in old people, in children, in those who are weakened or under strain caused by this and that. Not one single word about what has caused this medically alleged "diminished defense" in any of us, not one single word about the only too well known connection between "diminished resistance" and the nuclear radiation that all the people living today have got in their bodies, starting with the atomic bomb dropped by the Americans on Hiroshima and continuing up to now with the atomic tests, which never really have been stopped, and of which we were told already in the fifties that they "have destroyed the weather". It is not the weather, it is the people who are affected!

Several decades after the public beginnings of the attacks done by the SOCIALIST PATIENTS’ COLLECTIVE against any medical practice, namely against the illusion of HEALING and HEALTH [: "Health" ("GeSSundheit") is nothing but a biologicistic-nazistic figment of the mind that states that the symptoms are located in a way that the patient is being adapted smoothly to the process of exploitation"], now, from Italy comes the warning of a "guerra sanitaria (health war) enacted on a worldwide scale". The medical doctors’ terrorizing tissue of lies is doing its business with lethal therapies and is blaming the "infectious contagion" - which is equally being fabricated therapeutically by the means of super-viruses and similar - for the "infectious contagion". Illness is being declared as THE VERY ENEMY that is alleged to be so terrible that striving against it would justify ANY MEANS, any therapy = terror and any coercive measure and deaths in masses, because such a battle would demand the highest sacrifices.

Terrorism, therefore, is but Therapism, namely and really.
Mass-profits are the aim, and mountains of corpses are the means to get there.

The Consultant of the American President, Francis Fukuyama, in the meanwhile, is warning of the "end of the human beings" by the means of genetics. Is there any hope in a parliamentary control of - in a pervert manner named - life sciences? Even the "so simple as well as audacious" (newspaper ZEIT) Fukuyama seems to be rather skeptical. And his recourse to "natural law" and "human nature" seems to be rather helpless. State and politics have surrendered long since to medical domination, to the Iatrocracy.

When politics becomes "biopolitics", there is periculum in mora for the ultimate rests of bare life, so the warning of the Italian philosopher Agamben. The homo sacer is not only holy but he is also outlawed, that is he is "wanted dead and not alive". The word "biopolitics" (from Greek bios, meaning life) turns the facts of the matter upside down. Wherever there is talk about "biopolitics", the real issue on stake is DEATHpolitics, the politics of extermination. Be it by the means of the "politics of population", be it by the means of euthanasia or genetics, ranging from pre-implantation diagnostics* to (human) cloning and the genetically fabricated "Man made-to-measure", who can bear all this and a lot more.

*The medical doctor as procreator, manufacturer and destroyer of life: artificial insemination 
  in the petri-dish, then examination of the ovarian cells. The inseminated ovarian cells that 
  have been – erroneously or not – diagnosed "ill" are being killed and end up in the waste 
  bin, the so-called "healthy" ones are being implanted.


Today, the world is going through the phase of the iatrobiontic warfare, which, under the pretext of "health", is being conducted by the medical doctors against the patients – and all of you are patients, without exception!

Everybody is concerned. The facts and numbers reported here cannot convey but a slight idea of the matter at stake. They are but examples, and countless other examples could be added. But, Dear Reader, translate them into your own life experience! To read numbers and facts is one thing. Another thing is to experience them on one’s own body or to be involved when those next to you are experiencing them.

Many are becoming the daily victims of the murderous iatrobiontic warfare.

How long will you accept to have them made all this with you, without opposing your resistance? The question, whether you want to "go on living" has already been answered positively by you, by reading this text. But have you already asked yourselves, whether you want to go on living like this, in this way? Take your decision!

That’s not a matter of reforms which are always cosmetics, or a matter of improving medicine. The existing one is already the best medicine, the best one which fits in with iatrocapitalistic conditions of life. And it’s not even a matter of salvation from illness, but: revolution through illness’ strength, and these, revolution and illness, are not a matter of opinion, but they are here, as a duty for everyone.

The secret of illness is the human species (Menschengattung). Everyone is tied to particular illness (Einzelkrankheit), which objectively aims at the creation of human species. But the doctors abuse and usurp the particular illness (Pathocentrism) to produce out of it the substitute(!) of species (Ersatzgattung): money, instead of human species (Gattung). So the doctors abort the human species, before it exists.




Create patients’ collectives everywhere!

Start here and now! Do something for yourselves! Prefer confrontation against the doctors’ class, make Patients’ Front, you yourself!