Second part of the three fundamental matters:
Iatrocracy, Iatrarchy, Iatroclasm


Power, Iatrarchy / Illness, Violence

Apply. Apply ILLNESS to everything [ALL]. Apply everything [ALL] to illness. Illness as nothing but a thoroughly technical matter. To intercede in favor of illness: everybody, every time and everywhere. And, what is no more nor less: turn upside down, shake up [umkrempeln]. Laugh yourself ill at everything that is shrinking by health [gesundschrumpfen]. Stigmatize yourself in favor of illness. Shrink by illness [krank schrumpfen] the Patients’ Front up to a Front’s patient.

What illness are we talking about? We are talking about precisely that FORCE that, being bent and folded in its own [in sich verschraenkte Kraft], is jumping over itself as LIMIT [die sich als Schranke ueberspringt]. For that we are talking about each and every illness. The one you call ‘cancer’, for its moving in retrogression like a crab, is acting just like the so-called lunacy [die krebsende macht es nicht anders als die waehnende], and the lethal one acts equally as the starving one. It’s deadly serious, feasible, and it has to be done, on the spot, urgently.

To the one who dares to embrace illness as a weapon, violence (root: death) is becoming a value without force, and power (root: magic) is quite a humbug without limits [schrankenlos fauler Zauber]. Illness is the crowbar made of force and limit [Krankheit ist das Brecheisen aus Kraft und Schranke]. Iatrarchy (the violent power of the doctors' class which is the violence of HEIL as such) is the appropriate, because of its being pleonastic, superfluous word beyond and on the right side of illness and the fraction-line.

Tactical areas of the application of illness (pathopractical topoi) are: Coming-into-and-remaining-in-being [Werden, Prozess, Hegel], World [Welt], and Word [Wort]. The pathopractic action (pathopractice) consists in bending in itself force and limit of coming-into-and-remaining-in-being, world and word, up to the point in which they crack:
ILLNESS THAT’S THE POINT [the punctum saliens] when we change
Coming-into-and-remaining-in-being from 'staying in health' into turmoil [Wirre]
World into becoming ill
Word into attack [Widerstreit].
Until now, Coming-into-and-remaining-in-being, World and Word are constituted as violent power of the doctors' class, as violence of salus [HEIL].
Coming-into-and-remaining-in-being is, of course, thus: naturally, not to say iatrarchically: staying in health;
World is the violence of value without limits [schrankenlose Wertgewalt];
Word is the terrorist platen and armoured press against illness (therapy).
And illness itself, being chopped up into pieces as somatosis, psychopathy, reaction, evil, guilt, psychosis, neurosis and deviancy, is the bellows and the strengthening syringe of Iatrarchy and metaphysics, in brief: it’s the puffed up storage of the forces of what is shrinking by health [aufgeblasener Kraftspeicher der Gesundschrumpfung].

This "illness" is to be taken as life itself: to laugh oneself ill at it.

Pathopractice is as far away from military tactic as it is from the medical tact, the shrunk product [Schrumpfprodukt] of the latter. Pathopractice knows nothing about the bringing technical means in line with each other, knows nothing about adequacy. And as to equivalence, value, health, nuance, benefit and damage, about them it knows nothing at all. Pathopractice points out and is founded on illness [setzt auf Krankheit], the matter that is as light as light itself and as heavy as World [lichtleichte und weltschwere Materie Krankheit], points out and is founded on the negation raised to power, not on the nuance. It points out illness within the weapon, not weapons.

The hunger strike is a pathopractical activity practiced by the patient of the Patients' Front which, within a few days already, is uncovering the Iatrarchy as violence without any value and powerless humbug, and getting rid of it; because of the fact that the illness of starvation, in the unlimited and unconditioned hunger strike, is breaking down the solidarity of magic and death residing in the core of any violent power of salus [HEIL] [Heilsgewalt].
      But wherever the hunger strike is linked to requests, and be it only by giving the relative impression, wherever its aim consists in grabbing small advantages, or even "the freedom", there it is robbing illness of its force and limit, and it is allowing to the Iatrarchy to enjoy secret triumphs, instead of liberating the terrain completely from the Iatrarchy again and again, Iatrachy together with the terrain.
      Three years ago, the anamnesis and old identity documents of a patient were found in some place when a so-called conspirators’ deposit of weapons was broken up. The weapons have been left behind long since in some storeroom for court exhibits. They were forgotten easily. But the anamnesis has brought the Iatrarchy onto the scene. For more than a year and a half clinical doctors were bombarding the anamnestically fixed illness with summons to appear in their clinics. Finally, they had arrested the protesting pathopractician unexpectedly in the middle of the street by the police in order to drag him off for x-raying his elbow. By finger-printing and photographing, however, at the police station it was ascertained how much pain can bear someone who does not answer to any question and who does not lift a finger, instead of obeying the Iatrocracy. And on the bundle of files relating to his case the sticker "political crime", a ridicule at each democracy, was attached there in a prominent place.
      But there was no way of getting round to x-raying, because from the very beginning, instead of the anamnestic frippery, a total hunger strike, i.e. illness, was the order of the day. Five transportations from one prison to the other within the first two days were separating the medical doctors from their goals, measures and activities: on the one side there was reactive Iatrarchy, on the other side offensive illness, active reflection. On the 18th day of the hunger strike some physician delivered the patient for further treatment by the means of the torture of forced nutrition to exactly the same prison doctor against whom this patient had brought in a criminal charge three years earlier for having perpetrated murder against another prisoner by the means of torture through forced nutrition. In vain, of course. But of all things it was within this death zone that Iatrarchy, attacked as such, was dissipating its energy in other matters of minor importance. The visits of the defense counsel were made impossible; the front patient’s lawyer was beaten up so badly that he looked like a hospital case. But nothing had the desired effect. After the seventh torture of forced nutrition, during which he had opened the jaws of the patient, whom he had previously tied to a chair and immobilized, by the means of a crowbar and during which, while protecting his fingers with iron thimbles, he rammed the probe into the stomach, the doctor ordered the police to release the patient of the Patients' Front on the 21st day of the hunger strike at 150 km from the scene of the crime and after a transport of more than two hours and a half in an ambulance, flanked by two police cars, and to abandon him, deprived of any shelter and of his identity documents -; on conditions set by the collective resistance of the patients: at exactly the same place where the henchmen had stroke three weeks before.

Pathopractice, that is: over-winding and surmounting action, which is revolving all around illness, the axis of this thread [ueber-windende Aktion rund um Krankheit, der Achse dieses Gewindes].
      Illness is more powerful than Iatrarchy and more violent than death. Illness is reflexive activity, bent and folded in its own, and is not fissionable reacting on this or that.
      Heavy as lead was the way into illness, as light as a feather and paved with broken doctors was the way out of torture. The patient-trap, which had been devised by the police by using wily tricks, struck and destroyed the Iatrarchy within, next to and above the police.

And it happens just like in the Fable of the Hare and the Hedgehog: Illness is faster than Iatrarchy. No matter which place you get, illness is already there.

Another distinguishing feature of pathopractice is its offensive character, which is excluding any reactivity. The self-dissolution of the SPK, on the 13th of July in 1971, was such an offensive practice from defensive positions (strategic withdrawal).
      By the force of arms, the Iatrarchy tried to recapture both the territory, which had been taken away from it by the patients’ collective hunger strike since March ’70, and, mainly, the patients’ bodies, in order to "ensure that they get the treatment they merit and they need urgently, for their being weeds which can’t be tolerated any longer".
      But when time had come, the Iatrarchy could neither forbid the SPK, nor could they conduct any of the patients to coercive treatment; nor could they occupy any bodies or scribble on any paper: because they couldn’t find any case report and recordings, and, by consequence, the measuring and counting magic was shrunk to hypocrisy, and evaluating violence to illness.

Wherever during the years thereafter the SPK-marked Iatrarchy tried to make up ground, illness was thrown back at it by all the bodies scattered to the four winds that they had not been able to recapture. Clinics, lecture theatres, university chairs, as well as the relative private properties of real estates which go with them, and, not to forget, the seats in the Federal and Local Parliaments as well as the party careers in Heidelberg, Bonn, Berlin and Karlsruhe WERE BROUGHT TO BURST. High police officers and judges, who had engaged themselves as the worm-like appendixes of the Iatrarchy, had seen themselves being promoted to positions of repose. The one or the other even forever and for all eternity.

The 150 square meters of space that the SPK was forced to leave again to the Iatrarchy when the latter, armed with 800 policemen, machineguns, bloodhounds, public health authorities, broke into the empty university rooms, where they even expected to run into small children, have been offset more than sufficiently: against the square product of the square meters of the lost territory, to the disadvantage of the Iatrarchy.

The pathopractice, here, consisted in the act of self-dissolution (strategic withdrawal). The records, these "natural" stigmas of the patients, had disappeared. Illness had given itself speech and efficiency.

As a force that, raised to power and bended in its own, is capable of setting limits and creating spaces, pathopractice becomes effective properly when it is forced by the Iatrarchy onto the utter defensive. Independently from technical means, which it makes use of, it continues to be offensive, as long as illness is the substance of the reflection.

Having reached the maximum of the display of its powers [Machtentfaltung], the violent power of the doctors' class [Heilsgewalt] is revealing itself as being really powerless: it is the unbounded [ungebremst, not braked] force of nature in the state of autocatalysis.
      The flooding with water and the consumptive fever under the conditions of the torture of isolation (solitary confinement) and forced nutrition are the powerless products of the same violent power of the doctors' class which once had the heretics burned and drowned when fire and water were still producing as if by magic hell and heaven by the means of the purgatory and baptism. Nowadays, the Iatrarchy is executing the drowning and the cremation of the heretics directly, that is medically, but for this not less magically. They are drowning the prisoner in his own body liquids (oedemas in the lungs, in the brain, etc.) and they are forcing him to produce a surplus of thyroid hormone (TSH) to burn him out, as well as anti-diuretic hormone (ADH) to drown his tissues from the inside in their own urine. The milieu interieur becomes in this way the total exterior. The whole body of the prisoner becomes a complete burn mark (stigma) and watermark. While at the time of the classic inquisition the bodies of the heretics, which were to be burned and drowned, were still withdrawn from perception for their being hidden behind flames and smoke or under the surface of water, nowadays this is true just only for the laboratories and workshops [Werkstaetten] but no longer for the places of effects [Wirkstaetten], for the abused bodies.

That’s because the laboratories and tools of the violent power of the doctors' class [Heilsgewalt] are not from this world. The component of violence of the Iatrarchy is reaching far beyond everything that the violence of nature in its original state is capable of achieving.
      The quarantine (sensorial deprivation, etc.) in the single cell in prison is equivalent to the stay in the gravityless space; the therapeutic component under the conditions of forced nutrition is equivalent to the food of astronauts, whose specific dynamic effects are but fuel added to the flames of the consumption and water added to the mills of formation of oedemas.
      In this, the violent power of the doctors' class [Heilsgewalt] is revealing its general tendency: in every future, backward to the very far-off archaic. But what they are up to is not the amphibian, which is capable to overcome the barrier between the ocean and the continental shelf. What is at stake is the violent power of the doctors' class [Heilsgewalt] as such, which is getting ready to shake off its absolute limit, ILLNESS, in order to become universal as bio-engineering.
      But by pathopractice illness is opposing the space-caprioles of the medical doctor right away from the beginning with its impenetrable barrier. It is removing the violent power of the doctors' class [Heilsgewalt] from its anchorage as soon as it begins, as a power plant that is being concentrated through the pathopractice, wearing down the medical doctor’s body, the medical corporation, with other words, the place-keepership of the annihilating nothingness, in a wrestling body against body. Because illness and the Iatrarchy are not only just pushing toughly each other in the space where they meet. The pathopractice is rather illness which is breaking up all its limits and which is snatching its body away from the tactical operation-field of the Iatrarchy.

For this, the pathopractician must first of all take the standpoint of the patient and determine, in every kind of isolation, the Iatrarchy, which is measurable in quarantine-units. It’s true that, from the medical point of view, the basic unit of the quarantine is to be measured, just as its name says, in 40 days. But in the context, which we are referring to here*, it was 41 x 40 days.

* Here and in the following passages the text refers 
  to Huber PF/SPK(H) WD,,

Iatrarchy is, from the very beginning, something superfluous (pleonasm), power and violence, death and magic, limitlessness and powerlessness. Powerlessness to join in the quarantine, limitlessness to drive forward quarantine till the moment of execution.
      On this side, there is illness that is steadily increasing; on the other side ("extra muros"), there is the violent power of the doctors' class [Heilsgewalt] that doesn’t shrink away from any humbug and that uses every trick and tries everything to occupy what it is pretending to understand as illness. And be it on the autopsy-desk (so the prison doctor to the sanitary officer on the fortieth day of hungerstrike in Stammheim, in 1973: "If he won’t give in to his medical examination as long as he is still alive, we will do it on the autopsy-desk").
      However, on each level of the quarantine illness is strong enough to shrink by health [gesundschrumpfen] the tactic of the violent power of the doctors' class [Heilsgewalt] to the medical tact, strong enough to destroy the Iatrarchy.
      First level of escalation: Deprivation of movement and sensorial perception, from 1971 till ’73; then, the same treatment is being applied alternately (as if dipping the prisoner in alternate hot and cold water) until any contact (with other prisoners and the outside world, defense consultants included) is completely forbidden, from 1975 till ’76; in addition, half rations of food ("zero-diet") since May 1975. That was the medical tactic of power and violence. Their offer for negotiation, in 1972: Illness confines itself voluntarily in the lunatic asylum and, in exchange, it gets the sentence suspended (compare: the files of the political police regarding the tactic of the "Circle of Progressive Psychiatrists of Mannheim").
    That was the medical tact.
Last level of escalation: Decreasing half-rations of food, since May 1975. But this was not yet the whole medical tactic. In addition, the prison staff proceeded to the hanging of rag dolls at their neck. The tactical planning on the doctors’ part was so disguised in the magic of a simulated execution, with the purpose to make appear murder as suicide.

And this is the liberating pathopractice, the principle of movement towards questioning power [Bewegungsprinzip in Richtung Machtfrage]: Hungerstrike since November 1975, complemented spontaneously by a thirst-strike on part of the innards which, in the meanwhile, had shrunk ill.
      Following: 82 times torture by forced nutrition within 71 days. Still months later, the blood sugar level was between 0 and 30, instead of being at 120 mg%. "Thickening of the blood". Cholesterol and clotting of the blood were "reduced". Hypophysis’ function: "drastically reduced". Body weight: "15 kg below the standard value".

And though, the violent power of the doctors' class [Heilsgewalt] had stuffed the stomach via the nose with considerable amounts of astronauts’ diet. They were operating in an office-room of the fortress Hohenasperg. During the torture by forced nutrition this office-room had even claimed to function as the intensive-care unit of a surgery. In the beginning, the nose-tube they had selected was so thick that it was covered with blood, when they pulled it out. The dosage of psychopharmaca, which were secretly added, was over-abundant: convulsions, wrong body-sensations [Missempfindungen], dryness of the mouth, and dizziness.
      But meanwhile, the medical tactic had shrunk by health to the medical tact, Iatrarchy was defeated by pathopractice, and the medical tactic of depriving the pathopractician of everything and everyone had crashed under the attack conducted out of illness. The medical doctor, a surgeon, as the master of torture had chosen carefully the place and the tools, and also the servants of torture. But while the latter were beating, tying and hauling the prisoner onto the torture-rack, he, the doctor, who was being hurt by the strength of illness [gekraenkt], kept himself apart behind locked doors, while weeping and smoking one cigarette after the other.
       Sadism, love and compassion were exhausted in the end. Illness was the order of the day. It was spreading over even to the prison staff. The notifications of absence through illness were piling up. Torture by forced nutrition was executed now only sporadically.

Where the patient’s resistance is a given fact of the matter, pathopractice can be positioned as a lever. By consequence, also behind the walls of asylums and similar institutions. Turning Iatrarchy itself into a clinical case and criminalizing it from the outside [die Iatrarchie von aussen klinisieren und kriminalisieren], that’s what matters. Target of the clinicalization by attacking it with medical categories [Klinisierung] is the judicial complex; target of the criminalization [Kriminalisierung] is the medical complex. In this way, the Iatrarchy is being split and broken down. Power is being rearchaicalised to magic, violence to an unhealthy (!) "value".
      The hospitalized patient refuses uncompromisingly to take any medicine. He has transmitted a written declaration to the administration according to which he will be bringing the physician before the criminal justice for grievous bodily harm, in case of a coercive treatment.
      The judiciary authority will react sooner or later in a publicly medical manner, the physician in a publicly criminal manner. Illness has then succeeded in breaking up the structure of value, the whole humbug of the Iatrarchy at its important seam; succeeded in retransforming jurists in clinical cases and physicians in white bloodhounds.
      At this regard the following example: Since October 1976, 14 patients confined behind the walls of a hospital are effectuating a collective strike against medical drugs [Medikamentenstreik]. Front patients supporting their strike from the outside were informed that they themselves were being spied wherever they were going, out from an apartment, which had been secretly rent on purpose for spying them, with equipments carted along on trucks. The psychiatry-boss, as he was being weakened by the patients’ resistance and kept in check by the unleashed force of illness, had persuaded the Ministry of Justice of the region that a behavior-diagnosing preventive recognition and recording of the "violence-positive" patients’ resistance outside the walls of the hospital was imperative. The Parliament and the print media did not object to it.
      With a view to this, on St. Valentine’s Day a patient walked through the streets and public buildings distributing flowers. The police arrested him temporarily, as it was to be expected, for his wearing a monk’s cowl. The press and the priests were making investigations wherever desired, provoking an immense scandal to the police. That’s because the whole thing was lacking any visible connection to politics. But the informers to the white-coated bloodhounds stowed their diagnostic junk in transporters and disappeared hurriedly. Their hideout had burst irreparably.
      Since that day the two lawyers who have been taking action to forward the patients’ resistance are threatened harder and harder with an official debarment from practicing the legal profession [Berufsverbot]. They have been cited before the disciplinary court of the professional association of lawyers for offending judiciary authorities [Ehrengerichtsverfahren wegen Kraenkung der Justiz]. To succeed in this offence, 11 "insults" in 4 years were enough: so, for instance, that the lawyers write "madhouse", instead of "mental hospital"; that they attack the judiciary authorities for being "the worm-like appendix of the medical power", instead of attacking them at least as the state monopoly of power, etc.
       The place [Platz] of the two lawyers who stay by the Patients’ Front side is remaining. And it continues to be out off limits for the Iatrarchy.

Compared to this, the present rows over nuclear power plants and the destruction of the environment, when examined from the patients’ viewpoint, appear to be violently healthy and clean from pathopractice [heilsgewaltig rein von Pathopraktik]. The opponents have got to have in their heads their individual health, which is in reality nothing but the exploited and violently oppressed life that is no life at all: death valuta on the fields of battle [Walstaetten]* of today’s violent power of the doctors' class [Heilsgewalt].

* Even experts interested in etymology could have been surprised 
  already long before we were: the matter here is dead bodies, 
  which however is not our topic in the present text. According 
  to the Indo-European root of the word ‘Gewalt’ (‘violence’), 
  everything and everybody - that means each and every ‘- wal -’, 
  each and every ‘value’, that is each and every ‘- wert -’ (worth, 
  value) and each and every ‘Ver-wal-tung’ (administration), each 
  and every ‘in-val-id’ - are all but mortuary requisites. Therefore, 
  from the point of view of the all-dominating, autocratic Iatrarchy, 
  all along with the whole real history life is being reduced from 
  the cradle to the grave, for instance, to ‘blind obedience’ 
  (Kadavergehorsam: that is, a sort of obedience that only corpses 
  are capable of performing). “Friends, life is worth to be liven” 
  – Is it? Really? And your pride - but also your omission to have 
  cast off the yoke of this tyranny, so that you are really entitled 
  to speak for the first time of liberty - what has become of it? 
  Yes, your pride?! On which ‘walstatt’ (field of battle), in which 
  factory-of-adaptation, in which ‘Wa-h-l - Urne’ (‘election 
  ballot-box’), in which ‘democratic-liberal’ urn of “your” “secret” 
  “vote” has it ended up? The secret is: there is no secret!
(Note added in 2002)

In the head of the doers: the universal health, which is the same nazi-biologistic figment of the mind. Both sides are objectively based on the same twofold medical ethics, a conflict that no medical doctor who is faced with pathopractice can bear: they are based on the fundamental incompatibility of individual well-being and public health. Both sides have got to have their physicians [Aerzte], and they are both subjected to their magic. Both sides are taking care of going easy on "health", and they glorify the violent power of the doctors' class [Heilsgewalt]. For the time being, the physician is still turning away their worries concerning their "health"; he is their super-waste-disposal-plant of their worries [Superentsorgungsanlage]. In the same time, however, he is also stealthily working already on the applications of bio-engineering; he is the breeder, who is cultivating human material as hard as Krupp-steel and as fit as a fiddle [kern-gesund] out of pieces of coli-chromosomes and of crystals**; he is the tamer who is slitting, boiling down and poisoning, tearing down limits and forces [entgrenzt und entkraeftet] of brains, brain-currents, the hypnotic and the hypophysical.

** Taken down 1977

The one who attacks in the ethicist of the absurd or in the applier of science and responsible of bio-engineering the physician [Arzt], is not only withdrawing the confidence he has placed in him. He is separating him, first of all, from illness, in which all medical practice has its pretext; in brief: he is cutting the ground under the feet of the medical doctors’ class and by doing this he is inflicting them a deadly offence [kraenkt sie toedlich]. And the physician for his part, being forced to withdraw himself and to talk his way out of it by resorting to bio-engineering and medical ethics, is making involuntarily a decisive contribution to the surrendering of the system and of his class. In similar troubles had got itself the class of the nobles at the time of the French Revolution of 1789. Called to account for their doings by the pauperized people, it could bring in only the bio-engineering, in those times the animal breeding, as a form of evidence for its blue-blooded descent. Just like the clergy did with its ethics in the cause of deriving from God the divine right of kings and clerics, by the make of their own. This was the beginning of the end.

Be it the one who is applying health-culture [Heilskultur] or be it the one who is supposed to turn away damage to health: it’s only by targeting the medical doctors’ class that nuclear power plants can become the opposite area open to attack, that bio-engineering can be destroyed, and that the downfall of violence and power can be brought about. The attack against the medical doctors’ class gets at the heart of the matter, at its nucleus, because and if the battle is being fought with and for illness.
      That’s because illness possesses the force required to cause a revolutionary change, force as torque [Krankheit hat Kraft zum Drehmoment]; illness being the all-embracing force that is expanding over all limits, over matter, energy, space and time: illness being absolute acceleration, speed of light, on the inside as well as on the outside, physically abstract as well as concrete of the society as a whole.
      Force is not limitlessly mass multiplied by acceleration (F = m x a) [Kraft = Masse x Beschleunigung, K = m x b], is nothing mechanistic, nothing machinelike, is not even any longer at home in physics. The home of real strength that is clamping force and limit inseparably one another: the a-tomic power plant as such is: illness. The rest is at best a pretext for politically camouflaged techniques of the total seizure of power by stages, and it is Iatrarchy, already in its starts.
     Therefore: impasse or pathopractice.

Apply illness. Offend by illness [kraenken] – oneself, whom, with what, about what – that’s what this text is about. The relative strategic fundamental matters are to be found in IATROCRACY ON A WORLDWIDE SCALE. About political, economical and theoretical connections and contexts, orientation is given in the Documents on the SPK and in SPK - TURN ILLNESS INTO A WEAPON. There, the main focus was put on iatroracism and expropriation of illness. Here, what is at stake, is to make illness not only a matter of fact, but a fact of matter, that is to materialize illness [Krankheit zu ereignen, das heisst Krankheit zu realisieren].

But can illness do anything other but offend [kraenken]? If to offend with illness is not just a phrase empty of content but if it is being taken as a content word [Zeitwort], which stands for fulfilling, unitary activity, i.e. as the verb of activity of illness, then to offend with illness is a brim-full reality [randvolle Wirklichkeit] [pure Wirksamkeit, Aristoteles]. Effective has been each time only what continues to offend with illness.
      At this regard the following hint: Suspicious of illness, or at least pregnant of materialism are all the processes of the species, nutrition and sensory processes included [Gattungs-, Ernaehrungs- und Sinnesprozesse], all these "border cases", in brief: all that is bad [alles Schlechte], not to say everything that is related to sexual matters [Geschlechtliche] (compare: malattia, maladie). And this is true even from a medico-philosophical and therefore "healthy" point of view (see in V.v.Weizsaecker and Ludwig Feuerbach).

Without illness there is no world, no reality, no orientation.
     In all the examples mentioned above, what is offending with illness, what makes illness a fact of the matter, what materializes illness, is nothing else but the physical confrontation body against body in the quarantine in prison and hospital, an offending confrontation directed against the physician. And that is reaching till behind the walls, i.e. it is thoroughly passing through the walls.

Where this confrontation is being spared or avoided, there is no active illness [ist es mit Krankheit nichts]. Instead of offending, illness is dying to health: it is dying the eternal death of the capitalist exploitation process [kapitalistischer Verwertungsprozess], is partaking in that death. In this way Illness is perishing, is delivered to the physician [sie ist des Arztes, i.e. sie ist des Todes]. The medical doctor is the executioner, the product and the administrator of dying illness [Verweser der sterbenden Krankheit]. As value that gives form to everything [alles ueberformender Wert], as arché tes archés (Aristotle, a medical doctor’s son!), he is the universal producer of death. The place of the bodily confrontation is being occupied by the free play of values, which is an archaic game, tangible metaphysics, but which is still determined as violence, being thus underdetermined. The place of occurrence (and there is no occurrence whatever without active illness) is thus being taken by power [An die Stelle des Ereignisses tritt die Macht ]. Power, well understood, is health as an artificial product (and there is no other!), is the phantasmagoric enormous artifact, is not occurrence, but it is expropriation of illness as an offending one [Enteignung der kraenkenden Krankheit]. "Violence" is, contrary to all the rules of physics, the value-potential of that power. Beyond its over-evaluation power is doing – nothing at all.

All productivity comes from illness. The pure chance [Zu-fall] as well as the refuse [Ab-fall]. Space and time slay the human being, that way the physician might think even according to Hegel, and he comes along and prescribes quarantine. But when the way out of torture is paved with broken doctors, then it was illness that has proved to be stronger.

The pathopractical conclusion from these facts of the matter is being drawn by each and everyone who eliminates the words violence and power from his vocabulary, who knows that power and violence have been substituted by Iatrarchy; who turns word into attack [Widerstreit], who activates illness and destroys the Iatrarchy, instead of reacting to power and violence even only just in his thoughts.

There are oldest reactions to illness, and there will be even older ones.
      War, the oldest Iatrarchy, whose origins go back in time for at least 60,000 years. The World Genetic Council, Iatrarchy reaching even far more back in time, but achieving perfection only up from the year 2000.
      Meanwhile, illness has coped [verkraftet] with the primal state, with the state Ur, the executive power of the state [Staatsgewalt] and the superpowers, the world trade and more things.
       It has not only coped with them [verkraftet], but it has created them as its counter-pro-ject [im Gegenwurf hervorgebracht], and, what is more and what wages more, because it makes everything easier: it is becoming the ever present principle of revolutionary change, it is becoming the human species [menschliches Geschlecht].
      Not because life conditions are becoming more "human" [nicht, dass es menschlicher zugeht], but in separation against Iatrarchy and by materializing illness pathopractically in each and every context. Up to the ubiquitous solidarity in illness, a solidarity which includes really each and everyone, thus including world and cosmos [das All und das Alles]. This solidarity is tensile force in the conditio of being torn [ist Spannkraft in der Zerrissenheit], is intensity, thoroughly; an intensity, which is too intense to be still "human". Too human to be able to degenerate [zu menschlich, um aus der Art zu schlagen].
      That’s because the continuing growth and strengthening of illness has to add a new variant to the Iatrarchy, in order to overcome it: the clonal sex [unmenschliches Geschlecht].

Against this variant of the Iatrarchy, power, violence and wars are but ephemeral and atavisms, i.e. a mutant recurrence, but completely without consequences, of what has been, from a medical point of view, a tactless bad habit of the ancestors and what would be a finally inefficient mistake even as a new World war.

From the pathopractical point of view, that means: in reality, war has been from its very first beginning in the oldest tribal feuds nothing but Iatrarchy, a murderous weapon against illness in the hand of the magician "on duty", the violent power of the doctors' class [Heilsgewalt] against the rising solidarity in illness, the means of reproduction of the archiatric value-potential (violence [Gewalt] from the battlefield [Walstatt] to Valhalla) and of its effects of heal [HEILswirkung] (magic), the reversal of the merging force of offending illness [Verkehrung des fusionierenden Kraenkens, fusionierend: compare: Jean-Paul Sartre] into repercussion and reaction, into the willingness of dying in solidarity.

The newest ethnologically underpinned hypotheses (compare P. Clastre), which claim to be fundamentally critical and according to which war and aggression are averting the development of a societal order of value standards (chieftain-system, etc.), while, at the converse, the state and the economy for their part would be averting wars and by this foster the development of hierarchies, at least cannot get away from naming explicitly the shaman as the initiator of societal processes. But there is not one single word about the propellant of this chain of reactions, be it illness or - -, but could it be something other than illness, since they cannot get away from mentioning the "shaman". However, at the margin, there is mentioned social pathology, style "people without space".

An example, therefore, of iatrarchic Neo-Malthusianism in the whole of findings which, pathopractically, are not even capable of being generalized to a theory, and of insinuations with their connecting thread being the changing health-models. However, as said just before, it’s all over with the holy war which has been the war as heal because it was resolving the problems of the ruling doctors' class [der Heilsgewaltigen]. And it’s all over even with the un-holiness, spell: unhealiness [Un-Heil]. On the whole, power can no longer achieve anything, and even violence has its value now just only in its name [Gewalt hat ihren Wert nur noch im Namen].

Bad times for the epigones of Nietzsche, if the Iatrarchy can no longer hide its illness-reactive appearance wherever illness is a reflexive, double affirmation. Stone-softening bad times for the epigones of Nietzsche, if they have been begotten by the devil to preach promiscuity with crystals and to make the human species, in the form of Madame Maladie, politically stand in the right corner, but who, in return for it, alas Nietzsche!, are becoming prostitutes of the Iatrarchy on their own. That’s the consequence, if one doesn’t want to admit that it is the Iatrarchy that, for just a few centuries, is being forced by illness to seek its salvation in the demonization of the human species. Where else should they seek their salvation? (The process of creating human species is feasible by means of illness, and can only be accomplished in this way). After all, the clonal sex can’t yet be synthesized completely. The process of the species can’t yet be reduced to the primordial soup of genetic crystal-matter, rays and currents by going past the societal human being. (The process of creating human species is feasible by the means of illness, and can only be accomplished in that way).

At any rate, they are already busy with starting the thing. And even without press-button electrodes.
      With long-term quarantine and by little effort the physician manages to beget gravity with gravitylessness, heat with chills, and drying out with dropsy. And the metaphysical miracle comes into being: the inhuman elements are giving birth to young. They are multiplying as if they have gone crazy. Or like invested money, when, as if "by force", it is becoming more and more, by hatching surplus value. However, this deviating (from the human species) and therefore perverse sex-game, one of the latest medical acquisitions, and going at least light-years and world-eras back past the history of mankind, is not just for this reason alone Iatrarchy. To be pure health – for that is an indispensable Iatrarchy-condition – Iatrarchy ought not be faced with illness in front of its way, let alone illness as being opposed to Iatrarchy, and it ought to be immune to the offences done to it by illness [muesste sie gegen Kraenkung gefeit sein].

Who has been able to follow - and be it only superficially - the casuistry exposed in the central part of this treatise, will have got at least a vague presentiment that this is not still and by no means the case yet.
      What characterizes however this sex-game of the elements as Iatrarchy, a sex game – which, superficially, appears to be a nazi-like one, but, if seen in the light of the day, is stunningly not an Arian one at all –, are the "clinically inconspicuous results". But they are inconspicuous only thanks to the effects of illness. The proof for this is the possibility of the pathopractice, singular illness copulating with human species*, offensive illness and re-humanization in the overcoming of the clonal species. [Der Beweis dafuer ist die Moeglichkeit der Pathopraktik, Selbstbegattung in der kraenkenden Krankheit und Wiedervermenschlichung in Ueberwindung des unmenschlichen Geschlechts.]

* The rising of a human species is joined to the how of 
  communities based on illness ..., for, in the words of 
  Hegel, spelt in my own manner: "Krankheit ... das INDIVIDUUM, 
  sich gleichsam mit sich selbst beGATTEND", to add: ... unTEILbar,
  unHEILbar. (Compare preface to SPK - Turn Illness 
  into a Weapon, by Huber PF/SPK(H) WD,,

By the way, if, from the medical angle, not any or nonetheless some findings can be gathered, that is not necessarily due to good or bad will. That wars, concentration camps, prisons, madhouses and so-called conspiratorial hiding-places are healthy, or, in any case, more salutary than all his efforts, the physician is not unwilling to admit. That’s because he doesn’t take the credit of this kind of violent power of the salus [Heilsgewalt]. But he is completely wrong, by the way, as explained above.

That this salus is however undermined by the clinically intangible illness, by illness as such, which, in defiance of money and love, is getting the upper hand, this fact he has acknowledged for more than 30 years. It is the quarantine-body (not krank or ill, but pathopractically, Celtic and martially: cranc), the quarantine-body of which is said that it "does no longer fall back on the norms of behavior, which are of the disposal of those denoted ill by the medical doctors".

It’s this body that Iatrarchy is stigmatizing as impertinent, bold, whacked and repugnant, because it leaves them speechless with their terminology. This is the case, at the latest, when and if the quarantine-body – by stigmatizing itself – confronts the medical corporation with a fight body against body.

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