Timeline /Abridged chronological table

Since 1964 a physician and scientist was employed at the Psychiatric Clinic of the University of Heidelberg who took the pretension of the university 'to make science for human beings' seriously as a social task: Dr. Wolfgang HUBER. Without reservation he devoted all his knowledge, skills and the material equipment of the University Clinic to serving the interests of all the patients who came to him. By his total commitment to all basic matters he succeeded in stimulating a situation which in the view of the patients equaled the abolition of their role as objects to which the patients had been damned as being conditioned by the constraints of the System.

This science for the ill people enabled the patients to counteract the context of exploitation, that means they were no longer passive guinea-pigs and animals for slaughter sacrificed for doctors' careers and profit interests of research. It was inevitable that the so liberated patients and their doctor came into collision with the profit interests and the mechanisms of oppression, as they actually exist at a university clinic.

It became more and more obvious that since 1965 this Psychiatric Main Clinic had eventually reached rock bottom: total occupation of beds and rooms was desired and at the same time there were rejections of patients one after the other and on a massive scale and clearing them off just depending on the mood of the respective doctor who accidentally had the power of disposal of them.

1965/1966 HUBER-Ultimatum: he resigns or ->


Dr. HUBER expands his voluntarily undertaken work in the Policlinic of the Psychiatric University Clinic well beyond his personal duties.
Supplementary information requested by a newspaper in Heidelberg: When Minister of Culture, Wilhelm HAHN,  introduced his new university law and HUBER, at that time vice director of the Psychiatric Policlinic, stood against this law in his quality as candidate of his 'list Demos' with the votes of 90 colleagues, he had long since opened the clinic to the population. "Get along with each other and stick together, foremost outside, too. If necessary also against me and the other physicians" - and the students among the patients, numerically in the minority, were included in this dynamic of dialogue -> dialectic -> collectivity. This dynamic was still far from being agitation, but already against any kind of therapy, of therapy by far not only as it is understood in the accustomed view of anachronist police, which is the "natural" view of all doctors, thus fliciatres, to say it in a word of current French, salve, ave, imperator morituri ..., in old Latin, not to speak about HEIL and heilen, German, and HEIL Hitler! as a mark of therapy! At the end of 1968, HUBER also terminated this very pursuance of his function as an elected assistant deputy, thus meaning for him merely the gesture of an unequivocal, but additional duty exercise. For more details see: "... with cult and powder he has made illness explosive..." (see Patientenfront: Festschrift 25 Jahre SPK/PF(H), 60 Jahre Huber, 10 Jahre KRANKHEIT IM RECHT, p. 22).
Development and foundation of the original Patients' Collective by Dr. HUBER, more outside of but also and increasing inside his new sphere of work.
August 1969

The chief of the Psychiatric Clinic, Walter Ritter von BAEYER, makes Dr. HUBER the offer of taking his postdoctoral lecturing qualification with him in exchange for Dr. HUBER ceasing to write pamphlets.
October 1969 The new director of the Psychiatric Policlinic, Dr. Helmut KRETZ, dissolves several HUBER therapy groups.
December 1969

After further intrigues against Dr. HUBER and harassment of his patients by Dr. KRETZ, a letter from the clinic director Professor von BAEYER: Dr. HUBER's contract will not be renewed as originally foreseen (three automatic renewals already. After the promise of postdoctoral lecturing qualification - see above - a permanent contract had been promised and automatic acceptance to the status of permanent civil servant as well).
January 1970


The patients defend themselves by an opinion poll, examining the conditions at the Psychiatric Policlinic. The Rector of the University of Heidelberg, Professor Rolf RENDTORFF (see below) rejects categorically the request for talks made by the patients.




Assemblies by the patients in the clinic and first general assembly of patients' congress in the world.
12.2.1970: first general assembly of patients' congress pro illness in the world without medical doctors. Furthermore: in the presence of the press the assembled patients unanimously and without prior consultation barred the access to various physicians who wanted to push their way in. Previously among other things and since January field investigations and opinion polls by the patients had been undertaken against the physicians.
14.2.1970: Deputy Vice Chancellor of the Faculty of Medicine (Helmut KRETZ) thus brought down, without replacement, by the way.
20.2.1970: The "Hearing", so named by the physicians, was turned into a tribunal against the physicians by the patients. [No, not any round-table small talk like on television. No!" said the patients (W. Sch., A.A., E.B., ...) and carried the tables out of the room.] Auditorium overcrowded (hundreds of people), media.
21.02.1970 Termination without notice against Dr. HUBER. Ban against him and the patients from entering all rooms in the clinic, inviolable precincts, off limits [Bannmeile].


All banned patients (some 120!) from the Psychiatric Policlinic must move to the little dwelling of the HUBERs in Wiesenbach, and they are off limits regarding all clinics they usually had visited before (an order from the board of directors of the clinic, notice the cynicism!).

Dr. HUBER and the Patients' Collective occupy the office of the administrative director of the Clinical University Institution and begin a hunger strike. (Details about this see the book in English language: SPK - Krankheit im Recht, especially pages 25-27, and in: SPK Indeed - What the SPK really did and said).
Result: a "compromise". It was meant to guarantee the institutional conditions for the continuation of the SPK's work in the University's rooms at Rohrbacherstrasse 12 and included regular financial support and free prescriptions.

Through its de facto institutionalization as an autonomous working group in university rooms, the Socialist Patients' Collective had achieved that the University as a whole, in the shape of the Rector, had confirmed the incompetence of the Medical Faculty for patient care. The medical profession as a whole was forced to demonstrate their failure status before the eyes of the world. At the beginning of January 1970 Rector Rolf RENDTORFF had still entrenched himself behind excuses regarding the patients (see above: field investigations, opinion polls): pretext in the view of the impending catastrophe he was neither responsible nor competent.

02.03.1970 The patients move into the University rooms at Rohrbacherstrasse 12, which they have fought for at the risk of their lives (hunger strike, see above).
24.03.1970 Go-In of 30 SPK-patients to the Rector of the University against the prescription blockade, ordered by the Faculty of Medicine.


Occupation of the office of Professor von BAEYER. The patients demand blank prescriptions. Instead of an answer clinic chief von BAEYER unleashes the waiting police on these patients. Their names are taken down and the patients are banned from the clinic. Previously (all happened in March) the university and the clinic administration had had the electricity and the telephone deliberately cut off in all the SPK rooms for days and several chief secretaries who inspected the SPK rooms at midday using duplicate keys were offered by the university the SPK rooms for use up from the first day of the following month (April 1970!). ("These and the junk and garbage (patients) will soon be cleared out, then the rooms can be refurnished immediately".) This we have prevented from happening.
03.06.1970 The so called students' parliament (ruled by the left wing) passes a motion condemning the SPK. Instead of the SPK it wants a "psychotherapeutic advice center" at the University of Heidelberg.
June 1970 First PATIENTS' INFO: the SPK takes a stand against the prohibition of the SDS (Sozialistischer Deutscher Studentenbund) and makes its own position clear: "Let's bury once and for all the silly hope for health! ... There must be no therapeutic act which has not been previously clearly and uniquely shown to be a revolutionary act."
06.07.1970 PATIENTS’ INFO No. 2: The medical system as a wear and tear-regulator and as crisis prevention
06.-10.7.1970 Occupation by the SPK of the Rector's office in the University.
09.07.1970 Decision of the University administrative council to establish the SPK as an independent institution of the University.
14.07.1970 PATIENTS’ INFO No. 7:
The hospitals are production plants exactly in the same manner as the factories
July 1970

The Medical Faculty tries to prevent the implementation of the legally binding decision. Among others, Professor HAEFNER: In the SPK "there is more sectarian or medieval crusader mentality than modern psychiatry". Result of the propaganda by the General Medical Faculty: the Minister of Culture of Baden-Wuerttemberg, Professor Wilhelm HAHN announces: the contract between the University and the SPK is "to the highest degree illegal".
July 1970


October 1970

The three neutral experts requested by the University support the establishing of the SPK as an independent part of the University:
  • Report of Professor RICHTER, University of Giessen, July 14, 1970
  • Report of Professor Peter BRUECKNER, University of Hannover, September 29, 1970
  • Report of Dr. Dieter SPAZIER, October 05, 1970
20.07.1970 Scientific self-representation of the SPK (requested by the Adminstration Council of the University).

On September 1st, 1970, the Medical Faculty requests colleagues to take a position of rejection against the SPK. As expected, the medical colleagues submit their biased reports:
  • So called "expert opinion" by Professor THOMAE (University of Ulm, previously Psychosomatic Clinic Heidelberg, neither psychiatrist nor even doctor), September 09, 1970,
  • So called "expert opinion" by Professor von BAEYER, September 15, 1970, personally attacked and thus acting as a doctor's party in his own cause,
  • Private letter, so called "expert opinion" by Professor H.J. BOCHNIK (Frankfurt), October 06,1970.
18.09.1970 Decree of the Minister of Culture, Professor Wilhelm HAHN, to liquidate the SPK.
30.09.1970 Threat of police raid. Preventive counter-attacks prepared and partly carried out.
04.11.1970  First eviction order by court, provisionally enforceable against the SPK.
05.11.1970 PATIENTS' INFO No. 12: The total concentration camp
07.11.1970  Radio interview with five patients of the SPK.

PATIENTS' INFO No. 15: Coitus corruptus or abstinence, that is the question in this case.
Since the eviction proceedings were formally directed against Dr. HUBER alone, Dr. HUBER leaves the rooms of the SPK with the consent of the patients.

Four patients of the SPK try to see the Minister of Culture, HAHN, at 5 p.m. during his consultation hour in order to request that the decree of September 18, 1970 be revoked. HAHN calls the SPK "rampant weeds that can no longer be tolerated and must be eliminated as quickly as possible". 

On the evening of the same day, Rector RENDTORFF visits the SPK.
In front of witnesses, the Rector agrees in writing to the SPK's minimum conditions for the continuation of the SPK at the University: another contract which, like all the others before, he immediately broke.

16.11.1970 Application of the SPK for a temporary injunction against the pogrom agitation of the Minister of Culture, HAHN, and civil lawsuit (Verwaltungsklage) of the SPK against the Ministry of Culture.
19.11.1970 SPK teach-in in the packed lecture hall 13 of the University (1200 people).
23.11.1970 Called in by resolution of the SPK, Dr. HUBER returns to the rooms in the Rohrbacherstraße.


Secret meeting of the Senate.
Motion by the Faculty of Medicine to break off the SPK from the University. Resolution of the Senate "that the SPK cannot become an institution of the University, either within or outside".
09.12.1970 Eviction order against the SPK.
02.02.1971 PATIENTS' INFO No. 16: The Fraud in Medicine
18.03.1971 PATIENTS' INFO No. 32 = New University's Mirror No. 3
THIS is "science" at THIS University! Cronyism of capital (Volkswagen) and fascist cartel of doctors at the University
24.03.1971 PATIENTS' INFO No. 33: It is about a telephone death threat against Wolfgang HUBER
16.4.-5.5.1971 PATIENTS' INFO No. 35-37 Suicide =  murder / starvation = murder.
On what the press describes as so-called "sui"cide of an SPK-patient on April 8, 1971.
05.05.1971 PATIENTS' INFO No. 36 = New University's Mirror No. 7
Starvation = murder
6./18.05.1971 Berlin in favour of SPK, Heidelberg [the Professor of Philosophy, THEUNISSEN: "mercy killing (nazi-euthanasia) under science"] against SPK
13.05.1971 The appeal of the SPK against the eviction order is dismissed by the Landgericht (regional court) Heidelberg.
12.-13.06.1971 SPK present at the University of Berlin (FU) (agitational weekend assembly).

SPK action at the Working Congress of the Evangelical Academy in Arnoldshain: The participants pass a resolution for the continuation of the SPK. Hundreds of evangelical participants (both male and female), who had come from Europe and the so called Eastern bloc countries, not only voted and signed in favour of the SPK and against the iatrocapitalist doctors' class, but also sharply rejected the collaborators of the patient-hostile medical class, the Minister of Culture, Mr. HAHN and the Rector of the University, Mr. RENDTORFF, both of them evangelical theologians and thus their brothers in faith. Some of the participants even joined the SPK after the action and remained within the SPK. Mobility of sects, is there such a thing?

Dr. HUBER's house is searched under a pretext. During a raid on June 25/26, 1971 eight patients of the SPK are arrested. Dr. Wolfgang HUBER and two other SPK patients remain illegally imprisoned. HUBER is unconditionally released from prison the next day. The other two are blackmailed (unsuccessfully!) into testifying against him.

Two SPK agitation rallies and thereafter agitation and slogans chanted in chorus in front of the jail. HUBER present.



Press release by Dr. HUBER's lawyer.

The same day the local newspaper TAGEBLATT wrote: "... federal prosecutor following investigations, denied yesterday that there was any contact between SPK and the BAADER-MEINHOF-GROUP".


" ... we demand 500 gun licenses for patients so that they can underline by these means their often demanded right to self-defense against rampant police terror that has broken loose".

Note: Decades later, patients described as "cripples" are hypocritically called upon by the press and officials of interest groups in the Federal Republic to protect themselves with weapons, after more and more patients have been killed by racist violence of HEIL [rassistische HEILsgewalt] (so-called Nazis) and this can no longer be covered up.



Patients' Info topical - TO THE PEOPLE
Concerning the violent termination of the agitation in front of "Fauler Pelz" (prison) by police batons on July 1st, 1971.

TAGEBLATT (local newspaper): The SPK has filed a criminal charge against the editor-in-chief of the local newspaper Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung for instigating the people to hatred (§ 130 StGB, German Criminal Code).


SPK agitation rally

A solidarity demonstration by students for the SPK takes place in New York.


PATIENTS INFO No. 51 - Dialectics of Illness and Jail: "Refuse to testify!" - "Total Refusal to Speak and to collaborate with every kind of authorities: TRS = TAV (Totale Aussage-Verweigerung), and no more collaboration whatsoever in prison, at the law courts, at the doctors and at the (particularly the German!) press and television etc., and this forever and everywhere.
  July 13,  1971
Self dissolution of the SPK only in order to protect the patients for the moment (strategical withdrawal).
Foundation of the InformationsZentrum Rote VolksUniversitaet (Information Center of the People's Red University) - IZRU - Planning and organization: HUBER WD.
19.-20.7.1971 New arrest warrants against 11 SPK patients, house searches and arrests.
07.11.1972 Beginning of the trials against Drs. Wolfgang and Ursel HUBER and others.
07.11.1972  Teach-In on the SPK trials with Professor BRUECKNER, among others.
November 1972

Inquest (Enquete) of European patients on a meeting in Heidelberg organized by the IZRU of the International Information Group for Counterinvestigations into the SPK trial, supported, among others, by Jean-Paul SARTRE.
December 19, 1972

Dr. Wolfgang HUBER and Dr. Ursel HUBER are each sentenced to four and a half years in prison. This was not the only sentence against SPK patients. SPK/PF(H): "State and government through numerous court decisions and court rationales have honoured in particular our findings that revolution is therapy and therapy is revolution and that it ought to be nothing else, with, all together, more than 22 years in prison." The SPK itself has never been sentenced, let alone banned.

Before the trial began, the SPK patients sent each of their defence lawyers home without exception. Reasons: none of the lawyers was willing or even able to grasp the SPK/PF(H) theory of the new-revolution by virtue of illness (Neurevolution kraft Krankheit), let alone to assert it publicly.

In the meantime, we have also changed this: many lawyers sign and publicly stand up and vouch for the products of specified application of this new-revolutionary theory by virtue of illness.

And what has become of the prosecutors of the SPK? None without a shattered career as a result and many of them early deceased. Strange? No, inevitable and repeatable. And generalizable [verallgemeinerbar].

under conditions of imprisonment

The continuity of SPK/PF-HUBER was kept going first in prison in the years 1971-1976. Then extended on all levels, on all continents.

1973 PATIENTENFRONT (Patients' Front) as continuity of the SPK and return to the roots of the SPK, proclaimed by HUBER (SPK/PF) WD, Dr. med. in solitary confinement (Stammheim).
06.11.1975 Beginning of the unconditional and unlimited hunger strike by Dr. Wolfgang HUBER and Dr. Ursel HUBER, both of them still in prison. A hunger strike not for release, but for the purpose of confrontation against the doctors and their responsibility for prison and torture [see Mitteilung zum Hungerstreik vom 6.11.1975 (Communication about the hunger strike of November 06, 1975)]
12.11.1975 Beginning of the forced feeding torture against Dr. HUBER: 82 times in 71 days. Soon also against Dr. med. Ursel HUBER.
25.-28.11.1975 2.000 participants in the Psychoanalytical Congress "Sexuality and Politics" taking place in Milan, Italy, call for the immediate release of the hungerstrikers.

Press statement signed among others by Jean-Paul SARTRE, Simone DE BEAUVOIR, Maitre DE FELICE, Mouvement d'action judiciaire, Robert CASTEL, Felix GUATTARI, David COOPER, Franco BASAGLIA, Mony ELKAIM, Roger GENTIS, Jean-Claude POLACK, Michel FOUCAULT and 74 signatures from members of the RESEAU INTERNATIONAL.

January 20/21,1976


Release of Drs. Wolfgang and Ursel HUBER. What remains is the withdrawal for life of their licenses to practice [Approbationsentzug auf Lebenszeit, first BERUFSVERBOT in medicine]. This is not least because Drs. Wolfgang and Ursel HUBER through the SPK and the PATIENTENFRONT have withdrawn the right to exist of all doctors in both theoretical and practical respect. They refuse, now as then, to even have a license in common with doctors like the Auschwitz-MENGELEs and the T4-patients-euthanasia- HEYDEs.

The continuity of SPK/PF(H) was first kept going in prison in the years of 1971-1976 and it was focussed on a few front patients. The SPK/PF(H)-hunger strike in 1975 stimulated others to join. Since then, more and more people are pro illness and make use of it in their own ways and interests, taking it up independently according to the principle of MFE (multi-focal expansionism). MFE focuses arose and came into being, also in other countries, on other continents. They all prefer to serve illness free of domination instead of continuing to follow the delusion that as ladies and gentlemen they may continue day and night to carry on the business of their personal immortality using authority and power, property and profit and much "culture", naturally always to the detriment of their own kind.

The critical phase of SPK/PF(H) can be compared with an hour glass. After the strategic withdrawal of 500 patients a few of them continued in prison until the hunger strike in 1975, which became one more experience of initiation, also for others to join as newcomers, or to rejoin, and for many others in the years to come to take it up independently. Hour-glass: bottleneck free from fear, no "memento mori" ("remember death"!), compare also the strength of illness during the SPK/PF(H)-hunger strike in 1975: illness is stronger than death.

Regarding the relationship SPK and PF compare also: division between militant and propagandistic pole (this means and meant: division in time but never in the matter). Observe as well the difference between militant and military. In the strategy of illness (pathopractice) there is no militarism. With regard to militancy in prison see also "The Concept of Solitary Confinement" in PATIENTENFRONT: SPK IV, especially the methods of patients' resistance in prison, compare also 06.11.75: Unconditional and unlimited SPK/PF(H)-hunger strike, not for release, but with the purpose of confrontation against the physicians and their responsibility for prison and torture.

Militancy as pathopractice is the direct confrontation, sought after by front patients against the physicians. The prototypical situation in its pure unadulterated state is pre-conceived nowhere in a more exemplary way than in the prison hospital, where also the invisible and all traces erasing torture of solitary confinement and visible and perceptible torture tools (instruments of treatment) are set directly one into another under medical responsibility. Also this in so far certainly and not without propagandistic moment (dialectics, no: diapathics!).

In the history of the PATIENTS' FRONT there were, by the way, two further confrontations in a prototypical situation: the hunger strike by another front patient (G.S.) in the prison hospital of Wittlich in 1977. This confrontation came to an end in such a way that the responsible physician had declared himself mad and the front patient was set free. The other one was the hunger strike in 1978 (T.T.): the responsible physician at the prison Hohenasperg was unmasked one year later by the front patient and his lawyer during a public trial as being a former, temporary participant of the SPK and thus a "gangster". Thereupon he quit his service. This may sound strange, but it was done just like this. Anything else may be right or wrong, better or worse, but this anything else at least was not and does not remain SPK/PF(H).

And again: The SPK was propaganda (propaganda and militancy, "naive and militant", students’ saying). Propaganda is impulse and propagation, consequently also transmission and not only the so-called "channeling". These are the hallmarks and distinguishing features that belong to a species that really deserves the name of human organism, or better said: human bodies, but not in the sense of racism (biologism, genocide-genetics), but in the sense of diapathic efficient knowledge [diapathisches Wirkwissen], a diapathic "science", which is therefore closer to authentic Marxism than any other sort of technological science ("humanities" and all the rest included, of course), for every science is nothing more than a normeois and iatrarchic pseudo-science. As opposed to the "science", to the existing "logic", there is urgently needed an epoché also in the sense of E. Husserl that is basing everything again in a prehistoric situation, in which the developed mechanisms of the money economy still did not exist, but of course without resorting to the mythology of those remote times, because it is essential nowadays and in the future to actively change the individual illnesses of the human beings and to create, in this process, from the individual illnesses the human species, thus raising the human species to the status of an event. And that is precisely why we need the diapathics, which replaces the "science" and the technology, still exist and which therefore are used as tools that are not yet expendable, but only under the strict control of the diapathics.

Hey you, who are reading this, how does that strike you? We have tested it and recommend it, and it urgently needs to be done, because the present world we live in is nothing less than a disaster, and for you it is more urgent than it is for us.

The list of dates is interrupted at this point.
Instead of detailing the multitude of SPK/PF(H) events in the following years, we include here an orientating overview.

PATIENTS' FRONT (1976 until today)

With the assault of the PATIENTS' FRONT against the International Congress of Psychiatry (Paris, February 1976), HUBER WD, after 4 1/2 years of solitary confinement and 2 1/2 months of hunger strike, immediately reappears to oppose the doctors also outside of prison. On this see the diapathic writing "The Iatrocracy on a world-wide Scale" (Milan, December 1976).

The Socialist Patients' Collective never ceased to exist and it has prevailed again and again despite of the most adverse circumstances while all the other currents and movements, at that time being considered "far more revolutionary", have failed long since and have terminated or surrendered, even if un-dissolved.

The SPK exists only as SPK within the Patients' Front, as SPK/PF(H).

At that time only the SPK had referred positively to illness. No other political, socialist, communist, anarchist or militarist grouping was disposed to do the same. In the meanwhile, however, the SPK/PF(H) has spread worldwide stabilizing itself in the common interest and goal of opposing finally the doctors’ class, which has been murdering without punishment since thousands of years, at least with the beginning of a Patients’ Front and a patients’ class. The principle of propagation of the SPK/PF(H) is called, just as it was then, Multi-Focal Expansionism (MFE), for instance, SPK/PF MFE Austria (Stimme der Krankheit, Voice of Illness), and likewise MFE Spain, MFE Italy, MFE Greece, MFE Colombia, MFE Brazil, MFE Canada and many others.

Since 1976, the PATIENTS' FRONT has continued to apply illness as a weapon of collective liberation in a widest variety of fields: everyday life, philosophy, agriculture, religion, justice, music, history, so-called esotericism.

Articulating illness (Concept of Illness)
Getting to the bottom of everything through illness
Applying illness to everyone and everything
everywhere and at all times, each one where he or she is and this since the beginnings until today.

See in particular the fundamental texts, now also made available to others in English, French, Greek, Spanish and Italian.

What the PATIENTS' FRONT has patho-practised and achieved in detail is noted in Geschichte der Patientenfront. Grundgipfellagiges, Ergaenzendes, Frakturen (History of the Patients' Front. Basics-summits, completing remarks, fractures).

Since 1998, we have also added our library of specified illness application (www.spkpfh.de), which now contains more than 1.300 offensive writings of illness [Kraenkschriften] in the most important languages. For us, for others. Because who is not ill these days?

Many of our pathopractical actions against medical domination are also documented there, especially against the genuinely primordial Modern-EuthaNAZIsm, against organ theft, against forced treatment in psychiatry and hospitals, against iatro-biontic warfare, against genocidal genetics, against media shitheads and SPK falsifiers, and also our electronic class struggle: actions of SPK/PF(H) and the MFE patient collectives in the transnational patient class.

External commentaries:
On the occasion of a publication of texts of the SPK and the PATIENTS' FRONT [SPK/PF(H)] in Italy in 1992 the Journal of culture and politics INVARIANTI (Rome) made the following statement about SPK/PF(H) in a review:

A part of the PATIENTS' FRONT at present runs KRANKHEIT IM RECHT (since August, 23rd, 1985).

Previously, in fact since January 1976, the PATIENTS' FRONT had taken charge of a lawyer's office in Mannheim and continued it at a different address. For one year, this office had been facing its voluntary unvoluntary closing due to a lack of political perspective and financial ruin, and it was at the same time expected too much of, particularly by a huge number of patients in hospitals. It was SPK, SPK/PF(H), that saved this lawyer's office, fundamentally changed its function and maintained by that the political and legal protection highly necessary for the patients to attack the doctors' class.

The press reports about the PATIENTS' FRONT, the Front Patients and their lawyers fill several folders, although we have been boycotting the German press since 1970 because of the compelling reasons it has imposed.

Owing to the compulsary move because of redevelopment measures executed in this part of town the term lawyer's office was dropped.

In 1985, however, the SPK/PF(H), due to a relocation, deliberately dropped the until then existing denomination lawyers' office, now at the new location, risking the attempt to call it frankly what it had been and what it had exercised all time, even as an unprecedented innovation, namely KRANKHEIT IM RECHT, Pathopraktik mit Juristen (Illness in the Right / Illness in Justice, Pathopractice with Jurists) which has turned out meanwhile to be a matter of course, even in the eyes of the juridical and official establishment, disregarding all resistances and troubles (instigated by the ruling doctors' class against ourselves), which we had to overcome.

KRANKHEIT IM RECHT is opened daily from 9 a.m. till 6 p.m. Personal contact also at other times and 24 hours a day (a telephone answering machine only mediates during some hours at night). No self-help group, no patients' protection group, no run-away-house refuge [kein Weglaufhaus], no euthanasia help [keine Sterbehilfe], no master human rights circle [kein Herrenmenschenrechtsverein], but: the only pro-illness organization. KRANKHEIT IM RECHT makes it sure that illness is rendered right (-> Interview at Radio Dreyeckland).

What does this mean in a work-technical view, that means patho-practically?
(Overview from the early years)

From outside:
Hurrah, came off the tablets and syringes. Coming out of hospital tomorrow. The woman doctor: "Against your SPK-HUBER there is no medicine." May I then come at once, do you write me something to be presented? Am in a hurry. / He is doped with psychopharmaca and is standing upon the railing of my balcony. It's too much for me. Come and help, for heaven's sake! / The flat is lost. Am living in the forest since yesterday. I can't go to the authority personally. They'll lock me up otherwise. / If I may not see my little girl, I'll kill them all. / In the hospital they wanted to take off my leg. I struggled and I left. The inflammation now is also gone. How do I write my cancellation? / ... ... ...

To the extern:

To the intern:
Development and increase of our skills in everybody of us, techniques of anticipation, techniques of thinking, bodily technical skills. Structures of hierarchy and working one against the other were to abolish in our context even before their arising, daily liberation from the imperatives of repression, abolition of the separation of head and hand, abolishing also the separation of phantasies, feelings, will and thinking. Economical repression from outside had collectively to be overcome in order to gain and to keep independence from money and in order to avoid dependence created by money from outside. Not any financial dependence, not any public subsidies.

Our revolution. Utopathy. Aim achieved.

There are collaborating within KRANKHEIT IM RECHT (Illness in the Right / Illness in Justice): some hundred years of formation and being trained in practical work, trade and industry, and of course also our diplomas and titles in medicine, natural and human sciences and also in informatics, philology and pedagogy, 17 different professions altogether. For comparison: in the usual offices of doctors and lawyers and also in court there only work some decades represented by small-time and donkey work (Schmalspur und Handlangerei).

There exist all tools which could be necessary for use in our work, as rooms, vehicles, computers with about hundred current programs (programmed by ourselves). Printing machines: 320 tapes for the computer printing machine have been consumed, 900.000 photocopies until now could have been done, etc.

A whole load of action, some more details of which there have been taken down in our one-week-average action report as an example (see below).

NB: What nowadays is KRANKHEIT IM RECHT was already SPK back then, case by case [Rechtszug um Rechtszug]. Did the SPK at that time not pathopractice already each case "tactically", often enough from the outset and in addition to that? Compare! On whose side was and is thus, at all times, K.O.-tism (chaotism)? Not on the side of SPK/PF, in any case.


On the question: what does KRANKHEIT IM RECHT mean "with regard to content"
in everyday practice, that is in pathopractice?

Schedule of activities of any week out of 31 years of KRANKHEIT IM RECHT
(contacts by telephone, by mail and personally)

activities done in the sense, never in the presence of Huber, thus in difference (?-) to the original SPK. Note: sense is radical, at the bottom of all doing and speaking radical (agitation that makes the differences clear in action and in speech), just like the reality of nowadays under the domination of the medical class is perhaps the utmost radicalism and totalitarism, nicknamed democracy (compare iatro-democracy, see: Numbers and Supernumeraries). The rest is not sense, but useless and detrimental nonsense.




38-year-old man, inventor and specialized in electronics, heard "voices" coming out of his computer and therefore was persecuted by psychiatrists; he also was persecuted for his unusual political activities. We discuss the difference between PATIENTS' FRONT (PF) and so-called self-help groups. What is important for him above all is the following: the PF is productive, saying what needs to be done, in contrast to so-called leftists who only pretend to be against this, against that, criticizing, blah, blah, blah, being passive. He wants to open a meeting point for people to start making his own KRANKHEIT IM RECHT.


36-year-old man, an industrial manager, who had been receiving therapy for years (poisoned by medical drugs and interned, attempted "sui"cide caused by doctors);
a) he wants to start a practical training at KRANKHEIT IM RECHT and brings friends to learn from KRANKHEIT IM RECHT so they may continue this work on their own.
b) We also arrange for a man he met at the State Mental Hospital to accompany him to court as his representative in illness' matters [Beistand im Krankheitswesen]. He was charged a veterinarian's bill because his dog bit another dog.

A woman questions us because of candlelight processions against Nazis. With KRANKHEIT IM RECHT each and every day not superficial attacks on Nazism but each and every day we attack its ideological basis and fundamental principles that are provided by doctors. The difference between Nazis and fascists was made clear.


45-year-old  man, skull-brain-injury as a result of a work accident: since 15 (!) years the medical expert who has to decide on his pension, is playing tricks on him and refuses to write the report. Actual problem: the man is being harassed by the Federal Railway: first they gave him the wrong ticket, then charged him for 'riding without paying'. KRANKHEIT IM RECHT helps him express his protest and together we start some counterattacks: a seventeen-page complaint and criminal charge against the rail officers for "deliberately misleading the authorities", "squandering tax money" and "persecution of innocent people". This patient is not willing to give in and meanwhile the rail authorities would prefer to never have started the affair.


37-year-old man, just divorced, independent trade. For years he has been menaced by lawyers and courts to return tools he never received. By agitation and thus initiation of the active side of illness, he is able to overcome his fear of courts and can therefore appear at court on his own. A representative in illness' matters [Beistand im Krankheitswesen] from KRANKHEIT IM RECHT is with him at the trial sitting in the court room in case he needs support: he wins the case.


29-year-old woman, locked up in a State Mental Hospital because she argued with her parents. Her fiancé endowed with the authorization for representation developed and tested by KRANKHEIT IM RECHT (giving a legal status to people, when supporting others in the confrontation with doctors: representative in illness' matters, authorized representative); he forces the doctors by means of a juridical achieved temporary injunction to lift the ban on his visiting her. She was in actual danger of "suicide" because of the isolation imposed on her by the women doctors. Political background: some women doctors at the State Mental Hospital made use of psychiatry in the service of "feminist politics". The fiancé wants to establish KRANKHEIT IM RECHT in the village he lives and starts to become acquainted with the theory and practice of the PATIENTS' FRONT.


75-year-old man, former police officer and janitor at a children's home. The question to be discussed: shall he send the bailiff to get money owed to him, only to take revenge and punish his debtor? Background of the discussion: scarcity is produced by the doctors and therefore it is everyone against everyone, the oppressed against the oppressed as well. The point however is to attack the "real" enemy.



39-year-old man, computer specialist. After reading a (somehow left) students' text written about the Socialist Patients' Collective, he finds himself exhausted. He understands his physical reaction as a protest against the students' stupidity bred at the university. Because of that the students are not able to crack even one single signifyer of domination [Herrschaftssignifikant], are not able to destroy even one single chain built out of the ruling language in everyone's mind. On the contrary, this is collaboration with ideological imperialism directed against everyone's mind (brain imperialism [Hirnimperialismus] which has effects on the body as well (exhaustion, headaches, stomach aches, weariness).


32-year-old woman, graduate student studying for a doctorate. She comes to us a) because of problems with her eyes, b) because a dentist refuses to treat her and refers her to a psychiatrist, and c) because she quarrels with her professor and is always defeated by him in controversial discussions. She wants to turn her reactionary response to problems into an attack and to stir up (agitate, set in motion) the active side of her sickness.

30-year-old student, single parent of two children. He is writing about SPK for his university exam. He is under pressure for lack of time and money and has problems with the abundance of material about the SPK/PF(H), much of it simply not known to him yet. We discuss how to help him and how to make his work easier.
11. Postman: questions about candlelight processions and Nazism in everyday life.


50-year-old teacher, suffering from malaria effects after working abroad. She wants to join KRANKHEIT IM RECHT immediately. Confronted with the solutions and the underlying problems she is overwhelmed by the bundled power of sickness, by both its reactionary and its revolutionary side. Consequence: she first familiarizes herself with the basic principles of SPK/PF(H), the concept of illness.


40-year-old woman. Every two weeks she is forced to take an injection of nerve poison medicine ("depot" injection): if she refuses, she is threatened with being sent back to the State Mental Hospital. In reading the new SPK/PF/Huber book "Ueber das Anfangen" (On the Beginning) she is glad to find out that she is still able to read and comprehend in spite of the psychopharmaca bombardment against her. By reading this book she got moving and started to organize people (fellow patients) from a church self-help group, which now also attacks doctors.

57-year-old patient from abroad, who has been in contact with us for many years. Her conduct in an actual confrontation makes us describe what she does as an provocative intrigue and collaboration with the Fuehrer of a self-help group, an exploiter of patients. She breaks off contact with us.
15. We support someone who is under the tax inspector's investigation.
We have arranged for a husband who is in the process of divorce to be reachable by post so that the divorce he wants can go ahead. His problems with alcohol are meanwhile resolved.


We advise a lawyer that the right to inspect the court's files of course exists for patients, too. Our aim: to fend off the invective of an ignorant judge, who was totally terrified because a woman patient came to see her. In the judge's opinion, the lawyer should have stopped this terrifying event and prevent the patient from seeing the judge. Yes, it still happens that people who demand their rights are rejected, especially by legal experts who ought to know that this is a punishable offense (criminal justice).

We agree with a "left" book shop that they make a stand with SPK/PF(H) books during a meeting of left social crawlers (social workers). The bookstore employs tricks and sabotage to protect the social crawlers&Lefties from being attacked. Still open bill.

A patient with whom we had agreed to split (no further cooperation was possible because she confused friend and enemy) sends other patients to KRANKHEIT IM RECHT. Previously we had collectively organized her release from the State Mental Hospial; her housing and work, and a problem with alcohol in her circle of friends had to be tackled, too.


To someone from the "patients' protection association" we explain the difference between SPK and PATIENTS' FRONT, SPK/PF(H), on the one hand and run-away-houses refuges, the patients' protection clubs, self-help groups etc. on the other hand. We are the only pro-illness-organization. Difference between HUBER (SPK/PF) and a physician, what HUBER himself by his own decision not continues to be. No further questions.
21. Questions answered concerning water rights in Southern Europe.


Debate with an expert historian about the new SPK/PF/Huber book Ueber das Anfangen (On the Beginning). His conclusion: after reading this book I now know that I was misled by false interpretations by leftists, considering the student movement of the sixties and the SPK to be identical or parallel; now I see that SPK/PF(H) and the student movement is out of all proportion.


49-year-old woman with marital problems. Persecuted by the neighbours of her little village she is told that she soon will be imprisoned in a psychiatric hospital. Attempted suicide with a hair dryer in her bathtub. We inform her that from an astropathic view (i.e. so-called astrology under the revolutionary concept of illness) the village where she lives has the tendency that everyone living there tends to exaggerate everyday's events and to charge emotionally these little events very much. This pathopractic advice (i.e. practical doing based on the revolutionary concept of illness) enables her to cope better with her neighbours' hostility. A temporary change of location helps her overcome the crisis.


In contrast to the medical results of a clinic, we determine by means of astropathy that it is not the aggravation of what the doctors diagnosed as "cancer" from which an 85-year-old patient suffers, causing him trouble in breathing (no, it was not head of state Honecker from Ex-DDR!). Background: Doctors had pressed the patient to be shot with a series of X-rays, as usual.
We receive a call from a patient in a hospital far away who wants support against the medical terror of imprisonment and injections.

Sporadically we also assist children and grandchildren to get along with the effects of medical treatment, troubles at school and in apprenticeship, and with authorities, foreign language correspondence with pen pals etc.

Note: This is not an advertisement. Those who do not like it, should stay away. Anyway we regularily pay the price. Also in form of money.


Case work? Street work? Borderline cases?
No, not at all:

From its beginnings until now and into the future SPK/PF(H) has been striving and continues to be striving to bring about practical changes in all persons, things and relations, which it happens to come into contact.

In this respect, neither book-writing, nor artistic or any other performances are of any use before these practical changes have been made and before these practical changes, in what and with whom they are concerned, have brought about the said changes in practice and experience. SPK/PF(H) also has to say that revolutionary work, as described on the preceding pages produces not only better illness, better hormones and better endorphines but also better states of ecstasy and immunity than the best foods & drugs can achieve.

Some years ago the SPK/PF(H) concluded that its revolutionary goal has been achieved: its reality is becoming permanently cleaned of doctoral and Nazist influences, they are replaced by what SPK/PF(H) calls the conditio of utopathy.

If your wishes also tend to practical changes, look at your environment and do it yourself.


Announcement from Krankheit im Recht, October 2016

If you need authentic SPK information, you have called the only place authorised to provide it: SPK/PF(H), Krankheit im Recht, Pathopraktik mit Juristen.

Furthermore, we hereby inform you that KRANKHEIT IM RECHT, after 31 years of successful activity, no longer exists in its previous form. The part of the Patients' Front that has been doing KRANKHEIT IM RECHT continues to be active in the Patients’ Front.

Everybody who turns to us is therefore urged to take action pro illness on their own behalf, to turn their relatives and acquaintances into representatives in illness' matters [Beistaende im Krankheitswesen]. How this is to be done can be read in our electronic newspaper: www.spkpfh.de.

KRANKHEIT IM RECHT will continue to be the public contact point for SPK matters all over the world.

Thank you for calling.

Without the Patients' Front, there would be no more SPK writings to read.

The KRRIM - PF-Verlag für Krankheit (KRRIM - PF Publisher pro Illness) (P.O. Box 12 10 41, 68061 Mannheim, Germany), founded in September 1986, publishes the SPK and PATIENT'S FRONT writings of illness, as well as translations into the most widely used foreign languages - from the original documents of the first days to the philosophical-systematic explanations elaborated by HUBER (SPK/PF) WD, Dr.med., in prison, and several of the lectures given at international congresses since 1976, as well as other books by SPK/PF(H). In the meantime, there are more than half a hundred publications, see the list of publications.

Why writings of illness? We do not write "books" at all, nothing for, nothing against. Our writings are not even supposed to be "experience reports". Yes, we also write books, but only about how we, SPK/PF(H) and the SPK/PF MFE units, have succeeded in coping with the whole real-iatrocapitalism bullshit, have freed ourselves from it.

Writings of illness (a sample):

Moreover, since 1998 there is the internet site of SPK/PF(H) - we call it Stromzeitung (electronic newspaper) - with meanwhile more than 1.300 electronic publications in the most important world languages, publications and not only the few leaflets, the latter of which Professor von BAEYER had once tried to stifle (August 1969, see time line) by offering HUBER chances to become a guy like him (President of the World Association of Psychiatry as well as military psychiatrist and what else). Not to mention the administrative director of the University Clinics who had offered HUBER 7 months' salary a few days before the start of the SPK, officially but secretly, in order to get HUBER to stop his attacks and leave Heidelberg as soon as possible.

Post script (HUBER):

Up to now I have not read one single word of the judicial or medical sentences against me. What I got thereabout, mainly from left wing publications, but also from other publications has not the slightest relation to illness which is what my doing and my thinking were related to from the first beginnings of the here mentioned contexts. Thus:
no concern to illness, bullshit.

I got to know from these publishers, for example, that we were sentenced because of "targeted revolutionary action" [gezieltes revolutionaeres Handeln] (nota benissime!). As you can see in this formula there lacks completely the word illness, both as basic matter and as a goal. They replaced it by the "constitutional order of the Federal Republic of Germany" which also lacks the word illness. Thus:
no concern to illness, bullshit.

I also remember from those publications that I now was - in my own words - a chief gangster, a manager of explosives and a falsificator of passports. Rightly or wrongly and apart from all modesty to be expected I confess to this day that I did my very utmost and every possible thing at all times to advance and protect illness and all what was collectively connected with illness' matter. But the named afore-mentioned terms, from which I myself like to make use of if the occasion is there for it, also lack any hint to illness. Thus:
no concern to illness, bullshit.

Of course there arose from illness our working circles on crime guerilla and even our magic sex workshops [Arbeitskreise ueber Stadtguerilla, Sexualitaet, etc.], revolutionary ones, because not therapeutic at all, not medically recommendable at all, not to mention the hygienic view. But it seems that those publishers while writing about us mostly were practicing spirit- and dope workshops, arising from what is medically licensed and even recommended. And because there was a tremendous lack of dope and spirits in SPK, because those things didn't fit at all to our Krankheitsbegriff (concept of illness), sex & crime - as they are linked to illness until nowadays - yet remain without concern to illness, remain to be bullshit.

It is true that even the US army and the NATO-German army, of course, had sent representatives to the crises staffs when the persecutional investigations had started. Attracted by illness as it was in the "phototechnical workshop" or by other fetishes, more familiar to them than illness? In deeds scarcely [wohl kaum!]. For they withdrew as soon as possible, as I remember from the notes of some of the afore-mentioned publishers. Thus: no concern to illness, bullshit, regarding illness and regarding all our doing and thinking about it up to nowadays.

Anyone who has published or publishes about the SPK has at hand, in the last five paragraphs, the test of how deep he himself or she herself is still stuck in the bullshit or if he or she is already fairly up to date, thanks to SPK, decades thereafter.


The secret of illness is the human species

Our theory of revolution (outline)

Pro-illness being the principle, the warfare against the medical doctors is the strategic main point, if that is being missed no end of oppression and no beginning of liberation in not any of the liberation movements will ever be feasible, no utopathy, that is: no human species, ever. Well then, everything forming a unified whole cast, namely: principle, method, and aim. That’s what we call Diapathics, because it is a materialistic dialectics, indeed, for the first time a materialistic dialectics: materialistic, because it is pre-set in the substance of the dynamics of illness (illness substance, matter), and the human species that is to be brought about is the energetic field of tension belonging to it, the strength of illness being the driving force (catalyzing agens) that is going to happen with it, recognizable from its influences and effects that are bringing about a new reality, blasting off the existing reality. That’s our theory of revolution. And the practice, the pathopractice?: We all are already, as different as we are amongst ourselves, most closely bound to each other, at least as close as illness is bound to any single one of us. That’s the strongest binding force. Who attempts to bring about separation, will be experiencing it.  

The secret of illness is the human species.
Everyone is tied to particular illness [Einzelkrankheit] which objectively aims at the creation of human species.
But the doctors reinforce the particular illness to make money out of it.

Revolution is but illness’ strength, otherwise it was none at all





Collective Translation:

Kurd Ch. Schager, Dipl.-Angl., M.A.soc.ling. , PF/SPK MFE

Final editing: