Manual Oracle

For who is front patient (FP), illness is weapon of change and recognition.

The FP remembers: All phenomena, things, feelings, thoughts, people are a symptom, either for

a) the active, progressive, revolutionary effectiveness of illness


b) for the reactive, reactionary, passive effectiveness of illness.

Who approaches everything as a symptom makes everything ill, turns the patient into the activist, namely either

a) into the revolutionary


b) into the reactionary.

Who can tell whereby what he turns into?

Everyone as a Third (Dritter) can tell it by whether he does the becoming ill (Krankwerden)

a) actively


b) passively.

Which means does the Third make use of, respectively which means do make use of him, when he wants to turn the symptom

a) into an active moment


b) into a reactive moment?

In either case it is illness that is making use of him.

He, in either case, is making use of either

a) the concept of illness


b) the model of illness

Whereby can he tell whether he is making use of the concept of illness
                                                                           or of the model of illness?

In the first case thereby that in the becoming ill he

  1. keeps being active and goes up to the end of what he is able to

  2. reactivates the traces of illness in everything and everybody and experiences the accompanying joy

  3. reconfigures, transforms, dominates and subjugates the reactive moment in its totality and in its every part.

In the second case he can tell it thereby that he from the model of illness

  1. values and calculates on terms of health and lives for his health instead of living

  2. seeks and emphasizes all, that is separating him from illness, all, that is destroying activity from the viewpoint of iatroimperialism (damage, benefit, consequences)

  3. utilizes the activity of becoming ill and exploits and subjugates the active, revolutionary moment, "activates" bad conscience (guilt in illness) and lamentation, separates illness from what it is able to and turns it against himself.

The Third is either the archiater (medical doctor), i.e. everything whereby somebody hinders illness from rising beyond itself, are values, like: what do the others say (orientation towards the/their powerlessness), is that for real, was that a victory, was it not primarily because of capitalism, the state, the laws, our attitude ...


following the symptoms, continues to dissolve anything

into qualities

and activities.

PF/SPK(H), 1977

Translation: MFE Crae  nc, 25.01.2008

Final editing: