The world depends on you, on the SPK/PF(H)
(Statement  from Vandalusia - ¡Enfermedades uníos!)

Almost as soon as our first translation into Spanish had appeared in the shop windows of the bookstores there, the first phone calls reached KRANKHEIT IM RECHT (KRI, even é-crit) here. A woman, till then a chance acquaintance, a civil servant by profession, and also for this free from any suspicion of illness, was completely flabbergasted after she had recognized us at the phone. She was one among several callers. In the following passage we report her views and our comments. Meanwhile, she has translated them into her mother tongue and passed them on in Spain.

May 7- 1997

As to understanding and reading aids, we have considered them being superfluous since we have given our definite farewell to the press, all too free only against us, as well as to its public, all too rebellious only against us, a farewell thus to any Normoisie. In doing so, it was never our intention to enlighten others only inadequately about the reach [Tragweite] of our approach that for us, being always right in the middle of practicing it, goes without saying, this approach, in its thoroughness, brevity and completeness, word for word and line for line. Well then, it nevertheless exists, this reach [Tragweite], for others as well, and nothing pleases us more than the fact that it is others who are asking us in the general (their own) well-understood interest, to actively oppose vigorously any attempt to cover by shrivelling [verhutzelmaenteln] the revolutionary reach of the overall matter illness [Gesamtsachverhalt Krankheit] through trivializations and reduced conceptions and representations of the SPK.

Against this the following communication and announcement:

The whole world depends on you. All people must seriously take care of turning illness into a weapon, in order to get to know it. That’s what I’ve noticed only now by reading for the first time your new publication in Spanish. SPK – HACER DE LA ENFERMEDAD UN ARMA (SPK – TURN ILLNESS INTO A WEAPON) is so profound and all comprehensive. It is forbidden to you to permit anyone to trivialize the SPK. I myself, and despite all the things I had heard about the SPK, was mistaken, for instance when I was telling to my brother that the SPK is just a group in Germany that has turned illness into a weapon, that is developed a different way of dealing with illness: in this the most important thing is missing, and that’s the mistake in this statement, a fundamentally wrong, erroneous mistake, a falsification in the matter. That’s because the SPK is not just a group among other groups, but, how should I put it, it’s everything and for everybody, and the whole world depends on it. All other approaches don't reach far enough, and therefore they are only false and harmful. You’ll have to make that perfectly clear for everybody. Otherwise, many people will not be able to grasp the reach of it, in spite of the fact that each sentence, each particular detail is crystal clear and convincing, suitable for extension and in need of further questioning, depending on the particular conditions of the circumstances given, though being objectively and logically on principle and in its foundation irrefutable.

Once again, what you have to put first everywhere and before anything else, is this:

  1. The SPK is not just one group among other groups.
  2. Illness is by no means what it appears to be everywhere.
  3. Only in conjunction with your text SPK – HACER DE LA ENFERMEDAD UN ARMA, there is a way out of the maze of a whole world-epoch [die Irre einer ganzen Weltepoche].

Like this or in a similar way we’ve heard that many times already since the nineties, but never in this thoroughness and decisiveness. For our part we have nothing to add to this phone communication in foreign language from abroad, nothing but self-doing approval and spreading. As a comprehension and reading aid, it is indeed a necessary completion and that’s as certain as illness is the most demanding matter in general and in absoluteness [Krankheit das Anspruchsvollste überhaupt].