The state of the world is illness. What is to be done?

It’s not only after the Nostradamus wars that in the radioactively contaminated and mummified regions illness has become the most important matter.

Not for the medical doctors, but quite on the contrary: illness becomes the undeniable challenge to revolutionise everything – yes, everything! – for the first time really and in the right way, immediately, thus revolution in one and in every generation, for all the involved people, and this not for the purpose of improving the world or for the purpose of improvements some day in the future, but in permanent relation to the utopathic species: human beings like never before in history.

There is much to be learned from the practical experiences of the SPK (Socialist Patients’ Collective) and from its all-embracing theory of the concept of illness. The complete other world literature doesn’t contain anything of the kind.

Freely and independently those participating must learn how to apply all this; because somewhere else everything is always somehow more or less different.

The main thing: The direction is right and you stick unwaveringly to the fundamental, and not let yourself be wavered by ideologisms and hopes and trust in scientific-technical or political promises and insinuations, no matter where they come from.


How everyone can do SPK themselves: MFE-Collective

Krankheit im Recht
(Illness in the Right/Illness in Justice)
Pathopraktik mit Juristen
(Pathopractice with Jurists)

J. W. 


Dear J.,

during our phone conversation yesterday we talked about many important issues which, although quite a long conversation, clearly could only be touched. We have been talking about many a thing already in the past, as we’ve known each other for quite some time now. However, since this time you have complained about the failure of all that has been politically important to you in the last years, and since far and wide there isn’t any further prospective for you, we didn’t want to neglect to have pointed out once again in all clarity that, according to the situation and state of the world, there is really and actually no other alternative but: making patients’ front.

Spontaneously, perhaps, you may say: Always the same old song! Each club considers itself being the navel of the world. But there is a difference, for – modesty there, presumptiousness here – in fact it is this way and no other: illness is the navel of the world (just have a look around!) and therefore us too, referring to illness in a specific way. Now, this is true also for each he and she who does the same thing, independently of us, and therefore there’s no need at all that others get bothered by our "navel". What we truly want is, what almost everybody wants: to get along with their illness together and collectively. To all those we pose the same requirement: Do something for yourselves, make the PATIENTS’ FRONT yourselves! This is how we have put it already 14 years ago in a transmission at Radio Dreyecksland.

Besides, outsiders too are very well capable of grasping the importance of our approach in all its consequences. A statement from abroad regarding the publication of our book SPK – Turn Illness into a Weapon in Spanish, at the beginning of this year, likewise points out in all clarity how important the sharpness of distinction is, and that not only for patients who are looking for and need orientation, but for everybody, for is there anyone who is not a patient nowadays: The SPK is not just one group among other groups. The whole world depends on you. All people must seriously take care of turning illness into a revolutionary weapon, in order to get to know it (Statement from Vandalusia enclosed in the attachments).

Also, often it is not uncommon that especially those who have made a great deal of experiences with the usual political groupings and elsewhere have got quite clear the difference of all that to our orientation. "Since I know yours, I’ve realised how much is excluded with the Leftists, what is omitted, what is not even considered, and which genocidal threats (genocide) to large parts of the population, if not", so declared several activists of a Youth Centre just these days, once again.

Since the in the beginnings still so ill-famed and anathematised SPK-times, we have met more and more with wide approval, while everything else has rotted away more and more. Nevertheless, we can’t make anything dependent on approvals. But who as a front patient likewise wants to go his or her own way like us, for instance you yourself and at least two others, can be sure that, in any case, it is not us who will throw those spanners in their work, that come up from the enemy side on a massive scale, but are to be cleared away by virtue of illness as we also have demonstrated.

In addition to our phone conversation, we include here a few copies, taken out of one of our texts (cf. KRANKHEIT, DIE GANZHEIT MIT ZUKUNFT [Illness, the entirety with a future, available in German], KRRIM – PF-Publisher pro Illness, pp. 87/88, 368-375, see below).

It’s yours to decide, together with all those who are also occupied with the matter, what of what has been written down is actually useful and important for you.

There also have been other people already who have begun on their own, and who for a start had seen nothing but the book cover of SPK - Turn Illness into a Weapon with the kidney-stone slogan on it, and that alone was impulse enough for them to get off heroin, and that explicitly without and against every medical doctor and each kind of withdrawal-therapy (see Patientenstimme [Patients’ Voice] No. 2, p. 41, copy attached). Or we were informed that there is an MFE only after it had been running for more than one year, and only then we had direct and personal contact with them. There, too, SPK – Turn Illness into a Weapon had been the impulse for the beginning. And there, too, it were people who previously and for long had been participating quite actively in current politics, but they, too, had got the impression, just like you, that the important things always happen somewhere else. From the moment they have started with illness and with themselves, that is all over. Because with oneself, one is never too late. With already existing socialist or communist youth organisations or any other association exactly the opposite. There, everything was and is and will increasingly be too late, everything for everyone – as it always has been. Right? And meanwhile it’s increasingly the others who’ve got the impression that it’s them who have missed the bus.

Here once again our proposal: Start right away and make MFE-Patients’ Front, just as indicated in the examples. You do it in the way, you yourself and the other three or four people, who can rely on each other, want it. If you then think any further tip from us or from other already existing MFEs would be useful for you, just let us know. But you’d better not ask every Tom, Dick and Harry, that is "students", "proles" or "well-off people". For they are useless and futile at this respect, in brief: a waste of time; because the world doesn’t have time eternally for everything, even if you are only 29 years old right now – (and therefore, by the way, even too old for the "Independents" [Autonome]. With Castro, around 1959, the oldest "Independents" – mountain farmers, forest farmers and grain farmers – were about 70 years old, and they were all most welcome yet, if all the other requirements were met).

How might such tips look like? A brand-new example: several people abroad, who had already started to be an MFE, wanted to have a representative in illness’ matter [Beistand im Krankheitswesen] for a specific juridical-technical purpose. Our tip in this case: You find yourselves someone who has no idea but is willing and then learns from you what is needed. Reply: that’s great, really great! That’s already liberation from a lot of superfluous and damaging stuff, for sure. This way you really become independent. That’s the sheer opposite to a sect, an association, a party or even a dictatorship of "experts". This is the only right thing here and today. It’s the only way to start, and really get on then, if you do it like that and stick to it.

Let us know what you think about it.

Beistand im Krankheitswesen (representative in illness‘ matter)

ps: In case, the whole thing was a misunderstanding and you really didn’t mean it like that, there’s no harm. As to Dr. Hugo and the dentist case, things are proceeding anyway (all who have learned of the homicide division’s raid at the dentist’s practice have thoroughly enjoyed it).

What is the difference between actionism and pathopractice?

Those of today and those of the future become patients’ class or the iatrocapitalistically programmed illness will be finishing off all the rest. This is as certain as illness, as certain as there is certainty, that is made of illness’ matter, namely as certainty of illness, and nothing else apart from that.

The conscience from the Parliament, or that of the judges, as well as any other consciousness was, is and remains an irrational category. That’s what not only the "Left" has learned once and long since forgotten over the past 200 years. But "the revolution is radical and profound", the revolution through illness, should be added.

Taken from: Krankheit – Die Ganzheit mit Zukunft (Illness - The Entirety with a Future), pp. 87-88:

Training course or principle of Multifocal Expansionism (MFE)?

Front Patient (FP) 2: Starting point in our current discussion was the concept of illness and we spoke about practical, pathopractical effectiveness. Here, in this meeting, we can "only" just inform you, for the time being. This makes a difference. – Because in esoterics and politics it is often talked about "training": it is a difference between hearing something about "training" and doing a "training". Comparatively spoken, this here of course is not the "training" itself. That’s only when you take it up, do it yourself together with your people. But by talking about things, you at least become real, and have got the chance of entering in a relation with the reality-effectiveness of illness [Krankheitswirklichkeit]. We do not ask you: join our weekend seminar, 800 € or so. No, no exceptions or leisure time, on Ibiza or in the Black Forest, but turning the everyday life into a state of exception. Take it up yourself and do it yourself. We have called that MFE-principle in the SPK, multifocal expansionism the corresponding "form of organisation". You put it into practice with the same people you usually are together. There, then, it soon will show who will be staying with it, who co-operates, and who not. Polarisation, some come closer together, others stay away. Otherwise, it would be a waste of time with those others anyway, moreover, they would let you down when things really matter. Then, you also won’t have to deal with 1,000 excuses, especially when things are going to get serious and urgent. Thus: concept of illness and diapathics. In our introductory lecture, this has already been connected also to biological and physical matters. To remember: propagation, no procreation, that’s how it was called there.

FP 3: Perhaps returning again to the question asked earlier on: "When I’ve got pains, I surely must do something against them." In that (turning to N) you are excluding the process of origin of these pains. And not only this: there are two possibilities to make use of illness: one is that you can get yourself comfortable and thus contribute strongly to maintaining the disease-causing conditions until they necessarily and regularly become manifest as illnesses and pains, and then to go and see a doctor. The other possibility: acknowledging that everybody is ill in any case and that the situation in which one suffers from pains will, then, sooner or later appear, to already have done something in advance. So, not to wait until, for example the headache comes, but to have thought before: in which contexts has it already come before? What can we do together? ... Therefore you have to include not only the factory, the business, but capitalism as a whole, all the cosmic correlations, astropathy, e.g., the planetary constellations, etc.

Taken from: Krankheit - Die Ganzheit mit Zukunft (Illness – the Entirety with a Future), pp. 368-375:

Time perspective of the revolution. SPK-action forms

Q: That about the different action degrees – each one after another – to me has always seemed rather far away from reality. With you, SPK and Patients’ Front, totally different, all at once. I still remember it from the ’68 activists, such an action-list about resistance, revolution. It starts at the very bottom with getting yourself informations, then, slogan at the toilet wall of the working place, leaflets, assemblies, demonstrations, but you always have to be very careful that things don’t get too fast; because of the consciousness of the masses, which is not developed enough yet, as they always say. Then: arming, conquering of territories, forcing the class enemy to negotiations, expansion, overthrow of the government, seizure of power, implementation of own government apparatus. Only then one would be able to slowly take up with improvements on the economic and the social field. And about clinics, loony bins and prisons was not even thought of on paper yet.

X: Step by step by step by step … that all takes an incredible lot of time; actually, such a model of evolution, from the lower to the higher. There can always be delays, relapses, setbacks; then again the whole thing from the beginning. (Turrning to the frontpatients:) You instead, state categorically: illness at the beginning, continue with illness, stick to illness. Thus, no steps, no policy of small steps or even of major steps and jumps, and not to forget the big jump-offs.

Programmed mass infirmity under the medical doctors’ rulership

FP 7: The conditions are extremely weakened, up to the point that, at the same time, the people themselves are too weak to make a revolution in any of the traditional ways. But to liberate oneself from all medical conditions, from all medical determination, here and now, everybody can take care of that, at any time and any place. This is by far more than it may appear. This is the means of transformation of the entirety [Gesamtumwandlung], abolishing and overcoming of the totality of experience [Aufhebung der Erfahrungsgesamtheit] (universal, a priori and transcendental). It is more urgent than ever. All signs point towards illness. There is no other revolutionary approach that suits the present conditions. Can you tell us one? All the previous approaches have been outdated by events, acceleration, development, alienation raised to exponentially increasing power. Development is general destruction (evolution–!). A continual, irreversible development, sometimes by leaps and bounds: Seveso, Bhopal, Chernobyl, the burning of prisoners (fires in mental hospitals, old people’s homes, children’s homes, asylums), BARSCHEL and the FLICKs and ABSes.*

* Taken down not in occasion of the political parties’ illegal financing scandal, but already in 1971, s. SPK-Dokumentation II, p. 1. Reporters of the BUNTE magazine then had publicly laughed their heads off, because of FLICK & ABS.

Strengthen the collective patient-being. Dissociate your connection to this mass murdering medicine-phantom, that is Iatrocapitalism. When the next big blow comes, you’ll already be prepared in quite a different way. You can therefore substitute what Marxism calls the subjective factor by illness. By this you’ve got more, you’ve got something different. Subjective factor and objective conditions overcome in illness. Illness, the entirety with a future.

Who would oppose to that? The medical doctors and their fellow travellers in the state, in economy and in society. They benefit from fixing illness as single destiny of the others. These people don’t give up their positions and places voluntarily, continue to go on just like this, after all that has happened. The medical doctors deploy even megatons of toxics in order to keep their position. For them applies: We shall march onwards until everything crashes down in pieces, we ruin Germany, and tomorrow the whole world (alusion to a Nazi march). Thus, mass infirmity under the medical rulership, increasingly, this is their schedule. Therefore once again: illness at the beginning, continue with illness, stick to illness. Complete, perfect and in all the future [vollstaendig, endgueltig, nachhaltig].

Action scheme of pathopractics

I: What I know about the SPK, there was everything included, right away from the start, everything stroke by stroke, right from the beginning, within a few months

Interjection: one year and a half

the SPK had put on the way and off the wrong track more things than others who had ten years and more. You were tackling things as if every day were the last one. You also have that in spiritualism which demands that sort of attitude. Actually, that was really done with one stroke, the final point already made, provision already obtained and for disposal somewhere; then, general assembly, occupation of the administration building, occupation of the university’s Rector’s Office, direct confrontation, other cities, printing machines, and, in parallel … in any case: working circles on Dialectics, MARX, LENIN, REICH, HEGEL. Here too, it now has become clearer to me: since you are already ill you can’t relate yourself to illness in the way of attacking certain single institutions or single law paragraphs or articles, away with paragraph X or Y, or suchlike. It has to be more fundamental, has to cover all sectors, including even the preconditions of thinking in the brain. Then, in principle, nothing can go wrong, nothing can be wrong in principle, if the relation to illness is there.

Ga: Everywhere and anytime at once, this was the slogan.

FP 3: To wait until pigs fly does not work with illness. Nor to waste your patience (as a patient, again and again lost, and learned, and learned again) to exaggerated means. All means are counter-means. Each stroke is followed by a counter-stroke. The iatrocapitalist reality: tied to the web of space, time, causality.
Space, matter, that is: push, pressure, oppression, load, burden, wall, limit, fixed place, here and not there.
Time: pressure of time, chasing time, eternal recurrence of the same, boredom.
Causality: immutability, inevitability, destiny and fate.
As a whole, the world is boarded up, consciousness is lagging behind.
Invening is incomplete and fragmented work. Future only repetition and catastrophes.

What does it mean to be ill [kranken] in iatrocapitalism? The doctors tell you that you only have three months left to live, they dictate to you – in all friendliness, of course – your portion of lifetime, and if then, after three years, you still live, then it was by virtue of and due to the strength of illness. And it is, then, always illness that stands above time. Above your lifetime, above space, above all causes and effects.

Everything stepwise doesn’t work, necessary is: succeeding at once. Therefore, having everything prepared and ready, complete, right away from the start. The apparatus out of matter, for the matter, before matter. No infrastructure, no structuring of the matter, no structure at all, but reality-effectiveness, shapeless, ill reality-effectiveness [Wirklichkeit], and the matter that results from it is, firstly, really unalienated, secondly, interesting, and thirdly, really has some weight.

Laughter, mainly because of the rousing enthusiasm

FP 4: Remember the example with the toothache: toothache here, insalivated cotton wool there, distance doesn’t matter, influence here, is immediate effect there. Space overcome and abolished, causality effect scheme broken.

Remember the Tarot-example: anticipation of the present event, along with its results and consequences, already months before. Time overcome and abolished, like that: read tomorrow’s news already today. Even more: Make already today the news of the day after tomorrow.
The respective doing we have named pathopractice, the reason why it works, diapathics. Utopathy the result.

WOLFGANG HUBER has summarized that, we have mentioned it earlier on, in the mnemonic sentence: "To do pathopractice by the means of spiritualism means to implant the illness coherence in the warmth coherence". The appertaining formulas were: pathopractice is both the root and the summit of all procreation, thermomimetics the access and the entrance, the unity of the species in illness both the fundament and the objective.

It works, because illness is species, not only the concern of the single one, but the unity of the species, it works, because warmth propagates and procreates itself, even pack ice no obstacle.

Thus: time, space, causality, the whole of reality overcome and abolished and ruined.

GA: You can’t postpone illness, and somehow you know that already. And when I really get involved with illness, with its autonomous laws, as it has been called earlier on, all the other laws are broken, all the prescriptions do no longer apply, any alien determination is off. Without illness, I wouldn’t have any relation to the outside at all. It’s only through illness that I know whether the relationships I enter are something substantial and firm. Illness as guarantor of reality-effectiveness. If I now fully ally with illness, I can stand up to all that comes to me from the outside, to fragmentation, reality, alienation, delusion, in even quite another way, and I’ll already be several steps ahead.

FP 5: Time itself as property of the content illness, thus time itself in revolutionary changing, squashing wrong places and positions like sponges and edged stones, and by that gaining and extending space and overleaping developments.

Ue: From there, then, I can intercede in quite a different way, intercede in advance. In politics this means: keep yourself always one step ahead of the adversary. But in everyday life, too, everything is changing, if you proceed like this … .

FP 2: Complete, perfect and in all the future, yes. All the conditions included, anticipating them. Not afterwards criticism and self-criticism, reproaches, doubts, splitting, and all that stuff to be cleared up and what has to be done afterwards, after things went wrong, but abolished and overcome alienation in advance. You won’t believe the amount of useless stuff that can be dropped right away from the start, how easy and safe even the most risky undertakings can be carried out. This means for those who do it: strengthening of the collective being-a-patient, and for every single one: certainty of illness. For the iackers it means: any resistance impossible, too late, they get tangled up in details, are forced to react, but have no appropriate reaction scheme at hand. It is inimitable for iackers and accomplices because: the value [Stellenwert], the (working) position bursts.

Sa: To be ahead and to see already in advance what is going to happen, to intercede in advance, to tell only by looking at something that it is not going to happen – this approach, does that belong to illness? Is it because of that, that you have got such an overview because illness requires it? When I think about the amount of things you have exposed today and yesterday … of how you related all that to illness … Me alone, I were not able to do that on my own … .

Illness is the strength that creates collectives
MFE-collectives (Multifocal Expansionism)

FP 3: No-one any longer needs to start right from the beginning, from zero. That’s why we write this down, too, as an exception, socialise it, here, the tape-recorder, for the book … . And concerning "alone": you’ve got people around you anyway, of whom you can forget 90%, two remain, with whom it’s working out. More will join in. There is plenty coming together, for the first time there is the opportunity to talk about all that, about illness. Everywhere else, this is being oppressed. Isolation, competition, divide and rule, nature’s course, value’s course, idling course, empty course, reverse running, and in the end, everything is gone.

Pi: It would have been idealism, bourgeois, petty bourgeois idealism, if you had said that seventy or just thirty years ago … I’d like to make this clear, but the only words that come to my mind are those old slogans … and if I say that the point of no return has long since been crossed, that, too, is nothing but a slogan.

FP 2: You comprehend reality as a dying reality, be it bourgeois or not. Everybody has already been struck directly, those who do not yet exist included. You are no longer adhered to it, to this reality. You thereby can quit the whole reality level. And because of illness, you are in reality-effectiveness [Wirklichkeit] already. How? Illness the strength that creates collectives. This requires to group the strength of illness in a specific way. (Yes, Pluto in Scorpio). Perhaps, a technical example: VOLTA once had assembled something, acid and metal, in a specific arrangement: the battery, something quite different from the single components before. Today we’ve got illness, can be split up, reactionary, revolutionary moment, concept of illness

pointing at the placard on the wall

something is being put into motion, something is happening, something is being done. You are doing something.

But let’s stick to the technical comparison:

To make the current flow, to get a motor running, you have to provide isolation, eliminate leakage currents, in order to be able to employ current well-aimed. Otherwise nothing is running. With illness the same. TRS (Total Refusal of Speaking to and no more collaboration whatsoever with the police, the public prosecutor, in prison, at the law courts, at the doctors and at the (particularly German!) press and television etc., and this forever and wherever) on another level. Therefore: don’t waste illness. Make MFE-collective. MFE means: multi-focal expansionism. Each and everybody continues where he or she actually is. Create a support base for illness, together with other people. It’s only by this that you can get orientation, learn to distinguish between friend and enemy, and make front. You yourselves not being the ones who are divided and separated any longer, you are confronting them with contradiction, with antagonism. Once, we too were making big efforts for the remaining days of this present misery system supporting other people in their concern about the party and the masses, (consent) voting slips and connections. This has fallen away. Along the way.

Ae: Right in the middle and fully in opposition, out-standing, building a contradiction, polarising. The crystallisation point where something can concentrate. This puts something new in motion. Starting out from illness: within the existing against the existing, that rolls up the whole system from the inside. There you’ve got also the principle: don’t let the enemy dictate the battlefield.

Y: The power issue and such like, that’s not your cup of tea, am I right?

The pathopractical solution to the power issue

FP 6: Power, nowadays, is technology. If there is a solution to everything, it’s then always a technical solution. You really have to be a technician yourself, a technician of power, a physician, a Iatrocrat, to not find the technology that is going on thoroughly stupid. That’s just big metaphysics, this technology, even more stupid than that of medieval times, ever. It will finish itself off, while being overtaken and passed by by illness on the left. On the right, that’s not illness. But it has already long since overtaken. Power and illness are incompatible. Power has stopped being victorious during the past 40 years. No summit without a zero-solution. From compromise to compromise. Illness is uncompromising. There is only one solution to the power issue: the pathopractical solution. The mnemonic slogan dropped earlier on was: stigmatizing oneself. Just try it out, stigmatize yourself as a patient. Pay attention to what is going to happen. Repugnance or contagion, it doesn’t matter. But nobody will remain indifferent, you are cracking the value-system by that, you, a valueless one.

Ae: Then, in illness I’d have a tool, a weapon that I weren’t even able to throw away.

Leaving the room, Ae said to an FP: "... will be material for reflections for weeks ... those who have doubts are in search ..."

FP 7:And even the police can’t do anything about it. Nor can the medical doctor.

Z: Is pathopractice something similar like, as it has been called once, I quote: "… otherwise, the gun speaks …"

FP 7: No, no, quite to the contrary: pathopractice is not an informer colportage. Pathopractice is practical, nothing that is called somehow, one time is called that way, but has been meant in quite another way. In contrast to those few occasional gun-men, no Jehovah’s Witness has ever made even the attempt to convert us. Pathopractice is the covert attack on two levels, of which one is only real, not perceptible effective [wirklich], and it therefore has not even to be of particular effect. In general, pathopractice needs no particular protection. It is protected by law, so to speak. If necessary, however, in its consequences it is put under covering fire, qualitatis sempiterni. That makes, to say it a little bit humourless, in its continuation quite a reliable civil defence per iterationem.

Sy: What’s it called?

FP 7: Completely, not to say: holistically, it is called capitis et caudae draconis

Interjection, furious

FP 7: Yes, that is Latin, and it really has nothing to do at all with humour and fun any more. But we will return on pathopractice again several times. Then, we will focus again on contexts of facts and matters that concern everybody and for which the term pathopractice is not needed at all. This was especially with regard to your question and with the intent to be precise. Could you note it down? Fine.


PF/SPK(H), 14.10. 2010