Note against false representations, meanwhile withdrawn

Everybody of those many people to whom we talked during the bookfair, some of the discussions lasting more than an hour, everybody, be it friend, be it enemy, knew afterwards that only the diapathics and pathopractice of the Patients' Front is: complete, final in its effects and forever efficient (vollstaendig, endgueltig, nachhaltig) against the doctors' class, the only ruling and all dominating class.

All what Merrick says is completely wrong. Notable for all and every participant of the bookfair, he had decided long before to stay in favour of the doctors' class and against the patients' class. The same concerning John Eden. They are lacking the knowledge and the comprehension concerning the matter, and, above all, perhaps they had devoured the false plants or drugs (every drug is false!), instead of utopathy.

Also in this case we have to prevent the patients' class as a whole from damage. Only therefore this note.

Attack every kind of iatrocapitalist society,
there included all political parties, families, trade unions, and so on!
The Euthanazia program is running against you.
In each part of the world. There don't exist innocents.
The Euthanazism nowadays is caused by the World Health Organization (WHO),
not for the first time.
To defend nothing but peace in the world doesn't work. Quite in the contrary.
Isn't it, Dear Lady Spandler? Either or. All depends on the patients' class!
Turn illness into a Weapon!

Frontpatients of the Patients' Front