Difference between Fascism and Nazism:

Nazism = Heal and Therapy, Fascism = terrorist torturing. As to each one concerned, itís certainly indifferent whether she or he is being killed in the one or in the other way. Fascism = killing a few by the means of torture in order to terrorize all the rest, serving of course a good purpose (e.g., the "people").

Nazism: Extermination of the not yet existing human species to the even better purpose, to heal the then immortal medical doctorsí class and their command over their genetically engineered creatures.

Both, Fascism and Nazism are compatible with despotism, with republic societal systems, with democratic systems, with monarchic systems and even with underdeveloped socialist, communist and anarchistic systems. Therefore: first of all away with the Heal, the Healing, the Therapy, and what has to be brought about is the human species, the only one thatís missing in nowadays world. Start with pathopractice, and put an end to Nazism and Fascism!

Taken from the book:
Utopathie vorweg
a) Zukunftsmusik
b) Gattungsgegenwart