Re: EuthaNAZIstic murder remains stopped

Here’s the latest news

  1. Constitutional crisis in Luxembourg: they wanted a euthaNAZIa-law; all they’ve got is that the Government now has decreed ‘assisted dying’ for itself, and the constitution is gone and broken.

  2. Colombia: who as a judge runs for the constitutional court, becomes elected only if he strictly opposes euthaNAZIa. Senators have made it a conditio sine qua non for their vote.

  3. The Netherlands, the internment camp-for-the-final-solution that has been run for several years now, there too, under the command of the all-dominating medical doctors’ class, is creaking under the daily crescendo of our worldwide avalanche attack. Impulse-giving for that continues to be our lawsuit at the European Human Rights Court, meanwhile called up for hundreds of thousands of times from us.

  4. Taught by the blood trail of the primary proto-iatrocrats (Ur-Jacker) passing all over Europe – from the Gulag to social democratic Spain, from Poland, Romania, Scandinavia, from Sibiria and the Urals, up to Almería – France too, has now built a unified front to oppose euthaNAZIa.

  5. In Andalusia, the medical doctors’ class planned a law allowing the unpunished murder of patients. Since the publication and spreading of our proclamation "¡Andaluces, levantáos!" ("Andalusians, make front!"), they keep their hands off.

  6. Our prince-ty in Australia, with the transcontinental support of the Patients’ Front, has conquered the unrestricted right to stay for the whole of Australia.

Patients’ class remains the citizens’ first duty.

Patients’ class through thick and thin.

Away with the medical doctors’ class, once and forever!


PF/SPK(H), 06.12.2008