Special announcement from Colombia
published in three different newspapers

The attempt to introduce a Pro-Euthanasia-Bill was flung into the waste paper bin

Our comment (on that):

In the present situation of the primary (proto-)medical Modern-EuthaNAZIsm, anyone who denigrates us, PF/SPK(H), and also if he only makes an attempt, exemplarily any mass media shit-head, commits mass-slaughter against the patients’ class everywhere.


And yet, there is also a different way (translation from Spanish):

"November 25/26. 2007

The attempt to introduce a Pro-Euthanasia-Bill was flung into the waste paper bin*

Thanks to the Patients’ Front the genocidal Euthanasia project in Colombia was flung into the waste paper bin. Only in The Netherlands euthanasia is practiced without punishment, and also in Belgium, though with considerable restrictions there. Elder people and seriously ill people are extremely worried.

In Spain, too, there are certain people who, by their gibberish propaganda, are trying to talk the public into accepting that lethal practice that goes against one’s conscience and feeling. Just in thinking about it, we are already filled with horror. Once euthanasia has become law, the medical doctor is granted impunity, so that he can kill, under the full protection of law, the serious ill person, if he or she desires to die, handicapped people or other people suffering from depression. Euthanasia is threatening everyone’s life and is therefore directed against society as a whole. And even all the talking about "compassion" and the "consent of the patient" cannot change that. We instinctively tend to preserve life, and in order to persuade us to desire death for ourselves, it is indeed necessary to invoke a depression or other mental illness, or blank despair. It is a matter of fact that euthanasia as genocide, wrapped in the cloak of pity, is threatening everybody. It is another step towards a culture of death, and it is mistakenly considered being a progress to eliminate the undesired by making short work of it instead of finding a solution. As a further step, euthanasia is then executed against the will of the people, as it is already being practiced in innumerable cases in The Netherlands. It is therefore entirely right and appropriate to speak of EuthaNAZIa-propaganda, which is harmful and lethal against the patients’ class. Are there reasons for euthanasia? Wealth, egoism, hate, ruthless ambition, masked as humanism. Very often it is but hypocrisy. If there were anyone seriously concerned about it, he would direct his efforts towards an entirely different direction.

*The author of this article in Spanish, published in the three newspapers Aragón Liberal, Corrientes Noticias and Andalucía Liberal, is Leónidas T. del Brio, the deep-committed activist, well known and much noticed also in Colombia, as well as in other extra-European foreign countries and overseas. Because it is a matter of general concernment, he is addressing explicitly, exclusively and everywhere any single person in their highest and well-understood self-preserving own interest, no matter where they are, who they are, how old they are and what they are, how they think about themselves and which nationality and origin they feel they belong to.

KRRIM - PF-Publisher pro Illness