3rd diapathic basic contribution (1979)


The introduction to the following text was written by ourselves on request of the editors of the Italian quarterly ASSEMBLEA.


The ruling magic is the magic of the rulers (iatromagic).
But magic is method and activity. Always.

The very fundamental matter however, the matter illness (materia malattia), the universal and materialistic illness (malattia materialistica universale), the autonomous and independent illness, pathenciate (pathenciate, not potenciate, not to make potencies --, to raise illness to the strength of illness!), fundamentum not only of the explication of all (iatrocide instead of homeopathy! Pathoastry instead of astrology! etc., etc.,!); no spiritualism, neither diagnosticians nor experts or technicians! No medicine at all, no medicine for any illness: pathopractical warfare.

Some Italian prisoners asked for a revolutionary culture of illness (ASSEMBLEA No 6, June-August 1984). The following article is our contribution. It is the result of experiences which we had to expound 1979, certainly to the wrong people, but at least by that we could make it public. How it all began, about that informs a statement by Jean-Paul Sartre.


In the Collettivo Freudiano up to now it is possible that front patients speak actively. This time about the Intellectual and the Arts. Front patients from the Patients’ Front (PF): the founding root of the felled but, in defiance of certain announcements to the contrary, never prohibited or banned Socialist Patients’ Collective (SPK). Iatroclasm [Iatroklasie], chosen on our own, after Iatrocracy (1976) and Iatrarchy (1977), expounds matters of principal importance. The experimental focus is thermomimetics, which brings the intellect back to earth, from where it originates (intellurect), and gives the farewell to the arts (education, statecraft and euthanasia, equally) as well as to the medical doctor, who has abdicated, definitively.

It was necessary to elaborate anew mainly mass-theoretical and anthropological basics …

From the somatotherms on the way to the unworthy life.

Armando Verdiglione

With "aggression", Iatroclasm has absolutely nothing to do. Out of medical treatment rooms, cabinets and studios of all kinds, and out of Latin textbooks, aggression not only stinks to high heaven but also of racial hygiene.

In confrontation to that: Iatroclasm, the intelligence of Earth that all share in common, the intelligence of the stupid, the oldest and the newest one, their intellect, the damned well known [die ruchbar gewordene] confrontation unfolding itself in the tellurical! Intelligence is intellurence. As both stomach and earth revolting revolution, as pathomagic infection process [double sense, Ansteckungsprozess, here signifying: to set fire to something or somebody, compare: I am feverish], it is closest to nuclear fusion, but it is out of relation to the politics of aggression.

Broken crockery brings you luck [Scherben bringen Glueck]? But there remains nothing to be smashed, not even the very act itself of smashing. The atom has already been smashed. The same happened to its smashing. At the temporary end of that smashing, there is the clinic of ein-Stein (monolithic stone). It looks as if only in New York. At the beginning of the smashed Tables of the Law there is ENTELLUS [ENTELLO], then Moses with the Ten Commandments ("I am the Lord, thy Healer", 2 Moses 15, 26). FRIEDRICH ENGELS has smashed the iconoclasts and the machine wreckers verbally and in writing. Iconoclasm continues to be smashed lucklessly still nowadays, analytically and always in search for the lost sexuality. The osteoclast-theory from the past century, which was up to explain at least the so-called "natural" death, namely by attributing it to bone caries [Knochenfrass], that highest medical achievement of smashing has been smashed by time. To smash the smashing, that works. But HEIL [healing] cannot and is not willing to heal.

Out of the innards of their victims, humans and animals: by reading* [lesend; in German double sense: to read and to collect], entera-legens, inter-legens, intelligent and with insight, mischievously smiling augurs: in that shape we know the medical priests already from the tradition of the antiquity. Tearing out the innards of those who are still incapable to defend themselves in another way, electing one another, forming elites, that’s their straw-dry archetype, their elictus, their inter-lectintellect, from HERAKLIT to C.G.JUNG and HEIDEGGER, from Dr.Mengele-Auschwitz to burnt Earth and beyond that.

* Note for fun and pleasure of the readers; taken down by the translator:
The con-textual relations developed in this passage, which are based mainly on German language use, might be more obvious to the English reader, if he knows, that in almost all European languages the verb ‘to read’ is derived from Latin legere (French: lire, German: lesen), meaning also: ‘to gather up’, ‘to collect’, ‘to select’, etc., while in English the verb is derived from the Old Saxon verb redan, meaning: ‘to advise’, ‘explain’, ‘rule’ (cf. the name of the Anglo-Saxon King Zpelred (968-1016) – good counsel and his epithet Unred – no counsel, or not well advised). It is also connected to ‘riddle’ via the notion of interpretation.

The experimentum crucis of the tellurical intellect, of the intellurect, is the wasting fever [Zehrfieber], the gnawing anger at one’s belly, first vomiting everything in bile, then enemy of all egocentrism and of all pathocentrism*: hunger for society [Gesellschaftshunger] and dissolution of any structure [Gestaltaufloesung], both in-one [in-Eins, aristotelisch: zugleich], Intellurect, directly! There’s no between whatsoever or whomever, there is not any mediation.

* all what refers to exploitation of illness, thus principally the jacker (physician).

Well, think it over once more and well: only the entera encephala, head and belly, are inter-legens. And they continue to be it, still with a crammed full belly, and still between the meals, even between the lines, and occasionally going against the grain. Roughly between mesencephal and mesenteral, in brief: inter-lectual, is licking and leaking the taste, the good one [leckt der Geschmack, der gute]. Because "the head is the cooling machine of the belly", says Aristotle, the Best. The reading intellect, however, has got its venia legendi only for the quicksand, the concomitant phenomena of the iatroclastic DElirancy. In the inter-legal case of doubtful legality, that is in the normal case, it becomes even iatro-legal. The intellect is either iatroclasm, or it is therapist of selection.

No, no back to nature. By neither part. The HEIL (healing) is supernatural and supersensorial, and therefore pure of scars. Covered by scars, it would be clay, earthen, terra = drought [terra = Doerre]. Scars are always on the part of the stupid, of the mente capti, of those with hurt brains, of those with destroyed senses, certainly and truly, and stupidity and destruction of senses are for their part scars. That makes them so intellectual, so subterranean; in brief: intellurent.

What we want to be kept in mind of this introduction is only this: Scars are, firstly, the prophets and foretellers of the stupid ones, anticipating future weather, earthquakes and firedamp as well, and scars are, secondly, the abysses of our anamnestic flashes of inspiration. This before all.

Scars are defying any vaginal symbolism, any castration theory, any description and any other scalpel. Scars do not obey [hoeren: to listen, to obey] to NIETZSCHE’s general amnesia in favour of the medical-doctors-as-super-humans [Arzt-ueber-Menschen], as they do not listen or obey [hoeren auf] to his scolding against the resentments of "those who get less than their share". And they do not listen or obey to SCHOPENHAUER’s health-favouring mnemotechnical recommendations either. They do not stop at all [auf-hoeren], but they keep on feeling in advance and feeling again everything [alles vormerken, allem nachspueren]. It is to themselves, that they are pathologically obedient as if they were keeping themselves in bondage or as if they were succubi of themselves [hoerig nur sich selbst, Selbstbegattung, see Hegel] on to auto-mediation, liberating themselves from the polarity within the sex [bis zur geschlechterfreien Selbstbegattung]. That’s their basic relation to sexuality.


We know, and that not only since yesterday, which intentions were hidden behind the "slavish erotic obedience" and the "bondage" [Hoerigkeit], a term, used by the physicians - outside of their discipline, but abusing the law - to translate the first total smashing down of any relation between physician and patient into a language which is as significant - being the medical monopoly of interpretation - as effective in passing to punishment and "justice" as their appendix: 268 months of prison, lacking more effective insecticides (SPK, 1970).

Acuity and keenness in hearing woven out of scars, however, constitute a mass-infection, because its central organ is Earth. That’s the formula of our immediate pathomagical reality of experience, if it is about to achieve a change in the being-so, by means of infecting ill [das Andersmachen des Soseins im Kranksein].

No prescription, but formula of production: principle Iatroclasm: Earth and masses being short-circuited through infection, ignition and inflammation [Ansteckung]. Strictly speaking, an extensively dissipated mode of weaving, no formula, and certainly not in the sense of the tellexitur, in brief: texture of Latin-textbook-humanists instigating plots between governors (always in consequence directed against the masses).

The classical formula of mass infection has become surpassed by the reality of illness (since SPK 1971), which this formula is unable to grasp as being free of medical doctors.

Principle Iatroclasm: masses are coming up as one body of the unlimited life that is repelling triumphantly the medical doctors’ affair of procreation and nutrition, Plato's whole status of nutrition, schooling and military [Naehrstand, Lehrstand samt Wehrstand] in the process of its accomplishing coming up, that is in the tellonical.

Who is founding mass-theories on love, on that half of a portion of Eros, only does not belong to the doctors because he is a medical doctor himself. In the mass-theoretical structure-formula made of love, withdrawal of love and family, of thesis, anti-thesis and conciliation, which is equal to institution, anti-institution and health, unfortunately, the most important element as to its authorship is missing: the archi-dyade therapistpatient. According to iatroclastic love-experiences, that cannot be otherwise. The therapistpatient–dyade is nothing but the so-called IN-divi-dual. It is true that it is gauged and standardized extremely well on the normal temperature. However, just a few fractions above 37° C degree, there is its infectious, igniting and inflaming [infektioes] melting-point. The "individual" knows infection, ignition and inflammation [Ansteckung] only from its fear of becoming infected, ignited, inflamed. To be well-understood: as fear of infection [Ansteckungsangst], of vermin, bacilli, viruses, wanted children there included.

In the system of the mass-theoretical structure-formula [Konstitutionsformel] made of health, reconciliation and family, and in politics in general, lacks illness [ist Krankheit nicht drin]. The fear of infection of the well-tempered is politicizing the feverish at every step. With what then? With health!

The infectious, igniting and inflaming in the infection process is namely and of course warmth. Warmth melts the partaking and collaborating into doing all otherwise [schmilzt das Mitmachen in das Andersmachen um]. There’s nothing with to show or to fool, nothing to be imitated, no theatre, no school, nothing to be transferred, nothing to be identified, nothing to be suggested [suggerieren], nothing to be hypnotized, no super-humans, no primitive hordes, no leaders and no charisma. Warmth is the mimesis of doing all otherwise. Not even the strongest form can endure that, no formula, ever.

Iatroclasm even of the arch-iatry, and even a stone softening one: minerals as viruses, cattle-like creatures and microscopic small vegetables, as species of bacteria and tribes of microbes, join, are just there, start, are splitting in twains, because warmth goes right through, invisible [uebersehbar], inaudible [ueberhoerbar], but igniting [ansteckend].

All erogenous half-measures [erogene Halbheiten] received and sent out in the surroundings of illness, that is to say: signals as disgust, pain, stink, accusation and complaint, are acting as germs of the thermomimetic dynamics in direction of the human species, melted, thus in-dividuated: program to become realized [zu machendes Gattungsindividuum] by Iatroclasm: these signals are making aware of warmth and are making bemused and dazed, intellurectal, thus forging a body scheme that consists of masses and that is coming up in masses. The thermal scheme of the imponderable embodiment. A giant body like clouds, floating in the air, becoming free of every structure [riesiger Schwebekoerper], being however just the same as the one made of tiny viruses and bacteria in situ, that is in the innards. Prototypical intellurect, at the same time an iatroclastical antibiotic to all types and models.

But how is there the possibility of Iatroclasm [in the sense of Bedingungen der Moeglichkeit synthetischer Urteile a priori, cf. Kant] with respect to more and more deformities, handicaps [Behinderungen, who and what hinders?] and disturbances (who or what disturbs whom?), how does that go together, how does that agree with each other? Should the retarded in the very end even serve us as a model [Vorbild]? Coagulated Iatroclasm? We, the artificial prosthesis from the medical doctor’s hand, are we the monsters?

Who asks like that, does not really ask. He is living on that, he earns his living from it. And in most cases not a bad one.

Warmth lives neither from love nor from the withdrawal of love, not even from compassion, and not at all from the air and great fuss that love makes about suffering, for love’s sake. Warmth wastes the Gestalt (configuration, mould, guise, structure, figure, shape), just as each illness does. Its foodstuffs consist in the life of Iatroclasm in each sort of waste and well-shaped appearance [Wohlgestalt].

Illness is not only dialogically and dialectically stable and solid against any deprivation [entzugsstabil], but it is also incredibly stable and solid in the systematical penal execution [im Strafvollzug], and in this it is a real infection, ignition and inflammation [reale Ansteckung], just as otherwise only the myth, the igniting wildfire [das zuendende Lauffeuer].

The deprivation of food, hunger, famine and thirst are consuming solely the structure [Gestalt], but not the substance, which is warmth; the co-participating state of being [mit-teilende Zustandsweise] has as its counterpart the structure [Gestalt], the proportion (see below), but not the coldness, not even so much as in portions.

The truth of the Gestalt, its quality [Gutheit, Guete], and its beauty, would be a perfect one at minus 273,16° Celsius = 0° Kelvin. That is perhaps the most dangerous issue concerning the arché [Das ist das wohl Bedenklichste an der Arché]. Even medical doctors are said to have noticed that. For Dr. med J. Robert Mayer (Metamorphosis and Mechanical Heat Equivalent, the matter with the calories) from this resulted a lifelong coercive treatment, and that even among his colleagues in Heilbronn (a German town, literally: ‘Fount of Heal’).

Warmth neither exists in latency nor in halves. And the Earth as the central organ of infection, ignition and inflammation and of the masses [als Zentralorgan von Ansteckung und Massen] is always the true middle [a-letheia] of the effusive nonsense, the stupid exuberance of the affects. The astronautics teaches that even to those who did not know it, at the latest at their return to Earth. And Heaven? In Heaven there is the good uncle Dr.med. LE BON (1789 ff.), claustrophobic family doctor, schoolmaster of the mass-theory, already for quite a long time. And Joseph Goebbels (1945 ff.), his last model pupil [Meisterschueler], Hitler’s airy-fairy propaganda broadcaster [Propaganda-Luftikus], probably too. W.Reich’s mass psychology of fascism (1933 ff.) continues being restricted to the family. Each halfway modern family doctor (1968 ff.) is taking care of that.

Principle of Iatroclasm: all the answers, and of course all the systems of production, reproduction and excretion, are epoché, that is to say extinguished. Even the harmless question, in form of the question about the good digestion and its loamy figure [Lehm-Gestalt] put on the doctor’s round at the private ward on Sunday, the question about the penultimate Golem, falls under the hermeneutic plays on winds [Windspiele], numinous omina of a Iatrarchy groaning under its golemistic fart. As to the so-called body of the blessed Court’s President SCHREBER, still being Gestalt as always: the same. Principle Iatroclasm is the question, ascertained as question with scientific severity [Frage, streng wissenschaftlich als Frage erfragt], either impulse driven–mythomaniac-warmth-specific [triebhaft-mythoman-waermespezifisch] questioning or it is se-lection, se-lective Iatroinquisition. To Hell, Heal and Crematorium we’ll come back polyphonically [fuglich] further on.

The con-sequent question of principle about the Iatroclastical [Die Frage nach dem Iatroklastischen]: concerning the prince-ity [Prinzenschaft], princesses and princes, evokes the floating body [Schwebekoerper] of warmth, mimesis and masses. And in no case neither the worldly nor God’s court jester, neither August nor Hiob. For: this, our prince-ity is ill-disposed to the Gestalt, and this principally. We can therefore presume our prince-ity being to be found everywhere and nowhere, but in no case it can be individuated into a Gestalt and in those who represent the Gestalt [Sachwalter = administrators]: the Arche-iaters, within any scheme of culture and princ-ery. Our imposition and claim: to increase warmth up to the point, where it re-volts into the states of fever surpassing the limits of any structure [Gestalt]. Even stiffness [Starre] must be free of the Gestalt, or at least deformed, but never rigor mortis, rather alike a sardonic grimace [risus sardonicus, sardonische Grimasse] if need be.

Our prince-ity, cadres, heroes and avant-gardes, if one likes, consist in the thermomimetic monsters, precisely in those whose capacity is exceeding that of the central computer, and even more so the powers of imagination [Vorstellungskraft] of the ‘wanted’ poster. The interrogatory impulse, the mythomanical impulse [der mythomane Fragetrieb], therefore, if by way of exception it thinks at all (electro-magnetic field! ingniting actuality), has certainly no intention of separating the prince-ity from the masses, and does not think at all of that. Because of its being ill [krankhaft], it feeds on and off [zehrt er sehr selbstvergessen von] all the form-differences, up to the point to forget itself, melting them down and converting them, and, what is the same, it continues feeding on them [zehrt auf], it forgets the answer, wants to remain stuck to the question, until it boils over, and it does not answer, but answers for all [antwortet nicht, verantwortet], is pre-cizing a DIFFERENT reality, in defiance of the being-so reality [prae-zisiert das ANDERS dem So-Sein zum Trotz].

Warmth is not only infra-red. It is even Iatroclasm against all external light: Flesh-colored like Earth’s hot tempered core made of nickel-iron, incarnat colour hostile to cold, sparkling and oscillating flesh, the one with the transversal stripes at the cells of the heart muscle and the smooth one in the stomach, which generates and spreads its own light. No screen, no cathode-ray oscillograph can arrest it. A telluric body illuminating from its own source, a body that is liberating itself from any structuring [Gestalt]: iatroclastic intellect.

It is permanently roving, but it is something which juts out of the routine, which does not fit, in which is perceptible this revolution [Er ist dauernd auf der Walz und in Dauerumwaelzung].

To the image-caring and calorie-conscious health-citizens it is an alarm signal, to the politicians an up to now still affordable tribute to progress, to the medical doctors an opportunity good enough to launch one euthanasia campaign after the other, in the WFMH (World Federation for Mental Health)-style: treacherously, through surreptitious advertising; here, therefore, clearly spoken: they are to be frozen out, they are to be killed [kaltmachen], firstly, because they are expensive, and secondly, because they are monsters [Erstens sind sie teuer und zweitens Ungeheuer].

Who are "they"? First of all, they are those who have nothing to offer, nothing to spread but a piece of warmth of fusion, made cold and inoffensive by the myth of the Brownian molecular motion, those who are deformed from birth [Mißgeburten], the monsters, the deformed, the dysplastic ones, precisely those heavily built [grob-schlaechtig, cf. a-syn-metric] of the so-called ictafin, falling [hinfaelligen] constitutional type. Thus [halt] those with twain [zwieschlaechtigen] dimensions, those with the enormous growth over their backside, those with the brainless frog-like head, those with too much hand and foot, too much, too little and without, the "waterspouts", the gargoyles, mongoloids and Siamese twins, and others, in brief: all those, to whose Earth-warm intellect is attributed the name mooncalf [Mondkalb], to make us forget, that their intellect still knows about terrestrial warmth. According to experience not yet that old, even the most intelligent humanism, the humanistic intellectual, prefers to connect the cow-warm intellect, which has just been sketched, with everything else but with Earth. And the least with oneself of course, but the most likely with muddy earth.

Thus in the Socialist Patients’ Collective, at the last minute and just-easy-come-already-easy-gone, and that because of our obstinate hold on the decisively telluric-orientated body-scheme of the revolution, in spring 1971, we lost our last allies: a representative of the Humanistische Union of the West and a Marxist intellectual of the East. "Comrades, one thing must be as clear as sun-light: The revolution out of illness is idiocy [Schwachsinn], such a revolution will never happen, even with you", he said, directing himself to the exit (of de GDR to the USSR) [sprach's in Richtung Ausgang]. It is quite there, right next to the exit, where certainty can be found (Note taken down 1979 - ). In deed and in doing [In der Tat]! Dead certain certainty of illness  alone creates [schafft]. Just as the warmth of Earth during the winter the separation as ground ice, and the community of the human species [Gemeinschaft der Gattung]. Certainty is the mechanism of illness, the earth’s axis of the intelluric in the iatroclastic warmth-stream.

The most important thing about certainty is this one: to create [schaffen]. HEGEL, with quite enough difficulty, has abolished the sensory certainty [sinnliche Gewissheit], MARX the truth and certainty of the spirit [Verblendungszusammenhang, Ideologie- und Idealismuskritik], and FREUD, by his thanatophil final vote, even the certainty of HEIL (curing) [Heilsgewissheit]. What remains to be created always and everywhere is the certainty of illness in all, in each and everybody.

This certainty, activated as mechanism, is re-volutionizing all, the reversability, from the inner to the outside, nauseating to the outside [das anekelnde Auswendige], the exteriorizing melting pot of all Gestalten (configurations, moulds, guises, structures, figures, shapes), senses, signs and significants (Lacan, Sartre), ponderabilities and weights, of all orientation, of all institutions and of all rules [Aus- und Einrichtungen], symmetries and metric systems whatsoever.

In Warmth there is nothing, that cannot be let aside [Der Waerme geht alles ab]. Not only weight and Gestalt, proportion, function and structure. There are no medical doctors specialists for warmth. For the rest there are doctors specialists for everything. For instance, logotherapists, opticians and otologists, dermatologists and psychiatrists, internists and externists, balneologists and who knows for what else, but warmth, especially as a fever-fanal, is the liberated body. Nothing with sense (meaning) and understanding, there’s no money in that, nothing for medical specialists, but a symptom for everybody, a common symptom [Allerweltssymptom].

It’s because of the fever that the medical doctors bundle one into the mortuary [artificial winter dormancy (hibernation), neuroleptics, ice-packs], to the tropics (malaria cure, Pyrifer), to the howitzers (atomic warheads, cobalt bombs), or to the thunder storm front (lie-detector, electroshocks).

In warmth not only the earth’s core is crossing with flesh but also the most criminal ease in mind [straeflichster Leichtsinn] with the most profound intellect. Being symptom of total reality awareness [Symptom totaler Realitaetsfindung], symptom per excellence, everything falls to warmth [faellt der Waerme alles zu]. Everyone bears it [Jeder bringt sie mit]. There’s no coldness without warmth. Certainty [Gewissheit] is the mechanism of this connection between warmth and coldness, a connection only in direction from warmth to coldness, irrefutable in the violent shivering fit,  which starts with the fever. A striking certainty even still in one’s conscience [Gewissen], whose ardour is preceding the coldness.

Provided the thermomimetical state of warmth, all bodies are forming one body, thus constituting a magico-IN-FORMational connection [magischer IN-FORMationszusammenhang] in which form and Gestalt are being melted off, being ill in sympathy. Provided the thermomimetical state of warmth, all the terrestrial and celestial bodies, the warm and the cold ones, are coherently constituting one unique area-continuum, an expanded and extended terrestrial connection: the most profound intellect, the forgotten giant tellus* (plate, disc) [Riesenteller], Teller (plate) whose determination is not eating [Essen], but to make you forget [verg-essen] that everything and everybody has to stay as they are, that's a matter of conscientiousness, so to say obsessive, anancastic conscientiousness, destiny, and the most criminal ease in mind [straeflichster Leichtsinn], that is no sense at all, no senses [ueberhaupt kein Sinn, keine Sinne], but conscience of sympathy as the certainty of illness against the every Gestalt [gegen die jeweilige Gestalt].

    * (Note of the translator, superfluous in our context)
    (tellur-, tellus: earth, personified in Roman mythology as Tellus, the goddess of the earth and of marriages and fertility, associated with the Greek Gaea.)

  1. terrestrial
  2. being or relating to a natural electric current flowing near the earth's surface

  3. Tellurium (tellus): a semi-metallic element

The point is, that, in the body-continuum penetrated through by warmth, it can never be the midpoint or centre, let alone the centre of gravity [Schwerpunkt]. But the point is rather its continuous course into the most eccentric "misshapen figure", that is no figure [Gestalt] at all, no point at all, but tellus. In the same way, the intellect, for the mere reason of the warmth alone, can never have anything to do with concentration, centrality and things like that. It is not even distracted, but multi-focal expansion, crooked and ill as the "misshapen figure", fold-duplication, symptomatically double folded [Doppelfalte], and not simple folded, no simplicity [nicht Einfalt], but tellus in re-volution [Umbruch].

The real contents and the full concretion of all the hitherto expounded explanations [Ausfuehrungen] and connections, easy said and easy done, and no sooner said than done, is called thermomimetics [Thermomimetik]. Shapeless, because floatingly in hold steadily [in Halt], really contents [Inhalt], full concretion, because of its being entirely state-of-warmth-symptom; instead of libido, to and fro, now and then, by installments, zero-sum game.

Rolling upside down, unrolling and rolling up the whole matter now from thermomimetics, is precisely that what formerly has been the in-formed tellect [In-formierter tellekt], here just only telos, the end [Ende]: ultimate strive and aim to mouth and lead into the Other [Endzweck, ins Anders einzumuenden]. No moreentelechia-intellect, but directly intellurect. Directly that piece of warmth that we are on the whole [im Grossen und Ganzen] that embodies thermomimetically the iatroclastic permanent protest against the arché in all and everybody.

In every single one and in every situation [ganz im Einzelnen], one grasps the thermomimetics simply by first of all warming up oneself for warmth [sich fuer die Waerme erwaermen]. It is not enough to become heated about this or that. Strictly speaking, nobody imagines what thermomimetics is.

It is not photogenic, not stereotypic, not stereophonic, not stereo-metric, it is a disposition, that’s sure, but no stereo device, ever [Anlage gewiss, aber nie Stereoanlage].

For the Other, as has been proved, even the infrared night vision aid was of no use in the chain of circumstantial evidence against the front patients (SPK 1972).

Strictly speaking, nothing can be said, written, thought or felt about warmth. That’s because normally one does not feel nor notice it. That’s intelligent, but is produced out of fear [gescheit kommt von gescheut]. Permanently and fervently one has to warm up oneself. That’s what one is already doing reproductively, productively however only in the "metabolism" [Stoffwechsel], in the exchange of substance [Wechsel des Stoffs] against the structure [Gestalt]. There is nothing else, one has grasped and got concerning our hereditary patrimony and all other concerns.

To achieve change by thermomimetizising [probeaendern], for thermomimetizising is thermomimetics at any rate. Otherwise it was none at all.
This makes by the way that thermomimetics differs fundamentally from the merely recognizing, and therefore at best test-practicing [probe-handelnden, cf. FREUD], that is commodities bargaining and exchanging intelligence. What the voice is for the intelligence, is the warmth for Iatroclasm. The tertium comparationis of intelligence and voice [Stimme] is the equiValent, equ(iv)al to indifferent health, health in the expression of balance, good form or tone, mood [Stimmung], and even correspondence (adaequatio rei et intellectus), correctness and verticality: the ordinary (full professor of medicine) at the hospital bed, and the pithekanthropos erectus too, a first ancestor, if it pleases you.

In thermomimetics, however, there is the Other. There’s no tertium, no comparationis. In warmth, there is the utmost bodily tension, the effort of figure-free incarnation [gestaltfreie Verkoerperung] in the whole, vapor under tension, tension, tonos as such. The tone is perishing in warmth, dies, and dying are as well any sound and language. The voice is loosing its balance in the glissando, gathering chromatically the dissonance, lamenting, screaming, breaking, as does the eye with light. The voice of the patient is croaking, the register is up and down a flat one, the infection, ignition and inflammation [Ansteckung] is extending, achieving dis-measure (excess), surpassing depth, width, length and point.

It is only by warmth that indifference (equivalence!) can be questioned radically, that is fundamentally, in a redundant tellurical manner, redundant of and in defiance of all geology and informatics whatsoever. That’s because even spatial limitations are thermomimetically and in their matter solvable in the material coherence of the Other. Warmth is denying all the dimensions and presents us the legendary Other in the excess [Aus-Mass]: the possibility in principle to really dissolve also the language connection, the chaotic coherence, Babel, dissolving it by activating oneself at all fronts where the iatroclastic experience of being patient is the principle of expansion, be it by communicating, be it by being communicated, and there is no form, no Gestalt, able to impede it. There exists only thermomimetic transsubstantiation. The rest is quicksilver [Quecksilber], thermometer and ignition cap, the initial trigger of every quack [Quacksalber]. However, it cannot contain the warmth, not even bear it.

In warmth, quicksilver and quack (doctors) are fugitive according to the laws of the substance dynamics, and, as experience teaches, they cannot be stopped either, being more free-flowing than water, superfluous quick-silvery, and, to be precise, not three-folded [dreifaeltig], but thirteen times one [dreizehnfach]. This can be checked, exactly, by achieving change by thermomimetizising [probeaendern].

In the previous explanations [discussions sensu proprio] on mass theory and monsters, manifestations [Erscheinungen] of the thermomimetic transsubstantiation are being roughly anticipated. Manifestations that exist, that have existed all the time, and that are existing more and more in masses. Manifestations and appearances [Erscheinungen] that, for precisely this reason, are no appearances at all, and they cannot be dismissed neither as figments of the mind [Hirngespinste] nor as ghosts.

Must one not instantaneously warm up oneself for them, isn't it?, for how they are nevertheless embodying themselves - being mockery and scorn in every misshapen figure [Missgestalt] -, and for how they are embodying themselves demonstratively [demonstrativ] beyond the Gestalt, as demon-stratifying [daemonstratifizierende] cloud of warmth, being matter of this Earth, but coherent, en-tellurically coherent? You must warm up to it, indeed! Only that in the past they did not call in the warmth, not that appearing and manifest [erscheinenden] telluric connection that, after all, has got the advantage that it really exists, but they rather did call in either hell, deep down in earth, or the hygiene crematorium, flame upwards.

Is thermomimetics, according to that, turning into a technique, into pyrotechnics? Of course not [Ach wo]. Only the single thing [Einzel(l)Ding] of the infinite (the individual, the dyade doctorpatient), whose condition [Be-ding-ung, in the sense of Kant] is indeed the imperative, the categorical "you must" (the "recipe (take ...")). The Be-stimm-ung, the vocal determination (literally: give voice to any object, compare vocabulary)*, imperative and category, as already is indicated in its name, resides in the Stimme (voice). The hell comes from the voice, and from the imperative voice comes certainly also the hygiene-crematorium: NAME IST SCHALL UND RAUCH (WHAT ABOUT NAME, IT'S NOTHING BUT SOUND AND SMOKE) and NOMEN EST OMEN. (For less instead of more: the General Medical Council, the Goethe-Institute, and the Cabbala, and thereupon poets and mathematicians).

*In order to render at best the meaning of the German noun 'Bestimmung' in English, which is usually translated with ‘determination’ or ‘definition’, the adjective ‘vocal’ (from ‘voice’ = 'Stimme' in German) was attributed to the substantive ‘determination’. Strictly speaking, the English term (determination) does not even approximately render the German term 'Bestimmung' in its literal meaning, which is derived from the vast semantic field of 'Stimme' = ‘voice’, thus including:
(1) the verb 'stimmen' = ‘to tune a musical instrument, a machine, an engine, ‘one’s style’, etc.’. ‘to raise higher or lower the pitch of one’s voice / a musical instrument’.
(2) In relation to (1) Germans use the verb 'stimmen' in the expression: 'das stimmt' or 'das stimmt nicht' = ‘That’s correct’ or ‘that is not correct’ in order to state that something (a situation, a relation, etc.) is in a state of being in proper pitch (or not).
(3) It is only in consequence of the invasion of scientific language use in every day life, that the German word 'bestimmen' has been replaced little by little by the term 'Definition' and 'Determination', both deriving from Latin and meaning ‘to set borders to something’, that is ‘to exclude more or less all relations that are considered not proper to describe that something’, the latter being mainly and fundamentally a question of power to impose what has to be included in a term, and what not.
Also, it should be mentioned that (4) Germans are usually not aware of the connections expounded in this text. For a further reading the reader may refer to the following writings of illness of the Patients’ Front: to the already mentioned Numbers and Supernumeraries, and to the text Against all science. And in German language the book: Utopathie vorweg, page 19, 37, 67 and 72.
(Note of the translator)

In the voice, there is still no warmth yet, still no cold yet, let alone melt [Schmelz: melt, mellifluousness]. Neither mechanically, nor metaphorically. It makes no difference whether, as a vocal chord apparatus, it is running on the spot without progressing [bewegt auf der Stelle tritt], and be it even by falling in tremolo and vibrato, or whether, as a ghostly echo reverberating with and out of primeval rocks, it is citing the medical doctor, just as once did Moses with his TELLO, and O-Desdemona in the bedchamber with hers.

In what consists the voice, the eternal re-gress stepping in the same spot, is turning around two poles, around two names in any Gestalt: the MEDICAL DOCTOR and the ARCHE.

Therein everything is in form: trade and change, Hermes and the hermeneutics; theft, property & the gospel [Evangelium]; balance and ear, within the pars petrosa of the temporal bone being one sensory apparatus, one dicasterium (court’s jurisdiction, condemnation verdict) [Spruchkammer, Urteilsspruch]; the quack’s mercurials: fulminate of quicksilver [Knallquecksilber], thermometer & detonator; and on Wednesday in the afternoon, Sakramerkur! (curse), doctor-free consulting hour on his day off [Sprechstunde arztfrei].

It’s only a matter of form that the medical doctor always prescribes and by writing makes mistakes [ver-schreibt, mis-acting, Fehlhandlung], forgets (himself) [ver-gisst], even is missing his grip [Fehlhandlung] and is laying hands on somebody [ver-greift], - -: he on his own, he himself [verschreibt, vergisst, ja sogar vergreift, SICH]. That’s not because the technique, the pyrotechnics is demanding more and more of the doctor. In order to fake warmth, which is in no way contained in the ARCHE, he’s got to heat hell, to make use of the hygiene crematorium, and of the whole architheatre of Mercury and Prometheus. That’s because the medical doctor is also an ARTIST, an ideational mass-artist, and a material universal worker [geistfluechtiger Kunstgewerbler, bestoffelnder Gesamtarbeiter].

An ideational mass–artist just of the dis-sociation and splitting, and a material universal worker just of the simulation and arché-fiction!

The pure arché, temperature-free and therefore being a total one, will always remain fiction. That’s why the chasm between the medical doctor and the arché is an unbridgeable dichotomy, while he himself, as the virtuoso of living a lie [Virtuose der Lebensluege], is being continually challenged; the "service" being his illusionists’ work, the lege-artis-method his omnipresent alibi, being both nothing but a stopgap of what is called Image with the artist (Image like imagination, a serial product of Echo – Narciss & Goldmouth: just as love, its withdrawal & etc.).

It’s but a matter of form [Formsache] whether it is a brilliant artistic firework [kuenstlerisches Brillantfeuerwerk] or euthanasia pyrotechnics. The main thing is to have frozen them, to have them neutralized [kaltgestellt], or, what is more, to situate them into the context of the arché, which is no context at all, because there is no arché as such.

In the examples "Nitrolingual" and "Group-Ego" we discovered en miniature, already in 1970, the reciprocal relation between pyrotechnics and thermomimetics as being made concrete.

  1. The nitro-substance causes an instantaneous and temporary hot flush, as soon as it is melting in the mouth. Owing to the fact that this substance is available only on medical prescription, patients suffering from pain of annihilation [Vernichtungsschmerz] (threatened really by coronary death!) are entirely at the mercy of their medical doctors in a way only addicts are. In this regard, they are pyrotechnical objects of therapy. Because of their being SPK patients, they were instantly put on withdrawal. The saying of the clinic director was the following: Nitrolingual contains dynamite which might also be used against the medical doctors.
  2. As he’s also an author of bestsellers at the same time, a psychosomatic doctor (H.E. Richter, member of the Social-Democratic Party) had to examine and to report on the SPK. He diagnosed a so-called "Gruppen-Ego" ("Group-Ego"). However, this medical doctor is simultaneously a poet, as said before. In his bestseller "DIE GRUPPE", he’s blackening some of the hermetic carriers of his "Group-Ego" as pyromaniac fire-raisers comparable to Michael Kohlhaas [cf. H.v.Kleist]. In that terror-verdict, pronounced in advance, not even the actual RICHTER (judge) had joined eventually.

  3. In the one as well as in the other case, thermomimetics had to stand up against pyrotechnics, the body, anchoring in the counterfort [Widerlager] which is warmth, and its carriers, the patients, against the Gestalt with which they were branded so artistically [kunstreich aufgebrannte Gestalt].

It remains to keep in mind that body and warmth are each other counterfort and base [Stuetzpunkt], as are the Gestalt and the voice for their parts. However, the body is the plane of all that is called earth in the re-volt of the Other [Erde im Umbruch des Anders]. The whole system of voice and Gestalt: a soap bubble. What is called somatic (doctrine of the body, body studies), precisely psychosomatic, somatology, body-Ego, etc. has to do with the body even less than the dog on earth with his zodiac sign (canis majoris/minoris), when he is yapping at it.

Quite in general, that what matters in all this is not the body anyway. It doesn’t exist as a single one. The single "body" is but Gestalt, Gestalt of singularized life (Lebensgestalt) and be it even as life associated to others [vereinzelte Lebensgestalt zu mehreren], with possessions and belongings, seat, spirit and voice. A Gestalt even as half a portion of Eros. And still Gestalt even with skin and bones. Garbage [Stueckwerk].

The body, however, is hot stuff [heisse Sache]. We discover it easily in illness, but nowhere else.

Nowadays, illness disturbs and turns from down to up [aufstoeren] warmth, worldwide and in masses. Asceticism and ritual, the technical arsenal of the mythical experiment in general, including the educational system up to now, are being outdated by illness. The iatroclastic consequences are to be drawn directly by achieving change by thermometizising [probeaendern]. The conscience is but the weakest re-flection [Abglanz] of all systems of reproduction, and all of them, based on respiration [Luft, air], on nourishment, and on idioplasma [Keimbahn, cf. A. Weismann], are completely structured by the medical practice [aerztlich gestaltet]. It’s true, that illness is a ubiquitous situation of exception [Ausnahmezustand, allueberall], an open limit which surmounts itself in its process [prozessierende offene Grenze]. But the liberated warmth out of illness, which is bodily intensifying the collectives by increasing their strength giving body to them, this warmth is advanced and has become the most guarded secret of the medical profession, the most important secret of state. So many and diverse in their shape (Gestalt) as the blood cells are, so many and diverse are, for instance, the blood cancers in their Gestalt. All around the radioactive luminous spectrum [Lichtgestalt, Lichtgebein], for instance. But without worrying about luminous rays, cancer and figurations of the I (Ego) [Ichgestalten, Husserl, Besitzfixierung, fixation to property, etc.], to the body only warmth is inalienable [unseizable, unveraeusserlich]. Warmth is lifting it coherently up, above and beyond any Gestalt and also above itself, bodily perceptible [koerperlich spuerbar]. Thus thermomimetically.

Thus it is by thermomimetics that we discover the substantial criterion (the atomon "eidos", the "differencia" specifica) of the specified individual [Gattungsindividuum], which we, here in the initial part, have raised to the exponent outstanding of the connection of infection, of ignition, and of inflammation. For, the substantial criterion can never be vocal or other determinations [Bestimmungen] and Gestalten (configurations), and reproductions like: "thinking being", "place of fulfilment of contradictions" [Erfuellungsort der Widersprueche], "the animal that can make a promise" [Mensch, das Tier, das versprechen kann], "being characterized by lack" [Mangelwesen], " biped with upright posture", "zoon politicon", "eccentric position [exzentrische Positionalitaet] capable of laughing and crying". The specified individual becomes an actively producing reality by means of the shapeless scheme of his mass-body. [Das Gattungsindividuum wird aktive herstellende Wirklichkeit am gestaltlosen Schema seines Massenkoerpers].

There is no rigidity in warmth, that’s why it makes it so specific to us. Its earth-connection is of an immediate, magical kind, and it is not of pyrotechnical, not of medical kind. That’s what makes our sense such light, and the conscience so certain. The specified individual is a relation that is to be made here and now, every time and everywhere, which, however, can never and nowhere be, when it is not being brought about through illness [wo Krankheit Kategorie seiner Herstellung ist].

Life and death are banalities in the determination [Allerweltsbestimmungen], no criterion warmth. Perhaps artefacts [Artefakte, Iatrogenitaeten] however, Gestalt anyway, body in no way. The arché is the unreachable bank [Ufer] of the medical doctor. That’s bad enough for the arts. And even worse for the medical doctor.


Kurd Ch. Schager, Dipl.-Angl., M.A.soc.ling. , PF/SPK MFE

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