Message from the electronic front
- in the struggle of the Patients' class against the medical class –
to the proletarians, their mothers, and to all patients, on their First of May


To the Hackers-Neo-Luddites (machine wreckers) and to all:

Stop them from interning you into the psychiatry under the pretext of breaking "neurotically" things. Remember, that even Lacan did not have enough time to stop that this shit happened to any Walter, and disillusion yourself, that any psicoanalyst ever wanted to stop anything else than the loss of the exploitation of the illness of "his" patient (= extermination).

Neither we, the Front Patients of the Patients‘ Front, – deliberately in front of our computers -, neither Walter, but neither also Walter’s parents at all, are those who are the more worthy roofs to receive the rocks of your tantrums.

Aim your blow against the vital nucleus – and father - of the cybernethics and all the extermination tools: the medical doctor. Do it AGAINST all logic, which means, against the Logicians, using all means and apparats. Test by yourselves that only in this way, and not automatically, anybody could understand, why still yes, or why already NOT, he (she) is an appendix of the machines, and learn how to distinguish the guillotine from the hangman, and you yourself from a thing. The parents of Marxism wished for those living today, it would not longer be necessary to learn this in that way, still after so many decades after the first First of May, which Marx didn’t live to see. But we are not sorry that all parental desires are accomplishing in a totally different way than they had wanted it.

Don’t allow anyone to subdivide and separate into particles the "new power that arises from the fusion of many forces into one", i.e. the collective strength of illness. Such a separation would be in any case mass murder, murder of the masses to whom you, too, belong. The revolutionary subjective consequences of this ‘secret’, dad-Marx didn’t dare to draw. We are certainly not political animals, neither "at all events" social animals (Aristotle), and neither a work species, exploited and defrauded doing colossal projects, but instead: we are precisely the Illness species to create the Human species. Therefore: stop once and forever being subdivided, wasted and murdered by the medical ruling class.

Smash the doctors: For Lacan and the Lacanists
it's already too late long since to stop the breaking of more things!

Take your Illness in your own hands!

Turn illness into a weapon, now!

PF/SPK(EMF Colombia)

May 3, 2005