On the electronic class struggle



Anamnesis (re-membrance), Amnesty (remission of punishment),
Amnesia (loss of memory)


Under the Computersí Formal Logic, All Are Awake Coma Patients (Amnestics) in Any Case


No animal is more intelligent than the elephant (nulla beluarum prudentior est elephanto). Bertrand RŁssel (literally: Bertrand Trunk) they should have named him, the one of the Russel Tribunal with Amnesty International. He is already dead long since, and all the elephants have almost become extinct. To him all his colleagues were too stupid, the most stupid being perhaps Spinoza. To Raimundus Lullus the calculators got broken. Today there is the breaking off between the patientsí class and the medical doctorsí class, because the calculators (computers) are functioning. Lullus: approver of the extermination (Ausmerz-Befuerworter) of the cosmic-revolutionary social revolutionaries, 1312, Vienne; tertium non datur: nowadays this is achieved by computer machines, from Russel up to the snooping Wikipedia polyps, and for the so-called Templars stands the patientsí class. Russel, the logistician (relapse into the pre-dialectic formal logic) with his calculator trunk has felled all of them, as said before. Not even one single book-line would he be capable to write yet; because todayís computer machinery is dreamlike superbly stupid and reciprocally proportional to the most elefantastic extermination (Ausmerze). International amnesty has gone on too, i.e. precisely into fully automatic amnesia.



To over-exploitation set free voluntarily


The patientsí class is attack and striking back; because the computer machinery is buzzing, ringing and flashing all around the clock. Computers are accumulating billions of money. Book publishers are publishing on advance payment, or they do not at all. Where to? The fleets of computers erase, block and mess up. On that what they let through a tribute tax is obligatory, just as it was in antiquity, but nowadays itís between 6 $ and, whatís best, 60 $, to be paid to the umbrella organization. Those liable to tribute live on tick. They make applications for being granted money for their project up to 1.8 million, and they receive it or it is cancelled. No chance to get it cheaper.



Extermination of the exploitation (Ausmerze der Ausbeutung) or exploitation of the extermination (Ausbeutung der Ausmerze), both of them also go together, computer-logically and semantic-copulatively in any case


All that is taking place between computers as working program and as leisure program, all around the clock. All are eager to over-exploit themselves, as if they were paid for it. Extermination instead of exploitation, extermination in a medical way and best if painlessly. EuthaNAZIsm is what we name it, differential euthanasia is what we have named it. Nobody has ever been paid for his work, they say, and the one who does not exploit others, exploits himself on his own. The earth is said to be a tool of capitalism (means of production); the earth, it should be added, is said to have come out once in a skin-rash: mankind, which can be globalized away by computers (a means of production, a tool, that has gotten wild), for the time being the ultimate Sieg HEIL (= victory to health). The binary-digital computer dictatorship is extermination also through over-exploitation, formal-logically and radical-logistically with nothing between it, and exploitation is thus being de-actualized thematically. The standard mark (Eichmarke) of any possible and thinkable computer program can never be named other than: extermination. This is a new variant within Imperialism, as the highest stage of Capitalism. Already the free market economy has accomplished more dead people than all the wars put together. But that was still exploitation, and not nearly, totally banal and calculator-like, extermination, only a variant, a new transitory stage of the maximum capitalist, antique and futuristic global-world-little emperor-empire (Weltkaiserlereichlerei) (Imperialism, jackersí art-Brain-Imperialism) (Jackerkunst-Hirnimperialismus).


To exploitation belong at least two. Machines are breaking down by themselves; thereís no profit in that, only expenses. To extermination belongs minus zero (extension of the abscissa to the left), nothing else. What is an identity? Answer: If it is lacking the strength of illness, then there is no identity at all. What is relativity? Answer: If all is relative, then it is absolute, that means it is no longer relativity, thus it has gone for a burton. Try to teach that to a computer, itíll never learn it! Luckily for the computer, because then extermination has gone for a burton. Unluckily for the computer, because then itís no longer of any use, and itís simply gone for the burton. To register increasing profits, they have got the ordinate. Stay-at-homes, students and professors belong to the ordinariate (professorís chair), completely ordinary and common. Losers, too, belong to any halfway respectable profit. We ourselves have noticed in the New Millennium all in all three switched off people, no, not on the screen, it just happened. Against us nobody will do this unpunished for a second time, not even on the screen. And we have got more and more people who are approvingly laughing with our side.



Values, commodities ("hardware and software") and tools


Values, commodities ("hardware and software") and tools. And what nowadays was extermination, how could that have been exploitation then? Of course, one may question computers about that, too. But it is unlikely that they give any answer. Even the dead may be questioned, only that they do not reply, and if they do, itís certainly nothing reasonable, but something mechanical like, automatic like, and itís certainly not for wrong that they are called elementals, chopped elementals, and, piece by piece, just like computers, they do not simply make clinically sick those who question them, but even more simple: they finish them off. That begins ďektoplasmaticallyĒ in the eyes, a pushed forward part of the brain.



The more computers, the faster diapathics


Health is health. Thatís just saying the same thing twice over (tautological)? Illness is human species. Here, thereís nothing twice over, nothing tautological, but here there is the other (da ist das Anders). Illness is not-illness, only then it is right, that is to say illness in motion, in the other, in changing. Computers are movable furniture; or rather on the contrary, they are immoveables (movere = to move). Therein is nothing that moves. Illness, on the contrary, belongs to the very oldest movables of the human species. It is repulsing computers and it is repulsed by computers, itís just repulsive. Once again: Illness is not-illness, and that means human species. Health is just health and nothing else, because if it were something different, then it would no longer be health, and last of all it would be human species; standard value (Richtwert) is the name of that odd thing (=health); because, and thatís telltale enough, itís the computer intelligence to judge on it, no, not in person, but computer-technically, and that not only since nowadays. The writings of illness, the computer has to propagate them, procreate them and keep them in. For writings on health, and that we know for certain since years, no one is looking any longer at ours. Diapathics is simply faster than the computers, including their computerists who are set upon extermination, they themselves. To us, they do not do any harm, the computers. That would be an overlooking of iatrocidal means. But in the doing and accomplishing on the strength of being ill, even they are joining in.


No, we do not need any machine-wreckers. And hackers even less than jackers (medical doctors).



Possibilities and limits of artificial intelligence


The russeling and lulling of the nulls (Arschzt mihi lex = the arts are my law).

Who presses charges against off-switchers, loses just a postage stamp.

Who switches off those who press charges, gets in perpetuity.



Summary and judgement: see the text from the beginning.


PF/SPK(H), April 10, 2005



KRRIM Ė PF-Publisher Pro Illness