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I have always been intrigued since reading about the radical West German guerilla group SPK; a group comprised of ex-psychiatric patients and led by Wolfgang Huber, a doctor in psychiatry. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that SPK have their own website! 
I had always been frustrated at the lack of information available about SPK; most of 
the literature related to the urban guerilla movement in West Germany is primarily focussed on the RAF, RZ and Movement of June 2nd; SPK is usually mentioned very briefly and hardly any background information on the group is ever provided. 
What is usually said is that SPK (Sozialistisches Patientkollektiv/ Socialist Patients Collective) were a bunch of crazies led by a mad doctor who were incorporated into the RAF (Rote Army Fraktion/Red Army Faction), end of story. 
The SPK site tells quite a different story. Here are just a few extracts from the site...(see texts above)
I still have not read all the english language material that is presented on the site, but eventually I will. I would be interested to know what other people think of the site and SPK in general. Feel free to email me, or alternatively just reply in the comments section of this article. 
And finally, if anybody can point me in the right direction in regards to obtaining English language versions of SPK books and pamphlets then please get in touch with me!!


Parts of the music scene, especially in the U.S.A. show a special preference for murderer and other stories of the CIA et al to describe new-revolutionary movements like the Socialist Patients’ Collective.

All those authors who go on to make use of the mentioned sources run the risk to become punished by sentence to pay some millions of dollars and to up from half a year of prison. 

For readers who are interested not in fiction, confusion and analphabetic orthography and geography, but in the facts concerning the Socialist Patients’ Collective we list here the following events (brief time-line). 

The SPK/PF(H) of nowadays insists in that the Socialist Patients’ Collective during its initial existence until July 13, 1971, had and has – both regarding the theoretical contents and the way of doing – 

  • nothing to do with RAF or pseudo-terrifying music bands 
  • nothing to do with polit-activists, so-called movement 68 
  • nothing to do with so-called self-help groups and suchlike 
  • nothing to do with so-called anti-psychiatry, respect. medical or non-medical special faculties 
but to do with illness against iatro-capitalism. …


We were asked for a statement on the current situation (New York, September 2001, etc.)

Curiously enough, but truly, we have already answered in 1992: 

"4. As to the problem of the next millennium, the task only just has been set as the SALVATION front. The biggest world-war-business, also in so-called peace, is the medical, the medical in the hand-to-hand fighting with the Islamic SALVATION ideology with its means and effects of the same tendency, a fight, undecided still for a long, long time. The solution: in addition to illness the human species still lacking. The SPK/PF is its first step. 

  1. The next millennium lasts from nineteen-hundred-and-seventy until two-thousand-nine-hundred-and-ninety-nine.
  2. The SALVATION front (Iatrocracy, dominion of the medical class the world over) will be ready and stand close rank, either when the religious-Islamic or when the medico-capitalist (Iatrocapitalism) therapy terror has won.
  3. Either the success of the operation with the death of the respective patients, or illness with the medical-free human species (Utopathie). Illness is and remains the insuperable point of the confrontation.
  4. The Patients’ Front has to break down the significants on both sides (the iatrocapitalist ones and the Islamic ones) and to replace them by the strength and the concept of illness.
5. There exists no battlefield outside illness, there exists no Geschichtssinn (sense of history) outside alienation (Stoffentfremdung), because that place is being occupied by the species. This is why the SPK/PF-history as Gattungsvorschein (first glance of species) is the inalienable substitute of capitalism (unveraeußerlicher Kapitalismusersatz)." 

Added September 22nd, 2001: 

The real World War III will not take place before 2012. Until 2007, PF/SPK will have asserted itself (durchgesetzt) with all, and therefore all will be prepared in their and its own way. 


… This bioETHICS is one of the many marsh plants of the capitalist production process in which production is identical to destruction of life. Since the years of 1970/71 in the Socialist Patients’ Collective (SPK), we have denounced this process as differential euthanasia because of its permanent, methodical and systematic character of selection of its victims. "The products are valuable only because they contain life being destroyed, the lives of the exploited being used up. They are, therefore, murder weapons and valuable because they have blood on them. The exchange of products is equivalent to the exchange of life being murdered by installments, is equivalent to the exchange of illness." (SPK-Dokumentation II). What counts are the economic necessities that is the ravenous hungering for surplus value, at the advantage of only a few people. The one who is not efficient or capable of producing surplus value is selected either for being repaired (what they call "healing") or for being definitely rejected as unfit. During a public discussion (20.2.1970, thus shortly after the first self-organized plenum of patients in world and history on 12.2.70) one week before the foundation of the SPK, in February 1970, professors of Medicine of all medical specialization had to admit unwillingly in front of the public that "physicians do not certify and treat illness but incapability to work, and therefore they do not exercise any medicine but rather carry on some kind of tool making business, and that from the childbed to the dissection table" (Huber, founder of the SPK: "Der vollständige Krankheitsbegriff" in SPK-Dokumentation III). …