Heuristic example from our arsenal of weapons for the patientsí class
(see also interview, another heuristic example)

Concerning: psychiatry being iatrogenically recidivist

Karl Schranz
A - 1110 Vienna

To Mr.
Univ. Prof. Dr. Werner Laubichler
Vollerhofstrasse 682

5412 Puch with Hallein

November 16, 2005

Re: psychiatry being iatrogenically recidivist
Here: second summons Front Patient Karl Schranz ./. Psychiatry professor Laubichler

One of us both is of unsound mind. I, for my part, neither, nor. The mental condition of the concerned Mr. professor needs my examination and refreshing.

My diagnosis straight away and on suspect (in a scientific-descriptive way and consequently free from insults): total failure of retraining with respect to the Dr.-Josef-Mengele-doctrine, e.g. isolated imbecility acquired in the infancy Dr. Mengelian of 1932 ff. (frueh erworbener Verhaeltnisbloedsinn; Definition: Nicht-Oligophrene trauen sich ihre Intelligenz übersteigende Aufgaben zu; vgl. auch Salonbloedsinn, Th. Spoerri) and with aggravation in the old age.

That is why I must

summon the professor

in the medical doctorís office Auschwitz, as an alternative: Mauthausen.

In case of unability to come every further communication to my address is unnecessary.

I myself once was a cemetery gardener and, unfortunately, also a rescue ambulance man. Today I am always in shortage of time and money. On the other hand, Mr. medical expert is already since long time a too-much-late-pensionist. If he is reasonable enough concerning his illness and is unable to come, then for my part I herewith once more firmly forbid him any expert correspondence.

Intermediary comment:

My expressions, well-chosen to be uncouth and of ungainly familiarity, can by chalked up by Mr. medical expert, if he wants to do so, as a lack of distance and with suspicion of a disorder close to the cortex, unable to perceive rank differences in the micro framework of social relations (Tellenbach). Bad luck!: I myself could do it in a different way. But the expertising medical expert not, since he must do examinations.

Legal instruction (free of charge, because once and for ever and for every one):

Right of remonstrance (Remonstrations-Recht; the right to oppose) in the present case is, as a matter of priority, duty of remonstration. It was recognizable for you, esteemed Mr. psychiatry professor, that a big-mouthed public prosecutor with submissive women of quota in the judicial office, really had messed up the whole case by thoughtlessly incharging you with an expertise. Where was your expert's skill to put in action the civil disobedience to reject the brief immediately as demanded from you by the legislator including the protection guaranteed to you by the legislator against all corresponding disadvantages? Are you so slowed down and so numb that you are lacking any awareness? Where is the patient, esteemed Mr. Doctor, who could consider you in any way to be the apt one to put confidence and trust in you? Where is to be seen your critical capacity to be able to distinguish between unsoundness of mind and internment for life? Did you ever ask and be it only for this, for a formulation of question, halfway sufficiently differentiated, or counts for you only: an order is an order, a brief is a brief, service is service and brandy is brandy ( = never mix business with pleasure)? To help you to augment your shrunken salary in the retirement age (Ihr im Rentenalter geschrumpftes Gehalt aufbessern zu helfen), in this I really canít see any lifeís task (Lebensaufgabe).

One thingís for certain: you are not at all obliged to have to do anything, according to the will of the legislator. But I have to bring in a charge against you, against you together with the ones who gave you the brief. To the wastepaper basket, because it is me who is bringing in the charge? Slowly, slowly! Whoever gets to know a criminal offense, is authorized as a para-policeman and he is obliged to bring in the respective charge. Actually there are, except me, already very much people who are ready for it, and even quite another people. Even the most beautiful tricks related to the wastepaper basket will not help you and whomever in any way.

The only responsible ones are you and possible follow-up perpetrators, responsible for the recently newly arising annoyances by the psycho-social services, the so called ones, and the Simmeringer police station. Very outstandingly it is you, including possible follow-up perpetrators, whom I make responsible as the ringleader and wire-puller behind the psycho-social services.

To these few hints to the duty of remonstrance which is concerning you, and to the principle of legality (criminal offenses must be prosecuted) there still remain quite a few things to be added. What I myself do not do concerning these things, all the more others will do this for me. But for you, esteemed Mr. medical expert and psychiatry professor, all that comes much too late. In the matter of legal instruction (Rechtsbelehrung) you and the ones who gave you the brief would have a lot of need to be catched up. Carry out your duties, esteemed Mr. police-against- patients (already J.P. Sartre had stated: psychiatry = cop-iatry, thatís true!), especially as long as for traffic light duels, indeed, no gun license is required, but they bring a policeman closer to the big surgery than a big-mouthed principlist of legality is separated from unworldly psychiatry and make him stick to his last.

Karl Schranz