11 Theses of Illness

Our summary of the conclusions that have been drawn with regard to SPK/PF(H) since 1984, in part repeatedly, in the periodicals ASSEMBLEA and INVARIANTI.
Compare also the book IL TEMPO IMPERFETTO, Claudio Mutini and Giorgio Patrizi, Rome, 1996.

SPK/PF(H) is the only further development of the revolution in times and at present (einzige Weiterentwicklung der Revolution in Zeit und Gegenwart).

SPK/PF(H) constitutes the checkmate and, at the same time, the anticipated elimination of all genocide tendencies, also for the Third Millennium.

After Engels and Sartre SPK/PF(H)-Huber is the first who has succeeded in coming to grips with alienation in a materialistic way, that is conceiving it as illness.

The most radical attack against the logistic roots of nowadays computer-era originates from Huber / SPK/PF(H), namely: under the signifier illness, which in its previous and present form is but a curse, no patient is any longer "intouchable" for the computers (under the medical doctors’ class), and all will be selected for the purpose of their elimination, all the procreated ones, the artificially procreated ones any way, and all the more the "naturally" procreated ones.

The private militarism in the all-around civil war has to be solved and overcome in the same way in which the SPK succeeded to cope with the un-aimed protest of the patients against each other, the SPK is the paradigm for that.

SPK/PF(H) has unmasked marriage, family and all mating-relations (Paarungsverhaeltnisse) as a doctor-patient dyade. The only and proved starting point for the purpose of change: SPK/PF(H) ./. crook and prosthesis idols of any branch.

Their terroni are included and kept well in our prince-ity (pre-hominids of nowadays in relation to the human species of the future): SPK/PF(H) has contra-posed the so-called malformed as the far better pre-hominids of this earth to Yuppies and Fitness-fanatics.

The intellect, arts and science have been substituted by SPK/PF(H) through scars and the earth-bound intellurect. Illness-certain sensory.

Thermomimetics (thermo-mass and mass in warmth contra the medical in class-gang-race).

SPK/PF(H): All thinking follows from the mechanics of exchange. Who carries coins in his pocket, is an alien-determined puppet of all the appertaining value templates, in all the thinking premises in his mind and body, feeling and volition.

Health, the holiest of the holy, the very highest and up to now equally obvious as seemingly immovable standard value and value standard, the carrier of hope and illusions for old and young alike in all previous societies, has been caused to burst like a soap-bubble for the first time and by nobody else but by the SOCIALIST PATIENTS’ COLLECTIVE, the PATIENTS’ FRONT, SPK/PF(H).


Annotation: The authors of this Periodical for Culture and Politics, which comes out regularly in all parts of Italy, never needed to ask us questions on matters that require explanation. The only arrangement they had made with us since 1984: As soon as you’ve got something ready, send it to us. As soon as we’ve got something ready, we will send it to you.

Patients’ Front / Socialist Patients’ Collective, PF/SPK(H), May 1996


Translation (September 2008):

Kurd Ch. Schager, Dipl.-Angl., M.A.soc.ling. , PF/SPK MFE

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