HEALTH* is against everybody, except the ruling class, the class of the jackers itself.

There is no such thing as "health".
"Health" is but a biologistic-nazistic figment of the mind.

Excerpt from a criminal charge

* Many people want to read once more our arguments on the issue "health" in this, our electric newspaper [Stromzeitung].
As to the question whether the iatrometric passports will be useful and forgery-proof, in advance we only can answer: the only liable evidence we will have to offer will be the first one which, together with a governmental serial killer of patients, without objection leaves the crematorium, with the ruling doctors' class therein.
The Public Prosecutor’s Office
Land Court of ...
Mannheim, Date
This is to file a
criminal charge
and to initiate
legal proceedings
  1. Mrs. Dr. Dorothee Gremliza, publisher and managing director of the publishing house "KLV Konkret Literatur Verlags GmbH" (address), and
  2. Mr. Jens Mecklenburg, editor, to be summoned at the address of the accused referred to at point 1,
for all legal and juridical reasons, especially for having committed the offences of malicious gossip, libeling, casting false suspicion, incitement of the people and deliberate making people stupid and dumb, violations punishable according to the paragraphs 186, 187, 130, 164 II ff. of the Penal Code of the FRG.


The accused were acting against their own better judgment by setting up, in their book, the false allegation that the aim of the SPK would consist in "bringing people back to ‘health’ ", thus by deliberately spreading lies, inciting the people and by deliberately making them stupid and dumb.

"Health is but a biologistic – nazistic figment of the mind …", so the SPK has affirmed expressively already since its first beginnings and it has continued to stick to this affirmation until now, and compare: SPK – Turn Illness into a Weapon (KRRIM – PF-Publisher for illness), and it is precisely this SPK-publication, whose title is simultaneously its program: SPK – Turn ILLNESS into a Weapon, that is listed by the accused as a source on the SPK in the bibliography to their book. Therefore, the accused, by using and citing the sources on the SPK, were acting against their own better judgment.

The false allegation of the accused, unambiguously done with evil-willing and hostile intentions against patients, is therefore an attack against one of the central determinations and the core contents of the SPK, and precisely against its uncompromising refusal of health, because "health" indeed is a weapon in the HEAL-political warfare that, in all times, has served as a pretext to the killing of patients.

It was exactly this refusal of "health" that by the FRG Special Court of Karlsruhe in 1972 – and thus according to the principles of so-called court’s objectivity ! - was recorded as the core content of the SPK. In this, the Special Court had referred literally to the first Patienten-Info of the SPK: "Let’s bury once and for ever the foolish hope for "health"! …" (Patienten-Info No. 1, in Dokumentation zum Sozialistischen Patientenkollektiv an der Universität Heidelberg, Teil 1, see also the book in English language: SPK - KRANKHEIT IM RECHT, KRRIM – PF-Publisher for illness).

Therefore, even from a court’s view, a so-called objective point of view – and here is dealt with juridical matters – the refusal of "health" and the approval of illness that has to be activated as a revolutionary fact of the matter is one of the core contents resulting from the theory and practice of the SPK. This fact was well known to the accused when they intentionally brought up the false allegation that the SPK was concerned with "healing people" and "bringing them back to ‘health’ ".

Not even to medical doctors occurs to assert that there would exist even one single "healthy human person". Who believes that somebody is "healthy", is mistaken. And he who fakes that he feels "healthy" like Dr. Feelgood, in others turns deterioration into despair and suicide. In any case he profits from madness, lacking explications in matter. Who goes of his own initiative to a psychiatrist to have him certify his"mental health", has convicted himself from a medical-psychiatric point of view: only ill people are trying to get their "health" certified. The doctor, and be it the orthopaedist, always finds something, and thanks to the modern diagnosis-techniques he finds always more and more. Even more if one follows the geneticists: all of us without exception are ill, afflicted with genetic "defects", and there is no "health" to be seen anywhere. This is suited only too well to the doctors’ needs. For, as known, among all things one is always striving for getting what one hasn’t got to have. Thus "health" serves to the doctors as the "principle hope" to make the patients their slaves. But also it serves to the doctors to demand again and again thousands of billions of Euros, dollars etc. for research, so that they can always continue to make capital out of illness. Not for nothing the so-called medical-industrial complex has become by now "the world’s biggest business" (The Economist).

It’s only the medical doctors and their helpers that are making profit from the illusionary hope for "health". The patients are dying of it. To insinuate that a Socialist Patients’ Collective had propagated the doctors’ fetish of "healing people" and "bringing them back to ‘health’ " is but an act of libeling, incitement of the people and of making people stupid and dumb, and therefore those who have brought up such an allegation are liable to prosecution.

The accused are also publishing or editing books on the Nazis. Therefore they know only too well that the expression "health", by them falsely attributed to the SPK, is highly incriminated, historically and politically. It is a fact of history, which was stated in public for the first time by the SPK already in 1970/71 and which meanwhile has become part of general knowledge, that the mass murder of patients during the so-called Third Reich - at least 275,000 patients murdered – had been perpetrated by medical doctors in the name of "health". The mass murder of patients was not the doing of the Nazis, but it was the medical doctors doing, who had found in Nazi-Germany the suitable conditions to put in practice the extermination of patients they had been planning and preparing ideologically already in the 19th century. Exactly in the name of  "health". It’s by the use of the propagandistic term "health" that they had been preparing the ground for the programmed killing of patients. And the Jews too were being fought and killed as patients, for instance, as "a cancerous ulcer in the people’s body". On the other hand, Jews were excepted from prosecution when they were found to have got "good, healthy blood". Thus Jewish women (!) for instance were made pregnant by SS-men in the so-called Lebensborn ("Fountain of life") clinics, because they were very interested in creating "healthy" offspring. Thus, solely what the doctors had defined as "health" constituted the criteria of selection for those being allowed to live or forced to die.

Hitler was but the executor and the highest henchman of this ideology, which, as a therapeutic one in its ravaging against all "unworthy life", had been common to the world and not only to the Germans, and that a long time before the Nazi era. Left Parties in the Prussian Landtag and Reichstag (in the 70s of the 19th century) and also in the German Republic of Weimar (in the 20s of the 20th century) had introduced relative bills in the Parliament long before 1933. And it was not only in Germany, but also in Scandinavia, France, Switzerland and who knows where else, that patients were murdered in institutions. Thus thedoctors’ international "health"–ideology had prepared the grounds for the murder of hundreds of thousands of patients already long before. The medical profession as a whole had done in public calculations as to the cost the "national community" had to bear for maintaining the patients in life, and painted with glaring brightness the threat patients would represent for the "people’s health" according to the motto: "first of all they are expensive, and in the second place they are monsters" [Denn erstens sind sie teuer, und zweitens Ungeheuer]. The propagandistic call for slaughter "Health" ["Sieg HEIL!"] was followed by the killing as the therapy.

The parallels to nowadays cannot be ignored. Not even in the party manifesto of today’s Greens, by the way. Nowadays too, an extremely aggressive long-running HEAL-political propaganda is being pressed ahead from part of the doctors. Once again calculations are being spread in which patients are presented mainly as a "cost factor" that ought to be "reduced", because otherwise the national economy would collapse under the expense of illness. Through the cost-benefit accounting the lives of the single persons are being registered, summed up, are made an economic balance of it, are evaluated and devaluated. Numbers are being turned into supernumeraries, i.e. "unworthy life", nowadays as well as in the past. To give priority to aspects of profitability in the case of illness means in the end to practice coercive euthanasia (euthaNAZIa). Others are in for it today, you will be in for it tomorrow. So no one takes notice. It’s because of their money that they decide who’s allowed to live and who’s going to die. Who ignores in this the ruling class of the jackers, there included your family doctor, has not reckoned with the most important thing. It’s the doctor who decides, who selects, as the Master of death and life, at the death-life selection platform in Auschwitz and everywhere where the only thing they care about are "healthy" numbers and ill ‘supernumeraries’.

It’s a matter of fact that "health" does not exist and that it cannot exist, even more so under illness-generating social conditions, better: social-and-genetical conditions. No doctor can heal. Every single ill person: an accusation against him and a sign of medical failure. Another reason why the medical doctors were rejoicing over Hitler: finally they could "bring patients back to health" effectively, that is: by killing them. For who’s incapable of healing, at least must learn how to kill. "Bring back to health" (this the formulation used by the accused), from the doctors’ part, means killing, no matter what the pretexts are. "Bring back to health" means bring to death, "health" being the license to kill. You only have to be a medical doctor. That knew historians of Ancient Rome (Plinius Secundus: "The medical doctor is the only one who is allowed to kill without being punished") as well as by South-American guerillas (Dr. med. Che Guevara to his father (architect): "Think once more over your reproaches against me: Just place a doctor’s nameplate on the front of your house and from then on you can kill whoever you want to. Nothing will ever happen to you. For, your name is Ernesto, just like me."). In a murder case, which was recently sent back by the GFR Supreme Court to the subordinated instances, a female nurse was sentenced for murder only for the reason that she had killed a patient without being a doctor: while to a medical doctor it would be allowed (sic!) to shorten life-time(!), a nurse were liable to criminal prosecution: "The accused has arrogated to herself the power of deciding that is reserved for the medical doctor alone" (Regional Court of Nuremberg). If then the court is taking into account, as mitigation of the sentence, the "compassion" of the culprit for the killed patient and the assumption that having been forced to die must have been an act of mercy shown to the patient, then this kind of euthaNAZIa-propaganda is not just an echo of a remote past but the song of death of nowadays.

About this is also the following report: Who has reached the age of 60 receives a visit by his family doctor who is suggesting him to die in the near future. After all, the patient were already 60 years old, not quite "healthy", troubled by aches and pains, and therefore he would weigh upon the social community by increasing its burden of costs that might be avoided if he died in the next future. This applies not only to The Netherlands, the report before mentioned refers to, and where meanwhile at the instigation of medical doctors it is allowed to them by law to kill as doctors, and where minors can "consent" in legally valid form and without their parents’ consent in their euthanasia proposed by the doctor. If someone lives for instance in an old people’s home, in a mental hospital, or in another institution, the matter is even more easy to handle by the medical doctors wherever it may be. By adding poison to the daily meals, the doctors get to achieve in a trice their goal of killing. As a result of this systematic killing, meanwhile life expectancy of old people living in geriatric wards and other institutions can "be measured only in hours" (Medical Economics, 7.3.1988). Also here, in this country, euthanasia, better euthaNAZIa, meanwhile has already turned into current medical practice since long time ago, although this is not always admitted so frankly and expressively as it is in The Netherlands. What "healing treatment" is, and be it the killing, is in all cases commanded by the medical doctor. The doctor’s absolute power, which is also regulating the economic bases of the system, nowadays often called "ethics", and even "eco-ethics" (therefore all really and actually existing economy, until nowadays in any case a capitalistic one!), consists nowadays in the fact that it is not limited by any knowledge whatsoever, especially by no medical knowledge, certainly because any medical progress in its research into the basics of truth consists, to be exact, in its progressive advancing from error to error at three-years-intervals (XY-Magazine No 14, from 5.4.99); and one should add: by stepping over corpses in any case.

In the case, Mr. Public Prosecutor - it may also be a Mrs. Public Prosecutor - for reasons of his or her professional training and his or her office is lacking the power of imagination, a few remarks on the totalitarian-dictatory virulence of the medical "health" ideology, here in the field of justice, are worked out in detail in the following. Having a mother, who wants to carry her possibly ill child to full term, declared insane and interned by force in a mental hospital? Getting a guardian for tutelage to consent to the abortion instead? Having a patient, who refuses the medically "recommended", i.e. commanded, diagnostic and therapeutic measures, declared "insane" by calling a psychiatrist? Having his missing consent replaced by that of a guardian? Or having him at once and on top of that interned by applying coercive measures because of his assumed "dangerousness to himself", after having executed coercive therapy against him? Or having a patient even "incapacitated" because of his assumed "dangerousness to others", if he refuses the removal of his organs that can be kept viable for transplantation only artificially by a machine, because other persons on the "waiting list" might possibly die without transplantation, sooner or later? This list could be continued at will.

In all the examples referred to above, the facts of the matter consist in the same therapeutic "making healthy" that the accused, acting against their own better judgment and by deliberately inciting the people, have falsely and by insinuation attributed to the SPK as if it were the objective of the SPK itself.

In the Socialist PATIENTS’ Collective, the main concern was and is the liberation of illness and the fight against medical therapy and extermination (cf. illness warfare collective). To insinuate that the Socialist PATIENTS’ Collective had propagated the doctors’ fetish "health" can be compared to the allegation that the State of Israel were a foundation and the home of the SS with Heinrich Himmler being its first honorary citizen.

The allegation of "The Auschwitz lie" is a crime and as such it is liable to penal prosecution. In the rulings of their courts’ verdicts, from part of the judiciary authorities attention is being drawn to the fact that the ridiculing of the victims must be answered with the sanctions of the criminal law. This ridiculing consists in the allegation that there were no victims or that not any Jew had been murdered. Millions of murdered people are thus vanished into smoke, they simply do not exist, they never did. Thus the murdered are being murdered twice, they are finally exterminated for ever. This time by the means of language, through words. So the tenor of justice and the media in any case.

In exactly the same way as the mass murder in Auschwitz is being eliminated through language by the allegation of "The Auschwitz lie", the accused, Mrs. Dr. Gremliza and Mr. Mecklenburg, have eliminated patients and illness through language in their book. In this, the editor, who claims to be well acquainted with Nazism (in a critical manner of course, as long as they are making a good profit on it), appears to have learned a lot in the matter of elimination through language. He is eliminating illness and patients already on paper. He is trying to bury the Socialist Patients’ Collective under medical language-garbage ("healthy", "self-help group"), and patient, this bad word with its Jewish-gaudy ‘shine’ is not permitted to appear any longer, not even on paper. And that in relation to the Socialist PATIENTS’ Collective! This death achieved by eliminating illness and patients by not mentioning them [Totschweigen] is unambiguously HEAL-politically motivated. Thus the boundaries of the freedom of speech have been trespassed by far; theirs is unambiguously a matter of allegation of false facts.

In view of the severity of the penalty, the following is to be taken into account: the false allegations spread by the editor are put under the heading "glossary – factual information" and they are thus lent the air of representing true and real facts. But this is not all: overestimating his own abilities in a psychiatrically suspicious manner, he praises his concoction as a "work of reference [Nachschlagewerk] on the recent past that continues to have an effect on Germany’s contemporary history". This would be ridiculous, if it were not deadly serious. Therefore, with his false allegations the editor aims at political cheap showmanship, that is for the purpose of the HEALing of social conditions that have become calcified and anachronistic. In effect, his is therefore a hatchet-work, a murderous weapon [Totschlagewerk], aiming against all the ill people that nowadays and still to a large extent are left unconsciously and without orientation at the mercy of the iatrocapitalist profit-system, just as once the first industrial workers were left at the mercy of their employers and patrons in the Manchester capitalism.

All that were by far too exaggerated and moreover concerning political issues and not issues of the penal law, so the objection of Mr. or Mrs. Prosecutor? And as far as he or she as a jurist is concerned, it were none of his or her business? Wide of the mark! Here too, as it has already been mentioned in the introductory section, what is dealt with are last of all ideological and political matters, which might be presented by the accused just as they like, but it’s concrete facts in the juridical sense, facts that were well known to the accused, and in spite of that the accused have set up allegations of which they knew very well that they are false. Therefore, it’s a case for the Public Prosecutor.

The accused were acting against their own better judgment. Their punishment is absolutely necessary; certainly for the reasons of special prevention, but even so if considered under the aspects of general prevention.


There is no doubt that the allegations on the SPK set up by the accused are false. And there is also no doubt that it’s not a matter of so-called "value-neutral" false statements (compare the press legislation). Quite the reverse: the accused have committed the offences of malicious gossip, libeling, casting false suspicion, incitement of the people and deliberately making people stupid and dumb. By consequence, not only the protection-worthy legal interests of the signatory but also those of a lot of persons are being violated; that is the interests not only of the SPK, the SPK/PF(H) and the SPK/PF (MFE), but also those of all the other patients who come to them. The principle of propagation of the SPK/PF is called, nowadays just as it was then, the principle of Multi-Focal Expansionism (MFE). There is, for instance, SPK/PF (MFE) Austria, and also MFE Greece, Spain, Colombia and several others. They all, and all those who come to them, are being violated by the incriminated false allegations on the SPK.

To mention here particularly the SPK/PF(H), KRANKHEIT IM RECHT (ILLNESS IN THE RIGHT), PATOPRACTICE WITH JURISTS, known for being active in continuation of the SPK and for being the only place where authentic information on the SPK is provided. Who comes to KRANKHEIT IM RECHT – the latter being very often the last place after all the other possibilities have turned out to fail – has already made a pre-decision on what he or she certainly does not want, that is neither therapy nor any other medical treatment, thus deciding in the same way as did those who came to the SPK in 1970/71. And just as it was the case in the SPK, to KRANKHEIT IM RECHT people from all parts of the population are coming. Not only from Germany but from the whole world people address themselves to KRANKHEIT IM RECHT. A weekly activities’ report of KRANKHEIT IM RECHT informs on this in an exemplary manner (KRANKHEIT IM RECHT, schedule of activities from any week in February 1993). KRANKHEIT IM RECHT is no self-help group, no patients’ protection league, no refuge [Weglaufhaus], no euthanasia help [Sterbehilfe], no master-race-human-rights-circle [Herrenmenschenrechtsverein] (NGO), but it’s a pro-illness-area. The protest of the many people coming is being activated for taking effectively action against the medical doctors in order to put illness in its right, that is not for simply "to get one’s rights"; but quite on the reverse: to set up and establish right through illness [Rechtsetzung durch Krankheit].

It’s indisputable that illness keeps on increasing. The doctors are making their profits from that. The terror deriving from HEAL & therapy that is generated by the medical profession as the doctors’ class altogether can be effectively opposed solely by a pro-illness based patients’ front. That is the concern of everybody, and by far no longer only the concern of SPK, SPK/PF(H) alone.

Who else can seriously object to the exploitation of organ banks, the incitement against patients and patients-hunting, the breeding of the master race, euthaNAZIa, (ranging from abortion and switching off "life-support machines" to actively killing), as long as he or she believes in the figment of the mind called "health", as long as he or she is wriggling in the net made of HEALpromises and "Health"-fixation in which they are caught?!

The patient, if he is in search for help and support in this war conducted by the doctors against patients, where, if not to SPK/PF(H), should he turn? To the trade unions? These want him only after his ill labor force has been restored, but not as a patient. To politics? To the all-party coalition: "Health"-party, this "legal arm" (XY-Magazine) of the medical profession, which according to this diction is but a terrorist organization, an illegal underground army? Or to the church? Oh, certainly, adversity and misery teaches you to pray, but pain, suffering and desperation nowadays are driving the people rather to the hospitals than to the church. To Curds threatened with deportation, "church sanctuary" (asylum in the church) is now and then granted, but has this protection ever been granted, for instance, to patients threatened with internment in an "asylum"?

Solely the Socialist Patients’ Collective and all those who have joined in its cause have made front against HEAL&therapy from the very beginning and have related positively to illness.

The false allegations of the accused, therefore, not only have caused and continue to cause harm to the life-interests of all those who have been working in or with the SPK/PF(H), but the false allegations are particularly apt to mislead and grossly deceive all those who are searching for help and support against the violent medical HEALing power. Attempts to mislead, even if they are relatively harmless in contrast to the present case, are prosecuted by law, and very often for the slightest reason. (...).

Because it causes confusion, playing with names (i.e. bogus names) is forbidden in business life. In the present case too, precisely on the side of the accused, it’s business that matters; but what is at stake on the patients’ side is a struggle of life and death (imminent danger). By their fraudulent modification of the contents of the SPK changing it from an illness-warfare collective into just another commodity-ware to be sold and bought on the "health" – groups market (" … bring people back to "health"), the accused, Mrs. Dr. Gremliza and Mr. Mecklenburg, are actually running the business of those who hate illness. With their publication they are giving the public the misleading impression that the SPK would be part of the "health" supporters’ and, in addition to that, they are referring to the SPK – and that’s another false allegation known to the court – as having been "banned". "Healthy" and "banned", in effect: dead. Just as they would like it, these paid hack writers, and the medical doctors' approval, not to mention the instigation by the doctors, is quite sure, as sure as death, quite concrete (KONKRET). This double strategy of disorientation and deterrence, though being ultimately ineffective against illness and pathopractice indeed, has its purpose in denying to the SPK, SPK/PF(H) the right to exist, at least on paper. In addition to that, this turns out in the least to be to the life-shortening damage of all those (patients!), who, being confused and terrorized by this strategy, are being restrained from coming to the SPK/PF(H), being the SPK/PF(H) the last hope and the ultima ratio. The single and isolated patient is thereafter left to his despair and as last resort --- the accused read it in the newspapers at breakfast and they believe that it were no concern of theirs. It’s the Public Prosecutor’s duty to teach the accused of the publisher KONKRET about the question of guilt according to the criminal law, as well as about the fact that by their misleading false allegations on the SPK a lot of people have been damaged in their vital interests, that is not only the signatory and the patients of the SPK, SPK/PF(H) and SPK/PF (MFE), but also all the other patients who are coming to them or – according to the intentions of the accused ones – who are restrained from coming to them.

The fact of the matter, therefore, is the ongoing war conducted by the "white army" (medical profession) against patients. This war has certainly not been declared on them and it’s being conducted against patients, who, to a large extent, are not even aware of it. "It’s why the patient normally puts his trust in his doctor that he is not aware of the white army … all the host of the doctors are arranged in deeply graduated echelons, they are incessantly recruiting new servants … There is no peace at this front, ever … Irrationality, superstition, even maniac arrogance are constant components of the health system … By the medical industrial complex paragraphs were simply not being observed, others have been cancelled, others circumvented", something that had struck even the XY-Magazine (34/1988).

For all legal and juridical reasons, therefore, the due course of action is to publicly institute criminal proceedings against the accused. The accused knew that they were acting against their own better judgment. As stated above, they have been averted repeatedly and with vigour, by phone and in writing, to refrain from their offences.

Since the accused have committed their criminal offences in public through the distribution of their publication, a sentence of imprisonment up to 5 years is provided for by the relative regulations of the criminal law.

The Public Prosecutor is asked to confirm the receipt of the present criminal charge and to inform us of the name of the public prosecutor appointed to the case and the relative file number/case reference.


HEALTH is against everybody, except the ruling class, the class of the jackers itself.
There is no such thing as "health".
"Health" is but a biologistic-nazistic figment of the mind.

He who fakes that he feels "healthy" like Dr. Feelgood, in others turns deterioration into despair and suicide. In any case he profits from madness, lacking explications in matter.


Precisely alienation, which by no means must always be that sort of therapy that, as Nazism, promises the salvation of the world from illness by killing its bearers, – in the context of illness it likes to behave all to humanitarian, reasonable, enlightened, understanding, rational, political, up to macro-political, analyzing social classes, anti-fascist, anti-revisionist, anti-imperialist and ideologically critical, and, if it can not do otherwise, confession-breaking self-critical and lonesome heroic as well.
But to conserve the appearance of its own being healthy and mentally sound, it spares neither sense of shame nor feelings to an amount of expenses and efforts that, if one understands Marx literally, is revolutionary, and, if one takes him at his word, even proletarian-adversary revolutionary.

From: The Complete Concept of Illness