The Communist Manifesto for the Third Millennium

This is not for friends of riddles. Just read it, from the beginning to the end. For this, exceptionally, it is a little bit longer than usual. But therefore it might be helpful in extending your lifetime. Also without shedding blood.



Get out for the green 1st May?

Health is a nazi-biologist figment of the mind, this the SPK stated already in 1970, others have not realized it until today („confusing“, „of secondary importance“, „distracting“, „hostile towards the masses“, etc.; we know this patter). In the meanwhile you can read it even in the newspapers: As a fact, as a factum, as something made. Made by whom, namely by the doctors, ars medica (“art of medicine”, medical skill), that’s no longer a question: „In the era of genetic data collection there will no longer be healthy humans. Everybody will be able to ascertain from the set of his genetic data that his endowment with genes is defective, and that his health-prognosis is obscured by specific hereditary deficiencies. Once those who derive their diagnosis from the genes have pronounced their verdict about the illness risks of a person, therapists of the genes will be offering their services to this person to escape his fate.“ Therefore, who spreads only the word „health“ has to look out that the psychiatrist will not come to take him away as someone being obsessed by figments of the mind.

Health, the holiest of holy, the very highest and up to now equally obvious as seemingly immovable standard value and value standard, a carrier of hope and illusions for old and young alike in all previous societies, has been caused to burst for the first time and by nobody else but by the SOCIALIST PATIENTS’ COLLECTIVE, the PATIENTS’ FRONT [SPK/PF(H)] (so far what others have said about us). None of the 500 there still wanted ‘health’, and since that moment none has even so much as merely counted on any suchlike phantasm. In short: The SPK as a substantial, conspicuous, and irrevocable matter of facts has taken care that the soap bubbles ‘health’ and ‘healing’ were made to burst in public and that this was done once and for ever. Any eviction of the people, of the sick and ill, of the patients, thus, came far too late from the very beginning, because, as said above, the soap bubble health had burst since the very first beginnings (1965). Nothing could change that, not even the fact that afterwards, on the part of the enemy and with thoroughly hostile intentions, by the „Geneva Archive for Political Trials“ to the SPK miraculous healings were attributed. In the SPK nobody ever has left the illness of the others be the illness of the others. Whoever is letting illness be the illness of the others, is actually caring for and ensuring that illness becomes a doctors’ illness, a medical illness, and as such it has its repercussions, also on he himself. Everybody, but really everybody, woman, man, and child in the SPK had grasped this actively, no matter how much ‘feeblemindedness’, ‘blood sugar’, ‘drug addiction’, ‘paralysis’, ‘stuttering’, ‘valium glasses’ had previously been attested to the patient by the doctors.

The doctors who have always been imposing their norm all along, and who have been imposing themselves as the norm-standard, have automatized it today, this norm, are meanwhile applying it actively in automatic devices and computers. And the others are joining them, by enacting this norm-standard automatically in their computer programs. By doing so, this medical norm has long since outgrown all of them, rising above everybody’s head. This norm, we have been calling it Iatrarchy, since 1977. It works as a practice without an author, without anyone being responsible for it. This, therefore, is the new bourgeoisie, the Normoisie. It is this normoisie, which was to be attacked, is to be attacked and remains to be attacked. The old Bourgeoisie is passé. Who is responsible? Everybody who does not fight against it, thus is supporting it, is vested with the rank of a medical specialist. His value, however, does not thereby rise above the value of his cells and organs. But a producer of surplus value, an iacapist (from the Greek ‘iatros’ = physician, and Capitalism; transl.), that’s what he certainly is. Surely, classes are no longer what they used to be either. But have they vanished? Many a person will yet experience the surprise or the shock of their life. And neither excuses will be of any help nor shop talks as ‘this is outside my field of competence’, ‘I’m no specialist’, ‘it’s up to them’.

The dividing line runs between the patients’ class and the class of iatrocrats (jackers)*. The distinguishing mark being the Patients’ Front, on one side. The enemy’s side begins already where the fellow travelers are, the iatrocapitalists’ class supporters and those who tolerate their doings. They are well known from other times [the so-called denazification tribunals (Spruchkammern) in post-World-War-II-Germany, even against simple nazi-party members]. Surely, the closeness to the means of production continues to determine class antagonism, now as before. Today in yet quite a different way. The forces of production, the productive forces, are no longer the common industrial proletariats, but the breeders of the „New Man“, of the new industrial merchandise man (Fabrikware Mensch). The earth with its ‘raw materials’ is no longer the means of production. The new means of production is the by far bigger rest with their body organs (100 billion brain cells each, the most valuable raw material). And the relations of the production are the medical norms, the doctors’ norms, memorized and recorded in the computer programs. There is still many a primary, secondary, and tertiary sector that, as distribution, consumption etc., does not fit any longer in any of the old patterns, my dear Mr. sociologists’ club!

* jackers: abbreviation for iatrocrats (cf.: iatros, cf.: iatrocracy), from the family doctor up to the WHO (World Health Organization), the latter aware and conscious of what they are doing, some of the first perhaps in good or bad faith.

Illness in the hands of the people! Patients’ class!

The genetic laboratories, and all that’s connected with them, to the junkyard, but without recycling!

The gene laborators being the garbage removers on their own account (in eigener Sache)! But to be put under the patients’ control, in all cases and permanently!

That would at least be something, according to a rough outline, wouldn’t it!

Today, illness is everywhere that which all have in common, the general, the universal, and insofar the norm, and is only formulated differently by the physicians. But if illness is the general anyway, why not begin with it right away, and put illness in the first place?

Iatrocapitalism, precisely the doctors make it possible: Communism is being realized by the doctors.
How did that come about? It has always been postulated by Communism, as did once the ancient Greek philosopher Protagoras, that Man not only is the measure of all things but part for part the most valuable and the most precious what there is between heaven and earth (cf. also the Bonn Constitution: „Man’s dignity is inviolable“ – haha!). Now meanwhile, from the medical point of view, Man has become, part for part, the uttermost value. Every human body cell, cultivated and fully grown in the gene-laboratory, transformed into a commodity, merchandise, is amortizing itself with interest and interest-upon-interest, amounting to figures running into billions. The Free-Market economy allows for it, even necessitates it, by industrialized production, mass production, that’s the boom, mass unemployment within foreseeable time zero problem. Every single body cell is infinitely valuable and must not be wasted, when yet another ‘Man’ can be cloned from it, as a copy or as a living warehouse for spare parts.

The uttermost-modern stone-age capitalism. From the ancient stone-age capitalism we have, after all, been cured once and for all, thanks to the doctor’s class. Cured by precisely this modern one. In the old stone-age capitalism it was still the things that were valuable, while Man was worth less than trash. Being interchangeable, he could be replaced any time: People dying, not much crying, cattle perish, always garish (terrifying) (Menschensterben kein Verderben, Viehverrecken, das bringt Schrecken). Just as in the past coal had been stoked up in the steam locomotives to make the train ride, in the old stone-age capitalism all people have been used as fuel, all save the stokers (!), but sometimes even these were stoked up and burnt out too, at the very end, in order that capital could be accumulated. No, not money, but the trick how to make more money out of money while marching over dead bodies, that is capital, that means piling up capital, accumulating capital, in short: Capitalism. The trick has become a system, going unnoticed by most people, just as time and habits keep going on. But everybody is feeling it, everybody is fundamentally ill, and everybody is being made deadly ill by the doctors.

That is what the ‘medicine men’, the ‘shamans’, the ‘sacerdotal doctors’ (Aerztepriester) have been practicing thousands of years ago already: Things chosen at random were declared to be gods and men were sacrificed to them. Men were not worth anything, they served as victims to be slaughtered and offered to these gods as sacrifice, at most. So, each epoch had its special tricks, its special class of tricksters. That did occasionally go fiercely wrong. But in that case it was a full-grown step forward, really (ein ausgewachsener Fortschritt).

Is the Marxists’ aim now being fulfilled by the physicians? Namely that it’s no longer the things that are considered valuable but only ‘Man’?
Not at all. The process of alienation is being accelerated, concentrated, is made to reinforce itself (die Entfremdung wird potenziert). The valuable thing is no longer gold or a diamond, but the „biomatter man“ is the diamond- and gold mine of today. From each body cell a complete „New Man“ can be cloned. Whatever we use to call Man will be even more reified (ver-ding-licht), to become the most valuable thing for cloning and/or as a magazine for spare parts for those who can afford to buy other people’s body organs. Recycling of the stuff value is made of, and one of a different kind (Wertstoff-Recycling der anderen Art). Freedom: everybody can buy and sell whatever he wants to. Consequence and cause even in the uttermost modern stone-age capitalism: Man can be disassembled (an old story).

In the past, the currency standard was tied to the gold reserves, thereafter to the sum of labor-units measured by time. Henceforth the currency standard will modestly and simply be tied to the gene. You too can call yourself the owner of billions of them. Guard what you have, so that no-one will deprive you of your lordliness. Man, oh man! (Mannometer!).

Already in 1965 (!): A young motorcyclist was brought to the surgery in the middle of the night with pulp instead of brain. The medical students in the clinic were amazed: not one doctor who lifted a finger. Nothing is being done. It is evident that the young man will die unless something is done right away. No doctor takes decisive action. But after a little while, when anything was too late, a cloud of white, the place suddenly thriving with white jackets, hands all washed, busy, fully equipped; organ removal.
People are being „switched off“ prematurely, before they are „really“ dead; they are cannibalized (eviscerated as if they were animals), and they are dismantled as if they were machines, in order to sell organs to others for a lot of money. „Overpopulation?“ The ones live to be put to death, the others are being equipped to keep on living with other people’s organs, with alien organs of the others, alienated organs, alienated-from-human-species. For each one who keeps on living, another one has to die. That is the way in which people care for each other. It’s not the sum total of the living that „overpopulation“ is about. It is not about that in general there should live fewer people on earth. Otherwise the doctors would be glad about every one dying from „the malfunction of an organ“. Why organ transplantations?That depends on the class to which one belongs, and that’s being determined by the doctors: does one belong to those who are listed on the death-side of the balance sheet (die auf den Sterbeetat gesetzt sind) or to the others, those „elected“ or „chosen“ for organ transplantations? To turn this into their profit the doctors are taking care of both sides.
Anyway: „overpopulation“? There are only doctors, and the rest, from their point of view, is nothing but „human vegetable“ (green grocer’s wares).

Doctors unlimited, Physicians Without Frontiers (Médecines sans Frontières), how true, how real! No, liberal is not what we are. That’s not what we are free to be anyway. Who else still is free for anything at all?
It’s already more than 20 years ago (1976) that we have published: Iatrocracy: The medical doctors constituted as class – gang – race, from the medical murder monopoly to the medical production monopoly. Published since 1977: Value, violence, and power – we have cancelled these words completely from our vocabulary and replaced them by iatrarchy. Iatrarchy: the violence-of-value (Wertgewalt) of the medical norm. In 1979, in a pamphlet of the Patients’ Front against an international congress of jackers on ‘nutrition’: Eating of the sick by the doctors = the old and new cannibalism. War theatre and battle ground today: the body.

The „Personal Identity“ of the bourgeois („My belly belongs to me“) „is dissolving. When falling in love, it’s the heart of a stranger that’s beating faster. Who is enamoured then? When foetus cells are being implanted into a Parkinson patient, and he therefore can smile again: whose smile is it, that of the sick, or that of the foetus which was never born?“

Thus „notions like fate or identity and uniqueness are being questioned fundamentally“, „erosion of values“, the press is pondering.

Our collective identity Patients’ Front can neither be repotted, nor transplanted, nor dissected or disassembled, nor revoked: political identity (stable with respect to space), ideological identity (stable with respect to time), revolutionary identity (stable with respect to collective effectiveness).

The human head transplanted on an ape’s trunk and vice versa, quail on chicken too, is becoming the head of illness as a whole, and not only at long last.
The new identity? Medical doctors in the arse, illness in the right, in justice! (Arschzt im Arsch, Krankheit im Recht!)

Future prospects

The state has less and less to say, cannot do anything. What remains is a conglomerate of economy and jackers. Ethicists and legislators are already considering notions like „Human Biomass“ as totally human and adequate to mankind, and can at most still bring about tiny bits of retardation. The jackers’ norms are becoming (and have been becoming all along) factory, are entering into machinery and production processes and the like. They are thus acquiring the authority of the existing.

What people are thinking is determined by what they are doing. Once the jackers’ norms have become objectified and are getting into the head via the hand, via practical doing, no concept as such can oppose them any longer. Then it’s collectives of multi-focal expansionism (MFEs) that are needed to fight them, for the thought, the concept of illness, when in several heads, already is a material force, illness force.
So the thing to do is providing for something material to be at hand (Handfestes) immediately, right away. Then this or that and a number of things will materialize additionally one after another, all by itself. But the beginning, to come together as collectives of multi-focal expansionism (MFEs) does not ‘materialize’ by itself. To achieve that many a man/woman has to pull oneself together, actually has to make an effort. Deciding is everything, you don’t have any choice: for, whoever has the torment of suffering, can and must decide in favor of illness. Any other choice? Forget it!, because any other choice is of no use whatsoever in the matter at hand, does not matter at all for her, for him, does not change, let alone improve anything at all.

The jackers’ history is on the decline. With slaves, it was the master who suffered the loss when they were dying, today it’s a gain. The serfs of feudalism have already been worse off than the slaves. The serfs were not as costly; they had to bring up their own offspring, people like themselves.
Now, there is a great dialectical reversal: everybody is totally valuable, whether dead or alive. In the real that is in fact a qualitative leap. Human society is disassembling itself into very valuable component parts, kidney, etc. Man then is no longer at the stage of the animal only, like up to now, but he is being thrown back to the stage of plants and minerals.

While, as early as in the middle ages, they have been singing „media in vita in morte sumus“ (“in the middle of life we are in death”), today we have advanced one step further yet, on the extension of this very path: right in the middle of death we know what life is all about (mitten im Tod sind wir im Leben). No, it’s not ‘reanimation’ that is meant, not the so-called high technology medicine (machines and devices), but rather: that starts long before birth already (amniocentesis, ultrasound, prenatal diagnostics). There are no births any more but stillborn babies, not only since Gretchen (Goethe, Faust I). Artificially in the laboratory, or conventionally womb-wise, only dead (matter) is born into dead (matter). The iatrocapitalist relations basically and effectively are piled-up cadavers, dead inorganic capital, stuffed things (Dingszeugs), reality, indeed: reality, the world of things (in Latin: res = thing, matter, hence the name re-ality. Rebus, a riddle, still even now?). And whatever is still stirring will be exorcised, expurgated, and aborted. Nothing but illness helps here: live in order to sicken (Lebt um zu kraenken!), sicken in order to live (Kraenkt um zu leben!), only those who are sickening are right, in short: Illness in the Right (Krankheit im Recht) [SPK/PF(H) 1983 ff., crescendo ed accelerando, forte fortissimo].

And, since we just have been referring to the middle ages, and about crusaders’ mentality in the SPK (Prof. Heinz Haefner, MD, PhD, 1970, haha)*, yes even sectarian crusaders’ mentality, yes, „sectarians“ that’s what we are supposed to have been all along, nazis have thus scolded us, lefties have thus scolded us, and even many a SPK-escapee in recent years here and there has quite superficially tried to „class-analyze“ us, that is, tried to disassemble us, to dismember us. An old story? As to that, here the following: In the beginning of the middle ages, the Templars’ Order of Knights was suppressed, outlawed. Those who surrendered were given the permission to live on in other religious community orders, other organizations or parties. Many did not surrender. Why? They had found something better than life, the habitually so-called life which is not life anyway. They were beheaded. What would these people worthy-of-envy (Beneidens-Würdigen), what would they do today? Well, in those days there was not anything like this transplanting-of-organs afterwards (post mortem), and this having-to-live-on in something alien, in a stranger, an alien, in re-enforced alienation. For, today more than ever: life in all events comes from a cell / but it does not end up in that way since long ago / and certainly no longer vainly and only for the so-called hoodlums (das Leben kommt auf alle Faelle aus einer Zelle / aber enden tut es laengst nicht mehr in einer solchen / und schon gar nicht mehr nur eitel und einzig bei sogenannten Strolchen).

* Haefner = university jacker and clinic director, psychiatrist, one of the foremen (gang bosses) in the jackers’ crusade against the SPK, against the frontpatients: „…the suicide risk will remain clear, calculable (ueberschaubar)…“. (The translators).

Whoever does not declare himself being ill and to be in favor of illness, helps carrying on automatically the business of jackers’ policy, is a collaborator of iatro-nazism, from the KZ-crematory to the gene technology, and is taking part in his/her own elimination (everybody is genetically sick, nobody is genetically even just o.k., rather k.o.; see  a b o v e), and this unendingly, in unendingly recurrent and continued conversion into value, (in endloser Wieder- und Weiterverwertung) in endless recycling. There it is, the eternal recurrence of the same (Nietzsche). You just go ahead and greet it with your firm jackers’ Yes, you member of the master race. But, killing time does not only make the pain grow, it is increasing the saving illness too. Do you really still need the roundabouts and the false ways of genetics to find that out? You have got her right under your skin, the saving illness in flesh and blood, the hereditary substance which is revolutionary because of its being ill and which is, at the same time, the hereditary substance of all revolutionary experiences since Adam and Eve (Bakunin sends his greetings). Why seek far afield when the good could not be any closer by? (Warum in die Ferne schweifen, wo doch das Gute noch naeher gar nicht liegen koennte?)

You just quietly keep on reading, you students, also your Foucault: Discipline and Punish. Maybe you will find this alluded to somewhere, there we have not found anything. And precisely your pos-itive thinking, who is reaping the benefits from it? It is via the pos-terior, for the arse-doctors (fuer den Arsch-zt) and he is anything else but one of your most precious geni(t)al parts [Euer edelstes (Geschlechts-)Teil].

What is pleasing in this development?

Up to now, people have been running in all directions, against the state, for the natural resources, for bits of happiness from drugs, for and against foreigners or aliens, against the dismantling of the welfare state and for the safeguarding of jobs, ecology/idiocy (Umwelt, Dummwelt), individual and atom, indivisible, as the name already indicates (haa, haaaa). All that is falling flat, is thereby becoming a lot more transparent.

Everybody can move around with the consciousness of being a millionaire while there isn’t a penny in his pocket. Only he cannot buy back his own organs. Well, it might be easier for him to buy any other yuppie-design. Whoever has gone to the doctor during the past 30 years, can keep on going there thoughtlessly. He is lost anyway. Whoever has got used to medicines and drugs can unwaveringly take a few more. As to his organs he will still have something to offer. Whoever is no longer pleased with his skin, no problem. From the body cell of a deceased stranger lots and lots of skins have been sprouting in the meantime. Your own skin is pulled off, and from one ear to the other you are being wallpapered afresh.

Well, dear astro friend, the jackers’ class have succeeded in cross-breeding yet a new variety entirely different from what you can read in „Stern“ or „Spiegel“, in „Newsweek“ or „Time“, or in your Sunday broadsheets. They have, a long time ago already, cross-bred the Aquarius Age, the age of computer, quite inadvertently with the Cancer Age, even before the Aquarius Age could really begin. The esotericists can go bury the hatchet of their quarrel about the question when the Aquarius Age does begin. Just think of your cancer cells, just take a look how there’s sprouting and shooting, you noble lightful spectral shapes (ihr hehren Lichtgestalten). What is a cloned Man? A cell incited to sprout, hence a cancer cell, by means of electricity. Here the Aquarius too has to say his say. Always at your service, doctor, Sir. But illness too can explode (SPK 1970/71). Cancer is going to be eliminated by gene medicine? Oh, sure, even the Age of Cancer will be over once, that will be in about 2,500 years up from now. Then it’s Gemini’s turn. Castor and Pollux. Castor* above all.

* By the way, the containers used to transport radioactive vaste products in and out of Germany are called Castor. (The translators)

In the do-it-yourself supermarket, silicone is for sale. The doctor will make a compact pair of breasts from it for you, if that’s what one (woman) wants. It does not make any difference either, whether one is passive or active, „his/her“ disposable organs remain the same. Now you can confidently remain stupid or unideological („apolitical“), you need not try and make any special effort or mental gymnastics. Because everyone has been put down as dumb like raw material, like a natural resource. Excessive population density and overpopulation is out of question, for there are not so many jackers, and the rest does not count being human material.

If somebody is coming along saying: Things are not as hot when eaten as they were when cooked (German proverb: Es wird nichts so heiss gegessen, wie es gekocht wird = things are never as bad as they seem) -; Yeah, surely. The jackers, however, do have their own fantasies about paradise, as far back already as in the sixties (Congress: „Man and his Future“): From now on (1962) until then (2000), they want to have established and vested with power, officially recognized, - guess whom? The World Gene Council, the Medical World Government, with a network of genetic surveillance centers („counseling centers“) in the state governments, in the administration, at the local police stations, in the schools. War then would not exist any longer (there are wars galore again since 1960! ), neither would subversion and insurrection (ha, ha, they must be joking, just take a look), not even „resistance against statutory violence“ (Widerstand gegen die Staatsgewalt), for the corresponding genes would have been eliminated beforehand. The world population was supposed to be under control numerically too, long before 2000, being sterilized and made infertile by clandestine additives in foodstuff and tap water. Selected mating-couples would now and then receive an antidote for the desired offspring, but the right one, the medically correct one, that is: „Men like us“, declared the medical Nobel prize winner.

Yeah, but here too, illness right in the middle of it, which goes to show how crippled, how mutilated the imagination of these breeders of the Master race is, with their „utopia“. But not everything of this stillbirth has already died and been eaten (literally, means also: already is dead and buried; in German: nicht alles ist schon gestorben und gegessen von dieser Totgeburt). As to World Government: at such a prospective even many another one could become tormented by fear with hindsight, if he or she could still remember the World Government’s Missions, the „precise surgical operations“. Dead bodies in hundreds, women and children, in the bombarded civilian air-raid shelter; but the deployed troops too entirely crippled afterwards, by medical treatment beforehand, not by the military enemy. Friendly killing, an oversight in single isolated cases?! Now, who’s the enemy? Or just think of the „humanitarian missions“ under the sign of the (blood-) Red Cross all over the world, all of them always entirely „neutral“, „apolitical“, „purely humanitarian“, „non-governmental“, „purely medical help“. Being in action according to opportunity („Realpolitik“, even „green Realpolitik“!): World Health Organization, UNO, „Physicians Without Frontiers“ („Médecines sans Frontières“), „Emergency Doctors’ Committees“ („Notaerzte-Komitee“), etc. By them whole continents are entered on the death column of the life/death balance sheet (auf den Sterbeetat gesetzt), the selection by physicians is the same as in Auschwitz, here on a mega-scale, Auschwitz raised to exponentially increasing power (Auschwitz in Potenz): „Never again nazi-fascism!“ ?, you have got to be kidding! At the same time this is a wide field of experimentation, all under the medical norm (orphans whom nobody is missing, refugees whom nobody knows). Imperialism is not any more what it used to be either, but rather iatro-imperialism.

Whoever is reckoning: „None of my concern, it’s so far away, Third World, you know, etc. …?“ Far off the mark! The very same experiments and serials of trials with radioactive contamination of the (own) local population by airplane in the USA, or with the intentional and well aimed spreading of biological-bacterial pollution right in the center of London, and on many a beautiful beach, not only on the Mediterranean. And what’s the doctor’s saying when the kidney, the liver has broken down? „Unfortunately there are far too few organ donors, for otherwise you might be …”.

They are eating as hot as they have been cooking*, hot cooking just like cold cooking, quite as cool as it befits their vested ‘dignity’, that is their worthiness, privately as well as in office (ganz cool in voller Privat- und Amtswuerde). After all, there are also civilized people being cannibals. Have there ever been uncivilized cannibals? Voltaire already, in the 18th century, had his cautious doubts about that.

* In German there is a well-known saying: “das wird nicht so heiß gegessen, wie es gekocht wird”. Translated literally: this is not as hot eaten as cooked (to think also at the manipulation of genes by means of heat). The corresponding English saying: Things are never as bad as they seem. Means here: at the jackers, things are as bad as they seem, even worse! (The translators)

The experimental field has been thrown open, the man-hunt has begun. Gene was called hereditary factor (Erbfaktor) with the nazis. Hence the Hereditary Health Laws (Erbgesundheitsgesetze). The consequences are well known. In the 19th century already there was much ado about the hereditary factor, discovered by Gregor Mendel, a failed head master mutated into a monk. Then it was called hereditary characteristics (Erbmerkmale). Rudolf Steiner, the anthroposopher, then also scolded as „the black general“, and today publicly denounced as a racist by many politically minded people, has, not in the last place and as early as in the twenties, predicted the abuse of this „biological apparatus, nothing else“ for the end of this century and pronounced an urgent warning, that at least. Today this has in fact become a field of experimentation, a spacious field, and „Ahriman“ sends his greetings. And Anthroposophy? Is greeting back, approximately to the tune of: Examine everything, choose the best (department store lingo, seasonal sale).

What the nazi jackers then have done and brought about, is an accomplished fact. The beginning of the war took place after the beginning of the war. For, it all did begin with the murder of 275,000 patients because of illness, well prepared decades before already, and well before any Hitler did even exist. The homicide risk was calculable (yes, there’s not only a calculable suicide risk; Leferenz’/Haefner’s verbal formula for the jackers’ elimination of the SPK**). Today, on the part of the international jackers’ class, it is the whole works that are to be accomplished, instead of risking once more to be stopped half-way, thus it’s about anything else but an accomplished past. While then it was the selection and extermination of millions of people in Europe today it is the whole global population, billions, that are being targeted. Yes, bad things too do take their time (modifying the German saying: „Gut Ding will Weile haben“ = it takes time to do a thing well). But the data at least have been stored up for the time being.

** Leferenz: University professor, forensic psychiatrist, ideologist of Racial rights of the Master Race and corresponding patients’ assassination during Nazi time already. (The translators).

Those who are calling themselves nazis meanwhile, have perhaps been a little too overzealous. The jackers’ class, after all, does not examine people’s mental attitude (Gesinnung). They rather take a look at the hereditary endowment (Erbgut). And that, in case of doubt, never is as it ought to be in anybody, according to the respective jackers’ health norm. Being a „nazi“ does not count in this case –. Nazi, hurry up and become a physician. Or else he is the one who will come to take you away, you too!*

* In 1970/71, the SPK all alone, still brand new, also against the so-called citizens’ defense commandos of the nazi-Thadden-NPD, who were ready and prepared for anything. But we too [cf. our book UEBER DAS ANFANGEN (On the beginning) KRRIM – Publisher for Illness, Heidelberg 1993]. Illness kept cohering against that too, and persevering. Doubly delightful that too, and how, you bet!

Well, the world in its present stage can generate many a peculiar idea, even in doctors’ brains, quite idealistically. They cannot act the way they want to either? Oh yes. They can. And they are doing what they want to. Yes, they’re doing just what they like. But we too. In this we are going on being active materialists, active against these „idealists“, active in big matters as well as in small ones (taetig im Grossen wie im Kleinen). In this we’ll continue to be diapathic materialists even, with all our ill hereditary substance since Adam and Eve. With us, in our closer, more coherent society (in unserer engeren Gesellschaft), and in many other same-such places as well, the world is already almost all right (da stimmt die Welt schon einigermassen). No return of any rehashed yesteryear’s trash (kein Wiederkehricht), but last dance/trash-out (Kehraus): the jackers’ class on diet-zero, day in – day out, around the clock!

As far as the machinations of the iatrocracy are concerned, no head of state is ever going to interfere, no politician, no police, and no military. After all: World Government, and this means Medical World Government, everything for the sake of HEALS (HEIL). Cheers, to your healSS!! (Prost GeSSundheit!!).

In 1988 already we have been writing: LONG AGO ALREADY THE WORLD HAS CEASED BEING GOVERNABLE. Whoever is making a testament against organ removal, is counting on the state and on the laws being in force, on the state’s power to intervene or even to interfere. That, however, is subjected to the vicissitudes of the economy. As everybody knows, the economy is anarchic and irrational and consequently always control is needed. The corresponding details are laid down by the medical norm in close conjunction with the capitalist economy which is incurable on principle; are laid down by the medical norm above all and not in the last place, also in state, parliament, legislature, executive power and opinion making, very weak, indeed, being ailed (angekraenkelt) from the very bottom, even more so than the economic-medical complex as a whole, iatrarchy, iatrocracy. There from your illness too, dear gene-friend, dear con-gen-ial comrade (lieber Gen-Freund, lieber Gen-osse). Kohl (cabbage), is going to win, one way or another, for: Kohl (cabbage) = vegetable, exponential organ donor, public salad taster for yet more Chernobyl, in 1986 already.

Addendum (Huber):
This is not meant personally. Kohl – he’s saying so himself – is derived from Koehler (charcoal burner). These are solitary people in the dark woods. As early as in 1976, publicly in the federal parliament, he has urgently been seeking our company, fearful as he was that we might have gone underground. About him, we as confirmed frontpatients have to worry just as little as about millions of other normoi-jackers. But „damn it and confound it“ [„verkohlt (charred/hoaxed) und zugenaeht (sewn up)“, German saying]. Yes, hoaxed and sewn up, that’s jackers’ business after all (Jackerhandwerk). They are coming and going, these people’s hoaxers (Volksverkohler). Not one Geiger counter is still ticking correctly. But the hoaxed ones (Verkohlten) are being critical. They won’t just be taken in by any politician any more. But they are choosing the jackers’ norm and are not even remotely aware of it. At the doctor’s they are going to pick up the computer print-out of their sick hereditary substance (Erbmasse), sick according to its genetic definition. Then they’ll know what they have chosen. The doctor’s decision then is their winning lottery ticket (Los, also: fortune, destiny). Or is it his? Thus the circle is closing, the cybernetic circle, the vicious, the devil’s circle is closing towards the only dominant class, the jackers’ class whose dominance is permeating one and all, everything. There Kohl (cabbage) is no name, no person, no address, no designation, no meaning or significance, but rather a biotope perhaps, not even a playing card, let alone a trump. And their colors are legion. Therefore back to the biotope as an intermediate thing between an alternative graveyard and a gene factory. For other than on a classical graveyard, other than in the classical (graveyard-)society, you too, dear gene friend, dear con-gen-ial comrade, together with your children and children’s children, you have good chances to merrily continue vegetating in a biotope-gene-factory, i.e. something that aeons back has been part of you, uncharred/unhoaxed – charred/hoaxed (unverkohlt-verkohlt), unless there is taken care that something is going to interfere with their plans.
A will (Testament) against the removal of organs? Who is going to control this? A prosecuting attorney at the bedside of every dead person? Has anybody ever seen a dead relative in the hospital or in a hospice and pulled away the blanket, for instance, washed the cadaver himself, or at least thoroughly examined it front and back, above and below, and thus ascertained the body’s integrity? Most people just see a head protruding from under the cover. What’s hidden underneath the cover is not being examined, for instance straw, saw dust or toilet paper in the cavities of the body. Or is there always a prosecuting attorney present when dying is taken place who will preliminarily confiscate the cadaver? The state is completely absent in these zones of normality. Is that good or bad? For patients it doesn’t matter. For us something entirely different is at stake. More about that in the following. In compensation and for some relief after all this accumulated cadaverous stench. Because self-praise too, ours, in our own cause, however well founded, does stink. But whatever is necessary, is necessary.


(The single one cannot do anything, cannot put a halt to their activities? Far off the mark. One third of the population does not go to the doctor anyway. Do you believe these people are – „healthy“?, in full possession of life’s happiness, as it is called according to the World Health Organization?)

Nobody else is tackling this problem, nobody else has any solutions for it, except us, SPK/PF(MFE).
In our closer, more coherent society (in unserer engeren Gesellschaft) risks of dialysis and heart transplantation, for instance, simply do not occur. Also without any gene diagnostics each one knows of himself and of the other when and if there is an attack on the brain ‘sprouting’ or in store for him, on the heart or on the kidneys (insult, infarct, apoplexy). Above all, however: no sooner said than done (gesagt, getan). There are shock absorbers against any stroke (iatrocides). It will then strike out and lash out elsewhere. There we are not rejecting or refusing anything to anybody (da schlagen wir keinem was aus oder ab), but always quite well-aimed. The month of May has arrived*, even the very last vegetable, even the tree, the German one too, have always, and all of them, been capable of running into leaf, after all, if we are to be vegetables, all of us, for the physicians. Anybody can run to the dialysis from now on, to the heart- or head-transplanter, to the „gardener“, in order to be grafted, vegetable, vegetable. We are narrowly limited in our closer, more coherent society. The old one needs the illusion of freedom, that is to buy and sell what everybody wants, organisms that have always been decomposable, subjected to being dismantled, so-called human beings for instance. That is freedom, and not just the illusion of freedom. Thus: dialysis, organ transplantations unlimited: each according to his gusto, every child his air-balloon (jedem Tierchen sein Plaisierchen, jedem Kind sein Luftballon).

* See German folk-song: „Der Mai ist gekommen, die Baeume schlagen aus”; “May has been coming, trees breaking into leaf ...“. (The translators)

Ashamed at least should he be who is insisting on „his“ going on „living“, letting others to be cannibalized and slaughtered to this end. There is something quite different that, long beforehand, should have been insisted upon yet more firmly and dinstinctly, namely a society in which such questions would not even arise, in which such „borderline cases“, such minority problems would not even occur at all. We, on our part, we know what we are talking about, for more often than just once already, it was us who were the „borderline cases“, those „of inferior value“. Where were the preachers then who have committed themselves in our favor? They were at Heidelberg and Stuttgart. Their names were university rector and theologian Rendtorff and state minister of culture and theologian Hahn. And what was their preaching at that time? Away with that weed (Unkraut)! Lets do away with it by all governmental means! – Well, in the meantime cannibalism and looting corpses (organ donation) have become indispensable means of Christian charitable love for one’s fellow man, the reverend Brinkman was recently preaching on television. And that was the only thing he, according to his own testimony (!), had forgotten to do: filling out the organ donor’s form on his desk.

We have abolished the doctors in various of our closer, more coherent societies, society at any rate, good society even, for being self-made, made by ourselves, no „large“, no „small“ family, no family at all, being free of doctors, liberated from doctors, in spite of the „better“ society continuing to exist realitywise. We have been doing this for more than 30 years, free from doctors and without doctors under all circumstances and under the most diverse conditions, in the clinic, in the SPK-rooms struggled for and conquered by us, in the clink and under persecution, in lawyers’ offices and courts of law, in KRANKHEIT IM RECHT (ILLNESS IN THE RIGHT/ILLNESS IN JUSTICE). With unrelenting hostility against therapy we are also proceeding in the European Parliament, at the UNO, and the World Council of Churches (Geneva), in Stuttgart and in Bonn, during times of so-called political weariness (Politikverdrossenheit) as well as during times and in spite of the so-called revolt. All the magnificently bragging strategical approaches have disappeared, solitary persons from these directions meanwhile, towards younger people, are forced into at least feigning remorse about having, at that time, for instance in Heidelberg, opposed and combated the SPK.

The jackers’ point of attack is the particular body (Einzelkoerper). This does not exist with us. The other way around it does. Where to put the corpse? Your touring would not be sufficient in this case. We know where our organs are safe even as nothing but parts of a cadaver. Jackers’ body parts are not put on sale by us. We are quite fundamentally against any buying and selling altogether. But even the new society does not function entirely free from any compromising yet. The wall will fall down (Die Mauer wird fallen).

In 1987 we have publicly made the prediction for the future that there will be a crash in the summer of 1989. The appropriate preparations and precautions were to be taken. In 1989 the GDR (German Democratic Republic) did crash, and preliminarily the whole so-called „underdeveloped“ east-block capitalism together with it.
In more wide-awake parts of the foreign press, about SPK/PF(H) is said:

In the USA, this is said about us: SPK/PF(H) has succeeded in proving how one can keep on existing for decades without being occupied with „problems“ like AIDS, allergy, flu, cancer, fracture of the leg, etc., because of all this being forms of illness which can and must be countered effectively and in a way which is changing reality, this being possible only outside of any medicine, and without any medicine and therapy. On this foundation of their results, SPK/PF(H) can also provide a solid basis for all other resistance movements, because not a single movement is even only halfway complete if outside illness, let alone can lay claim to any credibility whatsoever if this foundation on illness and its theoretical elaboration are not its principal points, no matter whether such a movement may be calling itself anti-racist, anti-capitalist, or anti-patriarchal (feminist).

Even publications hostile against us (Geneva Archive for Political Trials) have attributed „miraculous healings“ to the SPK.

„No wonder“, yet other people are saying about us, „that they are so prolific in getting done changes, they are, after all, at least 1000 people in one city“; and these other people know us only by our deeds and publications, without any personal contact ever.

The range of the SPK/PF(H)–publications meanwhile runs into millions. Comment during a mass festival in Berlin: „I have been visiting the most diverse collective dwellings (Wohngemeinschaften) here. Wherever you are, there’s at least one of your books on the table.“

Only the active knowledge about illness and the accomplishment of utopathy (see below) is the criterion for „right“ or „wrong“ in what has previously been the so-called political.

Illness has at all times been the core of every revolutionary change, no matter whether it was „land“, „bread“, „peace“, and „freedom“ that was the declared cause of the struggle. But today, through the SPK/PF(H), it is illness that is signified explicitly as revolutionary for the very first time.

The revolutionary-subjective always and at all times were the illnesses (Krankheiten), the forms of protest kept in subjection as illnesses by the medical doctors and by those ruling at any particular time, the illnesses on their way and determined to be illness, the species illness (Gattung Krankheit), the human species (Gattung Mensch), mankind in its pluriformity and uniformity as human species (Menschengattung), or, to be more precise, two-foldedly, never uniformly, illnesses and illness in the dialectical process, possible and actual only in the world of utopathy which is free from doctors and free from therapy, and which is no utopia, because it is feasible and effective, as it has actually shown itself to be.

The foundation of everything else nowadays is the connection of jackers and economy (everything around illness exploitation, medical-industrial complex the biggest business). Rather of minor importance in this: the state. But the state too still does exist, just like the police and the military, as killing machinery and for the purpose of an „Early Warning System“ not to be underestimated. But everything under the command of the medical, under the dictatorship of the NORMOISIE (the old bourgeoisie from way back in Marx’s era, is outmoded, passé).

Conversely, the revolutionary subject is inerasable and incorruptible, and has always been what it is today, and all the more in times to come, namely the illness determined as patient (die Krankheit unter der Bestimmung Patient), and precisely at the very moment when the class of frontpatients is standing against the ruling doctors’ class, not as an organization and association, but in the well-aimed, focused and concentrated activity of the Multi-Focal Expansionism (MFE), we also call it body of warmth (Waermekoerper), which does exist, and which has already existed as Socialist Patients’ Collective (SPK), and which has always been there as the actual cause and the motive principle of all revolutionary instigations and incitements, if they were in fact such instigations and incitements, no matter how they have understood themselves, no matter how they were labeled, no matter which other labels they might have adopted in each particular instance, from the so-called Spartacists of antiquity up to the Soviets (Raete) and the Sansculottes of more recent times.

The revolution too has got a new face. The new-revolution by virtue of illness (Neurevolution kraft Krankheit) will not especially catch the eye of some, neither is it particular catchy that it is not accompanied by a lot of war-cry and ballyhooing, nothing about victims and sacrifices, and martyrs, heroes. The question does not even arise whether things will be better afterwards. All this is already perfect past with us, no: futur-plus-quam-perfect. A fundamental reorientation is demanded, indeed. Not only for any suchlike new beginning. This will not be achieved without pain. Old habits are crumbling under illness, almost as if by themselves. No pity for any one of them. Thus: no compulsion to buy and consume, no compulsion to take drugs.

„What you do is to take it very easy, while we are politically working on an aaaall-comprehensively fanned-out scale.“ Every few weeks, every few months, every year again, maybe here and there an „action“, and the rest of the time fully occupied in „joining them“, fully immersed in all the bustle and fuss, having fun and taking pleasure wherever possible, wholly and fully, and full, full, full, and completely plastered. What’s this supposed to achieve, that’s what we are asking. Nothing against setting up villages of resistance (Wehrdoerfer, strategic hamlets), nothing against blockades, nothing against single persons who are fagging themselves out (sich aufreiben) and who are then turned over to the jackers as booty, all the more so as isolated single persons, and often enough by their own people for whom they have become a burden. On an all-comprehensively fanned-out scale, forsooth, broadband spectrum-antibiotic, but less than nothing, more noxious yet.

The old forms of attacking are to be reviewed anew, as to what of them is still useful. That will not work without inventing, but certainly without protection by patent. We have been introducing many an invention during all these years, because there was not hardly anything, and there is not hardly anything to be discovered and to be unmasked any more. We are at grips with all this long before its time. Decades ago already we have tackled this, worked it out, conceptualized and conceived it, transformed it and converted it into activity, and that stable with respect to collective effectiveness (wirkstabil umgesetzt). From that still today there are our books, our securing of evidence.

The problem with operations, the „And-what-are-you-going-to-do-when-someone-has-a-broken-leg“, that you will solve by means of patients’ control, the rest via iatrocides (patho-potentiated force, force raised to the power of illness). And whatever there is in the realm of prosthetics, that’s to be used as crutches against the doctors when all seems to be too late anyway (crutches – pills, syringes, heart pace makers, artificial hips, eye-glasses, in short: pathopractice instead of or including prosthetics here too).

Have you already set up MFEs, small groups? The unity of the multitude (Vielheitseinheit) is the only actual problem and the only solution, unity because and in spite of all the differences, unity in and through illness. Do create a reality free of doctors (Arztfreie Wirklichkeit muss her).

Always several steps ahead of the enemy, having ready what is necessary beforehand [ap-parat (to be ready in advance) instead of apparatus]. Invent, give way to your imagination! TRT (Total Refusal of Testimony) (TAV, Totale Aussage-Verweigerung): no information whatsoever about your illnesses given to doctors and doctor’s helpers! No signature, no medical examination, interrogation, observation! Keep distance, three meters from my body, Mr. Colleague–Doctor, or there’ll be trouble! This our maxim since the earliest Huber-days in the seventies.

Attack against the nosey-parkers’ outposts and auxiliary jackers’ suppliers [runaway homes, patients’ protective associations, self-help groups (Doctor help yourself …)]!

In case of enforced contact with physicians: Patients’ control! Counselor-in-illness present too! (Beistand im Krankheitswesen mit dabei!). Bring criminal charges against the physicians! Filing complaints with hierarchical superior offices! Having Medical Boards forced to testify!

The medical is to be the point of attack at all times, the medical also in the military, also in the police, for instance the police-doctor [example of the Vietcong, cf. Iatrokratie im Weltmassstab (Iatrocracy on a World Scale), SPK-Dokumentation IV].

Have you at least found and prepared possibilities for evasive actions? You are, after all, touring too, occasionally. But that is being dictated by the travel agency. Therefore: provide possibilities to be able to move. And well outside the trodden down caravan routes of tourism.

Go ahead. Begin! Make front yourselves, patients’ front! Do something for yourselves! Do, after all confront the doctors’ class - existing all along and for the longest time being - with the patients’ class, instead of remaining a vegetable warehouse and a magazine for spare organs of the doctors’ class, for as such the jackers have defined you indeed: and that is in praxi. Create many a doctor-free patients’ front–paradise! And what about hell?, forget it. Hell you have already got in your existing paradises (Die Hölle ist Euch ja schon geschenkt in Euren bestehenden Paradiesen). Or is this hell not yet paradisiacally hot enough? One can also starve from bulimia in the stone-age-capitalistic land of milk and honey – haven’t you noticed yet?

When there is someone to whom this revolution seems too easy, someone to whose taste it does not appeal, someone who considers this revolution below his dignity, below his coolness (the dignity of a suchlike person too is, after all, inviolable, „the dignity“ at least, cf. the Bonn Constitution), then he can be sure that there is no revolution more thoroughgoing, and none less reformist. Whoever is preferring heaps of cadavers and other battles of materiel, can watch television or play PC, sure of his millionaire values, organ by organ, cell by cell, gene by gene, donated as received, given as taken away.

For the first of May we too, are again appealing to us and to the likes of us, that is to say this time to almost everybody.

In case anyone is taken away his breath already by this alone, including his so-called vigor (correctly: force of illness), modern sensibility with and without sensitivity training therapy, afflicted, even insulted (gar gekraenkt) (hopefully at least insulted up to getting hot – gar gekraenkt), a form of defense which does not defend anything, let alone prevent it or render it impossible, then a such-like somebody, even with sentences for remembering, in the form of catchwords and slogans, bawled after him by no matter whom, can no longer be helped afterwards.

SPK/PF(H)    1997