The arms must be stretched and laid down [gestreckt]. They have shot their bolts, supplies have been held up. The medical doctors are circling around the globe like viruses and everywhere concentration camps are blooming, in Canada, in China, and who knows where else. Beyond their political, geographical and redistribution-differences, they are getting closer each other in the medical doctor’s class, in the Salvation front [HEILsfront]. The Red Cross, the Red Lion, the Half-Moon, and even the Red Star of David have joined in. Humanitarian catastrophe? Not at all! Genetic alteration instead. Who dunnit, who made the genetic alteration? This the World Health Organisation (WHO) does not say. Atishoo, atishoo, bleSS you [GeSSundheit]! The patients’ class doesn't twaddle; it has taken to the road, and it is constantly in revolution [ist auf der Walz und in Dauerumwaelzung]. 150 have escaped. No, they have not been shot while trying to escape, as the law commands it in England; they have not been caught in the trappings of a Feng-Sergeant [in den Faengen eines Feng-Faehnrichs]. And what did a private soldier (GI) [Schuetze Arsch, literally: an ass of a shot] say to a newspaper? "They are ill and we are the chemotherapy". No, thousands are frightfully strong in action, using their bodies, in China, Canada, Kabul and Baghdad; because: illness is invincible.