Illness is substance and subject, also of all revolutions

We are to talk about the SPK of nowadays. Let’s talk about the revolutionary subject, about the subject of revolution. In the days of the SPK there still was a revolutionary subject. Then, for a long time after and even to the 80ies it was absolutely clear that the revolutionary subject could never, never ever be the patient in the definition of illness [Patient unter der Bestimmung Krankheit]. Rather everything else, ahead of all others the workers, the industrial proletariat, the masses, although since decades – yet unknown to many lefties, respectively causing fear and horror – those are only a minority.

Meanwhile the revolutionary subject, this and all possible other subjects, has disappeared also in theory. It is said by a certain R.K. that already Marx recognized that the worker, i.e. the proletariat, as the product of the feudalistic system therefore continues and remains to be feudalistic himself. And this is the final conclusion of R.K.‘s theory, analysis and reflections: no revolutionary subject, no proletariat as a revolutionary subject, no women as a revolutionary subject, nothing, nothing at all, gone. Therefore the revolutionary subject as a thing (matter) of impossible being [Ding der Unmoeglichkeit] both in looking back and in today’s illuminated perspective on things by an universitarian and universal philosophical viewpoint.

Even in assumption that there never has been a revolutionary subject yet nevertheless and without doubt there were and are revolutions and revolutionary occurences. The noticed missing of the revolutionary subject is the as conclusive as unrejectable prove that the revolutionary subject has always been what it is today, and all the more in times to come, namely the illness determined as patient [die Krankheit unter der Bestimmung Patient], and precisely at the very moment when the class of frontpatients is standing against the ruling doctors‘ class, not as an organization and association, but in the well-aimed, focused and concentrated activity of the Multi-Focal Expansionism (MFE), we also call it body of warmth [Waermekoerper], which does exist, and which has already existed as Socialist Patients‘ Collective (SPK), and which has always been there as the actual cause and the motive principle of all revolutionary instigations and incitements, if they were in fact such instigations and incitements, no matter how they have understood themselves, no matter how they were labeled, no matter which other labels they might have adopted in each particular instance, from the so-called Spartacists of antiquity up to the Soviets [Raete] and the Sansculottes of more recent times.

The term of the vanished revolutionary subject is true only tied together to the other term that the revolutionary-subjective always and at all times were the illnesses [Krankheiten], the forms of protest kept in subjection as illnesses by the medical doctors and by those ruling at any particular time, the illnesses on their way and determined to be ILLNESS, the species illness [Gattung Krankheit], the human species [Gattung Mensch], mankind in its pluriformity and uniformity as human species [Menschengattung], or, to be more precise, two-foldedly, never uniformly, illnesses and illness in the diapathical process, possible and actual only in the world of utopathy which is free from doctors and free from therapy, and which is no utopia, because it is feasible and effective, as it has actually shown itself to be.


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The state of the world ist illness. What is to be done?

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What we wanted to revolutionise so far?
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