Patients' Front Chases Away Vaccination Iackers and the Children are Happy

The Medical Doctors Attempted a Compulsory Vaccination, but the Doctatorship Failed

Under the pretext of a so-called "measles-epidemic" the iackers (the medical doctors) started a massive campaign for vaccination. At an educational establishment where a Front Patient is attending school the iackers attempted to vaccinate all children compulsorily. "Vaccination is obligatory", "whether the parents are against it is of no importance for us", they said. The children cried, some of them ran away, all protested. A teacher collaborating with the vaccination iackers proposed: "We will have to tie the children up, then."

But, fortunately, an MFE-collective was there on the spot, handing out leaflets to the pupils and putting the iackers and their helpers under patients' control. The Front Patients attacked, the slogan of confrontation: "In accordance with the constitution everybody can and must intervene on the side of the children. In any case: Patients' Class is the citizens' first duty."

The Front Patients informed about the possibilities of resistance and they distributed leaflets with a pre-formulated text for the refusal to be vaccinated and against the doctatorship. Furthermore they could refer to the pathopractic of confrontation of parents in Chile and Costa Rica who had attacked the attempted compulsory vaccination of their children years ago bringing in a criminal charge. The Front Patients had also this text of the criminal complaints with them.

To some teachers who were showing off with reproaches against the Front Patients, they replied: "Everybody who is collaborating with the vaccination iackers and coerces the children into being vaccinated will be prosecuted by all legal means."

Although more than a few teachers submitted to the medical dictatorship and, acting as their accomplices, tried to keep the Front Patients from distributing leaflets, the Front Patients could not be intimidated. Finally they achieved that the principal no longer blindly followed the doctatorship but formed an opinion on his own. He said to the Front Patients: "You are right." Then he himself issued the instruction that all pupils, teachers and the medical doctors, too, had to be informed explicitly that no one may be compulsorily vaccinated against his/her will.

There were also teachers who supported the activities of the Front Patients. They provided access to the school building for the Front Patients and also distributed the leaflets themselves about how everybody can attack the doctatorship.

The iackers were so angry that they couldn’t even hide their anger about their defeat. When they packed their things and left the school building the children bopped around and jumped for joy and they all shouted: "Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!"

That was on the 27th of October, 2011.


MFE Colombia, 25.11. 2011