The following criminal complaint may be sent to the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Berlin by everybody. Every public prosecutor has got to investigate into the referred offences liable to public prosecution and to prosecute them due to his official duty, as soon as they come to his knowledge, no matter how.



To the

Staatsanwaltschaft beim Landgericht Berlin

Public Prosecutor’s Office at the Berlin District Court

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10548 Berlin



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Nowadays, botch-up is done nowhere else that much than on life itself. And there is no doubt that it is the medical doctor who has got the most direct access to life. What is indeed appearing in the form of life is nothing but illness. Under the pretext of illness the medical doctor is acting and practicing in all fields: botching, eliminating and eradicating life.

The medical doctors’ newest botch-up against life: vaccination, under the pretext of the so-called swine flu.

Hereby, I file

criminal charges

for all legal and juridical reasons

1. against the Robert-Koch-Institute, legally represented by its President,
Nordufer 20, 13353 Berlin,

2. against the so-called Permanent Commission on Vaccination (Staendige Impfkommission), legally represented by its chairman, Seestr. 10, 13353 Berlin,

3. against the Paul-Ehrlich-Institute, legally represented by its President,
Paul-Ehrlich-Str. 51, 63225 Langen.

4. The present charges are pressed prospectively also against all their subsequent medical accomplices in the local public health offices.


The above-mentioned are



causing dangerous bodily injury (German Criminal Code, section 224: … by administering poison or other noxious substances … shall be liable to imprisonment up to ten years),

causing grievous bodily harm (German Criminal Code, section 226: ... if the injury results in the victim losing his sight in one or both eyes, his hearing, his speech or his ability to procreate, in losing an important member, in being permanently disfigured or in contracting a lingering illness, in becoming paralysed, mentally ill or disable … the penalty shall be imprisonment up to ten years),

causing bodily harm while executing a public office (German Criminal Code, section 340: ... liable to imprisonment up to five years),

coercion, while executing a public office (German Criminal Code, section 240: ... liable to imprisonment up to three years),

attempted murder on a mass-scale (German Criminal Code, section 211: ... liable to imprisonment for life),

coercion of constitutional organs (German Criminal Code, section 105: ... liable to imprisonment up to ten years),

forming terrorist organisations (German Criminal Code, section 129a: ... liable to imprisonment up to ten years),

preparing a war of aggression against the own population (German Criminal Code, section 80: ... liable to imprisonment for life),

high treason (German Criminal Code, section 81: ... liable to imprisonment up to ten years).

Apart from that: lifelong revocation of the license to practice medicine for all the involved physicians!

The above-mentioned are to be arrested and detained in solitary confinement. There is danger of suppression of evidence. The offences reported are offences liable to public prosecution. They are to be prosecuted by official duty.


Once again there will be deaths and lots of people seriously damaged, invalid and mutilated. It has always been like that in any vaccination. This time, too, the medical doctors will be sparing no effort to cover up their perpetratorship. For it is most obvious already: Not illness is the enemy, but the medical doctor. The cause of death: the medical doctor.


The legal requirements for vaccination are not fulfilled

There are three criteria that must be met for the implementation of mandatory vaccination (Protection against Infection Act (Infektionsschutzgesetz): section 20, paragraph 6), namely that

None of these criteria is met.

As a matter of fact:

The present flu is said to be the least harmful that has ever occurred since years. You can read it everywhere. Thus there is no "clinically severe form". The WHO, however, in order to declare a so-called worldwide pandemic, has changed the existing criteria and requirements in a surprise coup. The required "clinically severe form" was dropped without any further ado.

The "dangerous pandemic" – it doesn’t exist – is coming solely from the terror spreading poison cauldron of the WHO. As if the weather forecast announced a storm warning, when calm prevails. However, they who sow the wind .

Who is benefitting from this? Shocked by the "pandemic" threat – there is no "pandemic" – the safety regulations for the production of a vaccine have been suspended, carte-blanche authorizations have been granted through expedited proceedings. The advantage: the obligatory test series – time and money consuming, sometimes they can last up to 15 years – are not to be applied. Great ‘golden’ times and first-class conditions for the medical doctors and their medicine business altogether.

The present flu is harmless – till now and as long as nothing else will be added, e.g. a vaccination. Then, a totally different reaction will be triggered.

Question: The new vaccine, which is supposed to protect against the so-called "swine flu", why does it contain bird flu viruses – the bird flu, according to medical information, being one of the most fatal world threatening epidemic plagues?!

What they call vaccine is a deadly substance. Therefore their warnings that something might "mutate", "jump across", and then, at the latest, things were getting bad and bader! The sole thing that jumps across is vaccination.

In terms of criminal law:
The one who administers and injects vaccines, makes propaganda for vaccinations, or makes organisational provisions for their implementation, commits bodily injury on a mass-scale, is a mass murderer dangerous to public safety and conducts a war of aggression against the own population. The incriminated perpetrators are to be arrested and detained in solitary confinement. There is danger of suppression of evidence.

Is the 1976 vaccination massacre going to be repeated?!

Back in 1976, in the USA: "swine flu", yes, indeed: the same "swine flu", as at present, once again. That, too, was an epidemic delivered from medical doctor’s hand, from US-laboratories. The first cases occurred in Fort Dix, a few sick people and one dead soldier. This served as the pretext to declare a US-wide swine flu epidemic and to spread terror. The nationwide vaccination programme led to severe damages of life and limb of the people. Previously the medical doctors and the vaccine profit makers had put the government under such pressure that finally all liability clauses were cancelled. Nobody would ever be able to hold them to account for it. Thus they knew what they were doing.

The mass vaccination had to be abandoned overhastily, the medical doctors’ programme crashed down. The US-Health Minister lost his job, the chief executive of the Centers for Disease Control had to resign. From October 1976 till winter 40 million people had been vaccinated. The outcome of that therapy: the mortality rate was higher and had exceeded the mortality rate of comparable winters without vaccination.

That "swine flu" passed into history as the "epidemic that never took place". However, today the dead are still dead, and the crippled and injured are still crippled and injured.

Must that be repeated? Was there nothing learnt from it?

The one who administers and injects vaccines, makes propaganda for vaccinations, or makes organisational provisions for their implementation, commits bodily injury on a mass-scale, is a mass murderer dangerous to public safety and conducts a war of aggression against the own population.



Vaccinations are medical fraud manoeuvres; in their effects weapons of mass destruction employed against a population which, to a large extent, is unsuspecting and suppressed

Vaccinations are inefficient, except that they cause damages. This is well known since the time of the first vaccinations. In 1796, the English country doctor Jenner cut the peoples’ skin to infect them with harmless cowpox in order to find out whether these would have an effect on the frightening human smallpox. Jenner’s son died. Jenner could never provide any evidence that by the means of cowpox there could be achieved immunisation against human smallpox. Later on, it was Jenner himself to warn insistently against the dangers of vaccination. But the vaccination business had already got going and the doctors were keeping all vaccination accidents secret. The gloriole of HEAL was outshining all the dead people. There are some who are in darkness / And the others are in light / And you see the ones in brightness / Those in darkness drop from sight.

In India, the World Health Organization was carrying out vaccinations on millions of people for seven years and a half, against tuberculosis. The catastrophic result was to be kept secret; but in 1971 it came to light nevertheless: the vaccination against tuberculosis was totally ineffective. But the profit millions had rolled in.

In 1930, in the German town of Lübeck, 250 children were subject to forced vaccination against tuberculosis. More than a quarter of the children died immediately, and there was hardly any child who got away without a handicap. This experiment, of which the deathly outcome was well known, was repeated 40 years later on a mass-scale in India by the World Health Organization, with the same, previously known results. Today, thousands of Indians are still marked badly by the injuries of that vaccination – if they have survived at all.

Helpers in words – hangmen in deed: the World-Hangmen-Organization. India, the so-called Third World, the poor people, grateful for any help, this crime scene had been selected by the WHO with caution, that is to say with every malice and insidiousness. Already Paul Ehrlich, originator of the chemotherapy, and his kind had raged themselves out with their medical experiments in the colonies, which were at those times still German, and they were raging by far more worse than the later KZ-doctors, some of them hanged in Nuremberg in 1947. Paul Ehrlich was awarded the Dynamite Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1908. Today there is the Paul Ehrlich Institute. The latter being here under criminal charges.

Vaccinations are the medical doctors’ botch-ups, bio-weapons coming from the medical laboratories.

Microscopic living organisms, harmless, being since millions of years in good-neighbourly friendship associated with their respective host-animal, are brought together by the physicians with alien organisms, in the laboratories forced to copulate, to cross-bred medicartificially (swine + hen + rat + bird + …). The outcome? A new vaccine, for instance, which, in its composition, is indistinguishable from a biologic bomb.

The whole mixture is enriched among others with the industrial toxins quicksilver and aluminium as well as formaldehyde, notorious for its cancer-causing effects. Vaccines are but toxic waste drawn on the syringe, neurotoxins and metabolic toxins in their effects. What they call vaccine is a deadly substance.

The damages due to poisoning are not limited to the vaccinated people. They tend to expand to their direct descendants. These damages are handed down to future children.

The one who, after having received a jab, complains of a headache and suffers from vertigo, cannot keep anything in mind and cannot sleep, feels uneasy and is tetchy, suffers from tooth loss, diarrhoea, visual defects, hearing defective, or speech disorder, looses his balance during walking, is affected by paralysis, rising from the feet up to lethal respiratory paralysis, if intestinal and stomach ulcers develop, cancer and damages to the liver and the kidneys, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, knows from where he and she has got them. No doctor will reveal it to him or her, ever. Children are even hit worse than others. The more vaccinations, the more autistic children. The doctors know that already for a long time.

In terms of criminal law: the elements that constitute the crime of bodily injury are met, and likewise evident is the intent to commit a homicidal act.

The chronic sufferings, in turn, are once again very well exploitable, bring in profits, research funds and highly remunerated assignments in institutes. But that at least one of the medical doctors would finally decide to pipe up and to talk about the damages? Never ever.

These damages are the rule and they occur so frequently that a separate law was drafted at their regard. Thus they know what they are doing. The one who has suffered damage from a "protective" – Yes! – protective vaccination, will be given a provision and medical care and remedial gymnastics and ortho-paedagogical and movement therapy, pursuant to the Protection against Infection Act. On application. However, the approval of the relative request is preceded in most cases by death. No, not by the death of the medical doctor who has administered the vaccine, but the one who dies, long before his time, is once again the mistreated patient, whereby all his claims expire, and thus the authors of the damages he has suffered and his torturers are being absolved.

The medical doctors know only too well that by administering vaccines they bring in the heavy artillery for their assault on human kind.

They very wisely refrain from doing it to themselves.

The doctors themselves don’t want to be vaccinated. According to a recent survey of the Aerzte-Zeitung (Medical Journal) summer 2009, the physicians give as the reasons (literally):

"It is obvious that the vaccination does not provide any protection either".

"I, as far as I am concerned personally, I don't think that I will be infected".

"Influenza is not a severe illness".

"I am afraid of the harmful side effects of the vaccination".

– – – – – Isn’t that crazy?! – – – – –



Compulsory vaccination is prohibited

The next vaccination, too, will be followed by deaths and lots of mutilated and crippled people. It has always been like that in any vaccination. Vaccination is still voluntary. But that is only the beginning of it. Forced vaccinations will be tried next, already this time or later, depending on the resistance the medical doctors are encountering.

Compulsory vaccination is prohibited.

There is the fundamental right to life and there is the fundamental right to physical integrity. Each vaccination constitutes a prohibited intervention in the fundamental right to physical integrity and is therefore punishable as an act of causing grievous bodily harm and dangerous bodily injury and as attempted murder.

Nobody can be forced to let himself be injured or killed by vaccinations. The Protection against Infection Act states:

"The … subject to vaccination, who according to medical testimony cannot be vaccinated without danger to his life and health, has to be exempted from the vaccination requirement."

(Protection against Infection Act, section 20, paragraph 6)

Each vaccination is accompanied by a threat to life and limb. Everyone knows that. The "medical testimony" requested pursuant to the Protection against Infection Act is long since available. The expected damages caused by vaccination, which have been calculated already now in 250,000, need not be certified another time and in detail. Each of the vaccinations that have already taken place bears witness to the mortal danger and the damages it entails. Each single vaccinated a blood witness.

"Medical testimony"? For instance that of the German Medical Association, which, by its declaration of no impediment and no-objection to all nuclear power plants, gave the starting signal for the various Gorleben, Asse, Krümmel, Biblis, Grohnde, Gundremmingen, Brokdorf, Würgassen, which, as nuclear power plant and terminal storage site (whose termination?) are now emitting blood cancer en masse. Not one single word against that on the part of the medical doctors, who, once again, have been covering up the whole matter under their white coats of silence, or on the part of the medical officers of the local public health offices (the medical officer’s duty of care! Legal guarantee-position from which the duty to intervene arises!), who have never provided a "medical testimony" on the "threat to life and health"; "public health offices", the medical class’s selection ramps for compulsory sterilisation and mass murder, the corresponding law from 1935 still being in force till 2006, as Federal Law, the same health offices which now are to implement the vaccination.

Chernobyl was built with the same Western technology that had received the German Medical Association’s blessings. Without the memorandum of the German medical profession in favour of nuclear power plants Chernobyl would have never occurred.

Non-proliferation treaties against nuclear weapons? Atomic Energy Agency? Blind and tame towards the medical doctors, that destructive and final solution class.

"Medical testimony", here: on the risks due to vaccination? It’s but a foolish joke. Damages en masse to the life and limb of others have never been the slightest reason for the medical doctors to intervene.

Quite on the contrary:

The Permanent Commission on Vaccination, the perpetrators heading the attack against the life and limb of the population, makes profits on the fear of illness, which has been fomented by the Commission itself: young girls are called upon to get vaccinated at all costs against the "lethal cervical cancer"!

All the rest warned against it. But they ignore that, because a lot of money is at stake: for the discovery of the allegedly cancer causing virus, in 2008, the Heidelbergian physician Harald zur Hausen was awarded the Nobel Prize. In the prize awarding committee were sitting the representatives of exactly the same pharmaceutical group which, today, is achieving a turnover of billions with the vaccine. Those who entrusted in the "recommendations" of the Commission on Vaccination and got vaccinated are struggling against the damages still to this day. Meanwhile, the former president of the Permanent Commission on Vaccination has found even a full-time job in a big medicine company.

Not one single word of the "Permanent Commission on Vaccination" about the dangerousness of this vaccination, never ever.

That means:

"The … subject to vaccination, who according to medical testimony cannot be vaccinated without danger to his life and health, …"

will be vaccinated anyhow. No medical doctor will ever testify against that.

So far as to the "medical testimony", which is supposed to attest vaccination damages.

When will there finally be put a stop to the criminal business of these botchers?!



The national budget has gone bankrupt, the treasuries are depleted, but still millions and millions have been made available for the "largest vaccination project in history",

for a vaccination that

The vaccination campaign is a HEALpolitically conducted worldwide terror campaign planned by the medical doctors. What they call vaccination is but a large-scale experiment on human guinea pigs. The dead and crippled people that are to be expected have already been counted in statistically and are part of the calculation.

The WHO has changed without further ado the so-called pandemic criteria. They announced the highest threat level. No, not because there is an actual threat – in reality, such a threat does not exist –, but this is rather a strategic-tactical operation conducted by the World Health Organization serving the purpose of the further expansion and widespread of its terroristic health-dictatorship, in short: its DOCTATORSHIP.

The WHO-strategy paper on AIDS, 1989: they ought to generate a strong threat. Since it were unknown how to handle the right degree of fear different proceedings concerning AIDS should be tried out. The most developed and efficient options could then serve as a pattern for other diseases.

The WHO meets all the constituant facts of operating as a worldwide terrorist organisation.

And then the World Health Organization put its plan of attack into practice:

In 2005, the whole world was whipped into fear of the so-called bird flu, especially by the WHO-threat that 150 million people would die. Actually, there died 200 people. No, not of the "bird flu virus", that medical spectre. But they were dying under the bombardment with chemotherapy, being isolated in plastic tents, segregated from the world outside, defenceless abandoned to the medical doctors, exactly the same way, as we know it from torture chambers. There, too, it’s medical doctors who are torturing with injections causing respiratory paralysis and then giving therapy with reanimation devices.

Then, in 2006, was surprisingly found the miraculous medicine against the "lethal bird flu". The arcanum: World Football Championship. Especially in Germany, the host country, there were nationwide miraculous healings in great numbers. Had the Vatican kept a record of them, they would have gathered sanctifications en masse. Not one single case of "bird flu" anymore, as soon as the first game was kicked off.

Before that, in 2003, the so-called SARS, the same horror scenario, screenplay, here too, by the WHO: Again, the WHO prophesies: Millions will die. There died 54 people. Each of them under medical treatment.

Recall the striking timing: the SARS-show coincided with the US-attack on the Iraqi oilfields. A worldwide epidemic alarm thus serving the purpose of distraction.

Then, the WHO announces victory on SARS. SARS, so they claim, had been refrained by the means of quarantine and the monitoring of the supposedly infected ones. These methods, so they claim, were much more efficient than medicaments.

After a few days, there is already the next "malicious virus" circulating in the mass media: "Smallpox alarm because of a giant hamster rat is keeping the USA in suspense. The authorities are considering protective vaccinations, initially on a voluntary base". The one who got infected would catch a fever, pus-filled pustules and attacks of sweating (by no means anything life-threatening).

Then, in quick succession the next blow: the "West Nile Virus", very dangerous as well, disappearing just as quickly. Then, flanking the terror, lurid reports on new "killer viruses" en masse that would be sitting in ambush in the Amazon primeval forest. Nothing of all that did ever exist in reality.

From all that follows:

There has never been a plague, never a pandemic. All that is but scaremongering staged by the WHO for the purpose of holding down the people. Therapism = Terrorism.

Is there even the slightest sign that this time, with respect to the "swine flu", things are any different? The people are knocked down to keep still. Though they would have got every reason to attack.

A world in turmoil must be brought under control. Far beyond all system boundaries, across all political, ideological and religious differences, the WHO rules over all states. While, with respect to SARS, being still reluctant, meanwhile China too is knuckling under to and collaborating with the WHO. The WHO chief, at present, is a Chinese she-doctor.

The incriminated persons at the Robert-Koch-Institute, the Permanent Commission on Vaccination, the Paul-Ehrlich-Institute and at every local public health office are accomplices in the cold coup d’état of the WHO. The separation of powers anchored in the constitution has been abolished. It is Iatrocracy that rules (the domination of the medical doctors‘ class).

The deeds of the perpetrators constitute the following crimes:

However: Each of the incriminated can refuse allegiance to the World-Hangmen-Organization straight away and stop the planned mass vaccination, in order to protect the population. The WHO has no executive powers towards the respective countries.

Whole countries have already got rid of the WHO-yoke. Mexico has declared the end of the swine flu epidemic on its own initiative, and by that the WHO was sent packing.

Medical doctors over here as well, even medical associations, are already leaving the sinking ship, trying to avoid being called to account.

Farmers, too, have already been resisting forced vaccination of their livestock against the so-called blue tongue disease. The farmers know: it’s the vaccination that kills their cows, and calves are born dead or malformed. They also know that the blue tongue disease does not cause any harm to anybody, that it is harmless even for humans, and that the meat from these animals can be eaten without hesitation. Thousands of farmers have been demonstrating against compulsory vaccination. If thereby any veterinary or other medical doctor came to harm, was not reported.

The only true and appropiate, causally efficacious, efficient and promising combat against epidemics: Get rid of the medical doctors’ class! The sooner the better for human kind. The Constitution (article 20, paragraph 4, Right to resistance) demands everybody to do so.



A look at the past, to sharpen one’s sight of the things that are to come

Also in 1918/19, during the infamous so-called Spanish flu, infamous because it is still used to the day by the medical doctors as a spectre for the purpose of therapeutic terror, it was not "the disease", but the medical doctors and their therapy who were guilty of the deaths of 50 million people, worldwide.

US-Army doctors had the recruits maltreated with up to 25 different vaccinations. After the vaccinations against typhus and yellow fever there were deaths en masse. Thereafter still stronger vaccines were used, and thereupon there were still more damages and deaths. Instead of finally ending their vaccination programme they were administering even more drastic vaccines. Human typhus secretion was injected into pigs, and both was mixed with chicken egg protein. The outcome of that medical botch-up: the so-called Spanish flu, a new epidemic, tossed together in the medical poison cauldrons and spread through vaccinations.

The first cases occurred in US-army camps, in Camp Devens and Camp Fuston, training camps in World War One, and from there the medical poison was spread all over the world.

Against that epidemic, fabricated by the medical doctors, they massively prescribed Aspirin. Aspirin, placed on the market for the first time in 1890, was the first drug that was taken to the market under a completely meaningless or rather deceptive trade name in order to keep its ingredients secret.

During World War One Aspirin was used in the field hospitals as a pain-killer and in all types of common cold. By that, fever was suppressed. With fever, with illness as protest, people would have been armed and protected. As Heraclitus, 2500 years back, already knew: Give me a proper fever, and nothing can harm me.

There are hearts that can bear Aspirin, and there are hearts that can bear a flu. However, a flu and, in addition to that, Aspirin, that last medicine even the strongest natures did not survive. People who did not lack anything suddenly collapsed in the middle of the street, dead. The cause of death: the medical doctor.

In the end, there were 50 million dead people, worldwide. Compare: in World War One 20 million dead people.

Who and what is thus the most devastating weapon of mass destruction against human kind? It’s the medical doctor and his therapy. Under the pretext of illness the medical doctor is acting and practicing in all fields: botching, eliminating and eradicating life.

There are international treaties for banning chemical, biological and atomic weapons. When will there be a banning of medical doctor & therapy?

What has this got to do with us, here and now? The difference: the victims of that time are already dead. But for those who live, the following is the most important:

During the Spanish flu all those survived who had refused any vaccination. Those who kept the cause of death: the medical doctor at distance, did not suffer any harm. They all survived, without any damages.

They had no trust in the medical doctor and they knew the formula that protects against death and infirmity:

If you see a doctor

Knock him down at once!

Defence strengthening, enormously. Probatum est. This life supporting magic formula today is massively in use, all over the world. Thanks to the SPK!


Books published on the perpetratorship of medical doctors (for instance The Poisoned Needle, 1957) had been intercepted by the US-doctors and made disappear. That’s nothing out of the ordinary. The German medical doctors’ class, too, had made sure that reports on the mass murder they had committed in the concentration camps (Mengele & colleagues) did not even come into publicity. They had bought up the complete edition of the documentation "The Dictation of Contempt for Mankind / Medicine without Humanity".


There is no pandemic. There is instead the terror staged by the World Health Organization for the purpose of holding down the people. Therapism = Terrorism.

The legal requirements for vaccination are not fulfilled.

Vaccinations are medical fraud manoeuvres; in their effects weapons of mass destruction employed against a population which, to a large extent, is unsuspecting and suppressed.

The consequences and the damages are well known.

The one who nevertheless administers and injects vaccines, makes propaganda for vaccinations, or makes organisational provisions for their implementation, commits bodily injury on a mass-scale, is a mass murderer dangerous to public safety and conducts a war against the own population.

The incriminated perpetrators are to be arrested and detained in solitary confinement. There is danger of suppression of evidence.

In case, the German judiciary remains inactive as to the penal prosecution of the medical perpetrators, there still exists the option of transferring the court of jurisdiction to Libya. For the medical doctors who have vaccinated to death others, precisely children, there is the hangman still waiting, and the same rope, at which, already in 1947 in Nuremberg, many a medical glory has found its early end.

Perhaps Amnesty International will intervene: Write in a polite manner and ask for an early execution.




PDF of the criminal charge for printing

Pathopractic of confrontation against compulsory vaccination DOCTATORSHIP

The WHO-swines make the flu that does not exist

Stop the medical doctors’ iatrobiontic warfare against all people! Make front against it!

Iatrocracy on a World-wide Scale


Far and wide as the eye can wander, norm and worth obstruct the world

But above them illness towers, not for miles and miles alone

We are the illness’ people, creating out of allness, the world

We are the illness’ people, creating out of allness, the world


Up and down the times are heading, only illness does persist

Flight would mean a sure death facing, would the jackers suit allright

We are the illness’ people, creating out of allness, the world

We are the illness’ people, creating out of allness, the world


Onwards, onwards, each and every, human species we strive for

Where there all the separate people are united as a whole

We are the illness’ people, creating out of allness, the world

We are the illness’ people, creating out of allness, the world


Curses on you, class of doctors, go to hell to meet your kind

Always there will be tomorrow, only this direction’s right

We are the illness’ people, creating out of allness, the world

We are the illness’ people, creating out of allness, the world

PF/SPK(H), 11.09.2009