Interim Results in the Electronic Class War

Italy is taking up the illness
We knew it already, the HEAL is croaking

Italien greift die Krankheit auf
wir wußten’s ja, das HEIL geht drauf

(Huber, 19.07.1984)

At that time the world already knew much about iatrocracy. Meanwhile our Stromzeitung (PF/SPK(H) on the internet):

It was a doctors’ political [aerztepolitische] mass event. There has never been a Third Reich. 275.000 killed children of innocence then. Today 600 a year in the Netherlands. These infants would have agreed to their killing at their free will. That is new, nothing else. To whom? The medical doctors! (La Stampa)

The Modern-Euthanazism is the Experimental Religion of the stupid ones. The children's disease, that is the doctors' class; to be added.

As it's said, as it's written:

Italy is taking up the illness
We knew it already, the HEAL is croaking

The medical norm is noxious as a deadly poison.

Children are liable for their parents.

PF/SPK(H), 25.03.2006


The con-sequent question of principle about the Iatroclastical [Die Frage nach dem Iatroklastischen]: concerning the prince-ity [Prinzenschaft], princesses and princes, evokes the floating body [Schwebekoerper] of warmth, mimesis and masses. And in no case neither the worldly nor God’s court jester, neither August nor Hiob. For: this, our prince-ity is ill-disposed to the Gestalt, and this principally. We can therefore presume our prince-ity being to be found everywhere and nowhere, but in no case it can be individuated into a Gestalt and in those who represent the Gestalt [Sachwalter = administrators]: the Arche-iaters, within any scheme of culture and princ-ery. Our imposition and claim: to increase warmth up to the point, where it re-volts into the states of fever surpassing the limits of any structure [Gestalt]. Even stiffness [Starre] must be free of the Gestalt, or at least deformed, but never rigor mortis, rather alike a sardonic grimace [risus sardonicus, sardonische Grimasse] if need be.

Our prince-ity, cadres, heroes and avant-gardes, if one likes, consist in the thermomimetic monsters, precisely in those whose capacity is exceeding that of the central computer, and even more so the powers of imagination [Vorstellungskraft] of the ‘wanted’ poster. The interrogatory impulse, the mythomanical impulse [der mythomane Fragetrieb], therefore, if by way of exception it thinks at all (electro-magnetic field! ingniting actuality), has certainly no intention of separating the prince-ity from the masses, and does not think at all of that. Because of its being ill [krankhaft], it feeds on and off [zehrt er sehr selbstvergessen von] all the form-differences, up to the point to forget itself, melting them down and converting them, and, what is the same, it continues feeding on them [zehrt auf], it forgets the answer, wants to remain stuck to the question, until it boils over, and it does not answer, but answers for all [antwortet nicht, verantwortet], is pre-cizing a DIFFERENT reality, in defiance of the being-so reality [prae-zisiert das ANDERS dem So-Sein zum Trotz].

Warmth is not only infra-red. It is even Iatroclasm against all external light: Flesh-colored like Earth’s hot tempered core made of nickel-iron, incarnat colour hostile to cold, sparkling and oscillating flesh, the one with the transversal stripes at the cells of the heart muscle and the smooth one in the stomach, which generates and spreads its own light. No screen, no cathode-ray oscillograph can arrest it. A telluric body illuminating from its own source, a body that is liberating itself from any structuring [Gestalt]: iatroclastic intellect.

It is permanently roving, but it is something which juts out of the routine, which does not fit, in which is perceptible this revolution [Er ist dauernd auf der Walz und in Dauerumwaelzung].

To the image-caring and calorie-conscious health-citizens it is an alarm signal, to the politicians an up to now still affordable tribute to progress, to the medical doctors an opportunity good enough to launch one euthanasia campaign after the other, in the WFMH (World Federation for Mental Health)-style: treacherously, through surreptitious advertising; here, therefore, clearly spoken: they are to be frozen out, they are to be killed [kaltmachen], firstly, because they are expensive, and secondly, because they are monsters [Erstens sind sie teuer und zweitens Ungeheuer].

Who are "they"? First of all, they are those who have nothing to offer, nothing to spread but a piece of warmth of fusion, made cold and inoffensive by the myth of the Brownian molecular motion, those who are deformed from birth [Mißgeburten], the monsters, the deformed, the dysplastic ones, precisely those heavily built [grob-schlaechtig, cf. a-syn-metric] of the so-called ictafin, falling [hinfaelligen] constitutional type. Thus [halt] those with twain [zwieschlaechtigen] dimensions, those with the enormous growth over their backside, those with the brainless frog-like head, those with too much hand and foot, too much, too little and without, the "waterspouts", the gargoyles, mongoloids and Siamese twins, and others, in brief: all those, to whose Earth-warm intellect is attributed the name mooncalf [Mondkalb], to make us forget, that their intellect still knows about terrestrial warmth. According to experience not yet that old, even the most intelligent humanism, the humanistic intellectual, prefers to connect the cow-warm intellect, which has just been sketched, with everything else but with Earth. And the least with oneself of course, but the most likely with muddy earth.

PF/SPK(H), 18.03.2008