The secret of illness is human species

Our theory of revolution (outline)

Pro-illness being the principle, the warfare against the medical doctors is the strategic main point, if that is being missed no end of oppression and no beginning of liberation in not any of the liberation movements will ever be feasible, no utopathy, that is: no human species, ever. Well then, everything forming a unified whole cast, namely: principle, method, and aim. Thatís what we call Diapathics, because it is a materialistic dialectics, indeed, for the first time a materialistic dialectics: materialistic, because it is pre-set in the substance of the dynamics of illness (illness substance, matter), and the human species that is to be brought about is the energetic field of tension belonging to it, the strength of illness being the driving force (catalyzing agens) that is going to happen with it, recognizable from its influences and effects that are bringing about a new reality, blasting off the existing reality. Thatís our theory of the revolution. And the practice, the pathopractice?: We all are already, as different as we are amongst ourselves, most closely bound to each other, at least as close as illness is bound to any single one of us. Thatís the strongest binding force. Who attempts to bring about separation, will be experiencing it.

Revolution is but illnessí strength, otherwise it was none at all


Three fundamental matters:

Iatrocracy on a World-wide Scale

Power, Iatrarchy / Illness, Violence