Raised on Snobbery


Rechtsanwältin Ingeborg Muhler

N. C.
School of Social Sciences
United Kingdom

Datum: February 10, 2006

RE: Sozialistisches Patientenkollektiv, SPK
Your writings about SPK,
e.g. in: ...


Spandler, including Blake and vice versa, have withdrawn already in the 90ies, caused by our texts, see www.spkpfh.de.

There is nobody who takes Wikipedia seriously and they are under juridical persecution caused by PF/SPK(H).

SPK is no mental patients‘ movement.

Therefore omit the SPK in your respective writings or add the text above wherever you mention SPK. By doing that you have good chances to avoid a criminal charge against yourself (see enclosure).

Concerning Trieste you deal with a RAF-person, not with SPK.