In the electronic class struggle
the patientsí class has won also the second round

In favour of the spreading of the SPK there has to be noted a rapid and steep raise of interest in the SPK also in the Anglo-American language area. That comes from the following: our announcement of the public prosecutor's case number in the Internet has shut up abruptly and constantly the formerly so big-mouthed snooping polyps Wikipedia. Shortly before this announcement they had exported to England a bitter moaning and shameful article (freedom of press! Freedomfreedom of press! Blackmailfreedom for Wikipedia!) against the patients' class, behind our back, hastily and by escape, obviously expecting to be overseen by us or at least not to be caught by us. As a prompt reaction, Praefcke and the others have therefore got another criminal charge. Now they are not only instigators of the people but guilty of instigation of the peoples to the detriment of the patients' class (in 1945, this ended at the gallows). On this occasion, we have showed up also one certain alias Ferkelparade (Parade of Piglets) from Munich, decoded (civil name): Sven Schwarz. Besides Zinnmann, Bach, Jansson, Kerbel and Dünhölter, in the present case there is involved one alias Dickbauch (Potbelly) respectively Bauchweh (Stomach-Ache). Praefcke, obviously unaware of the latest developments, is trying to laze about in England during Easter, is collecting opera records and postcards for resale (see internet), and Ferkelparade (Munich), too, is often at that very place. Thus, the patients' class has invisible forces of help everywhere, about which nobody can be pleased. Not as a patient and even less as a defenseless average consumer; because his enemies are the modern EuthaNazi rabble. About us nobody has to worry, as we pathoscopically know long since that also in future they'll get the worst of it in this confrontation.

From entries of others in the Internet we have learned that anarchists want to destroy the snooping Wikipedia polyps from outside by founding similar competitive enterprises. So they say. As to ourselves, since October last year we want nothing but being represented accurately, if there is to be publication at all. We do not want to criticize anything or anyone; because what does not correspond to its concept (Begriff), will come to an end anyway. Well, in December last year also some who call themselves anarchists, had noticed something, at least it seems so. But surely it is not to their personal detriment when we point to the fact that the iatropolitical big event, that is the so called Third Reich, everywhere in the camps was surrounded by assisting physicians, no matter of what race and no matter of what political line, who - having escaped with their lives (wonder why?) - cannot speak too highly of their chief-physicians Münch, Mengele and Borm. In the view of the medical battlefields of today - and there are no other ones! - everywhere there is just the class antagonism between the patients' class and the doctors' class. It does no harm to know this and to be guided by this, to draw conclusions and to make decisions. In Germany, there are the snooping Wiki polyps since May last year. We might reproach ourselves for not having been fully aware of that before October last year, when there was reason for it, and in the view of the patients' class as a whole. Among their games to cut us off, their nerves being strained by our counter attacks round the clock, the snooping Wiki polyps also had the memorable saying, which up to now can be read or is available from us by call any time: "Yes, the snooping Wiki polyps never sleep."

Once there was an area free of government (SPK1970/71). But that anarchy always comes too late, apart from all other things, this we knew already years before. For the one who still  would have to learn that, it will be too late under the whip of the physicians. We ourselves have put us under the command of the concept of illness,free of all rules and rulers. This, one never does too early. This even helps to save us to criticize all the others, and to do  what is right and true is first of all and everywhere always more than enough, and what matters is that doing it is preceding the writing.

To denounce, to boycott and to sabotage this alone turns nobody into a hunter of snooping polyps. But the impossible consists only in failing to see the means. Nobody is allowed to write about us, but has to do the same on his own. In the meantime this has got around. Their writing about the SPK was an accurate own goal, a rapid through ball; the second round in the electronic  class struggle  has been won by the patients' class, as said before. For all that's left it's the public prosecutor who may finish them off; because they are already on their last legs in their deadly and total ruin [Tot-alruin]. Don't fail to see with all that the orgies of self-congratulation and the alleged record of success of the snooping Wiki polyps in the Internet, because their being on their last legs in their deadly and total ruin [Tot-alruin] is pathoscopically more than evident; and what is not yet visible can appear in its time, damn! In England, in America and elsewhere one reads their English texts about us with the greatest interest. Nobody needs to know something about the "prevalence of the endogenousity" (Dominik Bach). For, after all, there are more than enough who know that in consequence the SPK has certainly known that capitalism had reached its first total globalization in the midst of the century before the last; while the so-called endogenousity arose only at the end of the penultimate century because up to then the so-called scientific psychiatry including its endogenisms and biologisms was not there at all, and thus did not have any chance to do whatever and be it only to "prevail" over - let's say - the exogenousity of the capitalistic drudgery.

Not only footballers in the Anglo-American and world-wide language area will find it amusing, that a Baader, then, supposedly must have been the highest authority of the Federal Republic of Germany; because Wikipedia claims expressively to refer to a "diametric opposition" as to the proofs of authorities concerning anti-psychiatry*, the movement 68, selfhelp groups, RAF and what ever else, and this in order to blame our own statements, while disregarding the fact that the state authorities were absent in the SPK; or do they take the media, also being absent in the SPK, for the only state authority besides of Baader at those times?, or in the SPK only  we ourselves were present day and night and nobody else was. For Baader had confused the SPK (polemically) with a savings bank association and, together with all his obedient Federal sub-authorities, he was in a "diametric opposition" to that (e.g. bank robbery).

*Quiz question as to the so-called anti-psychiatry: What is the diametric opposite or orthogonal congruent to the proofs of the authorities with non-existing proofs or documents of the authorities?
a) Nothing?
b) The private registration form?
c) All?

Even if not all foreign users know that it was still for years and days after the SPK that a Mister  Jünschke, Mr. Taufer, Ms Elisabeth van Dyck and Ms Margrit Schiller have managed their domiciles all around Heidelberg  peacefully but "politically" (in their own expression) as well-behaving citizens and totally inconspicious in the view of the authorities, as they did already at the times of SPK, ditto Sieglinde Hofmann, these foreigners will not at least take delight in the pretty German or somewhat European women's names. How can they know that Bernhard Rössner and Ralf Baptist Friedrich in the view of the authorities never could have seen the SPK from inside, simply because they had their legs more or less beneath the tables of their parents far away somewhere in the Federal Republic of Germany. And what are the foreign people supposed to do with Siegfried Hausner who was proved not guilty like all the others concerning the Federal President Heinemann and the assault against the lunatic asylum of Wiesloch, and before that, also like all the other 500 of the SPK, he was declared having full legal capacity and, also like all the other 500 of the SPK, was never put under tutelage? How should the Anglophone foreigners from far away not have their tremendous fun, for fun and abysmal ignorance are not so far away from each other! For the rest, the Mistresses Hanna Krabbe and Friederike Krabbe have regretted nearly inconsolably the lacking of an "infrastructure" within the SPK even for fully four days after the first detentions and after the proofs of the authorities published by the press, whereas the press laws gangster Dünhölter (decoded civil name) together with Praefcke and alias Dickbauch (Potbelly) respectively Bauchschmerz (Stomach-Ache) want to let die the authorities as stupids in the "diametric opposite" to the SPK, by falsely attributing all those names to the SPK, even though in the SPK they all did nothing, but years after the SPK they did this or that, or perhaps did nothing. Whether this orgy of fun is meant to reconcile all foreign peoples to the hate many of them had already to suffer from in Germany as far as they have escaped with their lives? An own goal of the German world champions is every time a pleasant entertainment abroad.

PF/SPK(H), 28.03.2005