The medical doctors’ class is drowning

To our people, also overseas


Not until us the winds have turned,
they’re blowing right into the jackers’ face

Thanks to the transnational patients’ class!

The medical doctors’ class is drowning, along with the iatro-capitalist economy of plundering and murder and its rescue government fidgeters’ zoo.

In the maelstrom of the drowning: the German Organ Transplantation Foundation (DSO). Nobody wants to "donate" anymore. People say: "The doctors, these butchers! They won’t get my body organs!" Organ donor cards, attached to the member magazines of the Health Insurance Fund, are torn into pieces and these pieces are sent back to the Health Insurance Fund.

The first transplantation doctor is behind bars for manslaughter.

To hold their annual meeting, the DSO must hide behind closed doors. The public is excluded. Frank-Walter Steinmeier (Parliamenty Party Leader of the SPD) a resected-kidney-disabled in the hands of the doctors’ class is admitted and may deliver praise.

In the wake of the doctors, drowning with them, the so-called Parliament: Four months after the passing of the new Transplantation Law, the Bundestag, has produced a "Brain Death Newsletter" under the overall control of the doctors’ class. It states:

The "brain death definition of death is to be considered the preferable one"(!), otherwise "a functioning transplantation medicine, because of the possible consequences in terms of criminal law, appears hardly to be possible".

Consequences in terms of criminal law? It’s about murder. Who is "brain dead", is alive. He is killed for the purpose of organ removal. The transplanting physician is a murderer in terms of criminal law. Murder was put to vote, and the People’s representatives have voted in favour of the preferable murder. They are up to their necks in blood.

No Act of Parliament can impose murder as a law!
No Parliament can decide the death of 82 million people, not by a relative majority, not by an absolute majority, not by an all-party decision. Who holds a seat in the Bundestag, has been elected. But not to leave the State to a gang of hangmen and body strippers so that they can self-service themselves with the blood and lives, the bodies and body organs of 82 million people! This is a declaration of war on its own people! The theater of war and the battlefield: the bodies.

Gauck, (the President of the FRG), who was written to in this matter of highest priority and required to refuse to sign the Transplantation Act, has not even sent back an acknowledgment of receipt. Not to talk about an answer. Dead letter box.

All State authority emanates from the people, they say. With the murder-law, the people’s representatives have introduced a new constitution. The new law commands: All people are under the control of the medical doctors’ class (Doctatorship). The right of the medical doctors’ class, to kill without punishment, can thus become temporarily the ruling norm. This confronts the patients’ class’ right to revolution and the right to life of all.

The population is more and more referred to the path of self-help. The "civic participation" in the affairs of the community, so often called for, can only consist in being against it.

It can not be a matter of "improvements" (Reform Act of mass-murder, second reading –?). An effective control can only be achieved by Patients’ control, at the same time by the abolition without replacement of this murder business and away with doctatorship!

Believe it or not: 15 million surgeries are performed here each year, the organ transplants are part of this battlefield. This has nothing to do with "health care". The hospital eats people and spits out profit. The "cared-for" in that way are put back on the road right away from the operating table. "Bloody dismissal" (medical jargon).

The millions in support of the medical murder gang DSO are pinched from all, via obligatory contributions to the Health Insurance Fund, also for the information letter on organ donation. There’s need of constant supply for the blood-mill: fresh hearts, kidneys, livers and lungs, ripped out from human beings, who have been killed especially for this purpose.

They want to terrorize, to force agreement, in order to get the organs. They have stated it explicitly. Official records of the Bundestag: "We’ve got to pester the people".

Getting a stomach ulcer by anger, drowning your anger in the bottle, hoping for the next weekend that maybe something finally is going to happen? But you can also think of something, turn illness into a revolutionary weapon. It could well be that the people – turning over the circumstances – get themselves "to pester" those who terrorize them, e.g. by paying a visit to the Health Insurance Fund, in company, in person, by phone, fax or e-mail, every now and again, or even by dropping-by at the German Medical Council in Berlin or at the DSO in Frankfurt, or by visiting their MP on a Sunday stroll, or weekdays at the office, etc., etc., AND SO ON AND SO FORTH.

Because what is falling, needs also to be pushed. Into drowning.

Patients’ Front / Socialist Patients’ Collective, PF/SPK(H)

04.05. 2013

The state of the world is illness