Patients' class all over the world, the same in your country: Say No! Attack!


The medical doctors prey on body organs.
Government and Parliament bow down to the doctatorship
and provide the desired organ procurement law

Organ donation has been in use already in ancient times. It was part of the execution and was called vivi-section, in English: being chopped up alive. The execution site today: clinic, intensive care unit, cannibalisation- and slaughter-house.

Allegedly, 12,000 organs are missing. The planned law on organ procurement targets all the 16 years and older ones in this country (here: Germany), 65 million people, forcing them to declare themselves willing to put their head under the executioner’s axe.

People are against organ donation. The medical doctors know this. The doctors have commissioned a study on the willingness to donate organs (German Hospital Institute, DKI). The study was supposed to be brought before the German Parliament, now it is kept under wraps. Its result was devastating for the doctors: organ donation is rejected outright in the population. Who is questioned about organ donation and who has time to think about it, says no. Nobody is willing to be executed voluntarily, nobody "donates" his life voluntarily.

How do the doctors still get approval? They take people by surprise. The new law provides that everyone who is applying for a driving licence or a new ID card will be obliged also to be concerned with their organ donation. Should people then, in the service counter area, 25 other people waiting impatiently behind them, have a confidential conversation with the driving licence clerk on life and death, on their fear of dying, on life after death, on resurrection, on sin, on their relationship with their family, on their previous life at all?! Why not then force each one by law, on such visits to the authorities, also to decide whom he will marry, whether at all, whether he or she wants to have children, how he intends to draw up his last will?!

That it was even possible to put something of that sort down on a legal document, has caused many people to most emphatically, ultimately and mercilessly demand euthanasia, but exclusively for the medical doctors’ class and their appendages in Government and Parliament.

Allegedly, 12,000 organs are missing. Why then are the doctors not the first ones to agree en masse to donate their organs, if that is so "social" and "human" and medically so good? The doctors themselves do not donate, as little as they have themselves vaccinated, as little as they have themselves treated with the cancer therapies they advertise to the patients. There are 400,000 physicians in Germany. The need is therefore covered. Alternative draft bill: only that doctor is allowed to practice medicine, who has previously given his consent to his own organ donation. In the absence of such consent, the licence to practice medicine shall be denied.

Already in 2005 doctors have killed a young woman "at her own request" (EuthaNAZIa), solely for the purpose of exploiting her body organs. The young woman had had a stroke, and saw only a bleak future ahead. Every doctor knows that such a condition is not unusual in the first period after a stroke. The doctors have taken advantage of the helplessness of the young woman. That suited them perfectly! The ideal victim for being deboned, all organs fresh and young! Because something like this never had happened before, they quickly convened an ethics committee. It agreed the very same day. The woman was killed and her organs were removed and reused. That was in Belgium. It is now routine.

Did you know?: On the death certificate of someone killed by a medical dying-assistant (EuthaNAZIa), it reads: "death by natural causes". The 275,000 patients murdered by the doctors in the concentration camps therefore died also quite naturally. Dr Mengele applauds from the grave.

During the Middle Ages, Europe was depopulated by the so-called Black Death, the Plague. Nowadays it is the medical epidemic plague of Modern-EuthaNAZIsm that is depopulating cities, towns, villages and communities. The euthaNAZIstic mass murder is hourly going on. ‘Visitation’ [Heimsuchung] in each house.

Who is willing to give away parts of his body for medical purposes, carries his death sentence in his pocket. In a traffic accident on the motorway, for example, they refrain from anything that could save the injured. He is only of interest as a dead-on-demand, kept fresh, then with blue light flashing and siren wailing off to the next deboning-clinic. Emergency doctors, people call them "skin-hunters" for that, pocket extra money for the patients captured. But that was in Poland, and completely different anyway.

Deboning alive, at the same time killing. The cut out body parts are transformed into money. They pay up to EUR 15,000 per organ. It all adds up to quite a hefty sum, and body and blood are transformed into luxury limousine, offshore yacht and chief physician’s mansion in the countryside. In terms of criminal law: a murderer is any person, who ... out of greed..., by stealth or cruelty or by means that pose a danger to the public ... kills a human being; penalty: imprisonment for life.

The definition that anyone who is "brain dead" is "entirely dead" is a medical invention. It serves only the interests of the medical doctors’ class. The definition of brain death was introduced in 1968, on the quick, by doctors of the American Harvard University. Why? A medical colleague was on trial for killing a patient. To get this doctor out of the juridical line of fire, the doctors invent the "brain death", an arbitrary definition in favour of the accused doctor, and by this they trick the Court.

Who is "brain dead", is alive! "Brain dead" pregnant women gave birth to children, coma patients awoke after years, lost brain functions can be restored.

Today "brain death" is a preset computer programme, installed by the medical doctors’ class on each intensive care unit all over the world. Pre-calibrated and standardised by the doctors, the apparatuses spit out the appropriate values, hard, undisputable, because "scientific" facts. Using numbers and charts they tell unworthy life, a digital oracle, that the doctors have put the prophecy in its mouth, and the programmed curse hits of course always the patients. The killing is part of the treatment plan and a sheer matter of course.

The medical doctors dictate when life ends and when life begins. A "cluster of cells" in the petri dish is not yet life, thus the go-ahead for experiments and profit. "Brain dead" is already "entirely dead", the doctors say, so they may kill the seriously ill, cut out their organs and murder, and go free. How long still?!

Away with the heap of cadavers, called the medical doctors’ class! The sooner the better for mankind. Even the Constitution (article 20, paragraph 4, the right to resist) requests this.

And what about the medical HEALing promises? The implanted organ is a foreign body and remains that a lifetime. Each splinter of wood in your finger is festered out, rejected, egested. In order to avoid that the same happens with the foreign body organ, the patient is put under medication for all his life, a medication that paralyses his body. Constantly infections, diabetes, high blood pressure and impaired kidney function are to be added. Every second lung has to be removed again surgically after five years.

The medical terror comes by mail: they send you a letter and then again and again and again and again and once again, for years, until you’ll come groveling and volunteer, because they want to force you to agree. And what comes next? A house call for "donation" objectors? Or a summons to appear before the local health authority?!

And what is it all for? The free "donated" organs all go to strictly private, profit-based companies, namely: the German Organ Transplantation Foundation (DSO), Eurotransplant, and the German Medical Association is also taking part in the business.

Take the letters and stuff their mouths with them!

In the clinic, family members are put under pressure. The doctors employ specially trained manipulators who, taking advantage of the relatives’ confusion and making them feel guilty, extort their yes to organ donation.

Dismiss the medical doctors! Put them under patients’ control! File criminal charges against them for coercion! Don’t bow to their pressure, not to the pressure of decision-making, not to time pressure!

Even someone in a coma is still reachable, for example by humming and singing, directly at the bedside, lullabies, childrens’ rhymes, melodies that are still known from their past. That can save lives. We’ve done it, see: / Diapathics of a resurrection. Have you ever been told about this by a doctor? Did you ever read this in an "information brochure"?

Organ donation is a "moral duty", a "commandment of charity", isn’t it? Yes, sure, who "donates" his organs, helps. Only the medical doctors’ class.

Just as you don’t have to be a shoemaker to know that the shoe doesn’t fit you, you need not to be "informed" or otherwise dumbed down, to know that organ theft is murder, insidious murder, extortion, elimination and exploitation and the worst kind of human slave driving.

Nobody needs to justify himself for his clear and uncompromising, un-buyable NO, NO, NO, and again NO!

Stop the medical doctors’ opinion terror! Stop the doctatorship!

Refusal, rejection, confrontation, criminal charge!

If you see a doctor, knock him down at once!


Letter of a female patient:


I thought I had found in you my "savior", and now suddenly I have a murderer in front of me, but a state-certified murderer, one who has the likes of a good Samaritan, while elaborately sending you to your death. Given the choice between you and SS-Nazis, I would prefer the latter, because with them you could at least clearly tell that they were intended to wipe out the humankind. But you, the medical doctors, you are studying for ten years to torment your patients all the better… .

At present, it’s still the patient that gets eliminated, but the day will come when the skin of a physician on the scales of life will not weigh heavy anymore. Maybe the time has come already, but the press will beware of writing about it, and the medical profession will stifle such reports, because they are already afraid. You should give careful thought to it.

A patient who is fed up with it

PF/SPK(H), 11th of April 2012


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