Why Medical Doctors’ Class?

Why Iatro-Capitalism?

Why Socialist Patients’ Collective?

You can understand medical domination or iatrocapitalism looking at it from two sides:

a) from its historical origins and

b) from the systematics and dialectics of class – gang – race.

We have explained that in our text IATROCRACY ON A WORLD-WIDE SCALE*.

* On the dialectics of class – gang – race, see: IATROCRACY ON A WORLD-WIDE SCALE, published in: The Communist Manifesto for the Third Millennium (see: Bibliography of Writings of Illness).

First, from the historical side: From ancient times, illness has been taken by the medical doctors as a pretext for selection and extermination. Already Sartre confronted himself with the question: How is it possible that there is class domination when there still is no surplus product. For, Marx locates the origin of classes at the point where producers generate a surplus product. And Sartre wondered: How can from something positive, like the surplus product, arise something negative, like class domination and exploitation? And Sartre came to the conclusion: The reason for the genesis of classes has actually to be the fact that, in the beginning, there was scarcity, that there was actually not enough for everyone, and that thereon some came up and said: We have to get rid of the supernumeraries, they will be selected, they will for example be thrown out of the tribal community, they will be killed, and only then there will be enough for the others. And it was only thereafter that classes developed. Those who select and decide what belongs to the kind and what doesn’t, what to get rid of and what not, these were and these are the medical doctors, in the past in the shape of the priest-doctors. There you have the medical doctor united in one person with the pharaoh or king, with the politician or priest. And then later on it became separated. Only because of medical selection – here the supernumeraries, there the valuable ones – a surplus product was generated, and only by expropriating that surplus product, some could constitute themselves as the ruling class. The medical doctors as priest-doctors, shortage managers and selectors were therefore ruling prior to and above the classes, not only in past times but always.

But you can comprehend medical domination or iatrocapitalism also by the systematic, by dialectics: classgangrace. The medical doctors are the ones producing the ruling class. (Until today there are some "communist or socialist theorists", and not just revisionists and sectarians, trying to define the ruling class in a false way. Cui bono?, Lenin asked on various occasions.) It’s them who are responsible for who is on top now and who is not. On the other hand, the commodity labour force is determined entirely by the doctors. All medicine is industrial medicine. So, also impoverishment is managed by the doctors. But they can only achieve this through selection.

Therefore, the medical doctors are a gang. Why? They kick out all those who don’t function, lock them up, in clinics, mental hospitals, prisons – no one is in there if he hadn’t been declared to be fit for a custodial sentence by a medical doctor. The medical doctors, always internationally best organised, kick out all those who can no longer bear the murderous hustle under the given capitalist conditions, those who are "too slow", compare the "slow fellows" ("langsame Volksgenossen" of the Hitler era), who had also been put on the blacklists already in order to be eliminated at the latest afterwards, the final victory provided, eliminated by the Nazi doctors with Hitler as one of their subordinated henchmen and often and in general despised as their hand. Only in this way the demands can be raised high and higher. If need be, they kill the people: assisted dying, euthanasia. That’s why we call every so- or otherwise called euthanasia: euthaNAZIa, because all the people want to live, unless they are living under unbearable conditions, conditions for which the medical doctors are the responsible ones at first and last instance, because they are their inexhaustible creators and recreators, and the medical doctors are spreading their ideology among all the people, until even the last mother believes them, inoculating it into the children even long before conception and incarnation. By their monopoly to murder, existing since thousands of years, the medical doctors as a gang regulate and reign every state, including the ruling class. No court and no government intervenes, and the doctors, organised as a gang, have prevented by their veto so far any bill that does not suit them.

In the term RACE is summarised the fact that it’s the medical doctors who ultimately and ex cathedra determine what the human race is and what not, that is by their production of "man made-to-measure", by their genetic programme, that they impose on each and everybody. That is that eventually one can select a child like choosing from a catalogue, how it has to be and what is unwanted. The medical monopoly to murder turns into the monopoly to produce man according to the medical image. So far, so bad. But dialectics, or rather diapathics, is a process that, firstly, goes on, and secondly, and sometimes, things do not turn out as one expects them to. If all those who do not meet the medical criteria are eliminated, the medical doctors have abolished both the human race and themselves. A single race is no race. And in order to eliminate all that’s ill, the doctors, because all are ill including the doctors, after the extinction of all the others, would have to treat each other in the same way (verarzten).

So, here you’ve got it from the systematics in three words: class – gang – race.

Still I have a question. For you, then, health is really not a productive force?

Health doesn’t exist at all. It appears only as a propaganda lie of the medical doctors, for maintaining their medical system.

Answer (another person):
Health is nothing but a biologistic-nazistic figment of the mind.

I have another question: If you say Iatrocapitalism, do you somehow also say socialism?

We say illness. In illness unity is already always present, that is what you just have mentioned as socialism. Each and everybody was sick already sometimes, or is sick or will be sick, and everybody in the same way. Therefore: Socialist Patients’ Collective, because all are patients. And this unity and solidarity, which is already now present in illness, in every illness, this unity is destroyed by the medical doctors every time anew. The medical doctors and their followers, that is down to this day nearly everyone (normoisie-sect), turn this unity in division and separation, in racism, in selection, in open or covert campaigns of exploitation and oppression conducted by that White Army = the international medical doctors’ class, right down to your ‘family doctor’, Dear Reader, who has no inkling of anything, and that’s the best camouflage, because he obeys automatically the imperatives of the class he belongs to, just like the member of a firing squad

Answer (another person):
Again to your question how we relate ourselves to socialism ("the first or lower stage of communism"): We have an adequate expression for the society in accordance with illness: Utopathy. Earlier on there were questions about our concepts which you are unaccustomed to and feel perhaps a little uncomfortable with, – utopathy: that would be something like a new reality, a reality that has to be created and is already realized amongst us and has to be realized always anew while the iatrocapitalist conditions continue to persist outside. Others claim: concrete utopia, separated from illness. And that is supposed to be there some day. We say: You can create utopathy already here and now. If you – just as we do – take your own being sick as starting point, then you know that you depend on others, because illness is a problem that can only be solved together by all (transforming particular illnesses into human species). So you are in dire need of getting along together with others, of solving the problems together, because otherwise you will kick the bucket. And that is a dead certain remedy for eventually getting on each other’s wick, for falling out with each other, for the falling apart of the flat-sharing community, the family or the relationship. Therefore, in illness and in the fact that you base yourself upon illness you’ve got the certainty that this way there can be created relationships connecting each other as human beings, relationships connecting people like you and me, because illness includes all and everything, because in illness you become aware that you depend on others existentially, the same as the others depend on you, and from this you can develop a common activity. Therefore, fulfilled socialism in and through illness, not in the distant future, but immediately, here and now, in a word: Utopathy.

Taken from the book Patientenfront, Krankheit die Ganzheit mit Zukunft (Patients’ Front: Illness, the holistic entity with a future) and translated by MFEs.

PF/SPK(H), 10.05.2013