How to burst medical delusions


The WHO-swines make the flu that does not exist

(The doctors themselves don't want to be vaccinated. Guess why?!) See below.

Away with the medical doctors’ health dictatorship!


Leaflet amplified for agitation's reason, 29.07.2009


Dear friend,

You have written about your cold and your thoughts about that.

A common cold and a common question concerning illness, as often asked by people coming to KRANKHEIT IM RECHT (ILLNESS IN THE RIGHT).

We send you a note about your question and how is talked about such a question with people coming to us, by this giving you some more insight into our practical work - beside what you already know from the KRANKHEIT IM RECHT information sheet and the week list of activity, from SPK – TURN ILLNESS INTO A WEAPON, from the time-line, from our former letters and especially from our current letter.


K = KRANKHEIT IM RECHT, P = people who come to us.

K: You are talking about a "virus". How can you be sure that something like a so-called virus actually does exist?

P: Everyone is talking about ...

K: The word "virus" comes from the doctors. The meaning of this word from old Latin is: poison. So you were poisoned. Who was it who poisoned you?
I don't know if you have a "virus" in your body, but I know that your mind has been poisoned and colonized by the doctors' language imposed on you, a language that is paralyzing and captivating all your thinking. You are talking about "virus" like in former times people were used to holding demons and devils responsible for causing illness. From those ancient theories there followed a particular praxis by which the therapists of those times tried to exorcise the demons of illness (besides, the word therapist, stemming from the Greek, refers back to the monk therapeutae of the early Christian centuries, and later on it became a synonym for any kind of priest-trickery, cf. the German word: Pfaffe = priest trickster). Nowadays, it’s the so-called viruses to be demonized and hold responsible, and today’s doctors are trying to exorcise illness, being in that just as unlucky as the therapists of those times.

I am not talking about whether demons do exist or not - if you are interested in that we can talk about it later on - I am talking about mind imperialism (iatro-imperialism, Hirnimperialismus) imposed by the doctors, that is iatrarchy, to use the exact word.

Today’s imperialists and colonialists are the doctors. Their exercise of power, their magic, their magic spell, which is nothing but humbug (cf. monk(ey) business), that’s what we call iatrachy. By that – and this is important – we have discovered the weak points, that is the breaking points of the medical doctors’ class. This revolutionary offensive strategy has been tried and proved during all these years of the attacks that we - acting as confrontation patients - have conducted victoriously against that rabble of medical doctors. The rebellious and insurgent festivity of illness celebrated through pathopractic action causes iatrarchy to burst rapidly, altogether, permanently and with long lasting effects.

P: Anyway, there was a weakening of my body defences and therefore the virus could have effects on me ...

K: Now I tell you a secret, published more than 20 years ago: the only real immune defence system is - - illness. Illness is resistance. By illness you defend yourself against the effects of iatro-capitalism. Be glad that you have got illness, your armour that is protecting you.

Illness is productive, it is illness itself which produces "viruses" as well as it can create proliferating flesh, growing life, what the medical men call "cancer", it can create earth, what the doctors call kidney-stones or gallbladder-stones, and it can produce realities which only some people can perceive and others can't, what is called optical and acoustic hallucinations. These are the particular manifestations of the productive force of illness, which manifest their creative force even if illness is suppressed and put in chains by the iackers. Nota bene: the misery and hardships attributed to illness are deriving exclusively from the norms and standards set up by the medical doctors and from the norms and standards of money.

But the reason why illness is so real, effective and useful, and what it is actually meant to bring about, is this: illness longs to produce the human species (Gattung), something which can't be found, least can be bought, but has to be done, in fact done by patients. And therefore in every single manifestation of illness the most important thing is not what can be perceived e.g. as high pulse, fever, anxiety, proliferation, broken leg and so on, but you must be aware of what is lacking and what hasn't been achieved yet: the human species (Gattung). And from that follows consequently that no medicament, no medical treatment can achieve the human species (Gattung), the unity of people tied together by illness. Medical treatment can only mislead illness and tie it to single manifestations. And you help putting illness in chains by using words like "virus" which transform illness into some tiny crystal instead of better seeing it or him or her as God, immeasurably stronger than and disproportional to any ridiculous virus.

Everybody believes in pathogenic germs, and no-one has ever seen any, let alone demonstrated them, and be it in the most powerful electronic microscope. The sole allegation, in the interests of the medical doctors’ class and never contested, is sufficient. But iatrocapitalism, the poison for the human species, as liquid as money, software-like, and what counts in hardware is the dosage -, that’s something that can't be told from the look of any virus, any microbe. Nothing else but this iatrocapitalistic totality is available as material, and the astropathic triggering events, each of it in its time, are giving a new impetus to it, be it within hours or days, weeks or months, months or years, years or infinity. No, there is no specificity characteristic of the human species, no inverted illness. The only immune system is not delivered free to the door. Least of all for money or love. Microbes don’t supply any immune system, they are impregnated and coined by iaca-piss, which itself is supplied by the pathogenic germs, the so-called ones, which are contagioned on their parts (learned natural scientists from outside are obliged to stick with their superstition, because they are earning their living from it).

Pathastry is the method, astropathy only the sign post, reliable, but nothing else. That’s what has to be added as to the diapathics of single illnesses and the universal.

P: Okay, I see, there are different theories of illness, and the one you have is obviously completely opposite to what doctors think. But I am not at all interested in theories ...

K: We are talking about doing. Columbus had the theory that the world is not a disc but a round globe and from that followed that you can cross the Atlantic in Western direction to reach the countries in the Far East. A new theory, another kind of action and one with enormous social effects, ask the people in South America and what they think of the conquistadors.

We don't want to spread a new theory of illness, of how to catch a cold and such like, and you don't have to agree with us. We are there for all those who get messed around everyday and who want to change that, so that they know what is important for them and what they need to do. You, too, are an object of the doctors' everyday’s warfare against the patients. But where is your resistance, your counter-attack?

You were talking about body defences. Don't you know that there is a connection between your so-called weakening of the body defences and x-rays and radioactive material blown into the air by e.g. atom-tests or armaments containing depleted uranium, and spread worldwide? And who is profiting by those experiments?

You don't have to believe in "viruses". But what you are quite sure from your daily living is that this society is divided into two parts, there are exploiters and there are the exploited ones, there are the jacker and the patients, those at the top and those at the bottom. And the doctors above for example let drop "viruses" that means: poison on those below to carry out medical experiments.

We just have a recent newspaper article to the hand which tells about some areas in the USA like Tennessee where doctors spread radioactive substances by airplanes. But only those areas were hit where poor people live because they were supposed to be dumb and usually don't complain and protest. And it's a pity, but seemingly the doctors were right. Or do you know of any resistance against this poisoning, not to speak of patients in confrontation? But you can be quite sure that the doctors in their scientific research departments have had a lot of fun. If the poor people and their children from these areas trustfully came to the medical aid centre complaining: we feel so weak, our stomachs are aching, we have always a cold, the jacker accurately and very scientifically would write down the symptoms in their files. The weaker and more sick the hit people became, the more fun for the doctors, be sure. Because the jacker now got the "very interesting scientific material" they wanted to turn it into scientific articles, scientific speeches on medical congresses and more money and power for scientific research. This is exactly the same science from where you have got your "virus", it is science-against-mankind, from Dr. Mengele-Auschwitz to Hiroshima, with all their HEIL & HEALTH, that beastly NAZIdumb pipedream, only too well known and sick to the stomach, by far not only in this country.

And now you understand that this science of course needs protection by police guns, because the jacker themselves know very well what they do to the people and that the patients have every right and reason to attack. That's what you can learn from SPK and the book you just have in hand,


And because you are interested in legal matters you can also learn something very surprising: if it is doctors who kill patients, this is no murder, no crime at all! It's nothing but therapy and thus well done! But what medical doctors are practising is even worse than murder because it is done insidiously and under the cloak of help.

P: It's only me with this cold, others have other diseases.

K: Are you sure? You haven't asked others. The perception of illness in others is widely submerged. This is one of the effects of isolation and alienation in iatro-capitalist societies, very common. The relationships the people establish with each other are exclusively commodity relations. Though they are capable to operate machines and any sort of devices, they are incapable to become really concerned with what is happening to others and to themselves, and they behave and relate to each other as if they themselves were commodities, things, items, that is to say dead objects.

These so-called virus colds are increasing. The first step to get knowledge about illness: talk with others. And I can tell you what you will learn: the times have changed. Once you got a cold once or twice a year, but now it's permanent, you can't even tell when the one cold has ended and when the new cold is beginning, it's a permanent poisoning, you are under constant fire, and there are no betweentimes to take breath. This, too, is a method to wear people down, so that they don’t even think about uprising. And the effects are augmented by antibiotics and vaccinations. Therapism = Terrorism.

So you'd better get in touch with illness, make friends with this defence system, you surely need it. And as you know from us, following this way we ourselves are getting by very well with our colds, influenzas, allergies...

Not illness is your enemy, but the medical doctor. The cause of death is the medical doctor, the number one cause of death worldwide: the medical doctor.

And it's no individual problem and no individual solution thus.

P: But I was lying in my bed and actually had to do something very urgent ...

K: And you didn't know anyone who could do it for you? You were too ashamed to ask others? But what will be in future if more and more people are sick so that they are too weak and cannot move and go out? Isn't it time to make some connections between people, in fact people based on illness, to help each others mutually, based on illness?! Indeed, not all people are at the same time weak, bedridden, or have got the runs and fever. So they can take turns at anything that needs to be done. But a single one on his or her own can’t make it.

The most important thing: Join together in a front against the jackers. Why? The cause of death is the medical doctor, the number one cause of death worldwide: the medical doctor.

Here the solution we are proposing: You start right now by building yourself a MFE-Patients’ Front (MFE = Multifocal Expansionism). You can do that best just by keeping to your own needs, or to the needs of the other three or four people you can rely on. If you then think that any further support by us or the experiences of other MFEs might be of use, you can contact us.

There are a lot of things to be done and many a thing has to be learnt. Never mind, there were already a lot of things one has learnt in order to cope with life beginning with the sudden change from the water animal in the amniotic sac to the land animal gasping for breath after the primal scream as an earthling.

There is no other solution to the problem than the unity in illness, the unity based on illness, a unity that has to be created. Or will you call the doctors and be at the mercy of them (yes, this can remind you of the mercy-killing in the concentration-camps then, and today, and always it's the doctors), when they apply infusions with poisoned blood, for profiteering’s reason only, amputate some lymph nodes, which is totally useless as the doctors know, wearing you down by filling you up with antibiotics, which are against life as already the name tells (anti-bios)?

P: I haven't got the time and I haven't got the slightest knowledge about illness...

K: Lucky old you! You are then one of those lucky people who are upon to discover illness as a weapon of knowledge and revolutionary change. But the longer you wait, the more urgent it will be (Eile schafft Weile). You'd better start right now - or do you need a weatherman to know from where the wind blows?


Away with the medical doctors’ health dictatorship!


* Asked for their reasons, the doctors stated (Aerzte-Zeitung, Medical Journal):

"It is obvious that the vaccination does not provide any protection either".

"I, as far as I am concerned personally, I don't think that I will be infected".

"Influenza is not a severe illness".

"I am afraid of the harmful side effects of the vaccination".


PF/SPK(H), 29.07.2009


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